about myself.

  December 8th, 2011 by itsmytimetogo

so i have not talked about myself really. and i guess i will now, since im really bored right now. my name is Gabby. im 16, gonna be 17 in april. i live by chicago. i moved here from lithuania when i was 9. i wouldnt want to live in any other counry, but i would really wanna live in either San Francisco or Las Vegas. ive never been to either of those places but they seem very unique. my favorite color is pink. i love art. i watch a ton of movies all the time. im still a sophmore. i have strong beliefs in human rights. im very opinionated about everything. but im nice. and i dont gossip or talk behind peoples backs. and i hate when people do that. drama isnt gonna get you anywhere in life. i have a hard time sleeping, eating and im a biggg procrastinator when i dont feel like doing something. but if i want to get something done i will. i always keep my promises. i forgive. and its not always a good thing. i like to write too. i write almost everyday in a journal. i love reading, i think i wouldnt be so opinionated if i didnt read and learn so much. i do smoke. weed mostly. ive been smoking for like 15 months or so. it doesnt seem like a long time to me. ive gotten in trouble before. but i really and strongly believe weed is not harmful. i can remember just fine. i am not addicted to it either. i can stop when i want to. and i have. but i just start again because i enjoy doing it. it relaxes me. i think if i didnt smoke weed i would be doing much worse things. please dont judge me. i have been judged enough already. i just want to start writing here so i can get my feeling out and attempt to be more open. i think it could help me be more open to people around me. i have had things happen to me before that have effected me majorly today. one of those things is that my dad is an alcoholic. he has been for the past 5 or 6 years. i HATE when he’s like that. i just hate seeing him, and avoid him. it hurts me that he does that, other wise me and him are fine. but when he starts he wont stop for weeks at a time and sleep drunk on the couch or on the floor. and my house isnt big at all so i can always either see him or hear him(he snores, a thing in people i hate a lot, i could never sleep next to anyone who snores.) ive ran away from home before. they wouldnt let me have more freedom. and i didnt even do anything wrong, and they still punish me. i find that very unfair. another thing thats happened to me is that there has been someone in my life who has done me very wrong. they violated me and ruined my life. i hate them with all my heart( its only one person if anyone was wondering). i only came out about what had happened to two of my friends less than a year ago. thats actually when my anxiety shot skyhigh. i have always been this depressed person. ive never been different. its just when im with my friends and we’re messing around i forget about everything and enjoy my time. i have one very very close friend that i love dearly. i dont know what i would do without her. she has helped me through a lot mentally. we’ve been friends for more than two years now. we barely ever fight, and if we do we make up fast. and the fights are never really serious. like we have had a couple serious fights but we worked it out, and got over it. we both know each of us cares about the other, so it makes it easier not to fight. we get along great all the time. she knows she can tell me anything, and i know i can always tell her anything. she is the person i trust most in this world. well yeah i guess thats pretty much it about me. but if anyone wants to ask me anything you’re more than welcome to. thanks. 🙂

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