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July 28th, 2010 by robbieinman

I only just found this site, which is pretty weird seen as I have been searching and studying suicide methods for 3 years.

Just briefly: I have known that I would take my own life for about ten years (I’m 37), and for 3 years I knew that the time was near and I started to study methods. the past year has been detailed planning.

Since I was 15 I have taken many overdoses, some of them massive (280 paracetamol, 80 sleeping pills and alcohol). Each and every time I have survived, obviously. But I warn you now, recovery is horrible, absolutely horrible, I can’t stress that enough! On 2 occasions it took me 3 days to even wake up. I would stink and I was covered in vomit (even though I had taken anti-sickness meds). The headaches were horrific and weak and dizzy feelings, and the total amnesia for weeks. But the most horrible thing was the hopelessness I felt that it had failed and I was now at a loss as to how I could escape.

I gave up on overdosing 3 years ago. I did research fatal meds but they are impossible to obtain and if you do, you have to become a criminal to do so. I then thought that the only way really of killing yourself is to hang yourself, this seems to work the most (whenever a suicide is reported it’s usually hanging). I studied this and concluded that I just couldn’t do it – you suffer – A LOT, and I’m a chicken, just the thought of gasping dramatically for breath for up to 20/30 minutes is too much to bear. So I was left with the options of either jumping in front of train or jumping off a tall building. I believe that the body’s will to survive is tremendously strong, sometimes stronger than your mental will to die. I hate it when people say stuff like ‘if you really wanted to die you would just do it’ – these are ignorant people who have no doubt never seriously considered suicide and therefore should not comment on it, it’s high-handed. So I feel sure that even though I am 100% sure I want to die, I feel that standing on a train platform about to jump in front of a train, my body simply wouldn’t do it. Same with a tall building, but maybe not as much (this is still an option I would like to delve more into) but one problem I have with this is that I am not at home, in comfort, doing it in my own time. Surely someone would spot me on a bridge or a building and come to my rescue – this is a fear of mine. It takes tremendous courage to actually do it and can take hours to take the leap. Oh and another method I chose was to take a lot of sleeping pills and alcohol and go to sleep with a plastic bag on my head. What you do its you hold the bag open with your thumb (around your neck) and as you fall asleep, your thumb lets go and hey presto! You suffocate and die! Well, I’m still here, so you don’t! No matter how many pills and booze I had, my damn body would not fall asleep, instead it panicked and I tossed and turned and cried and got angry. Despite this, I tried 2 more times. Same result everytime. I thought that if it was something I got used to doing, i wouldn’t panic so much. But the body is not stupid, it doesn’t want to die, it’s programmed to survive and all costs.

So, after much studying and self analysis, I came across the helium hood method that I seemed comfortable with. I also bought the book, The Final Exit and it seems to be the preferred method in there. What happens is, you fill a bag with helium and put if over your head (specific instructions not detailed from me here as they are long and you can find them online), and within 7-9 seconds you become ‘braindead’ so you pass out, then you die within 20 minutes. I did this, following all the instructions (minus one small one that I have included further down) and I remember putting the bag over my head (after 1.5 days of literally sitting there trying to get the strength to do it), and feeling that it smelt and felt fine, so I immediately relaxed. I can only remember the first 2-3 seconds so I must have passed out very quickly. Then I woke up 12 hours later with the helium tanks empty and the hood placed next to me, and vomit on the bed. I was DEVASTATED because I was absolutely sure that if only I could find the strength to pull the hood over my face, I would die. But yet again, I didn’t.

I was deeply depressed and reclusive for about 6 weeks. I even contacted the chap that wrote the book and has the website with threads discussing this method. He told me that ‘for some reason you removed the hood, only you know why’ and now he wont respond to me. I asked him how I could have removed the hood if I was ‘brain dead’? Also, I checked the inside of the hood and it was full of droplets so I must have been breathing inside that bag for way more than just a few seconds?

Anyway, I have no idea how or why I removed the hood if I was brain dead, I can only console myself with the idea that I hadn’t reached that stage yet. So, I am trying this method once again and this time I am going to handcuff myself (I will pull down the hood using a string attached to it – I can pull down, but can’t pull up – perfect). I am also going to restrain my neck so that I can’t lower my head to my handcuffed hands. Oh and the little thing that I forgot to do with the method the first time around was that I did not exhale all the air from my lungs before lowering the hood. Maybe that was a factor in the method failing? I believe that if I was only unconscious, not brain dead, then the body’s will to survive can overcome that and still act in it’s best interest – not in yours.

So, I thought I would list everything that I have tried in case it is helpful to anyone on here and I would also love some feedback on this helium hood method if anyone has any experience or information. I can’t find any sites that say this method does not work.

By the way, the reason I am still alive today is because you would not believe the actual strength it takes to make that final move. This has been the biggest shock to me. I am so determined (and I thought, pretty fearless) that I did not expect in a million years that when it actually came to it, it would be so hard. It has nothing to do with me wondering even a tiny bit if I do in fact, want to die. I do. I know that for sure. But I am scared of pain, of survival and worst of all, surviving with massive damage.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I am waiting for my helium hood kit to arrive, and the only fear I have is that this won’t work. I will remember to exhale all the air from my lungs prior to placing it over my head. I’ve thought about restraints and now that I’ve read your information, I think I need them. But since I’ll be doing this on my own, how do I put handcuffs on myself and coordinate it with putting the hood on?

  2. Robbie – I would like to chat.

  3. Hi, not sure what your name is. In response to your question about the restraints, this is my plan and I’ve been testing it out; I am sitting in an easy chair and I have a neck restraint attached to rope secured to the back of the chair, it’s not too tight that it would choke me, it’s very comfortable (it’s material). I have my feet tied to the front legs of the chair and I have attached rope to the same chair legs that comes up so that I can attach handcuffs and still rest my hands comfortably on my lap (I can reach down but I can’t reach much higher than my lap) so I don’t feel too retrained and uncomfortable, and so that I can reach the helium tank valve easily. On the hood I have attached a long piece of material to the inside which, once the hood is on the top of my head filling with the helium, I can check in a mirror that the hood is filled and then I can use the piece of material to pull down the hood over my face (the hood will have been resting on my forehead with the band so when it pulls it will come down to my neck securely still inside the band, so no leakage. Once the hood is over my head I continue to hold my breath for a couple of seconds so that I can reach down and turn up the valve on the helium tank. I then begin taking huge breaths of air in. From my last experience, I only remember taking in one large deep breath then I was out.

    The piece of material that I have inserted inside the bag/hood, will be underneath the elastic that will be used at the bottom of the bag, so it can be pulled down easily.

    The only thing that really needs to be understood with my plan is that obviously, there is NO going back if you change your mind (not that you can change your mind once your unconscious anyway – it’s just that your physical body will struggle – you wont be aware of it – I certainly have no recollection of removing the bag last time) but if by some miracle, you do panic before you go under and want to remove the hood, you wont be able to as you will be restrained and so your last few seconds of life COULD be traumatic. You must be absolutely certain of what you’re doing.

    For me, I practiced this method without the helium being on lots of times so as to reduce any panic factor and to get the flow.

    Hope this helps?
    Feel free to ask me anything else.

  4. How about you put your IQ to use for the good guys and devise a way to stop jerks from getting away with crimes against humanity?

  5. Thanks. This is David, here in the U.S.

  6. Robbie – you can reach me at

  7. Thanks for posting and I’m sorry that your life is so painful. Life SHOULD be balanced at least!

  8. I was really thinking I had all of the supplies for the helium method, but now I am rethinking after reading all of your posts.
    I hope that any of you are still here….I need some guidance as far as how to pull this off. I am also such a chicken shit but know that I need to get out of here….I just want to be able to pull this off!
    I have the helium tank, hose and a dust respirator mask. I planned to cut a hole in the mask and attach the tubing with duct tape, then place the mask on, turn the helium tank on, breathe the helium in……and hopefully be gone quickly.
    I don’t know about a hood kit…..I have heard of them but do not know exactly what the concept is or where to get one.
    ANY guidance, assistance and help would be GREATLY appreciated.

  9. hopeless0102: In the final Exit book it says that masks do not work with helium tanks cause the pressure of the helium blows it off the face. You should ask yourself why you don’t want to use the bag which is stated in this method you have chosen, maybe you don’t really want to do it? You should give yourself time to think about this.

  10. You can only purchase the hood from an organisation called GLADD in california. You cannot order online or by phone. You have to send a postal order or bankcheque. Google them and you will find their address to send. My concerns are about the fact that ERGO, the organisation who have successfully carried ou this method hundreds of times, say it absolutely sure, so I am concerned that it did not work. ALso Mr Humphrys gets hundreds of people chasing him legally and his admisssion is that he is only trying to provide information for terminally ill people, so I can understand that he cannot reply to everyone. But I believe his intentions are of the best interests to civil rights.

    I would be very interested to hear from someone on this forum, who has heard of a successful case of the helium hood method which is now according to news articles the number one choice of suicide by the knowledgeable people regarding delf-dlevernce.

  11. Jenttar, who used to post here, I believe she completed her suicide by using the helium hood method. She spoke to me about the many times she’d tried it, about waking up having removed the hood from her head while she was unconscious. So she told me next time she tried it she’d restrain her hands. She made the hood herself with household items.

    In the first week of September I bought the helium hood kit from the GLADD Group in California and received it within days. I did not (and still don’t) have the Final Exit book though and would have had to get it and the balloon kit (helium) on my own. I’ve delayed my suicide but it will always be there as a peaceful method, which is comforting.

  12. Thanks Anon, I was just wondering because the Helium hood Method looks fairly straightforward and peacefull as stated. However i came across a site were someon, who seemed to know what they were talking about mentioned that prty balloon kits do not have regulators and therefore would not have the correct length of time and use up the helium to quickly. Threfore it would not leave enough of the gas. I wonder if you had spoken to Jenttar about that? Thanks

  13. You have to buy the book. Apparently there is an ENTIRE CHAPTER on this one method. It addresses the issue you are asking about.

  14. I am also interested in the helium hood method and have been trying to research as much as possible to ensure success. I thank everyone for posting as much information as possible. It is a relief to know that I can find this information somewhere as it is so difficult to find. I have a few questions in regards to the helium hood method or rather how to make sure I obtain all of the required materials. I would prefer to gather them as quickly as possible.

    I have read Final Exit and am currently reading the Peacefull Handbook. According to these references the helium hood is the best method outside of obtaining lethal drugs, which for the normal person is just too damn difficult to get. I have found that I may obtain the helium exit bag kit through GLADD and also through exit international. I am curious whether GLADD’s kit contains a gas flow regulator and meter as recommended in the Peaceful Handbook. I know that I may obtain this kit through their direct website but honestly I don’t want to wait three weeks to receive it. However, if I am not able to obtain these materials otherwise, then I will.

    Does anyone know of a better way to ensure success of the helium hood method? Also, is there a better place to obtain the kit for the helium hood which hopefully will contain both the meter and regulater? One stop shopping? I do not know exactly what to look for on my own and I do not have anyone assisting me. I am not sure going to my local hardware store will be of benefit to me- in the US suicide is highly frowned upon as in so many countries. I fear that if I start asking for these materials, as listed in the book, that it will not work out well for me. The last thing I want is for someone to discover my plans and place me in the mental ward.

    I appreciate any information anyone can provide. Thank you!

  15. HI
    Ia m going to use the Helium method. I think people may be over complicating this. I have made my own hood so to speak. I found a laundry bag from the Quality Inn hotels that seems to be more or less ready made as a suicide bag. It is about the right size I think and has a draw string opening so can be tightened around the neck once pulled over the head.

    It does have about 4 air holes so I taped over those. Also managed to find the right size cable to go from the helium tank to the bag and have taped that into it.

    I will use elastic bands once the bag is around my neck to securely tighten, but isn’t that all. I have just a standard helium tank which I beleive will work.

    I am also looking for a suicide pact with a girl in the uk. However it is not a normal suicide pact in that I thought we could have sex and then catch the bus. This is totaly genuine and I am male 38, in good shape and attractive. I drive so happy to travel and I am based in London.

  16. SuicidewithHeliumUK. I am in the UK too and am about to purchase a tank and equipment. Could you tell me what type of tank and cable you bought. I want to order over the internet ideally and am unsure what size cable is needed especially. Are all helium tanks the same?

  17. Hi Ukend
    Sorry to hear you are in the same boat. You can email me directly at filmproducer_is@yahoo.co.uk.

  18. I am really pissed off because I an still here to tell of my failure. Recently I swallowed 58 x 25mg trepeline tablets. Passed out within 10 min. My wife found me 2 hours later and I woke up in hospital 3 days later with almost no side affects, just weak and tired. If I had known about the helium and a medium sized plastic refuse bag I would have been successful.

  19. I just googled helium hood method I want to get all the info i can before i exit. It brought me back here. I thought you just passed out now from readin this i might have to restrain my hand’s so how. My question is how once you passed out can you pull the exit bag off your head?

  20. I think it’s from a few who have chickened out before they pass out.
    No mention of handcuffs in the book or from ergo.I’ve spoken to Dr whoever on the forum,although it wouldn’t hurt if you want to be 101% sure.I’ve bought the flow,it cost me £50 and 5 gulps is all you need.
    I’m just waiting for the right time.Maybe the end of summer.I don’t think I can bare another winter

  21. I have not got gas flow up i’ve got 8 party tank’s.
    made my own exit bag.
    I took off the rubber bit not sure what you call it usein spanner & attached hose in. I know i should have gas flow but think 8 tank’s should make up for not having it. I was just worried about pulling the exit off once i paseed out.

  22. Noon where can i buy gas flow from if i need to.

  23. (specific instructions not detailed from me here as they are long and you can find them online)

    Robbieinman could you pls tell me where online I can find instructions?? I have been checking for days and all I get is medical journals and sarcastic comments such as stick the hose up your arse and turn on the gas.

    If Robbienman committed suicide maybe somebody else could help me??

    Thanks in advance.

  24. Does any one know how i can make my own hood? I’m in the UK and don;’t know where to get one from

  25. You people are so fucked up. I can’t believe the posts i’m reading. Life is NEVER that bad that you need to kill your self. GO GET HELP . Or are you just looking for attention, if you wanted to kill your self you would not just talk about it. GET HELP!!! Life will change for the better, just put the effort in.

  26. robbie thfc181@hotmail.co.uk add we can chat

  27. I am so sorry that everyone is having to endure so much pain. Robbie, as I read your post it really struck me that you are a walking miracle. You keep saying that it is the body that wants to forge forward and live. It sounds to me like you have more life to live than you see. There is a reason that you are still here. I wish you peace on earth, a respite from what you are going through. :)

  28. Hi guys – I am male in the UK. I have read Humphreys Exit book and I have decided upon the helium method, and I have bought all the equipment that the book suggests. I am now getting uneasy after reading that some have pulled the bag off during the process of exit, and I am worrying that I might do the same. I have just read an article in a medical journal that examined the videos of the death of 4 persons at Dignatas using this method and it says that on no occasion did any of the four persons try to remove the hood during the process – the only thing that the attendants noticed and felt uneasy about were ‘purposeless movements of the extremeties’! But the book does in fact warn of involuntary twitching of the limbs anyway. I wonder if this has caused the hood to come off in the cases that I have been reading about. Anyone up for a chat about this? I have everything planned, even down to the music and plan for my cremation.

  29. Jabawabba, did you buy the Helium hood from Gladd Group as described in “Final Exit”?? I wrote to them a long time ago and they never replied. I’m planning to buy the helium from Amazon.co.uk unless you know a better place, pls let me know. I also read that if you survive the helium you may end up with brain damage and paralysis but Humphry says that out of the hundreds of helium deaths none fail so we should be safe. About pulling the bag I have been thinking of handcuffing your hands back and then turning the nozzle. I can’t see a way of pulling the bag if in that position.

  30. Out of 1000′s,obviously there is 1 that manages to do nothing right.
    Please emil me Jabawabba.Have you got the gauge also

  31. adam taz 909 @ aol . com with no spaces

  32. Hi Shit Happens,

    Thank you for your reply, and I hope you are ok?

    I have not ordered from Gladd, I am aware that occasionally and randomly the Royal Mail and sometimes Customs will open packages from abroad and I dont want them finding hoods, piping and instructions in a box addressed to me – even though the box will contain nothing illegal

    I have made my hood out of two extra large turkey bags, one inside of the other in case of leaks – much research on this shows me that no air at all inside the hood is permissible, and that includes exhaled breath – all breath needs to be exhaled from the lungs before pulling the hood down into position for the process to commence. Non adherance to this seems to be a common cause of failure. I have threaded elastic through a turn-up which I have made at the open end of the bags, and I have used a toggle from a piece of my sports kit. I have bought the tubing and t junction from a hardware store. I have bought my party balloon tanks from a supermarket – I believe that two are necessary simply as insurance against one purchased tank being empty for whatever reason – apparently there is enough in one tank for an exit. I have no guage as I believe that this is not necessary.

