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The Game

  April 4th, 2011 by in_the-end fluffy dies

Let’s play a game

Where you pretend to care

But don’t see my hurt

And where I act like you not caring

Doesn’t hurt me at all

Where all my pain is hidden

And you just can’t seem to find it

Let’s play a game

Where I wait for you to give up

And you don’t give the help I need

Where every day I’m screaming just for you to save me

But you don’t hear me

Where you don’t come to my side

As I’m weakening to the thoughts

Let’s play a game

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feelings torrent

  April 4th, 2011 by in_the-end fluffy dies

My bodies the canvas

My eyes hold my paint

All the pain is too much for me

And her love is fading with the stars in the morning

The razors still sharp enough

The fire hot enough

The pills will hold the focus of death

The alcohol holds the wish for release

Together they herald death

Apart they mock it

Life can be long

Or end short

But the constant is it ends

And I decide when

And right now as your scream

I contemplate when I’ll go

You think I’m fine

But after tonight

No one will think of me

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I’m So Tired…

  April 3rd, 2011 by tryingtohangon

I’m so tired of it all… the foolishness

Wearing a mask

Smiling on the outside

but ready to break inside

How can I hang on any longer?

I’m in so much pain

And I’m shattering

Every day

I reach out

Help me

I need help

Save me

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  April 2nd, 2011 by Justathought

Dreams escape from

those around you, dying

in front of you, don’t

know what to do, don’t

Know how to save them.

You close your eyes, think

away from the demons,

not expecting to find

Just what you’re looking for.

The way to save the dreamers

from a personal hell…

Breathing quickens, dreams

Fill your mind, absorb them quick

lest it be too late, save all,

sacrifice yourself. One life

for many…is that too great a cost?

Breathing slows, calmer..

Hear a melodic sound,

music soothes the savage beast..

will it soothe the dreams?

Stronger, stronger, stronger

still. Taking over everything,

bullying flashes through your

mind, pain, hatred, and a small

Feeling unknown to you, love.

Feel fear, feel everything but

what you imagined this to be like…

Open your heart you’ll

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  April 2nd, 2011 by Justathought

My every attempt is cursed to

fail, same as my life has gone

down the gutters for who

would stop and and see who longs

for death? Who would realize

that the pain is too much to bear,

when all that can be heard are lies?

Who in their right minds would dare

to care? Certainly not the monster in

my heart filling my essence and soul

with pain and death. Why is it such a sin

to want to die? To want to listen to the call

of the demons in our hearts? Is this why

we all crave death? Because we’ve been

pushed away from it? They begin to cry

as they see it’s too late, they had …

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it’s close

  April 2nd, 2011 by Rocky90

It’s close…

I can feel it coming

sweet release – it’s near

Oh how I wish you would join me

We can leave this dirty place behind

Oh friend, I see you suffering here

And I can’t watch you like this any longer

We all have a choice to make

Noone has the right to blame us

Oh how I wish you would join me

and take my hand on this lift

I know I can’t find love in this world

I’ll be patiently waiting for you there…

You certainly don’t deserve this pain

And now I find myself void of purpose and reason

I go in peace

I have seen places there of unimaginable beauty…

Oh friend, this world divides us

Would …

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depression sucks…. so does inspiration

  April 1st, 2011 by pshychotic_lette

I was reading a book and then all of a sudden i get the sudden urge to cut, scream, get stupid, and do more drugs. i want to get high and live life….. i think…. i want to die…… i want to get drunk ….. i want to do all of these things just because of a fucking book. i dont know what to do!!! i wanna cut, drink, smoke, snort, smoke weed. i want to pop more pills and keep going until i can’t anymore. i want to do it all and then just DIE!!!! its like a rush that i can’t help that …

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Cage of Fire

  March 31st, 2011 by Latika

With every step that I take

I rattle those

fiery bars.

Burning through the air,

slices down my heart!

Looking deep inside

I see you there

in my arms!

Oh, what a joyous feeling I get,

but its buried alive!

I’ll never see your face

and never brush your arm

never get those kisses

that I

so adored!

Oh, what is this hurt

thats burning me inside

escapes through my throat

hoping that I die!

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  March 30th, 2011 by Latika

All i wished:

to hear your voice,

to touch those lips

sweet and moist.

All i wished:

to say your name,

inhale your scent,

ignite this flame.

All i wish:

to pop these pills,

to say goodnight,

for a final thrill.

All i wish:

to have you say

loves not gone,

you feel the same.

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  March 30th, 2011 by Rocky90

I am longing for that feeling

to be close and there’s nothing you can do

Sir, you have a maximum of 7 days left to live…

Doctor, please let me hear those words

I’ve been close, but never close enough

What should I do in the remaining time?

