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by secret me

I just finished my college classes and I’m in vacation now.

I called up my old friends but none of them wanted to hangout.. So I’m not going to insist.

I just wanted to have some sort of fun before I start classes again this summer. Which is in like 13 days.

It just sucks that I have no friends to hangout with or share my interest with.

And I constantly ask myself, is there something wrong with me? Because it seems like I just can’t keep friends or make them.

Anyways people aren’t What they used to be.

I remember having so many friends that actually cared about me but now- there’s absolutely no one left. Or anyone interested in being my friend.

Usually this doesn’t get to me but since I’m not keeping busy with school I guess it just kinda feels lonely.

Overall, not to brag or anything but I’ve always been a down to earth person. And I always got along with just anybody but where the down to earth people at? Kuz it seems like I just don’t fit in with the uptight people I’m always around in college.

So what if I drink alcohol to have fun or smoke a little weed here and there. Everyone looks at me like a creep.

so what if I like flashing people when I’m buzzed lol or like singing out loud or skinny dip in the dark in the ocean.

i just like to have fun and let loose and be care free once Ina while and enjoy what life has to offer.

 I just have no one to share that with.

And honestly a lot of people care too much about what other ppl think. And don’t let loose.

Does this happen to some of you?

it seems like everyone is too cool for me

I just wish I could meet people that don’t give a dam about trying to be cool or worry about there status quo.

I guess it’s maybe because I don’t go out there anymore.

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rocketman 5/23/2016 - 9:18 pm

secret me, Well i can agree with you, people are very careful these days, very boring!! i don’t like to be around them if were going to talk about changing oil all the time, that’s why i like on line people let loose a little. it was a lot different year’s ago you could have fun it was a better place than today.

it’s way to serious now, much colder, everyone is worried about healthy food, and living a dull existence for long as they can.

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