  33. Really interesting observations from Dignitas who charted the suicides of 4 people who died at their clinic using the helium system…..this is possibly the most comprehensive study of accompanied suicide using this method.


  34. what-s up now that GLADD has been seized by the FBI no more kits for us ?
    does anyone knows if there is other people selling the kits maybe ?

  35. It may be that the kits will now be in short supply I think Dirtyphreak. Dont forget that provided you dont have any dexterity problems, it is very easy to make your own – everything you need can be easily bought from your high street.

  36. Hi,

    Where do I get the valve from in uk or what do I need to search for to find one?


  37. I know this sounds cruel, but why on earth has anyone NOT tested this method first on an animal? Say…a cat or dog? I’m sure the moral objections of taking an animal out first could be overlooked if someone is really serious about this method. Obviously, the physiological makeup of animals is different (in some ways) from a human, but it seems like a prospect for this method would get a good feel for its effectiveness and expectations if it were first practiced on a mammal. Any thoughts on this?

  38. Actually doing it on an animal would be cruel and crap. They’d be scared and not understand what was happening and also wouldn’t expel co2 before putting hood on therefore leading to more panic!!!

  39. I have just watched the most extraordinary programme that followed the journey of one of the Smedley ( tinned food ) CEO’s to his death at Dignatis. How sad that we have to follow a journey to Switzerland in order to take our last breath. Dignitas is stunningly caring, and Ludwin Minelli is such an amazing man…I urge everyone on here to watch this documentary called ‘Terry Pratchett : chosing to die’ This documentary ended with Peter Smedey drinking the barbituate and dying in the arms of the Dignitas helper and his wife.

  40. No need for animal testing Dr Bash. This method has already a proven track record for efficiency, provided that the instructions are carried out to the letter. Did you check out my update above which contains the link to the Dignitas findings, these are possibly the most comprehensive records of assisted suicides that we currently have. The method that they used was flawed though – to make the process look more acceptable to the relatives, Dignitas used masks instead of hoods to contain the helium. Dignitas seems to accept in this paper, that if they had used hoods then the deaths would have taken place much more quickly.

  41. I think I could copy it easily if I had a kit physically in front of me – just to see the size, strength, and type of plastic bag, how the elastic is sewn in or on, and what diameter and lengths the tubing is. Also I am curious as to how the tube that carries the helium into the plastic bag is secured. Would anyone be willing to loan me their kit or send close up photos? I’d like to replicate one from the GLADD group. It’s not illegal to sell or share plastic bags, head bands, elastic, or plastic tubing. Please let me know! Thanks.

  42. Colima, its all detailed in Humphrys book Final Exit which is available from Amazon at £6.95 with free p&p.

  43. Go to youtube and type “suicide kits” in the search box and then click on the second picture. You will watch how to make a helium hood and then you can click on the “euthanasie” photo to watch how to use it.

  44. Shit Happens is absolutely right Colima. There are very clear instructions on Youtube….but I would truly urge you to buy and read the Final Exit book. We all need care and help at the time of our chosen exit from this life. It does not matter if we are suffering from a terminal illness or not, we should all be allowed to decide how and when we go from this life. I really hope you make the right decision, always remember its YOUR decision – its nothing to do with your familiy, spouse or children…..

  45. n o o m got ur address form this blog

  46. helium sucks… nitrogen works better… and you get high before you die… helium method sometimes causes spasms and body shakes… which can if you fall over cause the bag to come loose or rip… at this point you come to a veg… or severely handicapped and unable to finish the job… sudies have shows nitrogen is the way to go…

  47. What type of nitrogen? I looked into this before, and found that nitrogen, at least in the correct form, was very hard to get.

  48. I’m eighteen, female and in Australia. Looking for some one to catch the bus with. Details will be spared for the time being, but contact me on kill.smile-whiteitout- @ hotmail.com (remove gaps) also where does one buy helium? The party shop? I would like my bus partner to help me with these complications, so that we may organize together. Hoping to meet you soon pact pal x

  49. Hi guys…you are right. Nitrogen is a nicer gas to use, only in that it causes less limb movements as you go into coma. It is somewhat more difficult to get hold of than helium, although if you look in the right places it can be found. Helium is so readily available from Asda here in the UK in the form of party baloon kits or it can be ordered from Amazon, so I am not sure if it is worth the effort to source nitrogen – but its your call. Humphry talks about some ‘twitching’ of the limb extremities as we enter coma, but if you look at my entry above containg a link to the document which gives minute by minute observations by Dignitis when they used this method in Switzerland, you will see that they observed much more substantial limb movements which made the Dignitis attendants uncomfortable. I have been in email contact with Dignitis and they confirmed this to me. All in all Dignitis confirmed that the helium method is very effective, but warned about the movements and also the possibility of self rescue during the process by pulling off the hood during semi unconsciousness.

  50. But if one secured their hands and neck as Robbie described then wouldn’t limb movement be limited enough to allow the final dose? Also, does anyone know where Robbie is now?

  51. Indeed it would September, but a form of restraint that is easily reversible is necessary. Imagine if the process did not work and I awoke to find myself restrained in a chair with the hood on my head and with no means of escape from that situation. I have seen mention of garden ties in another forum…these would be a terrible choice because once applied they need to be cut off. Perhaps quick release handcuffs which can be bought at a sex shop might be an option. Interestingly none of the four clients of Dignitis who died at their clinic using the helium method attempted self rescue – check my link above 21st May 0836. The bottom line is that if the process failed, I need to walk away – clear up the equipment and reassess what went wrong before my next attempt. I would therefore be happy to attempt it without any form of restraint!

  52. Oh jabbawaba! I can’t take it anymore, no guns are here, its difficult, so many times I have tried to die, and lived instead! This helium way seemed hopeful and flawless, but then I learnt of the body trying to live while subconcious… Oh how it cuts me more than I do physically, oh I will tie my hands tightly before I take a breathe , but it won’t be enough ? I don’t want to come home again infront of them alive… They send me away, and there is no place to run away… I’m sorry , yes iv been drinking, but for once I feel x thanks for reading xox

  53. I would never attempt help, and in that case cable ties may be sufficient , your thoughts ? X

  54. But I would not mind if I found myself in an irriversable situation, just know I love you all who post, through every nostalgia .. I wish we held eachother, then it would be more comfy, bit either way, sorry for excess of writing, :)

  55. Where would you get nitrogen from in the uk and what would you say you were using it for?

  56. Ok I know where im going to get everything from. I guess it now cones down to am I too much of a coward to go ahead and do it.

    Sat here in the dark feeling lonely it all seems so easy.

  57. Ive only been reading about this for a few days now. And I cant find any major faults with this method at all. I have it all planned out so as to avoid failure. And I know where all the supplies I need are accessible. Its amazing how easy it is to purchase helium online. And how cheap it is as well. The information has been a big help and its given me confidence after many failed attempts at other methods. Best thing is, before I was always anxious and scared to take my own life and it took a lot of courage to push myself to do it. But right now and for the past few days, I know this is what I want and that I wont have any problems when I have everything I need and the time comes. Thanks.

  58. I feel so calm.

  59. The only group still selling the helium bag kit is HELIOS
    http://www.exitbags.20.m.com . They sell only to adults and they require age verification.

  60. Has anyone ordered the helium bag kit from HELIOS? Not really sure if they are a legitimate company. Any response would be greatly appreciated.

  61. Anyone interested in going to Hawaii to enjoy the final months of our lives?

  62. I don’t see how this method would work. It only takes about 4 or 5 seconds to fill up each balloon. The tank (the largest one) fills 50 balloons, meaning the tank will run for 250 seconds, or just over 4 minutes. After that, the tank is empty, and you’ll be sitting there brain dead at best.

  63. You can hire tanks that will fill 900 balloons.

  64. Where do you buy those from? The most I have seen are tanks that have enough for fifty

  65. I think helium hire has been restricted in Australia judging by an article I read. There are other options though.

  66. That’s Cause helium suicide is big in Australia.

  67. Some comments on what I have read so far here (first time checking this site). There is a good video with a full demo showing how to use the Helium method (hood, tanks, connection hoses, placement of the hood, etc.), check it out at: http://an-airplane.livejournal.com/49275.html
    As for home-making a hood, go the Exit International site and from there (or directly with the following link) go to the “Peacefull Pill Handbook” site:
    Once there, check out the Videos section (on the lefthandside bar in the screen) and go to one called “Doing it with Betty”: http://www.veoh.com/watch/v15857852SNBFDqej
    The procedure is really very simple. Exit International is a good source so one would assumed this method and the resulting hood are good for the purpose.
    In that video she shows how to make the hood in detail (by the way, that video was in Youtube but was removed recently).

    About NITROGEN. Nitrogen is widely used in industry and in laboratory work for many purposes. One well known is for “inertizing” a space (e.g. like a reaction vessel or storage tank). That is, to make a space ‘inert’ to make sure that there won’t be a fire. An example is the space above a flammable liquid mixture -like gasoline etc- in a tank. If there is Oxygen in that space, with an ignition source -like a spark- there will be a fire. NITROGEN would be used to displace all the Oxygen and other gases present. Since Nitrogen is an inert gas, even with a spark there won’t be a fire.
    When buying Nitrogen, use that as your purpose, laboratory work where you need to ‘inertize’ an atmosphere.
    However, Nitrogen usually comes in large, heavy cylinders at high pressure. Labs rent those cylinders and send them out to the supplier for refilling once used. They also are loaded at high pressures.
    To use Nitrogen instead of Helium in this method, you may have to search for the companies that supply the smaller type of tanks (like for small labs) and you may also need to use a regulator (may be rented from the same supplier the tanks come from). For those familiar with gas stoves fed by gas cylinders (butane-propane usually for home use), those cylinders use a small regulator to connect from the gas cylinder to the stove. That type of regulator would work with the Nitrogen tank too.
    Hope that helped.
    I may be checking the site from time to time in case someone cares for additional comments on this material.
    You may also try tucutu_cd@yahoo.com
    All the best to all.

  68. wondering about specifics; ???
    how large a helium canister is needed
    if a person is ALREADY somewhat oxygen deprived (copd, asthma) will the level of CO2 change anything (CO2 is higher already)
    how do u regulate the flow and if a helium tank is bought or rented from a party store how to attach regulator and where to get regulator and what speed or degree of helium flow.
    would a device like a tube with a flap on outside that is sealed with tape in the bag for the user to exhale the first few breaths of CO2, SO that user exhales which makes the flap open, then remove from mouth so as not to interfere with process. WOULD THIS facilitate process?
    if a single user tied hands to knees with valve in same spot; would this facilitate?
    should single user be sitting on bed, in bath tube OR LYING DOWN?

  69. Nice Post Oneway thank you, and good to ‘meet’ you on here !

    Much of what you say has been covered many times though, and not just here but on other threads.

    As I have said many times in the past, I cannot understand the somewhat excessive interest in obtaining Nitrogen when helium can be so easily sourced. My only thought on this is that perhaps the client would feel more comfortable and confident in the knowledge that the limb movements will be less apparent when passing into the coma phase with Nitrogen. Humphry suggests ‘twitching’, but the Dignitas studies document far more prominent arm movements with clenched fists which start from the elbows. These movements last only temporarily and if we are to believe Dignitas (and why wouldn’t we?) all suicides that they completed using helium resulted in death albeit at varying times.

    I often believe that this solution is over analyised and over complicated, so thank you for the link OnewayCat – I have this video amongst others – but others may not. As we can see, it is very simple – BUT it must be carried out TO THE LETTER for it to succeed.

    I hope you have had a good B/H weekend, I am now offta bed with a tea and a book :)

    Catch up soon I hope,

  70. Hello,

    >> To “Ohcalcutagirls” (your post of Aug. 28th):
    Most of the questions you pose have been discussed along this post and in material posted at Final Exit (web site and book) and Exit International web site). It really is a lot simpler than all that and there is no need to over ‘what if’ the subject to death (no pun intended of course….).

    The post below yours from “Jabawabba” (Aug. 29th) sums it up very well when he says: ” I often believe that this solution is over analyised and over complicated, so thank you for the link OnewayCat – I have this video amongst others – but others may not. As we can see, it is very simple – BUT it must be carried out TO THE LETTER for it to succeed.”

    Do check out the video (first link in my post). It really is as simple as that.

    In my opinion, a lot of the questions regarding “twitching” and “arms movement” in the Dignitas report had to do with them using MASKS instead of a HOOD. The result of a poorly fitting mask is that Oxygen, however small the amount, will likely leak-in and defeat the purpose of the whole setup.
    Again, following the method “TO THE LETTER” is essential. Just check the video, that’s all there is to it.
    The same for the hood, if you can’t get one from commercial sources, making one is very simple. Check out the video “Making it with Betty” from the Exit International site. Really simple, no valves, no flaps, none of that. As you can see, very similar to the one demonstrated in the first video.

    >> To “Jabawabba” and about NITROGEN vs. HELIUM:
    About the twitching and/or more prominent movements (e.g. Dignitas report) it could be that this has more to do with them using a Mask instead of a Hood than it has to do with Nitrogen-vs.-Helium (e.g. which inert gas).

    The presence of Oxygen will ruin the setup as the author says. Quite possibly if a Hood had been used, the process may have ended in much less time and without any of the movements.
    As I understand it, in their case the Hood could present legal issues and that’s why they went with the Mask regardless of the potential shortcomings it presents (e.g. the fit or the lack of it).

    It could be that the nature of the inert gas has something to do with it too but I don’t have enough expertise to comment on that.

    Some comments on Nitrogen vs. Helium:

    1) The method will most probably work with any inert gas as has been pointed out on various references.
    Thinking about Nitrogen instead of Helium could be due to Availability issues. The example of Australia has been cited. Another instance is in some Latin American and/or African countries where the Helium is an imported product and therefore not very readily available (like in the US or Europe for ‘party balloons’ among other uses) and probably expensive compared to Nitrogen.

    2) Volume
    The Helium tanks are measured in “how many balloons it will fill”; meaning, they are not very large.
    The references tell of 10 Liters/ minute (I think) of inert gas flow rate required along the entire process and the length of the process as approx. 5 minutes. That amounts to at least 50 liters of gas (at atmospheric conditions of pressure and temperature).
    For practical purposes, Humphry translates this to “TWO large tanks of Helium” (again, as shown in his video). “Large” meaning not the ones for 50 balloons but the larger size of those “party – balloon purpose” tanks.
    That would be enough to insure a proper ending of the process. He also suggests that 2 are required since one of them could be not completely ‘full’…
    By comparison, Nitrogen tanks are of much larger capacity than Helium tanks, they are also filled at higher pressure. I do believe that the Volume of Nitrogen they contain (Liters of gas at Atmospheric conditions of Pressure and Temperature) is considerably larger than the volume of Helium in the Helium large tanks.
    Meaning, one large tank of Nitrogen will certainly have more than enough gas for the purpose. With the Hood system, once the valve is open, the flow of Nitrogen will go on for a long time.
    The fact that the pressure in Nitrogen tanks is higher than that of the Helium tanks makes me think of the need for a Regulator (as commented in my previous post) and/or clamps in the hoses to prevent them from being blown out of the nozzles.
    The site ‘Exit International’ now mentions the availability in the market of “small Nitrogen tanks”. I am not familiar with this type of tank (they do show some pictures). I assume they are smaller and lighter than the more conventional heavy Nitrogen tanks used in industry and in laboratory work which are really pretty heavy, very much like huge Scuba bottles (e.g. thick walls and high pressure).

    3) Cost (should this be a concern)
    In my case, and I’d would assume this is the same in many places, Nitrogen would be more readily available and cheaper than Helium.

    In summary, if there is Helium available and you can follow the procedure EXACTLY AS DESCRIBED in the Humphry’s video, think no more. THIS IS THE WAY TO GO (simple, well illustrated and proven).

    If Helium is not readily available and/or the price is prohibitive for you, try looking into the Nitrogen option.
    Be aware that in this option you may need assistance just to handle the tank (e.g. heavy). As an option, it may be worth it to explore the local availability of that “small tank” indicated by Exit International.

    The weekend wasn’t great but it wasn’t all that bad either, thanks for the good wishes. The week is a different matter, we’ll see how that goes.

    All the best.