And with each passing day the gladness rises

…to know to be finally going home

and spend these last days in uncomparable peace

You only understand it

if you have felt it

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  March 29th, 2011 by Justathought

I’ve never thought about what

love could be, until I met these

people. Until I met people I could

trust. I wondered for years

what that word was. Now, here I am.

Several attempts in the past. Drugs

and alchohol behind me. I’m here.

No more cutting. It’s harder than I ever

imagined, but I’m slightly safer. I’ve

never tried this hard to make a difference

in my life. I’ve never tried to keep alive.

What is it that’s keeping me here now?

It can’t be what I feel in my heart…

can it? It can’t be that I’m growing beyond

my shell. Panic sets in. My heart beats faster,

I can’t trust. I can’t be here and be happy,

it’s …

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dealing with the loss of my father and brother

  March 29th, 2011 by jjalkaline

the thoughts never subside, and he still haunts me.

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New Day

  March 29th, 2011 by Latika

Tomorrow simply slips away

with it goes my dismay.

Gone and found on distant shores

waiting for the open doors

to sway me this and that away

dismay waiting for some play.

on those elaborate distant shores

flitting like so many whores.

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Olive Eyes

  March 29th, 2011 by Latika

Oh, olive eyes of drowning seas!

Please, don’t stare

with such intensity…

The hurt and pain,

the endless guilt

that those soothing eyes

soon smolder silt.

Heat and passion

ask such a toll,

calling for my endless role

in hate, fear, and desperation

Relinquishing my compensation.

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  March 28th, 2011 by Latika

They never knew

and never saw

the endless fear

engulfing us all.

A fear that stuck

and stained like ink,

rich with worry,

lies and deceit.

She lied to me

and also to you,

knowing we were all

just empty fools.

Willing to ignore,

forget, and abuse

that happiness she once knew.

She gave and gave,

while i just took.

A little fool

who was easily shook.

She finally gave

one last time,

but instead gave herself

that bloody …

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As it is.

  March 28th, 2011 by Latika

The days blur,

blessed with dreams,

dreams of you

with dreams of me.

Those dreams aren’t real.

Those dreams are false.

They always come

but at what cost?

The cost of blood,

the cost of pain.

The haze is fading,

and so i pay.

I paid the cost

and now I’m lost.

Forever wandering,

forever washed

ashore that empty

lonesome beach,

that some may call

eternal sleep.

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I Wish…

  March 27th, 2011 by Anna

The following is a short story entitled ‘The Euphio Question’ by Kurt Vonnegut. I sincerely wish that some device such as this existed. Alas, happiness is in actuality difficult to attain. My wishes are simple when lain against this very complex story addressing whether happiness itself, when reached by unnatural methods, is of any kind of value and whether is cheapens life’s existence. But, I digress… I hope you enjoy this story. Vonnegut is exceptional. This story is taken from ‘Welcome to the Monkey House’. Comments are welcome.

Ladies and gentlemen of the Federal Communications Commission, I appreciate this opportunity to testify on the subject …

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Who I Was

  March 27th, 2011 by Justathought

I was always that girl you’d never see sad. Always the one who’s happy. I guess I’m just lonely. I haven’t really had a chance to care about others. Never had a shot to be who I really am. You want to know who I am? Alright. I’ll tell you. It’s going to be in a poem. Not happy. It’s rough, but here goes.

Here I am, bleeding, washed up.

You, the fool you are, don’t realize.

Don’t see the demon behind my eyes.

Lurking, waiting. Waiting for the chance

to get out, oops. I let it out. I let the monster

take my hand, control my actions.

You know what it …

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First Poem

  March 23rd, 2011 by smiling on the outside...

Well I’ll be damned,

I’m still alive.

Still breathing,

Still thinking,

Still failing,

Still disappointing my family,

Still vaguely hinting few people I want to die.


Why can’t things be simple?

Why must everything I do become 200.0% more complex?

Why must I become the actor I never wanted to be,

The good kid at school you laugh with and smile,

The bad kid at home that can never be normal or happy,

The nerd that can help you with any homework or test,

The idiot that can’t do even the simpilest of tasks.

So I ask myself at the end of each day,

Wouldn’t it just be easy to leave,

In the long run, everyone would be better off without me.

Sure a …

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I Need You..

  March 22nd, 2011 by Skrattt315

Hey Guys..

It’s me again. I forgot to tell you my name last night. It’s Ashlie. I’m from California. And right now I really need some help. My mother and I got in a huge fight today at dinner, because I’ve been being harassed at school. Some kid threw a syringe at me in 1st period and told me that I was nothing better than a junkie. And over the past two weeks, the same kid and many more of his friends have been touching me and just being complete ass holes. I guess I’m writing to anyone who’s willing to listen because I’m really feeling like

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