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Because I smile when I can see your smile Because Im breathing when I can see you live Without you Im dead inside The death is no different with what I feel without you If I can switch my life with you I would love too Ill be happy to die first Than seeing you […]


Just something to rap about

March 6th, 2018by Urm8451n

Never knew the walk will be so hard

never know, you’ll never know…. till you try

or quit n’ die.


fuck it, I tried to be best for you , best for me, best for bro

All the bur-den on m’ back, ain’t I real scared.


Got me knocked down with booze, watch me down

Right now, I am a bit drown.


It sure is easy to say,

” i will be there”   ” i will fight”

“tomorrow will be the best, gonna do things RIGHT”

going to stand , stand though the wave

going on to pave

a way for you and for us,

It is all about our trust.


But how you do this?

Get your shit together, …


Here I Go Again {push back the pain}

March 1st, 2018by lonely2k14

I wake up to aching sound of my phone buzzing beside me. I reach for it in pure emotional agony, immediately pressing snooze. As I try to stir out of my groggy state, my mind is blank, and can only think of my exhausted body. I tried to open my eyes but they felt as if they weighed a ton, I tried to lift my arm but it’d fallen limp at my side; given up, I let myself relax just for one more moment… I’m abruptly woken up by my phone buzzing once more. Here I go again… I go through the same, process of …



February 28th, 2018by shatterediris

Looking at the scars running down each arm

Realizing no one cares so I self-harm

I know I’ll get glares if I don’t wear sleeves

Even when it’s way too hot to believe

I feel tired, I feel forgot

Undesired and always trapped in thought

Picking at a scab until it bleeds

Then licking up all of the tiny beads

Of blood forming on my arm

I don’t care, so I self-harm



February 23rd, 2018by thetrashmen

In spite of how much I try,

or protest,

or submit,

my parents can’t seem to take me any longer.

I’m supposed to be whisked off to Virginia

to live with my grandparents.

I’ve never had much of a desire to go to the east coast,

and find it inferior to my own state.

But in giving into my depression,

I lost the opportunity for choice.

I won’t miss my parents as much as I’ll miss my friends,

I won’t miss my friends as much as I’ll miss my english teacher,

and I sure as hell won’t miss any of them as much as I’ll miss my rabbit.



I’ll live.



February 22nd, 2018by Taf Taf


February 22nd, 2018by visual eyes


February 21st, 2018by visual eyes


Serge Gainsbourg – Chatterton

February 21st, 2018by Taf Taf



Lyrics (English translation):

Chatterton committed suicide
Hannibal committed suicide
Demosthenes committed suicide
Raving mad
As for me…
As for me
It’s not going much better

Chatterton committed suicide
Cleopatra committed suicide
Isocrates committed suicide
Raving mad
As for me…
As for me
It’s not going much better

Chatterton committed suicide
Marc Antony committed suicide
Van Gogh committed suicide
Raving mad
As for me…
As for me
It’s not going much better


February 20th, 2018by visual eyes



February 20th, 2018by nonexistingsoul


February 18th, 2018by visual eyes


Tired of my life

February 18th, 2018by Taf Taf


Song by David Bowie.


When the Breakdown is Over

February 17th, 2018by Iucy

This is one of poems I’ve written: When the breakdown is over
The worst part about a breakdown is when it’s over
For a few minutes that feel like years
You just sit there, with your bloodshot eyes and your tear stained face…
Everything around you is quiet
And you’re sad; you’re so so sad
Yet everything is numb
Everything is empty
You look straight ahead into the nothingness that you are
Then… you think back to what happened a few minutes ago
And you wish you could go back in time
Just so that you could comfort your own self
So that you could give yourself a hug, because no one else would
So that you could …


A glass of broken dreams

February 15th, 2018by Taf Taf


Sometimes I think there’s never been

A highway so wide and mean

Leading to a room so cold and bare

Faded pictures on the wall

Stories of a past untold

Sunny beaches turn to ruthless tide

There’s a new motel in town

It’s called the end of broken dreams

There’s a new place in town

It’s called the end of broken dreams

Out of the blue my name is fear

And I’ll haunt you if I care

Out of this world my game is clear

And I’ll catch you if I dare

But there is no time for me to stay

Maybe it’s time to ride the ray

Maybe tomorrow never comes

Crawling lizards in the sun

Do we part like fallen leaves

Like …


Dying to Live

February 14th, 2018by Die2Live

So I want to try something.  A ‘Proof of God‘ project if you will…

I’d like to be clinically dead long enough to see the “other side” and if possible ask God a few questions and then be resuscitated.  (If there is such a deity).

This would actually be pretty awesome to do “Live” on Facebook or YouTube.   It seems I would need a partner to resuscitate me after I have been in fact, clinically flat lined with a heart monitor hooked up to verify time of death.

I have some ideas as to how I would do this, but suggestions are very welcome.



February 12th, 2018by visual eyes


Sittin’ on the dock of the bay,wastin’ time…


February 11th, 2018by visual eyes


February 10th, 2018by visual eyes