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The Poem No. 2

November 28th, 2017by Quiet_Silence

The Poem No. 2
How do you feel?
I don’t
Said the man in the mask
With a lovely sorrow in his eyes
It’s a nice day to imagine things that are not present
He concurred
It is also a nice day, for a fresh leap of faith into hell
Beggars can’t be choosers
A chooser cannot be a beggar
A lovely day

Here is the translation:
A Perfect Depression (is it possible to find a more cancerous poison than I?).

Only relief
No tears of grief
Shall be felt at my passing

Let the sun beat
One last ray of heat
Before I am gone

Alternatively, salvation
A word full of mockery, damnation
‘Tis only a fool who believes


In this perfect sorrow
There will be no …

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The Poem.

November 21st, 2017by Quiet_Silence

The sum of my parts

An algorithm

I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be

Torture has been provided, always free of charge

And I will not build up

My attention, to the creation…

My hunger is now ashes on the dust with scars chasing at

My heels

Play soft rhythms of destruction.

(Despite a plea.)


It’s not the anything that will kill me/(The sum of my parts)

Answers, why/(I am an algorithm)

Blood boils thick/(I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be)

Itching emptiness in every single corner/(Torture has been provided, always free of charge)

Hate is my loyal greedy friend/(And I will not build

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thinking of him

November 12th, 2017by tribulation

and you will stay awake

alone and in the dark

for hours on end

waiting for him and wishing for him

while hes sound asleep,

not wasting a single thought on you



and when you finally get some sleep,

he’ll wake up

and his first thought will be of you.

his first feeling will be regret

for not seeing you when you were right there.

do not go back when he comes for you

or you’ll be wide awake,

wishing for him once again

when he re-forgets you.



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My Suicide Note Was Addressed to You

November 5th, 2017by greyghoste

Even after every day you didn’t talk to me. Every day you told me you hated me. That I should leave and never come back. After every day I tried to say I was sorry for my shortcomings, and every day that you never forgave me. Every day you never apologized for your own shortcomings, for the bullying and the heartbreak, for every time I tried to share my life with you only for you to throw it back in my face. Every day you told me I looked like a whore when I put on make up when I didn’t feel confident; every day …

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Rock Bottom

November 5th, 2017by greyghoste

The worst part about finally achieving the happiness and contentment that you’ve always dreamed of is feeling it slip through your fingers. Feeling the hand that had found purchase in salvation lose its hold and force you back over the edge. Feeling the safety harness around your waist and in your chest snap. Feeling yourself slide down the steep slope you’ve fought your way up for years. Feeling your fingernails tear and bleed as you fight for purchase on a cliff so smooth you can see the scratches you’ve made reflected in your own face. Feeling your body hit the ground so hard you’re not …

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13 Reasons Why Response

October 31st, 2017by 13reasonswhyresponse

Darkling I listen

Suicide – it’s something I’ve thought about for a while, but only from the perspective of escape. It seems like a way out of all the pain that is life. Most people don’t experience life this way so they won’t understand when I call life pain. “Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.” So true, Mr. Goldman, so true.

Anyway, I started watching 13 Reasons Why without any expectations other than the main actor reminds me of a young Freddie Price, Jr. Am I dating myself there? Probably.

Probably no one will read this, and that’s okay. In

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Sometimes Dying on the Inside is Harder

October 28th, 2017by greyghoste

Do you know what it feels like to have the last person you would say goodbye to if you killed yourself tell you that you’re a terrible fucking person? I’ll tell you what it feels like. It feels like your chest caving in on itself, your throat being torn out by the vocal cords, and your heart being crushed under the weight of unspoken words. It feels like fresh makeup running in lines down your face and like each heartbeat is a damnation, an act of sin. It feels like dying in the worst possible way and makes the noose you tied from your

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Suicide Notes

October 28th, 2017by greyghoste

Sometimes, late at night when I can’t sleep, I read suicide notes. Maybe it’s a morbid interest in what people’s last words to the world were. Maybe it’s finally being able to sympathize with a group of people, even if they’re all dead. Maybe it’s my way of preparing for my own note. I don’t know what it is about them, but I love to read suicide notes. I’ve read so many in the waking hours of the morning that they seem to blend together. Like the one from the 16 year old boy begging his parents for forgiveness. Or the one from the old …

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Virtual Reality ( VR ) , Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) , Transhumanist / Transhumanism , space travel , mutations : to escape this boring reality , boring real world , boring real life !

October 28th, 2017by niki

Virtual Reality ( VR ) , Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) , Transhumanist / Transhumanism , space travel , mutations : to escape this boring reality , boring real world , boring real life !

Human’s imagination is better than reality !