  71. I am thinking about the helium method. I’ve already bought two helium tanks from balloon time (just in case). I’ve ordered a helium gas regulator. Hoping it will come this week! I haven’t made the hood cap yet, but I will just buy a sweatband and sew it to a plastic bag. I wish I had someone who could overview my death, making sure I don’t wake up as a vegetable. I live in sweden…

  72. Mandy, I am also from Sweden, and on my way out of life. I am about an hour from stockholm. If you want someone to help you go peacefully, send me a message at nocebo @ live.co.uk (remove the spaces) and we’ll discuss it.

  73. Oh please. Do your research. Helium hire isn’t restricted In Australia. I have seen dozens of party shops hiring out tanks for around a hundred dollars with a bond on top. If your not near anparty shop buy one online. But please remember to seriously consider whether you are ready for suicide. I’m catching the bus after my tank arrives In the mail. May god forgive my soul.

  74. Nocebo; do you live in sweden? Or in the uk?

    Septemberrain: Will you use only one party balloon tank? I got two tanks and will add the together with a t-valve just in case. just waiting for my helium gas regulator to arrive.

    If someone wants to talk I have thedeerhunter @ hotmail. se

  75. I live in Sweden mandy. Until I go. I sent you an email. Reply if you want company. Don’t bother if you’re just thinking about it.

  76. I think the comments on here are very valid and people have done some good research. However if you read the peaceful pill handbook it does suggest using the valve is a more accurate nethod. That way the flow is conteolled easier by someone who may at the time be semi-conscious. Yet despite the talk on here no one has mentioned where to buy the gas control valve. Exit international make and sell it, but they wont sell it to anyone.

    So does anyone know where to buy one?

  77. What size tank do you need? I read somewhere that a size G is needed, but that looks a lot bigger then the ones in the peaceful pill handbook photos etc? Would a size D work?

  78. @ septemberrain was that your final post?
    size D??? the sizes of the tanks go by letters?
    i wwill look more into this.
    this may sound a little silly but can the bag explode at
    a certain point can someone explain to me in details
    who ever has read the book with the experience info on it.

  79. Can someone tell me where u get this book and if there is anyone in the US THINKing of doing this. If there is ley me know. Dont want to do this alone

  80. @lynlyte: download it as a .pdf from piratebay.

  81. I have just read the entire Helium Method post and this is my first post on this site. thank you to everyone for the very detailed and informative discussion around this subject – and for the very useful links some people have included. I have suffered from Seasonal Affective Disorder all my adult life – although I only received a full diagnosis from a consultant psychiatrist around 3 years ago. My S.A.D. kicked in about a week ago and I am experiencing high anxiety, extreme paranoia, an almost total loss of confidence and severe depression. I do not think I can cope with another winter feeling the way I do. Today, for the first time in several years, I decided to research again effective and painless methods of suicide and discovered – for the first time – references to the Helium method and links to this site. I will continue to monitor this post closely. Again, thanks.

  82. To Zelfdodingboy: Before you think about doing this method you must do everything corecctly’. I finally now understand that the chance of something going wrong is there and you could just wake up with severe brain damage. That kind of life would be even worse than the one we have now.

    You can buy and download the peacefull pill handbook, there you have video instructions and up-2-date information about this method. You can also purchase a helium-gas regulator which you absolutley need if you are going to use balloon time helium cylinders.

  83. I think this is the best method out there. You dont need a regulator. Just buy two balloon time. And do some dry run’s. What i mean. Set up the balloon time. Use two
    so the tubes is runing into the exit bag. Open the valve. Turn the valve. You will see the bag fill up fast. Turn the valve so the helium come’s out slow er. You can easy get the fill for it. I Did. After a few gose you will know the valve and as soon as the bag is full slow the speed of helium. If you are going to exit with out use in a regulator. Just make sure you are use in more than one kit. Use two and one the bag is full slow the speed. Then open the next tank.

  84. I’m hope i can do this soon. But i’m kind of waiting on Dr sam parnia. Google him. or you tube him.

  85. The key that they mention so many times in final exit is that you’ve gotta make sure that the heliumtank is full. But using two is more optional offcource if you don’t have a pressure gauge. The best if you have somone helping you. I have no good luck finding someone who is willing to monitor my last breath. Alot to ask I know but I can’t leave anything to coincidence.

    All that I miss now is the actual bag that I am going to place over my head. After I have made my own exit bag, then it’s time for me to take care of the final details and the hopefully a peacefull journey to something better.

  86. If ur afraid of failing fill out a livig wil stating u dont want life support. Thats what im going to do has anyone purchased a helios exit bag from helios group is it legitamite??

  87. Never heard of living will…must check that out.

    But the problem is that someone can still live with brain damage without life support. You are a living dead. What a horrific destiny.

  88. Just make sure you got all the info. Like the right size of the exit bag. If you have done the research it will work. And do dry run’s. I’m all set. Got what i need to exit. (tank’s you need more than 1. I say 3 to be sure. Know the valve. Once the bag is full slow the speed of the helium on one tank. Then open the next one). The tube’s. And exit bag. Got what i need. @mandy where you live? You want some one to monitor you. Look I’m not ready right now. Cause I’m waiting on Dr sam parnia result’s in his Near death experiment. But soon i say jan or feb 2012. At the latest. So if you want some one to monitor you. I could then i would exit minute’s later.

  89. Is this site http://www.exitbags.20m.com/ legit?! plz answer. they are asking for my adress and an ID

  90. Yes u can live without life support when ur brain dead but not feeding tubes when ur brain.dead u hv to have a tube to eat that sustains ur life u can.request not to hv one anyone wnt to help me with this let me know I feel useless and dead on.the inside let me know.

  91. well i answer my own question.

    some say they r scammer and some say they r legit. i asked to the seller what can they say about those who think they r scammer and then they updated their site saying that if u dont receive ur bag in 21 days u have to contact them. ithink i will take the risk.

    sorry for my poor english, sites like this and information like this cannot be found in spanish.

  92. Dr dolittle, what tubes are you talking about? How do you get the helium from the tank into the exit bag? I’ve seen the set up on you tube, but I don’t know how to go about getting a flowmeter to free flow the helium into the bag. Can you please explain this to me?

  93. I will be using this method mid november. Thanks

  94. How can I do it with household things? I can’t get the kit but I can’t let that stop me. So what can I use instead? How much helium do I need and where can I get it?

  95. Wow. LOTS of good information here! I’m surprised so many people are from the UK and other places. If anyone in America wants to talk, email me at high voltage blonde @ gmail . com – no spaces. Read the whole page tonight, too much to take in but I’ll be back soon. Thanks for a great site, and to everyone who provided the very useful links.

  96. hi guys, this is my first post. i have suffered with severe depression for over ten years now and have always known that that i would eventually take my own life. as fellow sufferes will know , ur life circumstances can dramatically worsen ur depression. my life is a complete mess and so is my mental state. i have decided to try the helium hood method. this page has given me a lot of useful information. thanks everyone.

  97. today i ordered the helium bag for 2 tanks. Total Cost: $80. Shipping $20, payment method $10, bag $50. Looks like the items come from Honduras. I live in puerto Rico. I will tell yo if I receive the package and when.

  98. i gunna do the helium without a regulator as per a videoiv seen, so i turn the gas on fully, im gunna use a t junction and have 2 tanks??????

    http://www.veoh.com/watch/v20346951QY4egAaB?h1=Helium+is+better+6B – video for the how to but he doesnt say how much gas he tunrs on. bril vid tho

  99. is the only way to fail if you are interupted, surely if the flow i sconstant for around 10 mins plus its fail proof right?

  100. How much do the helium tanks weigh? Just wondering because you need to buy them at a store and get them home.

  101. About the HELIUM supply.
    I have read some disturbing comments (e.g. Exit Intl. and others) about the quality of Helium gas. Two in particular are worth of attention and follow up.

    1) It seems that in Australia they have contemplated (not yet implemented to the author’s knowledge) adding OXYGEN to the Helium gas supplied by birthday party outlets. The express and specific purpose of the move would be to preclude its use as a “final solution”.
    Very obviously, even a small percentage of Oxygen in a Helium bottle would be self-defeating for the purpose contemplated here.

    2) In some regions there have been reports of party balloon stores adding AIR to the Helium tanks they sell. This however would NOT be driven by the same idea indicated in the previous item. In this case, these would be mostly re-sellers trying to improve their sales margin !!. The effect of having Air mixed with the Helium in filling birthday party balloons would be that the balloons would not ‘float’ as well as with pure Helium (e.g. would ‘float’ for less time). HOWEVER, the effect of having Air mixed in the Helium tank for the purpose we are discussing here would be again self-defeating.
    At some suppliers (small outlets) I have seen what seems to be a good hint that a birthday party store could be squeezing more profit out of their Helium supply by mixing in Air.
    The hint was that they charged different prices for Helium to fill balloons that would ‘float for 12 hours’ and those that would ‘float for 48 hours’. The latter being of course more expensive (e.g. probably purer gas than the cheaper option).

    Exit Intl. points out (correctly) that in the case of Nitrogen perhaps there wouldn’t be the economic incentive of adding air. Also, Nitrogen is often used for industrial or laboratory purposes where the specification 99.9 % pure has to be carefully observed. In the case of Helium, just for filling birthday party balloons, the purity would not be an issue (e.g. the balloons float just the same, albeit with some deficiency, if the Helium is not pure) and with the addition of Air the seller would improve their margin.
    Exit Intl. is now offering a small, more portable (compared to industrial equipment) Nitrogen bottle which would be easy to handle even by people with limitations.

    Keep an eye on these issues and please post feedback if you have any worth sharing.


  102. Just when I thought I’d finally found a quick, painless way to go. That’s a big bummer, but thanks very much for that pertinent info. Looks like I may just have to head to the tracks after all. In the meantime I’ll keep checking back.

  103. Hello Blonde61,

    The Helium method is quick, painless and it works provided that you follow the instructions (to the letter !!) in the video from Derek Humphry (link provided in one of my posts above).
    The issues I have pointed out are just aspects to be careful about, not ‘show stoppers’ for this method.
    As it often goes with human nature, there will always be someone trying to take advantage of something or to tell someone else what to do (the ‘power’ thing….).

    I mentioned the case I have read about from Australia where they were thinking (not yet implemented) about mixing in Oxygen with the Helium for party balloons to prevent its use for the purpose we have described here. That would be driven by the “power thing”… some humans trying to tell others what to do or not to do.
    This is the one that requires more careful monitoring since it is specifically aimed at the use of Helium as we intend to use it.

    The second issue about the possibility of Air being mixed with Helium has to do simply with human greed. Helium sells by the pound, unlike gases to be used as fuel which sell by their Btu (heat) content. The party balloon application is not critical so… for the seller, the way he sees it, there is nothing wrong with mixing in a little air and selling you so many pounds of “Helium”…. The balloons will still float and he’ll make more money (buying pure Helium and selling Helium + Air…). However, that air would be disastrous for our purpose.
    I don’t know how wide-spread this practice is. I have reasons to believe that at least in some Latin American countries this could well be the case.

    There is another aspect that has been mentioned and that also merits care: the pressure in the Helium bottles. That is to say, make sure that they are indeed FULL. If not, the necessary amount of Helium flow to the hood may not be maintained for the required amount of time.

    Just a matter of being careful, choosing a trustworthy supply source, insisting in quality (e.g. purity of the gas) and checking the pressure of the bottles also as a quality control issue (e.g. just like buying beef… if you pay for a pound, make sure you indeed get that amount).

    But there is another side to human nature too… that of problem solving.
    Nitrogen will work just as good as Helium and it’s used in the same fashion (hood, tank, connections etc.). The advantages are those pointed out in my previous post. Perhaps the main disadvantage is that of the traditional size and weight of Nitrogen tanks commonly sold in the market. But, and here is the problem solving thing…, there are outlets already offering smaller, more portable tanks with more than plenty Nitrogen for our purpose.

    Bottom line: stay away from the tracks. These methods work and can be implemented with relative ease and just being careful about two or three fundamental aspects.

    Take care, check back and if possible do provide us with your feedback and comments on going about to procure the materials for these methods.

    Thanks and good luck to all.

  104. Cat, appreciate all the information and guidance you have shared. I have questions, and hope you’ll be back to answer them, as you are obviously well versed and knowledgeable about the subject matter.

    I just saw 2 segments of the PBS/Frontline documentary online. I read something about it on this blog, I believe, but my sister told me about it yesterday so I looked it up and watched all I could, and now I’m drained. Will post again when my head is clear. Again, very grateful for your help.

  105. I am thinking of using argon gas as it’s cheaper than helium here in oz. I can get from a welding supplies company- it is mixed with a little oxygen & co2 so not sure if that is a problem? Do you need a regulator to control the flow of air? How do you connect the tubing to the gas tank?
    I am going to use the successful method outlined here using a dust mask: ttp://bmhlibrary.info/14634476.pdf

  106. To Blonde61:
    I had posted a comment as follow-up to yours above but for some reason whoever moderates this forum didn’t see it fit to publish it.
    Basically I only made reference to the PBS video you mention to indicate that in one of my previous posts (above in this chain, from August 20th) there are links to video material on this subject covering the method and some of the implements.

    I also pointed out that the aspects to watch out for that I described are not “show stoppers” but just things to be careful with, more as a matter of ‘quality control’ so to speak. But, given the nature of the subject at hand, they are IMPORTANT and non-compliance or shortcomings in them may lead to complete failure of this project. For instance: bottles/tanks not completely full could lead to insufficient Helium for the purpose. Or, if air is mixed in then the method may not work.

    If you buy beef and the store shortchanges you on the weight, you pay more for less and you may not satisfy your hunger but nothing more happens beyond that. You may simply go back and buy more beef. Simple as that is, we all carefully watch the weight of what we buy. Here it’s the same only worse and more crucial.

    Take care and do post if you have more questions/feedback. I’m sure many people here will profit from well intention experiences and knowledge.

  107. Cat, I would call getting a tank of helium w/oxygen in it a show stopper. Basically what you’re saying is that there is no real way to be sure that you’re getting pure helium. If that is not a deal-breaker, please explain why, or how. Also, in Humphrey’s instructional video, he says at one point: “Practice practice practice.” How, exactly?

  108. Hello,
    some comments to your questions.
    The Oxygen came up from references in literature indicating that in Australia they were considering the possibility of making it mandatory (e.g. by law) to add a certain amount of Oxygen to the Helium sold to the public (e.g. birthday party balloons) so as to preclude its use for the purpose we are discussing here.
    Should that become a reality, that would certainly render Helium not feasible for the application we are contemplating. That would be true for Australia or any place where such a measure was implemented. Pretty much a “show stopper”.

    By comparison, the supplier trying to improve his margin by mixing Air in the Helium would be a bummer but not a show stopper. This is the guy trying to turn a pound of pure Helium that he buys into 1.5 pounds for sale (Helium + Air).
    This or the guy trying to sell bottles (tanks) not completely full are the same thing: not a show stopper but something to watch out for.

    I have read about quality issues regarding drugs used for this same purpose. It seems that some products made in certain countries did not have the required purity. In Exit International site, for instance, they are discussing a kit to check the purity of some drugs (e.g. chemicals that would turn a certain color in the presence of a pure enough substance).
    I am not aware of anything like that for testing whether the Helium is pure (or above a certain level of purity anyway, like over 95 % pure, for instance).
    The purity can be determined by physical and analytical means but it isn’t a straight forward procedure and it’s probably beyond the capacity of many people looking at Helium as an option. It would involve knowing the volume of the tank, its pressure and temperature and its weight empty (just the metal tank). Using the gas laws, the amount of “pure Helium” would be calculated (knowing the Density of Helium at those conditions. For instance, at 1 at of pressure and 0 Deg. C, the density of Helium is about 0.18 grams/liter. This calculated amount of Helium would be compared with the weight of Helium, measured with an analytical scale of sufficient accuracy (e.g. 2 decimal places for grams). The full tank is weighed and the weight of the container (metal tank) subtracted from that figure, that gives the weigh of just the Helium.

    If Air is present in any noticeable amounts, those two figures (the calculated and measured weight values) will be different.

    The Density of Air at those same conditions is about 1.32 grams / liter, almost 10 times higher than Helium. So, if Air is present in any noticeable %, that would reflect in the difference between those two figures.

    I assume that for a supplier to try to make more money by mixing in Air it would have to be in considerable amounts, like more than 20 % Air in the Helium. That is to say, he gains nothing by mixing in only 1 %. What I’m getting at is that a noticeable % of Air, if present in the Helium, could be detected.
    But, like I said, it isn’t all that easy.

    Keep in mind that the common applications of Helium work well with just 80 % pure gas so this variable is not closely monitored. Either you find a dependable source that can guarantee the purity or you do some testing if you want to be sure that you are getting pure Helium.

