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A million reasons to die

March 23rd, 2011by thomass

Everyone here has a different story.

Guess there are more reasons in this world to die than to live. Makes sence…

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March 23rd, 2011by magp1001

Happened again. I was pushed beyond the breaking point and I broke.

For breaking, I’ve been pushed, once again.

This is the same scenario God has put me into, over and over and over again.

I don’t have a choice — I have to kill myself. It’s the only way God will ever stop fighting with me.

I wish I had the guts to kill myself.

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March 23rd, 2011by Matt82

I need to write this down and try and get this off my chest. I had a relationship with someone I shouldn’t have, she had a boyfriend at the time and I guess we had an affair. I wanted to be her friend and be nice to her but I let things go to far.

Her partner found out but they have stayed together and have got engaged, also she has told me that she is pregnant with his child. The last proper communication I had with her was when I received an email on the 21st March 2011, this is the first time that we …

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life of the living dead

March 23rd, 2011by Gholi

You make your Owen choices in life and life is about the choices you make

                           So what’s so fucking wrong with choosing your own life to take?

Honestly with how my life has pan out and unfold  

                                       Is it that unthinkable to think i’m just not meant for this world?

There is nothing wrong with me, nothing biological

                                  This isn’t out of desperation in fact it’s quite logical

I’m not saying death is definitely the answer, and i don’t know what comes next

                               It could be happiness, nothingness, or hell, if you believe in bibles text

I don’t know what happens for sure

                                    The morning after the life before

As …

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i want to disappear

March 23rd, 2011by lostlady

I’m much older than the rest of you but I feel the same way….I’ve felt this way as long as I can remember. I’ve always been a loner. Others were happy and I never understood why I never was. I’m on medication for depression….though I have more bay days than good….explains why I’m on here huh? I’ve sat on my bed with a pistol in my mouth and cried many times. The only thing that stopped me was the guilt I knew I would leave behind for my family. Recently I’ve noticed that I slowly cutting myself off from my family and this scares me. …

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I lost my child and i lost my own life with him

March 23rd, 2011by billbop

My child died and he was only 8. I’m heartbroken and I want despairingly at times to be with him. I tried several times today to hang myself with no success. It has been 7 months and I just am in a sickly marriage with arguements over religion… right now I’m very angry at god and my wife doesn’t get it. Life is a test… she says…. well, this kind of test sucks. I can’t imagine a loving being putting me through this just as a “test”. We argue a lot. I hate it and it makes it all worse. I don’t know what …

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March 23rd, 2011by please dont save me

I want to die and get the hell out of here
I hate my little life

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My Suicidal Memories

March 23rd, 2011by kat07

Suicidial Memories

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Yeah right

March 23rd, 2011by AsheNihte

“You think you want to die, but you just want to be saved.” Yeah right, and that a load of crap. Nothing to live for, nothing to lose. Saved from yourself, free of the mistake you are and all the mistakes you make.

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Whats a good pain killer

March 23rd, 2011by Killme03

Life sucks I plan on doing it quick and easy but need something to take away the pain first what’s a good pain killer.

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Another thing lost Nothing found

March 23rd, 2011by Killme03

I’m alone in this messed up world. No home No family No where I want to go. They say being independent Is a gift that only few come by. Well they’re wrong I’m hated by my family called stupid everyday. What is there ever to live for?

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Only the beginning of my plan.

March 23rd, 2011by Shanny

I am a decently skinny sized girl, weighing 50kg at 169cm. I have been watched by my ‘family’ and some of my pain doctors very carefully because apparently my weight is border line underweight. I am not 100% sure on how this will work or how I will actually end it but one of my main concerns was that my ‘family’ would have to find my body. So my plan is to lose more weight so that they get more concerned and put me into hospital again. Sure I will be monitored fairly well but I can lock myself in the bathroom and do whatever …

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…im fed up with everyone’s bull s**t!!!!!

March 23rd, 2011by pshychotic_lette

so now that title says alot well heres some more. i cant take it anymore. i was so pissed off last night that i didnt even eat dinner, im starting to skip meals and all kinds of stuff ya my parents are worried about me big deal. i wish i had a way out. im ready to give up.

anyone know what to do??? ugh:(

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A challenge

March 23rd, 2011by Radar

Give me one good reason to live.

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Why me?

March 23rd, 2011by noone cares

Why me? Why is my life the way it is? First of all.. ive been assulted since the age of 5 now im 15, 10 years of assult now im harming myself. I always need a boyfriend too be happy. but i want too be loved at the same time. i always want too feel special. but it rarly happends. my boyfriend of 8 months and i broke up. it hurt me alot. the pain made me want too have visible pain and i started harming myself. i have depression and im on medication. im okay with my life though. im running away from everything …

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edge of the world

March 23rd, 2011by Rocky90

Will Japan ever get as bad as the inside of my head?

This chainreaction I can’t stop…

this spiral, one way trip heading for total meltdown

no power to cool the fuel inside

Day by day, a few more braincells smoke away

and so does my logic and rationality

Yet I can’t allow them to contain me

What is to happen, let it be

Im void of sense and purpose

I can be anything yet I am nothing on the inside

Oh, what will it take to prove to myself that i still exist?

Everything is worthless, this poem is worthless

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Prevention and Punishment

March 23rd, 2011by lynette0

In where I live (which is a successful little Asian country always mistaken to be part of China), it is an offense to kill yourself, or to attempt to kill yourself. If you try to kill yourself and fail, you face legal consequences.

The following opinion is a personal one:

Why? It is both a means of punishment, and a means of prevention. We punish those who try to kill themselves because it is irresponsible to do so – the economy and society suffers and becomes less efficient in the market and in the society. We prevent people from trying to kill themselves since they would incur …

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March 23rd, 2011by Violet Blake

I can’t do this anymore. I want to tell someone what he’s doing to me, what he’s been doing to me for months, but I can’t. So I just let it go, keep it all inside, Except for on here, because here, no one can tell me It doesnt matter.

“Hello?” I found it odd that my phone had rung, at first I thought I had set a timer of some sort, because no one ever calls me.

“Hi Violet, want to hang out?”

I almost about dropped the phone, because I didn’t want to ever hear his voice again. It was bad enough I had to see …

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Sharing my journey

March 22nd, 2011by SoVeryTired

It’s been a long time since my last post.

I’ve been in a psychiatric hospital from mid December until mid February, being very depressed and suicidal. During that time my husband of 1 1/2 years decided to end the marriage, and withdrew all the promises he had made earlier about supporting me until I am back up on my feet. Talk about kicking someone when they are down. He then also refused to move out of our house, until a property settlement is reached, at his lawyers advice. When I came home from hospital his attitude was so hostile it became clear to me that I …

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March 22nd, 2011by eternallyconfused

Just some of my poetry

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