Movie / Movies is better than boring reality , real life , real world !
Game / Games is better than boring reality , real life , real world !
Comic / Comics book is better than boring reality , real life , real world !
Novel / Novels is better than boring reality , real life , real world !
Science fiction ( sci-fi ) is better than …

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October 25th, 2017by AmandaBen

For the sadness that lies deep in my heart,
And for the freedom that’s about to start.
For the hurt I’ve felt for 6 long years,
And for those long nights filled with tears.
For the emptiness I always feel,
And for my soul that will never heal.
For the broken smile I always fake,
And for my joy that always seems to break.
For a life I no longer want to live in,
And for death to take over and win.
For my last breath I will ever take,
And for my eyes to close and never to wake.
– A.B
Just a little background information: The countdown are not seconds, or time in general. 
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Still alive, not sure why.

October 20th, 2017by shatterediris

Noone cares, I’m unwanted

By their smiles and stares I am taunted

Are they fake or are they real?

I’m left crying into my meal

Hurting, dying from inside

Flirting with the divide

Between life and the void

Maybe if I was employed

I would be happier

But life keeps on growing crappier

With every breath

With every blink

I feel like I’m living death

I’m on the brink

Help me please

I need it

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Forgotten Feelings

October 20th, 2017by kellinandrew

I have a lot going for me. I have college ahead and an amazing boyfriend. He gives me the world and loves me more than anyone else has. I know that I love him. But it feels weird sometimes because I go through these moments where I don’t feel anything and I don’t like it. I love him more than anything but when I feel nothing, I am so mean. I forget that people have feelings and I lash out and act like a flaming ****. I hate it but when I’m this way, its like I’m moving through a daze and I am just …

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October 17th, 2017by Hadouken


Lost within a physical vessel,

A small smudge under the surface of a mass blur.

Blindly assisting the devil,

pupeteered for darkness to occur.

Suppressing lights purest gift,

The essence to life itself.

Pleading for you to seal the rift,


When will you answer yourself



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October 16th, 2017by Hadouken

Within our created walls,

we seem to falter.

To others we seek,

Comfort and shelter.

But it is you whom needs you the most.

Inside you hold the diagnose.

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Attempts to be meaningful?

October 9th, 2017by whynotorwhy

Someone came by

and started to peek behind

this smiling mask I had,

and when they saw the broken pieces

hiding behind it,

they began to pick them up.

I found that behind their smile

lay a thousand shattered pieces.

One by one

we are putting each other back together.


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October 2nd, 2017by Thoreau

till I’m right on the edge

I take a look at the bottom

And I know it will hurt hitting ground

But I don’t think that I’d mind the falling.

Would anyone know?

Is there anyone watching?

I’m getting crazy ideas in my head

and I don’t think I’m able to stop them.

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September 25th, 2017by breaking_the_cycle

My necrotic carotid

Fills this head with exotic

Dreams of when I bought it

Suicidal tendencies methodic-ly


Not haughty

I’m not breathless

I just breathe less

No delusions of grandeur

But illusions of a grand doer

Fighting force majeure

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The War

September 25th, 2017by breaking_the_cycle

On the edge of the battlefield

My mind falters

The asperity of self hatred

Bearing down on me

You knew this day would come

A time to pay for what you’ve done

Hopes crushed, dreams lost

In the stain on my hands

My cold pale heart

Buried next to you

The walls of this prison

Built with pain and sorrow

The fantasy revoked

Like my lease on life

It’s time to return

To where I belong

To the darkness that consumes

The emptiness that beckons

The pain that eases

My attempts at life

A joke in their own right

So douse this flame

With the strands of infinity

Hang me out to dry

Soaking in regret

The taste of failure

Fresh on my lips

A web of confusion

Clouding my thoughts

Nothingness closes in

This …

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September 24th, 2017by snader

Moving on, as a concept, is easy. It is automatically breathing and taking one step and another, it is walking forward with a hint of history in the back of your eyes and a gleam of hope in front of them. It is doing what people tell you is ‘best, is most normal for people in your situation’ as if they have any idea what that situation is and as if they know what is best for you. But nonetheless, moving on, as a concept, is easy. It requires no effort, it is what we do, what we do, what we do.
Yet in reality …

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fuxk the i am from poems

September 22nd, 2017by deadgrave

my teacher the other week made me write an i am from poem.. i hated it, but now i feel like i can write a real one, who reflects who i actually am

i am from everlasting irrational fears about the most unrealistic situations

i am from sleepless nights thinking about the unanswerable questions and feeling scared to dream

i am from a good home, yet i still have problems,

which is something my foster sister will never understand

i am from being made fun of because of my race,

something that i had no control over

i am from jumbled thoughts that never seem to cease

i am from rainy days that are …

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