    Keep also in mind that you’d probably have to devise some excuse for wanting pure Helium. Like I said, its common applications do not demand that, but ours does !!!
    Say that you want the balloons to float for plenty of time (and that is possible with pure Helium only).
    For instance, in South America I have seen supply sources that quote two prices for the Helium filled balloons. One for balloons that would float for 48 hours and another price (cheaper !!) for balloons that would float for only 12 hours.
    I assume (my assumption, I have no way to prove it) that the ones floating for less time are not filled with pure Helium.

    The other aspect to watch out for, a bottle / tank not completely full, can be checked in a much easier fashion. That requires only a manometer (pressure gauge) to check the tanks pressure against is specified pressure when full.
    The specs can be checked by doing some calculations too.

    About Humphry’s instructions.
    I assume that what he means by “practice” is to go through the entire procedure and set up as though you were doing it for real. Setting up the tanks, tubing, hood, exhaling, placing the hood over your head, open the valve just a little to check how the hood inflates, lower the hood over your head etc etc… EXCEPT opening the valve as you would for ‘the real thing”. In other words, become very familiar with all the motions and setup.
    I think I read a post in this same string where a guy says he even emptied a full bottle (of course NOT into a hood on his head…) and timed how long it took for the Helium to stop coming out. This I think was done to verify that the flow of Helium would last long enough. There is of course a cost (Helium lost) implied in taking the practice this far.

    Finally, also in Exit International they are now indicating that NITROGEN bottles, smaller that what’s commonly used in the market and suitable for our purpose, will be rolled out into the market in early 2012.

    Remember that contrary to Helium, Nitrogen purity is pretty much mandatory (e.g. demanded by its common uses in industry, laboratories, fire prevention etc.) so there shouldn’t be any issues with addition of Oxygen or Air.
    For that same reason, squeezing in Air to improve profits would not be an option for the supplier.
    Also, I think that Nitrogen is cheaper than Helium in most (if not all) places.

    Whether NITROGEN or HELIUM is used, the procedure and setup indicated in Humphry’s video APPLIES JUST THE SAME (same hood, same time and flow rate requirements etc etc.). This whole procedure is based on depriving the brain of Oxygen and that is being accomplished just the same with either Nitrogen or Helium.

    That’s about what I see from my side.
    Hope that helped and please keep the discussion open so we can all profit from each other’s views and experiences.

    Take care.

  109. Hello, lots of discussion here, I need to know if a helium tank suitable for 30 balloons would be sufficient for the job. Also, if I need 2 tanks, where does one get the tubing and the t tube that attaches to both tanks? I need the equipment to inhale the gas

  110. Hi my names sarah,
    I’m 18 years old and looking for someone to leave this world with me email at xsuffering_heartx@hotmail.com

  111. Cat thanks again for all the info. It is helping me make an informed decision, which is imperative, as you know. Now I am thinking I will wait, if I can, to hear more about the nitrogen bottles. I just hope it won’t be dragged out. I have decided .. it gets more and more complicated, but I will keep checking in, and continue to post questions as they come to mind.

  112. @Pad: any word from helios group about your purchase?

  113. First of all, if ANYONE can help me or give me some kind of hint as to whether or not anyone out there – like if there is a way to get in touch w/the ladies on YouTube that make the kits… also, I am trying to gather materials, and when I asked for cellophane tape (went to a hardware store and Home Depot) I got regular scotch tape. I assume this is not what Humphry was referring to. Also, the local party store sells 12″ canisters of helium that fill 70 regular sized balloons. I don’t want to have to order them online but this is the only place nearby that sells them, and I have no idea where else to look. Any help is appreciated. I am also interested to know about the helios group, if anyone wants to share. I can also be reached at high voltage blonde – all one word – at gmail.
    Time is of the essence, so any and all help is appreciated.

  114. @slimer: not yet, one week more… i hope.

  115. Thanks for sharing the info about helios. Really appreciate that.

    Cat, since you’ve been so helpful and because your question on the other site re: tank specifications was not answered, I have a couple of new questions I hope you can help me with. First of all, the PDF file of the Final Exit book from ERGO is corrupted, so now I can’t finish it. I’ve written them and hopefully will get some help with that. I also bought the “How to Make Your Own..” document, and the specifications on it are different from the specs in the video. He says you need 4′ of tubing, the document say 10′. He does not specify the measurements for the t-junction, the document says it must have an outer diameter of 5/16″, which I have been unable to find, but don’t want to buy until I’m sure it’s right. Please, if you drop back by the site, any info or guidance would be appreciated.

  116. Meant to say the specs GIVEN in the video..

  117. Found them! What a beautiful picture of the bag. Home, indeed. I hope they’re still in business.

  118. For all who may read this and are interested – and there are some – the video will be pulled. I wrote ERGO and heard from DH himself, and he said it’s pirated and that he’s going to have it pulled. He told me to go by the book, literally. I will wait a short while to see what happens w/Helios and go from there. Thanks to all everyone who’s written.

  119. A quick comment on this (more later ref. the tubing, the 5/16″, the type of tape etc.).
    About the Video and DH.
    It may be true that it is pirated. In this particular case however, I’m rooting for the pirates. Here is the reason.
    DH and his blog (Ergo), Final Exit, Exit Intl. etc etc.. assume that all readers have the financial instruments to pay for their material (video, books, tools and accessories etc.). That is to say, that all readers have a credit card and/or a checking account that bills in US Dollars (or equally acceptable currency).
    This is not the case.
    Many people live in countries where those instruments are not available but who are equally, if not more, interested in obtaining a suitable solution for their problem (an exit with dignity).
    I admit that DH and all those other organizations are advocacy oriented and as such need money to continue with their work in connection with assisted suicide solutions. This is certainly not free of costs (publications, research, data and information, products etc etc.).
    But the fact remains, many people without the means to pay for that will welcome the chance of obtaining the information.

    I have written to many of those sites and organizations with a request for a SIMPLE, YET CRUCIAL, PIECE OF INFORMATION. So far, not a single one of them as answered.
    I don’t want to buy a book only to find that this information is not there. And from what bits and pieces I have been able to obtain of written and/or video material I have good reason to believe that it isn’t there !!!

    In the case of Helium they all point out that “a sufficient amount” should be used.
    There is talk about a Helium tank enough to fill 90 balloons, others say 400 and I have even read 900…. JUST WHAT IS ‘SUFFICIENT’ ???

    The CORRECT WAY TO SPECIFY THAT would be to provide the Volume of the tank (e.g. a 10 liter tank) and the Pressure at which it is filled (e.g. 250 psi).
    DH simply says in the video “TANKS LIKE THIS..”.
    Oh really ??? Well, excuse me Derek but just can’t read the label in the tanks….
    When you say a “10 liter tank” (or 4 gal. or ‘x’ cubic feet…) filled to 250 psi. is what you need…THAT DOES IT !!
    With Pressure and Volume specified, the amount of gas contained is specified.
    Coming from someone who claims to have documented hundreds of cases where the method has been used successfully, that would be the way to specify the AMOUNT OF GAS NEEDED IN ORDER TO OBTAIN THE REQUIRED FLOW RATE AND FOR THE AMOUNT OF TIME REQUIRED FOR SUCCESS (e.g. 20 liters/ min of gas during 8 minutes).
    Any other way to specify that is not going to do it (e.g. enough to fill 200 balloons… oh really ?? what size balloons ??? and so on and so forth).

    AGAIN, I have not yet seen that crucial piece of information anywhere.
    Supposedly it’s there in the book or the original video if one pays for it… but I’m not so sure.
    With that information I will surely know what to buy and what to ask for.
    Without it I’ll be speculating and trying to get ‘as much as possible’ to avoid failing in the attempt.

    This is one reason I’m leaning more towards NITROGEN.
    It’s normal uses required a purity spec (> 99.5 % usually) and it comes in bottles with more than plenty of gas for the purpose we intend here (e.g. a large bottle would provide the 20 liters / min. of gas flow for well over 20 minutes….).
    Drawback: those tanks are relatively large and heavy, not too easy to handle.
    By the way, suppliers normally rent them, they are intended for refill type operation. This is really no problem in our case. After it has been used, they are welcome to come and get it….

    More comments later. All the best to all.

  120. By the way, the fact that NITROGEN is usually available in large bottles (e.g. lab or industry use) is probably what prompted Exit Intl. to announce the availability (they say early 2012) of a compact size Nitrogen bottle with just enough for the purpose contemplated hare. It would also come with its valve and regulator again for this purpose.
    But, same drawback as with other products and materials: it may not be available in all countries.
    At any rate, for those who can afford to wait and live in countries where it will be available, it may be worth waiting and check it out.

  121. Guys, in the final exit book third edition they say in page 133 that there are 2 types of helium tanks, one of 4.5 cubic feet of helium, and the other tank have 8.9 cubic feet of helium. u can download the book from piratebay.org

  122. Hello pad,
    thanks for the comments and the ref. source.
    Unfortunately, that’s only half the story.

    With gases, for a full spec. you need:

    a) the amount in grams (or pounds or whatever unit of weight you choose).
    Given that, that much gas can be contained in tanks of different volume. The smaller the volume, the higher the pressure required to put that mass of gas in it. There is also the variable Temperature. Take 2 identical 10 gal. tanks and put the same mass of gas in each of them, say 1 lb. If one tank is at 40 deg. F and the other is at 80 deg. F, the Pressure reading will be different in both of them.

    b) The Volume AND the Pressure
    This is usually the easiest and the most common way to spec. an amount of gas.

    Lets take the figures you provide as example.
    Ok, there are two types (or sizes) of Helium tanks, one is 4.5 cu.ft. and the other is 8.9 cu.ft.
    Lets say that for reasons of ‘safety margin’ (e.g. to make sure we have sufficient gas for the purpose described here) we take the 8.9 cu.ft. tank.

    QUESTION: if I put a manometer (pressure gauge) to the discharge valve of the tank, what value should I get ????

    Very obviously, if the gauge reads 20 psi. there is not enough gas in the tank (although its volume is 8.9 cu.ft.)

    However, if the gauge reads 250 psi., then the tank very probably contains the desired amount of Helium

    Tanks can leak, have defective valves, be ‘partially emptied’ by the seller to squeeze more margin out of the sale … etc etc etc….

    So, in order to have a coherent and consistent spec. reference to use when buying Helium for the purpose we discuss here, the ONLY way to be sure that you are getting the right thing is if we are given a Volume (e.g. the 8.9 cu.ft. you mention) AND, the Pressure reading for that tank (it is normally assumed that the readings are reported at so called “room temperature”).

    And those two values together is what I have not seen in any publication so far !!!

    If anyone has a good source for that information, I’d appreciate it.

  123. i found peaceful pill handbook more informative than the final exit book. also, exit intl sells a kit that includes a pressure gauge and modified regulator for balloon time tanks

  124. I’m about to check out as well. Just trying to get all the info i need to make sure my first attempt gets the job done. I have the final exit book, but i have yet to go for it. One hears so many different ways to go about it and it can confuse you. What i’m getting from all this info is to get the two hellium tanks, the tubing, t junction, bag and you’re ready to go. Is that right?

  125. Helios:



  126. so i guess this helium method is the way to go huh. im sure im bound to fuck it up somehow and being a vegetable or whatever would be twice as bad as the current situation. man i dont know, suppose il attempt to make the hood. also thinking of booking flights to somewhere far away and jumping off somewhere and disappearing. i have some money for that at least. i dont know. if anyone wants to do some pact thing, work out a good way to go and go out with someone, im a 20 yr old male from the uk. millership22@hotmail.co.uk

  127. guys i received the bag, they r legit

  128. Good deal pad, thanks for sharing !!

    I’m sure it will be useful for a lot of people to know.

    Some questions I’d appreciate your comments on.
    I understand you are contemplating the use of Helium. In a previous post you indicated two types of Helium bottles, 4.5 and 8.9 cubic feet of Helium.
    That’s probably the volume of Helium, at standard conditions, contained in the tanks.

    If possible for you (not too much trouble), could you tell us / confirm:

    1) which and how many tanks you are planning to use

    2) which size tanks you are getting (can be expressed in volume, like liters or cubic feet or simply their diameter and height). This would be the physical size of the tank.

    3) what’s their pressure (what would a pressure gauge indicate for a full tank) ??
    Some if not all of this information could be printed / indicated in the tank’s label.

    I really could use the information. At my location, I may not be able to get the same tanks you are getting (e.g. size) but with this information I can calculate/check what I’m getting here and make sure it’s the right thing (e.g. equivalent to what you have if not the same thing).
    Thanks and all the best.

  129. >>guys i received the bag, they r legit

    That IS good to know, because I’m just about to place my order. Have communicated with them, just received payment instructions tonight. Thanks for posting.

  130. pad feel like corresponding w/me? I have a question re: Helios. If so, you can reach me at highvoltageblonde@gmail.com. Thx

  131. onewaytcat

    the mods are deleting my messages. sorry

  132. Thanks pad.
    Try this way: tucutu_cd@yahoo.com (this is also indicated in one of my previous posts earlier in this chain).

    Try posting again here if you can, it may work.

    The same thing was happening to Blonde61 yesterday but I see that she was eventually able to post the note to you.

    I happened to me once, a post would not be shown after I posted it.
    Re-posted it and it came up.
    Never knew whether it was the mods or some temporary glitch in the site.

    Thanks and take care (hopefully you’ll be able to send the information either through here or by e-mail. I would certainly like to have the information).

    All the best,

  133. Great site, lots of good info.

    Am 18 myself from Canada, have dealt with depression for too long, researched a ton of methods…

    this seems the best one, will be trying it this spring/summer

    until then i will get the book

  134. Thanks pad.
    Try this way: tucutu_cd@yahoo.com (this is also indicated in one of my previous posts earlier in this chain).

    You could also try e-mailing SuicideBlonde61 and she will forward it to me.

    Thanks and take care (hopefully you’ll be able to send the information either through here or by e-mail. I would certainly like to have the information).

    All the best,

  135. Hello pad,

    have tried to post but all my messages appear to be in a queue “your comment is awaiting moderation”.
    This has been going on for days now.
    Can’t tell whether there is something wrong / unacceptable with the messages or the page moderation is simply not working.
    This may or may not be visible… Will keep trying
    I certainly could use the information from you.

    Thanks !!

  136. Hello again pad,

    OK, that one seems to be visible.

    Ways to get the information to me:
    1) if you are communicating with SuicideBlonde61 you can send the information to her and she’ll forward to me via e-mail (she has my e-mail).
    2) you can try e-mailing me yourself. If you scroll up in this chain to my first post, my e-mail is clearly visible there. (let me try to re-enter it here: it is tucutu_cd @ yahoo.com >> remove the spaces before and after the ‘@’ symbol)

    Thanks again !!!

  137. Ok so here’s my own experience of the ‘exit bag’.

    When I read it was ‘quick and painless’ it seemed the obvious solution to me. A youtube video suggested ’2 deep breaths and you’re unconscious’.

    So I set about getting prepared. Not taking any chances, I bought the purest grade A helium available and lots of it – a ‘V’ cylinder with 200 balloon capacity.

    I wrote a will, bought £3100 of pre-paid funeral, letter to the family, pinned note for the postie to give to the Police on front door

    I got rid of all my belongings that I didn’t think anyone could make any use of, put all the manuals out with the remainder, signed over my car and just before the act, even removed the hard-drive from my pc, immersed in water and binned.

    I then followed the instructions for the exit bag ‘to the T’ including hand restraints.

    The first time – half a dozen or so breaths – nothing. I then removed the bag, made some adjustments and tried again. Another 6+ breaths – nothing significant. Again I removed the bag, at which point my arms started to spasm involuntarily, not something I was prepared for and not at all ‘peaceful’. I left it there thinking “I don’t want this to end with me being a vegetable”.

    Having made all the preparations – both physically and mentally and then actually decided to go ahead, I was left very disillusioned by the whole process – not to mention out-of-pocket, most of my kit down the dump and a hard-drive in the bin..

    Later I happened to see a news clip of someone who had been gassed during a protest and he was convulsing big-time. (At this stage I had already returned the cylinder etc.). I think it is possible that rather than this coming after unconsciousness, it therefore comes before. Unless you are prepared for this (as I found it anyway) rather scary event, after which I guess there are still no guarantees – and the prospect that something might go wrong and you’ll end up brain dead, I’d think twice.

    It certainly wasn’t as ‘easy’ as suggested and therefore it’s lost my trust.

  138. Hey guys

    I have the peaceful pill handbook 2007, does anyone have the revised 2011 edition in ebook or pdf format they would like to share?

    the helium fittings will arrive tomorrow and i will make an exit bag and purchase helium tank in the next few days. Just wanted to read more to make sure everything will be flawless.

    So if anyone can help me locate a peaceful pill 2011 edition please contact!


