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by TragedyEnsues

Those eyes are the most beautiful hue of blue I have ever seen. Eyes associated with a complexion that forces even the moon to dull in shine. Surrounding this perfect entity is bliss. A crude seduction is overwhelming as I feel a confidence rise up within me. We are perfect for each other and everyone knows it. My knees go weak knowing he senses my pull towards him. As he walks over to present his hand, all the eyes in the room are fixed on us. I accept. Gorgeous does no justice to the angelic footsteps gliding me around the room. My cheeks turn red as my thoughts of us grow stronger. I can feel the essence of God within him as my hand falls to his chest. He is tender, warm and inviting. He loves me and I love him. He has a hold on me and I realize I can spend eternity in his arms.
His embrace gets tighter and tigher as I start to breathe slower and slower. There is a slight sense of pain but it fades as he tells me I am safe with him. We start to dance again as I start to see faded spots around me. I feel like I am floating as I hold his hand tighter for fear that I may lose consciousness.  I embrace this feeling of suffocation presented for me. The world spins as I spin and everything is beautiful. I close my eyes and rest my head on his shoulders. Helplessly in his misery, I continue to dance with the devil in paradise.

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louise50 7/16/2012 - 2:40 am

A beautiful piece of writing TragedyEnsues. And I like the twist at the end! Powerful. X

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