to the wounded

  August 16th, 2009 by Looney

hi to all my fellow suiciders out there.  i would like to encourage you to just read what i have to say.  recently it was drawn to my attention that there were so many suicidal cases through out america even in iraq where all of our soldiers are fighting.   so in all faithfullness i along with many others have dedicated our time to help or talk to those who are going through these episodes.  I am a soldier deploying to Iraq.  please email me when you get the change at or google  please take this as a way out of realy bad situations because i know how you feel seriously, ive been there many of times.  all those doctors and counselors say the same thing but i can actually direct you into some serious help and hopefully change your life and the way you look at things.  its quite simple if you realy want to change and start living the life you so desire to have. just give me a email and i promise, you will be reached out to by me or someone else representing the “Lets Stay Alive” (LSA) program.  together i promise and remember  a soldier can never lie, we can make a change in todays suicide scale.  just like the late Michael Jackson had once said ” I will always be there even through your darkest hour”.  love cannot be baught but only given, please except.

PFC Kimble, Anthony T.

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