  139. Does one need more than one “party time tank” I heard no, of it is put on right flow…
    Can this be done with out a flow controller or whatever? I’m in Australia, and don’t know where to buy. Also, I have heard tape around the noz does fine. Made my own bag with Bettie’s guide, got tank and tubing just not sure on how to set it all up. Also cps, I’ve been in this forum a while only changed my name, if you’d take time to read through you will see convulsing is quite normal, and this method is described as peaceful because it is painless, you won’t convulse in any particularly violent fashion until you are unable to be aware you are doing it. This is like Robbie, his convulsive and non concious actions. You can expect some flexing and flinching upon entering unconsciousness. This is death, not play school.

  140. Can I just fill a large black bin bag with helium then tie it round my head? Surely if the gas keeps pumping into the bag it would burst?

  141. You know, people say that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, but- I honestly feel, that a switch has turned inside me that is permanent, a poison in my brain that has changed the way I think and act, I reject reality like the loner girl that I am, this idea is in my head that I want to die, and I hope that we can meet eachother, everyone in this post, when we go. I feel like I should be telling you people not to think about suicide, but sometimes what society calls rightful, is what society like to ignore, I hope you all find peace, that is what I wish x

  142. Stray it shouldn’t burst if you have it at the rough flow in conjunction with your breathing, feel free to email me everyone I would love to cheat with anyone about anything – nonsenseandcontrariwise@hotmail.com

  143. Right * not rough

  144. Far out, got to love the iPhone auto correct! Talk about post after post. I meant to say – u would love to ‘chat’ not cheat…Gah

  145. I was so excited to find a peaceful way out of this hell on Earth but now that I’ve read all these comments I’m afraid that this won’t work. I also find it a bit sketchy that there are people making money off of this and yet they seem to be vague in their instructions, from what I can gather from everyone’s comments. Am I better off playing in traffic?! Any advice? I guess worst case scenario I become a vegetable …..but at least I wouldn’t feel pain.

  146. Winter rose, I think I will email you, if you dont mind,

  147. cps remember that this method is supposed to be for terminally ill people, whose bodies have likely broken down in many ways – they are probably close to death already. If you’re young, or even not necessarily young but physically healthy, I’m no doctor but I’m sure it makes a difference. And the only video I would trust on YoutTube is “Doing it with Betty,” which basically shows you how to make the exit bag.

  148. First, I apologize for the spelling I’m from South America so I’m trying to use good English.
    I’ve been reading this and several topics on this manner of death I decided do. I read every post, each post.. i have the best tips in notes.. whatever .. u all helped me a lot, thank you very much.

    Bring 5 years taking anxiolytics and benzodiazepines is no problem to get to me, in fact, thought to make a mixture of both (suffocation and overdose) but maybe vomiting harm anything, so I will just exit the method “clean”

    —– I have only 2 questions I would like to deeply m guidance.—-

    1. It is impossible for me to have that bag of GLAAD .. so that bag do you recommend? a simple plastic bag with the size recommended .. and.. why ..when the bag is full not burst?

    2. When you turn the tap on the helium tanks should “hard” so strong (lots of air) or “slowly”(slowly fills).

    Thank you very much and good luck in their lives here or in the other side.

  149. by the way..

    its not beeter with a GAS MASK directly to the nose?? (inside the bag)

  150. I tried teh hood method tonight… For some reason I didn’t KO… I filled up the bag and then pulled it over my head as per the directions, breathed in, was in there for about thirty seconds and panicked and took it off… I didn’t even feel faint… My life is miserable but for some reason I can’t seem to take the final step of suicide, I just chicken out… I wish someone would just shoot me…

  151. Helios is gone. Pad, let me know …

  152. sure v2marie :) It would be lovely to hear from you

  153. Dreamboat12, you’re obviously not committed to the actual idea of it, it’s become more of a dark spiralling fantasy you like to dream about rather then make a real reality. Maybe you should dream another dream that is more fitting with your true feelings of what you really want, then concentrate on making that your reality or else you’ll end up stuck in limbo and that contributes nothing for no one, least of all yourself.
    GL and be happy, just imagine you could have been born a two headed disabled midget dwarf, with cancer and a fetish for squirrels eating nuts. What kind of life would that be?
    And to top it all off your mother could have gender issues, due to gigantism and a hairy back……
    I’m talking from some personal experience here bud, I just can’t take any of this shit seriously anymore, especially after loosing my Weener to a dyson 5000 megatronic supersuction… I mean wtf. I spend my days with funny freaks and found other ways of pleasuring myself, but most importantly I try to grow as a person and try to absorb others perspectives through reading and learning in the forever mind boggling unity of our universal consciousness. 


  154. dreamboat..

    what the problem? supoussly the helium Knock u in seconds? what exactly happen?

  155. Not sure how to respond to that happydays….! I guess I could also have been born into a family where I was beaten up from before I can remember and right up until I was a teenager, raped by my own brother, had parents who barely spoke because my dad played away from home since I was born, a dad who couldn’t find time in the 15 years we lived together to kick a ball with me but yet spent all his time playing or coaching or referreeing or watching football, a dad who gave so little of a shit about me that he would eventually move out when he split from my mum and not even bother to tell me….

    Oscar2 – no idea, i filled the bag, it inflated over my head, then I pulled it down over my face, breathed in and… nothing… as I say, I panicked after 30 seconds, maybe a bit longer, and pulled it off…. Maybe the bag wasn’t big enough? I got a turkey roasting bag and used a sweatband to hold it around the neck, like it says in the video…. but I wrapped teh bottom of the bag around the sweatband to keep it together, which it didn’t really need I guess, so maybe that used up more space in the bag…. ?

  156. dreamboat – what were the dimensions of the bag? what size helium tank? did u use a flow regulator?

    I would assume the reason you didnt pass out was because there was still oxygen in the bag. was there a hole in the bag possibly?

    as i will be using this method very soon, its a bit disconcerting to hear the failed stories..

  157. @dreamboat12 – Also, can you tell us the purity of the helium?

    The purity and psi/cumeter of the helium is a deal breaker in my eyes. The last thing I need is disappointment and/or brain damage. Becoming a vegetable is fine… I won’t be concious so the effect will be the same as far as i’m concerned. However, if this fails… all that will remain are the hard options like jumping in front of a train, etc which is not an appealing thought. The idea of an easy way out, if anything, gives me some comfort. If I lose that then I lose what little piece of mind i have.

    Having read all the above posts I can’t see any reason not to go with the nitrogen option. I can’t say for the rest of the world but it would be very easy to get hold of a bottle in the UK. And for a back up, with a little bit of research into wielding you should be able to talk your way to getting your hands on some, should it come down to that.

    As for cost, who cares.

  158. I didn’t have a regulator… I had two tanks of Helium, vinyl tubing and a t-splitter connecting the two tubes to the tank and one tube into the turkey bag… It didn’t give the dimensions of the bag on the box, but it did say that they were ‘Giant Sized’, so I assumed this would be big enough…. I was careful to push out the air when it was on top of my head, so it was empty and just on my head like a shower cap… I then inflated it with the helium… It was inflated above my head for a few minutes before I had the courage to pull it down, so the helium wasn’t escaping through a holefrom what I could see… although maybe some air got into the bag through the open end as it was inflated above my head….. not really sure…

  159. One thing to mention is that I live in Ireland and purchased the tanks here, so maybe the tanks weren’t filled with pure helium? Is that a possibility does anybody know?

  160. were they “balloon time” helium tanks?

  161. Please don’t do it. Life can get better.

  162. Thank you will692

  163. Thank you for this thread. If your still alive, and I doubt it if your that determind, I would like to add my thoughts.
    I Have know I would eventually kill myself as well. I have been looking into the Helium method for a few months now. and I’m ready. Christmas day is my goal.
    My idea so far is to just use a plastic bag, surgical tubing, helium, about 200mg of clonapin, and duct tape.
    My idea is to get settled in a tent with all my bedding etc. Make it as comfortable as possible. Crank some Led Zeppelin, (yes I’ll need to bring either a mp3 or better yet boom box. Anyway, get the Zeppelin rolling drink some vodka, (I’m an alcoholic, so the vodka will not know me out before the true mission) Once I’m drunk enough, tired enough, had enough, I’ll take about 100 Clonapins and maybe 6000mg of Seroquil. (I’ll start with a full stomach, take myself out to a real nice expensive dinner. Plus I have an iron stomach, and have never vomited in other attempts to overdose using pills ((Not worried about puking)) At that point I should start feeling the effects in my head in short order. At this point HOPEFULLY I will have the courage to take the next step, and that is turn the valve to the tank, fill an empty plastic bag of reasonable size with helium, exhaust my lungs and slip the bag over my head and duct tape the sucker to my neck and just lay back and wait to see what’s on the other side. (If anything) I failed to mention that I will put a hole in the bag behind my head, and hook the hose to the front of the bag near my breathing passages therefore allowing the Helium to flow freely.
    The drugs alone should be enough to kill me, yet they never do. The combination of drug overdose with, oxygen deprivation should do it.
    I think the whole thing relays on being committed, and not passing out before getting the bag on my head. It would be easy to do. The thoughts would be fleeting, and the survival trumps all. i agree with the author that the human body does not want to die unnaturally. I could see myself waking up in a hospital because someone discovered me unconscious but alive with the tanks never having been turned on.
    It will take serious commitment, and good timing.
    I’ve considered steeling a car (something I’ve never done) getting into a police chase, slamming on the brakes and jumping out of the car with a fake Glock. certainly that would work. But there’s the possibility that I could survive that however slim. I won’t take the chance.
    If anyone sees any problems with my method please let me know. I don’t own “The Final Solution” and can’t buy it, and am too embarrassed to ask to Librarian to locate a copy for me. Please contact me @ bonesy1967@yahoo.com
    Thank you!!

  164. Helium is an inert gas that will do the job, but it is not the gas of choice. You will still fight death subconsciously because your BODY KNOWS something is not right. Again, it is inert, and better than many gases, however there are too many effects and differences within the body for helium to go undetected by the body, or nervous system.

    As others have mentioned, nitrogen is nearly perfect for the suicide method being talked about here. Why is far superior to helium even though both are inert and non-toxic? Well chemistry is the difference, more importantly the density and composition of nitrogen, is basically what your body will think is regular air. Compare the density of helium with that of nitogen and you will see that helium will be very foreign to the body when being breathed in comparison to the mass of the same amount of “air”. All kinds of subconscious alarms will be going off. Nitrogen is much closer the the density of the normal air that we breathe.

    Nitrogen is naturally in the air that your body breathes all of the time. Close to 80% of the air that you breath is already made up of nitrogen. Your body expects and is used to nitrogen. However, just a tiny increase in the concentration of nitrogen in the air will kill you easily and unnoticably. (Because you breathe it all of the time anyway.) As little as an 8% increase in the natural nitrogen level in your environment can kill you in as little as ten minutes. Again, with you body having no response or rejection, consciously or unconsciously, to the environment. You will simply fade out, go to sleep, never to return again.

    Helium is too light, causes strange sensations, not painful mind you, but alien because it is too light in comparison to air. Your nervous system does not ignore these sensations just because you “want” it to. It is a foreign and unnatural gas to the body. I am not a pathologist or doctor, but I can tell you that your nervous system hasn’t evolved over millions of years by sucking in any old gas that we want to inhale. It does know if you are breathing something that is so different from the normal composition of air. It does it your whole life.

    I am not saying that helium will not work, but I definitely wouldn’t use it unless I was highly sedated before starting. I would want to be pretty sure that when all of the internal alarms start going off that my nervous system was busy fighting off a bunch of barbituates instead of being ready to respond to the alarms.

    For those who have said nitrogen is hard to come by, huh? Nitrogen is available readily at any gas supply house, welder’s supply house, even a lot of auto/mechanic type retailers. It is very cheap, although if you don’t have a tank already, they are a few hundred bucks sometimes. But hey, you won’t need money when you are dead, right? It doesn’t even arouse any suspicion when purchasing it. Welders, mechanics, hell even regular people are buying the stuff now to charge their own shocks and fill their tires. :D

    What size tank? A good one would be about 80 cubic feet, like a standard dive tank, to be sure that you have enough gas no matter what shape you are in or how much you breathe. It will be plenty of time for your brain to run out of oxygen.

    Please, for me, leave the trash bags and hoods and crap to those who want to make a statement. :D Just go to any health supply store and by a rebreather mask that all the old folks use with their oxygen tanks. The trash bag thing is just so clumsy and graphically unappealing. Plus they fit well and are actually designed for the purpose that you are using it for.

    And for the helium guys, don’t use the party store “gas-grille” sized helium tanks if you insist on using helium. We don’t need any more vegetables in this world if you run out of gas before you die, but not before you will drool on yourself for the rest of your life.

  165. @irspow please email me kno11987@hotmail.com I have questions about your method.

  166. I’ll check the tanks slimer, not sure from memory but I think they were… I’ve got the tanks stored away if I want to use them again, although now I’m worried there mightn’t be enough helium left in them even if the gas in them is adequate…. Im physically strong, fit and healthy (physically) so I guess that might have something to do with how long it takes to knock you out?

  167. What about building an almost air-tight inert gas chamber of sorts, just big enough to sit comfortably in(maybe 2ft wide by 3ft high by 5ft long) and no more, entering it with a cylinder or two, turning the gas on slow release and making peace with the inevitable. No bags, tubes, or escape.Ideas?

  168. @irspow’s post is a good one.

    I’d like to comment on it and also on the fact that I now consider ERGO’s Blog (I understand this is the Derek Humphry guy) highly IRRESPONSIBLE, probably not intentionally but irresponsible nonetheless. Or maybe just negligent by ignoring some potential real problems in the application of his method, like Helium mixed with air or like tanks too small for the purpose… Or maybe he doesn’t want to complicate matters with figures and calculations thinking that they will ‘confuse folks’… Well, confusion is probably preferable to remaining alive but with extensive brain damage. In my opinion, that may well be the case in some instances but… at least some alarm bells will sound and the person will either find out more or resort to proper help if unable to figure things out by his or herself.

    About the post from @irspow, I agree that Nitrogen could be a far better alternative.
    Easy to get, cheaper than Helium, completely untraceable since there is 78 % of it in the air we normally breath. Also, for the uses it is normally employed, the purity does have to be guaranteed and it comes in large enough tanks (although some of them are a bit hard to handle by people with some physical limitations in strength and/or mobility) .

    That’s one IMPORTANT advantage of Nitrogen over Helium regarding the issues of Purity and Amount and the likelihood that a supplier will tamper with either.

    This is a direct quote from the ERGO Blog:
    “If the manufacturers of Helium diluted their product they would lose millions of dollars of business from industry and scientific laboratories. The balloon business is a sideshow to them. Also, by law they’d have to say so on the tank what the amount of dilution was.
    In ten years I’ve never heard of any dilution. But one has to watch whether the tank is full — which is why I recommend two tanks. Very occasionally, the tank is not properly filled at the plant; more likely somebody has been playing with the tap.”

    My COMMENT to them:
    Be advised that it is NOT the manufacturers of Helium who are likely to dilute the product. It is the suppliers of the kits FOR PARTY BALLOONS who are likely to do that !!.

    The reasons are simple:
    party balloons are not a critical application and the users would not complain or raise any issues as a result.
    As a matter of fact, I know of some suppliers (OUTSIDE OF THE US, by the way) who are charging different prices for “balloons that ‘float’ for 12 hours” and those that ” ‘float’ for 48 hours”. Guess why is that ??
    My guess is that the cheaper tank contains a % of air mixed in with the Helium.

    Also, the comment that “by law they would have to say so in the tank” may apply to the US but I don’t know of any such a law in many other countries where Helium and party balloon kits are sold.
    To the party balloon kit supplier it could certainly be attractive to sell “air” instead of Helium to improve their margin.

    I assume in the US you’ll find good, trustworthy sources of Helium, most of the world supply comes from the US after all.
    Elsewhere…. you’d do well to investigate and try to make sure.

    In the case of Nitrogen, most uses are more critical than party balloons… (industry, laboratories, electronics, welding etc etc.) and users are normally likely to monitor purity as well as amounts so the end suppliers are not very tempted to fool with these topics.

    The second IMPORTANT issue is the right AMOUNT of Helium (or Nitrogen for that matter).

    Forget the ‘specification’ based on how many balloons can be filled with a given tank. That’s almost infantile…. what size balloons ?? made of what material ?? to what % inflated (e.i. to what final size, meaning ‘volume’) ?? etc etc…

    The amount could be specified based on “mass of gas” (Helium or Nitrogen), e.g. how many pounds or grams of it are required for a successful attempt.
    That is, what amount would provide the required flow rate during the required length of time.

    The amount could also be specified based on “Volume of gas” (more practical this way) BUT… in this case, it should be indicated that the Volume is measured at standard conditions (1 atmosphere of pressure = 14.7 psi and at room temperature = usually 60 Deg. F or close to it).

    In the case of Helium, the closest I have come to find a ‘solid figure’ for the required amount is “2 tanks of 8.9 cu. ft. of Helium each”.
    Lets call it 9 cu. ft. to simplify things (close enough).

    There are obviously no 9 cu.ft. tanks (e.g. pretty big) sold at toy or party balloon supply stores. For instance, a 9 cu. ft. tank would measure about 2 feet in diameter by approx. 3 feet in height.

    Very obviously, the “9 cu.ft.” is a way to specify the amount of Helium and for that, the conditions at which it is measured need to be indicated. In this case I assume it is at “Standard Conditions”. That is, this mass of Helium would occupy 9 cu.ft. at 14.7 psi (1 atmosphere) of Pressure and 60 Deg. F of Temperature.

    However, depending on the size of the tank where those 9 cu.ft. are packed and the temperature at which the pressure reading is taken, a Pressure gauge on the tank will indicate different readings.

    Lets assume that the tank we find measures 1 foot in diameter and 1 foot in height. For 9 cu.ft of Helium in a tank of those dimensions, the Pressure gauge would read approx. 167 psi.

    This would be one way of verifying if the tank indeed is full and contains the amount of gas that we require.

    As an example in the case of Nitrogen”
    Assume the recommended amount is 400 liters of Nitrogen.
    If the tank is of 23.5 liters in volume, the Pressure in it would be 250 psi (taken at a temperature of approx. 60 Deg.)

    If a tank of 15 liters is used, the Pressure reading at that same temperature would be would be 392 psi.

    To give you an idea of the size of a 15 liter cylindrical tank, it would measure 20 centimeters (7.87 inches) in diameter x 50 centimeters (20 inches) in height. (figures have been rounded a bit but they are accurate enough).

    Think of it as being about the size of a SCUBA bottle. However, SCUBA bottles are rated for pressures well over 1000 psi so here, below 500 psi we are well within safety limits.

    Note that Exit International is offering a ‘compact size’ Nitrogen bottle with regulator and everything.
    The drawbacks: will take some time to be available in Australia. In the future it may or may not be offered in the US.. time will tell. It will also probably be a relatively expensive package.
    Just visit their site from time to time to find out.

    If you live in the US, Helium should be available from good sources (e.g. purity) but you still have to make sure (same with NITROGEN) that the tank you are using contains the PROPER AMOUNT.

    The BOTTOM LINE is that if we have a solid specification, like “9 cu. ft. of gas are needed” then, when we come across a certain tank, we can measure it (or check the label to see if it indicates its ‘nominal volume’) and calculate what a Pressure gauge should read if that tank indeed had that much gas in it.
    In other words, a way to make sure we at least will have enough gas for the purpose.

    As for the TWITCHING and the “survival instinct” to take off the mask or hood…
    NOT sure….
    I have read the reports from Dignitas and with the mask they say there was some twitching or flinching or whatever… Could be because of air getting in… don’t know.

    HOWEVER, I also remember playing with Helium at school (to do the “funny voice” trick) and seeing folks just dropping down completely gone (and I do mean gone) from excessive inhalation of Helium (and by excessive I mean just a few deep breaths).
    Meaning, it sure as hell works !!!
    The only reason they could come back around is that they were in open areas (inside a room but still pretty large ‘open’ space). In an enclosed space (e.g. a hood or maybe a mask) they would have gone all the way to die if the gas flow had been sustained long enough.
    Nitrogen of course would do the same thing too…

    About @dreamboat12, I don’t know but I suspect you made a number of fundamental mistakes in your attempt.
    You say you “waited a few minutes” before pulling the hood down….
    Was the valve open during all that time ?? If so, you simply wasted all the Helium even before pulling the hood down.
    Did you simply inflated the hood, closed the valve, waited and then pulled the hood down ?? It doesn’t work that way.
    The idea (with any inert gas, Helium or Nitrogen) is to exhale, open the valve and as soon as the hood inflates, pull it down to your neck where the elastic will keep it secure.

    I may disagree a bit with @irspow on the “hood vs. mask” issue.
    The mask may present the problem of having to connect tubing of 2 different diameters, the one from the tank and the one into the mask, which usually comes with it, probably won’t be of the same size.
    Also, the hood offers the advantage of an atmosphere of inert gas all over the head. The tubing is simply shoved under the elastic band at the neck.
    If Helium is used, it will displace all other gases to the bottom of the hood and they will leak out through the neck band (remember that this is not an ‘air-tight fit’…).

    The DEEP-BOTTOM LINE of all this is that none of it is overly complicated, if fact it is very simple. It’s just that some essential aspects of it require some care and attention to detail.
    If we believe ERGO, and there is no reason why we shouldn’t (they have been dealing with this for many years and in many different circumstances), people with serious limitations have succeeded in applying this method (Oxygen deprivation) and have been able to accomplish their goal of a simple and painless end to extreme pain and suffering (theirs and those around them).

    Keep posting good posts, good information helps and it ain’t easy to come by.

  169. Has anyone found any news reports or coroners reports or have any anecdotal experience of the helium method actually working? The failed attempts reported above are very distressing. Surely if all those kits which were issued were put to use we would hear a lot more about this method.

    I want out but have led a very shy and placid existence which simply will not permit me to contemplate a traumatic end.

    Thanks for all the great info.

  170. Okay, I don’t want to be douchebag that makes this method sound like it wont work, but I’ve tried this method(helium hood) three times already. First time was with a tank at wal-mart. I did everything correctly. Like placing the bag over your head, deflating the bag to make sure there is no air, taking all the air out my lungs, then pulling the bag over my head and take deep breaths. I thought the first was was just a slight messup. Maybe the bag had a hole? So I tried again with a stronger bag. Nothing…so I did HARDCORE research. Lots of people were saying there was a mix of oxygen in the tank so logically, I blamed the tanks. Third time, I went to a local welding store called Praxair(I think that’s how you spell it…). I bought a helium tank that was rather large… About 2 feet in height. Tried the method again, NOTHING! I don’t understand what is going on. I DO get dizzy, but before I pass out, I feel suffocated and end up taking the bag off my head. I’m a very healthy person by the way. What am I doing wrong?

  171. Oh, does the tank have to flow out on its own? Because I’m using a ballon regulator and in order for the helium to flow out, I have to manually pull down. Don’t you only need enough helium so you would pass out? Isn’t that the main idea? The bag combined with Carbon dioxide, is suppose to kill you when you pass out right? So…its not really necessary to have a gentle flow from the helium tanks correct? So yea… The main problem for me is just the “passing out” part. Any tips/advice? Please reply quickly. I need to kill myself by Wednesday.

  172. I will comment again. Helium is foreign to the body and of very different density than the “air” that we breath. Anyone who suggests that you can just “want” to continue breathing helium without setting off the nervous systems alarms is deluding themselves. Again, not that it will not work, but your nervous system WILL know that something is wrong.

    As to tank size, concerning nitrogen. Nitrogen tanks are usually rated for 3000psi. Much, much higher than the helium tanks for balloons. A standard scuba tank, about 72 cubic feet at standard pressure, the tank is very small in comparison because the gas is compress to 300psi while atmospheric is only just under 15psi. That is why you can “fit” 72 cubic feet of nitrogen or whatever in those tanks.

    As to the rebreather masks that any fool can simply by at a health supply store. Well they are made to fit onto the regulator that you will get with the tank. Why anyone would be playing around with home depot tubing and fittings and attaching trash bags or oven bags is beyond me.

    You are trying to die folks, not doing some sort of 1st grade science project. Also it is okay for a little “air” to “contaminate” your mask environment because just an 8% increase of nitrogen in the environment will do the trick quite nicely and unoticably.

    Simply spend the whole roughly maybe about 500 dollars to do the job professionally and certainly. If you don’t think that your death is worth that, then you probably don’t really want to die anyway.

    If you want to “experiment” with being a drooling vegetable, then feel free to use trash bags and party store supplies.

  173. OH…in regard to the OP. If you feel “suffocated” in any way that is simply because there is a build up of carbon dioxide in your environment. When that happens it is as hard to kill yourself as it would be to just hold your breath until you died. :D The body does not “react” to a cutoff of oxygen surprisingly. It does react violently though to an excess of carbon dioxide.

    Yuck! Hypoxia is NOT the way to go.

  174. OH…in regard to the OP. If you feel “suffocated” in any way that is simply because there is a build up of carbon dioxide in your environment. When that happens it is as hard to kill yourself as it would be to just hold your breath until you died. :D The body does not “react” to a cutoff of oxygen surprisingly. It does react violently though to an excess of carbon dioxide.

    Yuck! Hypoxia is NOT the way to go.

  175. >> Why anyone would be playing around with home depot tubing and fittings and attaching trash bags or oven bags is beyond me.

    It’s called assisted suicide, and your “assistant” removes the canisters, bag and tubing. Except for a few twitches and maybe a gasp or two, that you and the person with you should prepared for, it’s peaceful and dignified. There’s a wealth of information about it on the net, for anyone who’s interested. If you’re just planning on offing yourself, it – as people here have already mentioned – may not be the best way to go.

    Since you’re the expert on nitrogen, maybe you can tell us EXACTLY how it’s done. It’s been discussed as a replacement on the right-to-die forums and in their literature, but I think helium has been used because it’s easier to get, less expensive, and easier to handle. At least in the states.

    Anyway, so you buy the tank, put the mask on the regulator, turn it on, put your face in the mask, and breathe in? That pretty much how it works w/the nitrogen tank and mask? Your expertise is appreciated.

  176. there are a lot of report out there of people who died with the helium method, even in youtube u can found reports as comments of some videos, or in the news.

    in case u r telling the true the most probably cause of ur fail is a poor helium tank or removing the bag too soon (30 seconds is too soon)

    and btw, ive never seen yet a case of someone who is now a vegetable because failed with this helium method, just saying.

    btw, idk what happened to helios, the last time i visited their site they had a note saying that they are experiencing problems with the server. right now their site just disappeared.

  177. @SuicideBlonde61,

    As you have seen in other posts here, and if you look around, there are many situations where the person wanting to die with the helium method has failed. We feeble little being are virtually powerless against our nervous system. We are just the application, the nervous system is our operating system. :D

    With bags or whatever, there will be a build up of carbon dioxide, you will breathe for a while before you die. (You will lose consciousness rather quickly in a very pure concentration initially though) BUT, losing consciousness does not mean that your nervous system stops working. When the carbon monoxide builds up the body will still feel like and respond in the same way as if you simply were holding your breath. We feel “pain” when we breath high levels of carbon monoxide, that is our built in alarm that we are not getting enough oxygen. It is hypoxia. Not pleasant, peaceful, or anything that anyone would want to experience.

    So that is why I say to use a rebreather mask. (There are even full face masks for divers if you like that route instead of the health supply stores.) Actually the scuba full face masks are better, though more expensive, in that they are designed to fit directly to a scuba tank. It will attach directly to the regulator on your tank. It is designed to fit rather securely and allows excess carbon monoxide to escape. You simply are developing a mini breathing environment instead of a tent, bag, or whatever. Less waste, more efficient, designed for the purpose at hand.

    As to the gas itself, sure any inert gas will do, however we are looking for the BEST, MOST FOOLPROOF gas. (Actually any gas other than oxygen would do, but we don’t want to suffer the effects of poisoning or whatever.) Helium is “popular” because it is common to the common man, not because it is the most suited to what we want to achieve here. Nitrogen is something that we all breathe all of the time anyway. It is almost identical in density to the “air” that we breathe all of our lives. It produces NO effects to us at all. Neither you OR your subconscious can detect that you are breathing excessive nitrogen. And I do not know where you live, but nitrogen is much more commonly sold than helium. It is just that most people are not familiar with the trades and businesses all around them that use nitrogen constantly. For example, in my area, there are two “party supply” stores that sell the inferior helium (of unknown purity, of unknown actual pressure, supply, etc) and it is pricey as it is a “specialty item”. However, there are five local gas suppliers, two welding supply houses, three dive stores (haha, live near the water), etc. Nitrogen is everywhere and it is cheap! And I know if I buy the nitrogen at any of these places it is PURE, I know EXACTLY how much pressure it is under, and I know exactly how much volume I will be getting for my dollars. And it will be priced very competitively because it is a commonly and abundantly sold product.

    Nitrogen is very cheap. The only thing that really costs significantly is the tank and regulator. The gas itself is nearly free :D Hell, you might even be able to dig up some used tanks for free somewhere if you know any mechanics, welders, or whatever that you have as friends. But even if you have to buy the tank and regulator, the cost should be no more than a couple hundred bucks.

    The scuba tanks that are the same size as what we want, about 72 cubic feet or so, (some call them 80′s but they are really 72 cubic feet under charge I think) are pricier, but they are made to last a long time under harsh conditions. Me, personally, I would just use the standard nitrogen tank that you would get at a gas supplier in your area, they are heavier, but you won’t be lugging it around long. :D But if weight is an issue, a scuba tank may be the way to go, they are much lighter, but you will pay for the difference in price between aluminum and steel.

    Anyway, for everyone extolling the virtues of helium, breathe some of the stuff just for fun, not to kill yourself. The high-pitched voice, the strange feeling in your lungs, the little “high” that you get, ALL set off alarms in your nervous system! You do not want to set off alarms to the nervous system. Then you will be fighting a battle with your subconscious when there is absolutely no reason to do so.

    Now get a little bit of nitrogen, maybe a tiny source like something you could pick up an an auto supply store to fill your tires or shocks or something. Breathe some of that. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nitrogen is almost completely identical to what you have been breathing your entire life. No reaction, consciously or unconsciously whatsoever.

    There are “many” reports of people successfully using helium to die. Sure. Of course. This has been the “popular” method of asphyxiation for a long time now. However, have any of you looked into how many people have died without even trying to die while working with Nitrogen? :D It takes only an 8% increase of nitrogen in your environment to wipe you out unknowingly. People drop like flies when their respirators malfunction in nitrogen rich environments. They die all the time entering nitrogen rich environments without realizing it. Fall down, die, never even blink :D LOL Look around for “occupation/industrial” accidents, deaths, dealing with nitrogen. Haven’t seen many stories or seen reports of people dying unknowingly in “helium rich” environments…I wonder why that is???? Hmmmm.

    As to the Hemlock Society, or whatever they call themselves these days, they go by a different name now. They are good people I suppose. They try to get out information to suffering people, although I have disdain for what they determine is the criteria for someone “worthy” of dying. ANYONE wanting to die should be able to do so painlessly, peacefully, and with dignity in whatever manner or method of their choosing.

    How do you do it? LOL. C’mon people. Just look up what people do to go diving! Simply build your own “scuba” set up and dive into death. Everything you need is available to you and you don’t need the Hemlock society doing experiments to explain it to you. Any dive shop, or dive website, will hold your hand through the whole process and tell you everything that you need. You just have to replace the “oxygen” with nitrogen.

    Remember that you want a real set up, not a “gas grille” science project! The average person consumes about 15 liters of air a minute. There are some people who can hold their breath for 5 minutes! You want to be sure that you can deliver enough volume for a nice long leisurely dive. :D

    Anyway, if you have a “scuba” arrangement, everything will go perfectly. No reaction whatsoever, because the body doesn’t even know anything is happening. Just fade out to black. However, I would still recommend a health supply mask because normal scuba setups have the feed placed in your mouth….we do not want it falling out or letting your nose suck in too much air. Why play games? We don’t have to take chances.

    But seriously, look at some sites related to diving and scuba equipment and you will know exactly what you need to do. Places and sources like the Hemlock Society are trying to reinvent the wheel. Divers know exactly how to create the system that we are trying to create and have all the information, expertise, and experience that we need to do so also.

    Good luck and freedom from this world to all.

  178. Haha, I was just thinking of an alternative for the city-dwellers on this site. HAHA, this is funny but it will do the trick for free! Every major city already has a perfect death chamber already built for their citizens to use whenever they want.

    Simply pop off a manhole cover and go down into the sewer. When you get to the bottom of the ladder, simply sit down and go to sleep. (If you don’t smell a strong odor of methane gas, “crap” haha, you many need to knock a hole in one of the nearby cast iron pipes to increase the flow in that area with a hammer.) But most of the sewers that I have seen in the cities are pretty methane rich environments.

    Did you know that sewer workers have to work in teams? LOL That is for a very good reason. Because it is very easy to just be down there, pass out, and die from inhaling the methane rich environment.

    Why don’t people talk about killing themselves with methane gas? The only downside of killing yourself with methane is that you have to smell “ass” until you die. What is so bad with putting up with a little stink? And it is a great method for those who live in the city or who want to make some kind of “statement” with their death. Dying in a sewer is, after all, what life really is! HAHAHAHAHA

    And how could it be any easier? (other than the wretched smell) It’s free. You don’t have to make any plans. You don’t have to build anything. You just go where everyone else “goes”. :D

  179. Two posts ago I kept saying carbon “monoxide” inadvertently…sorry…everyone here knows that we exhale carbon DIoxide…sorry for the typo, but there is not edit post function. Carbon monoxide is not “painful” to breath, carbon dioxide is.

  180. You can google: death by diesel fumes members tripod, it’s an interesting article, there are also lots of interesting articles about poisons there, just don’t share this info too much, I like that site, I didn’t finnish to read it yet.

  181. First of all, pad, I heard from Helios a few days ago. I don’t know what happened to their site, but they do have the same email address.

    @irs: I don’t live near the water (but I love it) or know much about diving. Anyway appreciate all the info and will do some research. But I definitely think I’d get a funny look going around asking for nitrogen, where I live. I’m a fairly young female, I got funny looks and questions just asking for simple things like tubing. And we have machines that fill our tires with nitrogen.. I’m not sure if you’re saying you can use one of those fill an empty scuba tank or replace the oxygen. I’d rather wait for a canister that is supposedly being made by a right-to-die org, that will be small and affordable and and available over the internet.

    Anyway again, and like pad said, helium has been used successfully many times. But that method, with the bag, etc., was designed for ASSISTED suicide, which is a totally different situation.

  182. No, the machines to fill tires won’t cut it. The tanks that you should be using are charged to 3000psi…I don’t think that anyone is using tires with 3000psi these days. :D
    Only your local gas supply house will be able to charge a suitably sized tank. And “oxygen” tanks MUST have labels removed or the gas supply place will not put nitrogen in it.

    Haha, it never occurred to me that a woman would be discriminated against buying nitrogen. haha. But yeah, I could see that happening, “lady is a welder?” :D “Yeah! So what?!?!”, you tell em’.

    True enough for the rest of your post….good luck with whatever you wind up doing.

  183. I work for hospital in the ICU and CCU and recently we had 25 year old woman come into ICU because she attempted suicide with the helium hood….I say attempted because she was still breathing when they found her but she was brain dead and her family decided not to keep her on life support. So she was successful in using the helium hood to kill herself.

    I strongly believe that people have to right to kill themselves whenever they want so more power to anyone who wants to go through with this method.

  184. Some comments to clarify some contributions that I feel are wrong or misinterpreted.

    1) Experience with Helium is well documented. Just go to the Dignitas site (Zurich based assisted suicide organization). There you have Helium tanks + hood assisted suicide cases documented by doctors and medical personnel who monitored the entire procedure.
    Curiously enough, the 2 cases that exhibited a lot of “twitching” used masks instead of hood. My assumption is that air leaked into the mask. Even in those cases, success was accomplished in a few minutes.

    2) CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and the bag will burst and/or get full of CO2 from breathing etc etc…..

    NONE of that is true, not for Nitrogen and MUCH LESS Helium.

    Here are the reasons:
    a ) The hood is NOT air-tight around the neck, just a snug fit held in place by an elastic band. Meaning, excess gas, whatever its nature, will leak out.
    So much for “bursting”.

    b ) Whether Nitrogen or Helium is used, as that gas is breathed, the exhaled respiration will contain progressively LOWER AMOUNTS OF CO2 until almost none will be present. Therefore, its presence WON’T be felt by the brain simply because it isn’t there.
    The reason is simple, the Air we breath contains 21 % O2 (Oxygen) and 78 % N2 (Nitrogen) (the remaining 1 % is composed of various gases).

    >>> When we start breathing the Inert Gas (Helium or Nitrogen, for instance) NO MORE O2 ENTERS THE BODY, therefore the amount of CO2 leaving the body will decrease rapidly and progressively and become almost ‘nil’ in a few minutes.

    (The human body has not been known to manufacture its own Oxygen to react with Carbon and produce CO2. Either it comes from the outside or it simply is not there. Would be a good feature if it did but… Call it a ‘design shortcoming’).

    As the person continues to breath the inert gas, the CO2 present in the body is progressively emptied out and no new CO2 is generated.

    This is NOT the case with “holding your breath” (e.g. stopping the breathing).
    When the person stops breathing (e.g. apnea), there is still a good amount of Air -with O2- in the lungs and going around the blood stream. And all of it is progressively being converted to CO2 and returned to the lungs for “emptying out” (exhaled).
    As CO2 builds up in the lungs (and the blood stream) without being emptied out, ITS PARTIAL PRESSURE reaches a limit which triggers the body defensive mechanisms (e.g. you can’t hold your breath to death). Partial pressure of a gas is of course directly proportional to its concentration (e.g. how much of it is present).

    But that is not the case here. We are breathing !!
    Therefore, we are exhaling the CO2. However, since we are taking in an Inert Gas with NO Oxygen, no additional CO2 gets generated.

    c ) This condition is enhanced by the fact that Helium is BY FAR THE LIGHTEST OF THESE GASES.
    What does that have to do with the case here ??
    Here is how it works:
    Density of various gases (at approx. 60 Deg. F):
    Air = 1.275 grams / liter
    Carbon Dioxide (CO2) = 1.87 g / l (the heaviest by the way…)
    Nitrogen (N2) = 1.185 g / l
    Oxygen (O2) = 1.354 g / l
    Helium (He) = 0.178 g / l (the lightest of them by about an order of magnitude !!)

    Now imagine the Hood where these gases are present in various amounts.
    If Helium is used, there will be Air (basically Nitrogen + Oxygen in the percentages mentioned), some CO2 as we exhale initially etc etc.. And a LOT of Helium flowing in from the tank through the tube.
    The LIGHTER Helium will fill the top portion of the Hood (e.g. from which we breath) and displace (push) the other gases to the bottom area of the hood where they will leak out through the neck band.
    By the way, these gases won’t react between them. There may be some mixing from the turbulence created by the tube blowing in but eventually the lighter gas will fill the top area.
    The effect is enhanced by a large bag or hood. This is why ERGO recommends using a large one (the one shown in videos etc.).

    An analogy would be the case of a plastic bottle full of water. Put a small hole in its bottom and start filling OIL into it. The oil is Lighter than water, it will go to the top (e.g. FLOAT) while the heavier water will progressively be emptied through the hole in the bottom of the bottle.

    3 ) If NITROGEN is selected, WHAT IS THE RIGHT TANK ??
    >>> CERTAINLY NOT ONE FILLED TO 3000 (three thousand) psi.
    That’s really an OVER-KILL (no pun, of course….)
    That type of tank is commonly found in industry.
    However, for the purpose we are discussing here it would be very inconvenient for a number of reasons:
    Too heavy for most folks contemplating it use for self deliverance.
    In most cases we are talking about people with severe disabilities and limitations. These tanks would be hard to transport and handle and also expensive.

    Keep in mind that Exit International is going to put in the market a tank + regulator set with a capacity of 400 (four hundred) Liters of Nitrogen.

    The pressure in that tank will be about 250 psi if a 23.5 liter tank is used.
    If a 15 liter tank is used, the pressure would reach 392 psi
    (both values assuming the reading is taken with the tank at 60 Deg. F)

    NOTE that this is an order of magnitude BELOW the 3000 psi range….

    The calculations were done using the equation of state for gases:
    PV = z n R T
    P is pressure (to be calculated)
    V is Volume (the volume of the tank where the Nitrogen will be packed into)
    z: Compressibility Factor (assume 0.99)
    R: universal gas constant (e.g. 0.082 at – liter / deg.K – mol)
    T: temperature at which the pressure is calculated (assume 60 deg.F)

    As an example, a 20 liter (e.g. V=20) tank would measure about 10 cm (8 inches) in diameter and 65 cm (25 inches) in height.
    In other words, light weight and portable. The product looks very much like those portable Oxygen tanks that they sell or rent in medical supplies places for home use.

    The 400 liter contents of the EI tank would provide 20 minutes of Nitrogen flow at a rate of 20 liters / minute which is more than plenty for our purpose here.

    Most sources of Nitrogen for industrial and laboratory applications do not offer small, portable bottles like the one EI will be offering.
    To work around that, one can use a ‘used’ SCUBA tank, or an Oxygen tank like the one mentioned available in medical supplies shops.
    The PROBLEM would be to have it filled by a Nitrogen supplier. They don’t like filling 3rd party tanks and if a tank that resembles those for Oxygen is used they will for sure insist that it will be CLEARLY LABELED AS NITROGEN to avoid mistaking it for one of Oxygen (an error that could have some folk killed easily, as has been correctly pointed out).

    So, the tank that EI will put in the market certainly comes to fill a void in this type of offering for this purpose.

    4 ) Which is best, NITROGEN of HELIUM ??
    They both work. Which one does a particular person chooses will depend on many factors:
    availability in a given geographical location
    ease of ordering / getting
    physical limitations of the user
    etc etc etc…
    I personally prefer NITROGEN.
    I can handle even an industrial size tank and have easy access to them. Also, with Nitrogen there are no issues of product quality and, very IMPORTANT, quantity !!
    They have more than plenty for our purpose here.
    Also, since they have large capacity, the issue of mask vs. hood is not as critical. The person would be breathing the inert gas for a long long time. (I would still use a hood though).

    In closing, I too live in a coastal area. In addition to that, I did professional diving maintenance and safety work for offshore oil & gas installations for over 5 years. I am AWS (American Welding Society) certified on various types of sub-sea welding applications and I am also certified on TRI-MIX diving since 1999 (latest re-certification in 2007, now expired). Meaning, I do have some idea of pressures, gas calculations, physiology of diving etc etc…

    Best wishes to all. Take care and keep good contributions coming. I’m sure there are people who need some orientation in many of these subjects an will appreciate the help.

  185. Forgot to define one of the variables in the equation of state for ideal gases:

    n = number of moles of gas

    n = Weight (grams) / Molecular Weight.

    The Weight is calculated from the volume and the density:

    Weight (in grams) = Volume (in liters) x density (in grams/liter)

    In this case the Volume whose Weight we want to know is 400 liters and the density (at 70 deg. F) is 1.16 grams / liter

    That gives 464 grams of Nitrogen (for the 400 liters at 70 Deg. F)
    The Molecular Weight of N2 is 28.0134
    Therefore, the number of moles “n” in this case is 464/28.0134 = 16.56 moles

    Take care all,

  186. I just bought my 2 tanks of helium.. (balloon time)
    Well I took more than 5 years taking various benzodiazepines (clonaxepan, fluoxetine, alprazolam, mirtazapine)I wanted to get barbiturates, but it was impossible. As hard as I could get my psychiatrist was a drug called levomepromazine, which is not sold in drugstores .. I had to go to the pharmacy of the asylum of my city.

    One simple question .. need the controller?

  187. controller = regulator.

  188. What would happen if I got in my car with a big tank of nitrogen and turned it on and took some pills? Like enough for me to sleep for an hour at least? I don’t want to be found with a bag on my head.

  189. How about just closing yourself up in the car with a big bottle of nitrogen, and taking a handful of Valium? Or the other way around. No muss, no fuss.

  190. I really hate comments like the last of KiKiC :”I don’t want to be found with a bag on my head.” Dude dont forget .. go to your hairdresser and your channel too..

    Fk.. i Say jesus.. U wanna destroying yourself.. wants to dissapear.. but the dude have one problem ” The bag in the head ” (yuk !) again it seems I’m talking to teen emos

    Sorry for my bad English.. this is not my first language.

    PD. Is totallly necessary the “REGULATOR” for the Helium? .. I say.. frequency can be manipulated by hands.

  191. About the regulator
    I read it about the Jerry Hunt suicide.

    This [mask] is very simple, but it’s also very important to pay attention to something, which I have. And you might even want to reinforce it, or use more than one mask. You should make sure the band is sufficiently strong to hold the mask on at all times. Carbon monoxide gas acts at these levels very rapidly. Within 5 to 15 seconds, you’ll begin to lose consciousness. It is important. And this is why I prefer going to this extravagant approach. I prefer using the high-pressure cylinder which can supply very high quantities of gas at very high rates of delivery without regulators or anything, because it guarantees that the massive delivery of the gas is quick enough that you will not suffer side effects.

  192. I don’t see a comment by KiKi, but I don’t really want to be found with a bag on my head either, and don’t fault her for trying to think outside the box, or bag…

    With the helium method there were specific instructions in the book, with an illustration, then there was a video, which has been been taken down. In any case with the nitrogen tank, unless you’re a welder or diver or something similar, the method is not clear. It’s like irs said, this isn’t a 1st grade science project – which is why I’m trying to get EXPLICIT instructions on how the nitrogen tank/mask works. It’s all completely foreign to me, and I know I’m not the only one.

  193. Nitrogen method is same as helium just different gas

  194. suicideblonde do you know how much nitrogen is needed? there are very contradicting sources..

  195. Could ye not just jump of a 30 storie high building? its cheapers nd its a sure fire way of going

  196. :D Like I mentioned, one could just crawl down into a city sewer and let the methane do its thing too. Free, easy, although very smelly.

  197. I posted a couple of times yesterday but they did not show up for some reason. Sorry!

  198. I think I’ll try this in January. I managed to find a source for the helium tanks and piping, and the bag looks easy enough to make. I’ll have to save to buy the stuff though as I’m broke and I want to leave what little savings I have for my family to cover my funeral.

    I really wish it hadn’t come to this. My life is utter hell, and yet there are so many things I love and enjoy; it’s simply that the bad outweighs the good to an ever-increasing degree, and it doesn’t look like getting better anytime soon.

  199. I only have 2 quest ,please ANSWER.. I Wanna do all this week.

    1. Is totally necesarry the regulator/controller?
    This grandpa not use any regulator http://www.veoh.com/watch/v20346951QY4egAaB?h1=Helium+is+better+6B

    2. When the bag was full of the air… cant be break? why? I was thinking in make a small hole in one corner , oxygen would not enter or in other case would be expelled fr the inside helium .

    Please answer.

  200. u dont need the regulator if u r using a normal small tank like the one in the video, i think the regualtor thing may be necessary for those huge industrial tanks. anyway the bag also wont explode because the bag is not tied to the neck. good luck man

  201. Pad . Thanks you so much for the answer…
    but I still dont understand Or maybe I did not tell u a Good explain about the Problem of the bag (Sorry for my bad english).

    U say “anyway the bag also wont explode because the bag is not tied to the neck.”.

    Nope, in this case the bag simply come out with just the helium gas..

    I spoke with the example of the grandpa with the bag tight around his neck. When the Bag this FULL of Air , what happen? this is my only dude.. so I was thinking of making a small hole in a corner to release the air concentrated in only one area.

    Also I have the care with the hands..
    You can be unconscious but I have read osome cases of shock or seizures and they ended up taking the bag .. this problem is easily solved with ropes.

    Another .. When you’re unconscious .. the body falls .. also is good to have a “seat belt” across the chest.

    Im care and look about all the fisures , tan can cause a Fail.. = vegy or coma.

    For years I have always been troubled about death, crying every night, but this method, In some Grade gives me a deep peace and control about my life. I’m sure not im not the only.

    PD. I thank the “mods” for the freedom of this page and the participants (some already left), I read every comment ..

    Long ago I think about my last days, with cuts , or a fullpain death.. I would be devastated, it is not. I’m not happy and this is not easy. But we are not terrorists or masochistic about the life. We just want to go in the most peaceful way . Thats all.

    I believe in God (Im not christian).. but this quote from the Bible is very good.

    Job 19.25-27
    “I know that my Redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand upon the earth.
    26 And after my skin has been destroyed, yet in my flesh I will see God;
    27 I myself will see him with my own eyes–I, and not another.
    How my heart yearns within me “

  202. Hey everyone. I tried out the nitrogen method and it didn’t work. The pressure coming out of the industrial tank, makes such a loud noise that I panicked and took the bag off after only about 30 seconds. As you increase the pressure with the flow regulator, the gas coming from the tubing into the bag is super loud and scary! I wonder if helium coming out of an industrial sized tank would have the same sound? Any thoughts?

  203. @oscar

    I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking. On the video I watched the ‘grandpa’ expelled the air from the bag and placed it on his head all crumpled/folded up, with the elasticated end stretched around his forehead so that it was reasonably airtight. He then inflated it with helium while it was perched on his head. The main action is then to expell the air from your lungs and pull the helium filled bag quickly down and snap the elasticated part around your neck so that your head in encased in the helium filled bag.

    Putting another hole in the bag will. I think, allow oxygen to mix with the helium, which you don’t want. You want to be breathing pure helium.

    My local store has run out of helium kits because everyone has bought them up for Christmas/New Year party celebrations. Typical.

  204. You don’t want a sh1t load of gas coming out.
    The amount should be the same as your breathing rate 13L per minute or so.
    It’s all online

  205. I lowered the gas pressure with the flow regulator to the required amount and it is still super loud! Lowered to 2 bars for the conversion, which is in the literature.

  206. “Putting another hole in the bag will. I think, allow oxygen to mix with the helium, which you don’t want. You want to be breathing pure helium.”

    Pressure differential will determine the flow of gas between the enclosure and the atmosphere. If the pressure within the enclosure (bag or whatever) is greater than atmospheric, their will be no “inflow” of oxygen from outside the enclosure. There will be a release of whatever you are filling the enclosure with out into the external environment that is at normal pressure.

  207. Remember if even 6% of your enclosure contains oxygen, that is not nearly enough to support life.

  208. It’s weird but according to the gas company I rented the tank from, I have an 80 cubic foot tank. IT is only 60 centimeters high. I have tested the flow at 2 bar and know that the nitrogen gas will come out too quickly for it to work. I also tried it at 1 bar and that is still alot of pressure coming out of the tank. The gas pressure drops significantly fast as well even at 1 bar for this tank. So I am thinking either the guys I rented from are not accurate in saying the rented me an 80 cubic foot tank, or I need the next size up which according to them would be 100 cubic feet or 4 feet high! That seems way to big. So I am going to go with the one I have and play around with the pressure some more.

  209. I bought a party balloon tank to test it out(not to use,not this tank) and had some ?…s

    Instead of looking for the flowfitter device,I just fit the tubing onto the tank itself,seemed tight and nothing leaked when on…anyone notice any probs with this? Also the helium ran for 11 minutes at a low setting,I turned it off b/c I got bored but if its on low,would this be effective? Also,noticed some leaking around the side of my head at the point of my ears…

    Finally,I have the string loopd through the exit bag,but I keep getting confused as to how to tighten the fit and keep it to that tightness when you lift it over your head for the gas to fill…
    Any suggestions are welcome.

  210. You are doing exactly as you should sunbird. Some on here, most namely OnewayCat is writing reams, totally complicating what is essentially a very easy operation. Writing all your paragraphs including formulae does not impress Oneway, its only causing confusion for those who have chosen this route of exit and who cannot understand your ridiculous facts and figures. Sunbird you are the sensible one, you have tested a run time of your chosen party balloon tank, and a low flow is absolutely fine. The leaking around the ears is normal, the helium needs to leak from the bag otherwise the bag would burst, the most important thing to note is that no oxygen should enter the bag. You need to secure the neck area with elastic and not string. Feed the elastic through the fold that you have created and secure the elastic with a toggle – you probably have one on some sports gear.

  211. Final comment:

    The operation is indeed simple, so is basic gas theory and the handling of gas tanks under pressure.

    There are no concepts beyond those that a high school kid should understand.

    I’m sorry they are beyond your comprehension @Jabawabba-lahpahdoo.

    >> Use a tank big enough to insure that you die (oh really ?? how big is big enough ?? “like this big” .. ?? or how about “this other big” ??).
    How can you way what’s big enough without some figures and units in gas pressure ??

    >> Make sure no Oxygen enters the hood, make it tight enough.
    Oh really ?? how tight ?? air tight ?? that would be the requirement for “not letting oxygen enter” … .How about a sign “no oxygen allowed in the premises”… will that help ??

    >> In order to die, you need a flow of 15 liters per minute during at least 8 minutes.
    No kidding !!! And how do I measure that without pressure gauges or flow meters ??
    Maybe you can tell us “how many table spoons of Helium” would be the right amount.

    >> You need a party balloon kit to fill 400 balloons.
    Great … oh, wait, how big are the balloons ?? like 400 balloons “this big” ?? or maybe “this other big”… ?? are all balloons the same size ?? guess not…
    How can you indicate the correct amount of inert gas based on the number of party balloons…. The sensible way is to indicate units like those used in laboratory and/or industry. The suppliers of those gases go by those units, not by ‘the number of balloons’.
    In many places, Nitrogen is a probably a better option than Helium. Try getting Nitrogen and tell them you want a tank for 400 balloons….

    >> and then there is the deal of the REGULATOR, which nobody has explained and a lot of people don’t understand. (by the way: if you get an industrial tank of Nitrogen at say 3000 psi, DO NOT try using it without a regulator…)
    Then there is the “hissing” of the gas coming out of the Helium tanks…. OOOOPPPSSSS…
    Nobody said anything about that and some folks here got scared and interrupted the process out of fear that something was wrong (and maybe it was….).

    >> and a long list of etc etc…….

    The list of imprecissions, subjectivities and sheer stupidity posted in this forum is beyond belief.

    With proper information, this method is good and works with either Nitrogen or Helium. It’s just a simple matter of understanding what’s going on.


    With that in mind, maybe you should try to understand what’s going on and if the theory is beyond you, just get help from someone with a basic HIGH SCHOOL education. That ought to do it.

    Also, I STRONGLY advise all those of you serious about this to get in touch with responsible orgainzations like FINAL EXIT or EXIT INTERNATIONAL. If you have questions, ask them !! Go to their forums and even call them on the phone to clarify matters.
    They do try to put in the market “fool proof”, ready to use products that could help those contemplating inert gases as the means to end their life.

    By the way @Jabawabba-blah-bba, this is a direct quote from your post back in APRIL, 2011:
    “I wonder if this has caused the hood to come off in the cases that I have been reading about. Anyone up for a chat about this? I have everything planned, even down to the music and plan for my cremation”

    What happened pal ?? It’s been 8 MONTHS… You still confused ??
    Oh, I get it, you are still confused but about different and more important things.

    Keep trying friend…. 8 MONTHS…. geee weeezz… you really are serious about this, ain’t you ??
    (OHHH… I get it…. You are still undecided about the music… Dammm, what a pity)

    Best wishes to all.

    The Cat
    (with only one life left to go…..)

  212. Firstly OnewayCat I did not insult you or your name on this forum, I expect the same respect back from those who post.
    Secondly as a maths teacher your posts are well within my comprehension thank you – sadly they do not always make mathematical sense – but they may not be within others understandings.
    Thirdly the point at which the time is right is my business, and nobody elses. You do not know what needs organising in my life before that time. 8 months is little time in which to sell two properties for example.
    And lastly your attitude on here stinks, and I believe that all others who read your disrespect to me will surely agree.

  213. Cat. ???

  214. I agree guys. I’m planning on using argon gas with a welding Regulator & Flowmeter, should I ever decide to catch the bus in the future, which is a certain possibility given my chronic depressive moods. I say this because all asphyxiation gases seem operate in the same way, in that they all overcome the body’s hypercapnic response reflex in a similar way .

    If anybody wants some insight as to the efficacy of helium (and as a disclaimer, I am in no way giving encouragement to any persons suicide attempts in saying this), but I recently had a 1,400 liter bottle of helium gas which I was carrying in the back of my car go off, as the opening handle on my bottle was turned as I went around a corner. The resulting gas release made me feel dizzy, even with my car windows fully down. I have no doubt that in an enclosed area, such as an exit bag, that this method would be very effective. I have made the decision to switch from helium to argon because balloon gas doesn’t generally come with a Flowmeter, and Argon is also considerably cheaper. It’s my own death and I’m still being stingy LOL.

  215. I know of another sure fire painless way to go but I can’t post it here because apparently it is against the rules to post suicide methods here. I read about it in a book written by a coroner.

  216. a u might aswell post it or give a link to the method, sher if they kick u off come back with a different name, im curious

  217. Questions to those using nitrogen cylinders:

    What size tank are you using?

    How many bars are you setting the gas regulator to?

    What kind of hose are you using to connect to the exit bag?

  218. Hi guys, thank you all for your contributions to this debate. For me I feel very comfortable with the simple method advocated by Humphry in his book Final Exit. I am sure that if he felt that flow meters and calculations were necessary that he would have included this in his writings. Nowhere in the book, or in his instructional videos does he make the process overcomplicated. May I suggest that you check out his videos and listen to the gentle voice of the man who is an expert in this field, remember that we are all just novices and we need to trust those who work in this field. Please also look above to my link to the Dignitas paper on helium suicide – arguably the most experienced organisation in accompanied suicide. In my link on the 21st May above you can read the full document detailing the four deaths that occured at Dignitas who trialled the system in 2008 in an attempt to bypass the difficult procedures in Switzerland. The very few symathetic doctors who work closely with Dignitas will only welcome patients with a terminal illness and will only prescribe the barbituate Pentobarbital to patients with this form of incapacity. Ludwig Minelli, a human rights lawyer and the founder of Dignitas advocates that we all have a right to die, terminal or not, young or old so he looked for an alternative which avoided the participation of doctors. Please be aware that some ads will appear when you click the link, just dismiss the ads to access the Dignitas paper which I urge you all to read. I have been in email contact with Dignitas on a number of occasions, and they advise me that the helium method is hugely successful, but would be more effective used with a hood rather than the masks that they used purely for aesthetic reasons.

  219. Oh, that 20 cubic feet is at 450 psi. Obviously the setup is for an entirely practical purpose. The product is for filling up (or topping off?) your Nitrogen-filled car tires, etc. But, just saying… Nitrogen isn’t something as exotic as we might imagine.

  220. Irspow, to comment about your above posts u mentioned the need for a 72 cubic foot tank for nitrogen. I have this, and the gas pressure is a little over 2000 psi’s. Wouldn’t 3000 psi’s be overkill? You mentioned a tank with a height of 50 centimeters. Mine is 60 centimeters in height and the welders actually corrected me and said I have an 80 cubic foot tank.

  221. how do you calculate liters per minute into psi’s?

  222. Can anyone tell me whether a gas mask could be used instead of an exit bag or ‘hood’ with the nitrogen method?

  223. Medical grade nitrous is the stuff you should use, right? I’ve read that industrial grade isn’t suitable. I’m a young woman from Scandinavia so I’m currently under the impression that nitrous is practically unobtainable for me… And I really don’t want to resoet to helium and end up a vegetable.

  224. My response to myownway64 about liters per minute (LPM) and pounds per square inch (PSI) was deleted. why? it was only general information. That kind of information can be discussed in any circle where gas cylinders and their respective pressure regulators are used.

    Since answers to specific questions are not allowed I will tell everyone this: DO YOUR RESEARCH. All of your questions are important and you should do the proper research to answer them.

    I agree with Onewaycat. This method can work but there is information concerning the equipment used that can’t be ignored. If you choose to ignore this information then the consequences can be severe

  225. Kenneth, would you be able to e-mail me?

  226. Where can i get a hood kit, email me

  227. you can’t purchase them anymore. You have to make one, you need to read this site carefully, as this has already been discussed many times.

  228. All the info on helium is out there. Extremely easy to get if you’re in the states, or it can be bought online. There are videos of how it’s done on the net, on YoutTube, in other places. You can go to Exit International’s site, they sell what they call a flow fitting that will tell you if your H tank is full and also regulate the flow. I’m an not going to paste any links, but hopefully this will help when you search. Philipp Nitschke is the head of EI. If you do enough research, all the information you need is on the net. Like KennethO and onewaycat before him said, it is VERY important that you do it exactly right. Also, there is a group that was selling the hoods. Their site is down but I got an email from them a month ago but was not ready to place my order. I still have their address and emailed them tonight, so will see if I hear. But the exit bags can be made cheaply and easily. Just type in the key words and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

  229. If you are referring to Nitrous Oxide gas and not Nitrogen, Nitrous Oxide NO2
    is used by dentists to put their patients out, and it is also used by Hot Rod enthusiasts and racers to give their engine a lot more power. In the USA, stores that sell hot rod parts will usually sell NO2 tanks of various size. You will have to also buy a regulator to go on the tank. It could get a little expensive.
    The rest of the research is up to you or a friend that is into Hot Rod cars.

    PS they also call NO2 Laughing Gas as it makes some people giggle a lot in the dentist chair. True story.

  230. A final warning, Nitrous Oxide, NO2, is extremely flammable and can explode into a firebomb if used in a confined space that may have a spark from something.
    Think seriously about the use of this gas. This is more explosive than propane.


  231. I just spent 45 minutes reading the entirety of this blog. What amazes me is all the really BAD information, and poorly thought out procedures being presented. There are two exceptions: Onewaycat and Suicide Blond should be listened to with great dilligence. Disregard everything else.

    I have had my Helium set up in place for several months now, and it pretty well is “By the Book”. One 18.9 CF balloon time tank should be plenty. 18.9 CF equals roughly 510 liters. At the recommended flow rate of 15L per minute, gives you approximately 35 minutes of gas flow.

    That said, an accurate flow meter / regulator should be attached to the tank.

    The exit bag has to be able to breathe, and carry away CO2. Some door knob said he was going to tape the bag to his neck. So the CO2 stays in the bag, and triggers the alarm response. Bad plan.

    Others apparently are turning the tank on full blast. Also a bad plan.

    Folks, this is not rocket science. If you can’t afford the book, or you can’t follow simple instructions, you should not be trying this method.

    Exit has experience with hundreds of folks who have used the method for self deliverance. They have refined the system and made it as simple as possible, and as foolproof as possible. It only ceases to be foolproof when some fool messes with a proven technique.

    I know this has been a little harsh, but quit reinventing the wheel: the work has already been done for you. If you are young and in a hurry, I’m glad you have failed. If, like me, you are older and are trying to avoid months or years of torment, please just follow the instructions, and make the investment of time and materials to get the job done the first time.

  232. Yeap….it is important to let the CO2 out. i think alot of people miss that point

  233. this is the very first post i read when coming here :)

  234. That 15L flow rate is the other often glazed over point

  235. If you are going to use nitrogen, you need a flow meter and a pressure gauge. I have contacted a few scuba places and they will not answer my questions regarding how many liters one would need per minute, and calculating this from psi’s! This is a very important equation to determine. Which is next to impossible as liters talks about volume and psi’s talks about pressure. One way cat since you are versed in such terminology how do you determine the right breathing rate using this gas?

  236. The method is the same regardless of the gas. 15-20 liters per minute flow. Pressure is immaterial as outlet pressure automatically drops as the flow drops. All the pressure gauge tells you is how much is in the tank.

  237. I have a flow meter and pressure gauge, they are attached together. The gas coming out, comes out in pounds per square inch, not liters. Do you see where the problem is?

  238. My understanding is that the flow meter is calibrated at a certain PSI. The pressure regulator should be set to this PSI and then the flow can be regulated by opening the valve on the flow meter to the desired flow rate.

  239. No, there are two gauges. One measures the pressure, and the other is the flow meter. My tank shows a pressure of 2500 psi’s. You have to turn a knob on the flow meter. You don’t want 2500 psi’s. I have tried this out with the needed tank at 30 psi’s and that is a lot of pressure coming out of the tank. So no, the flow meter is not set, you have to set it yourself! You are probably thinking of the flow meters that EI sells. These are gauges for industrial sized tanks!

  240. Man, this thread has been going on awhile. I too have done the research and started the setup. I am in Canada and here’s what I have learned.

    - 20lb nitrogen tank (welding supply) $140 purchased
    - Regulator & flow meter combo (welding supply) $100 purchased
    - 10 ft clear plastic hosing (hardware store) $3 purchased
    - bag/hood being made – simple plastic/tape/drawstring
    - sleeping meds ( from doctor) done -large amount not red

    I have a electronics background, so the method is unnecessarily complex. I have purchased a solinoid that opens/closes the gas line just before the bag.

    1. Take pills
    2. Put on hood
    3. Set timer
    4. Go to sleep
    5. One hour later, gas released
    6. Minutes later, done

    Gas flow 10-15 liters per minute
    Bag approx 18″ in. Diameter

  241. I stand corrected, it’s a 20 cu ft tank..more than enough. Only 5″ in dia and 15″ tall. The reg/flow came with hosing. I’m thinking of doing a video as I put it all together.

  242. How to expect to determine 15 liters per minutes from a flow meter that measures output in pounds per square inch and not liters?

  243. PSI is not used to measure flow. You must be looking at a gauge that tells you the outlet pressure. The other gauge tells you the inlet pressure (the pressure in the cylinder).

  244. I know that psi does not measure flow! I already said that above. The flow meter I have only measures PSI’s. Therefore, it shows PSI’s only in increments as 1 bar, 2 bars, 3 bars etc. There are no increments on the flow meter for liters! Like I said, you have to turn a knob on the flow meter, as you turn it up the pressure inside the tank increases, to decrease the flow you turn it the other way and the pressure goes down.

    People are not getting what I am saying. The only measurement on the pressure gauge that is attached to the flow meter is PSI’s. The two gauges DO NOT MEASURE FLOW!! In other words, there is no indication on the flow meter for liters per minute, only psi’s. The pressure gauge tells you how much is in the tank determined as only shown in PSI’s, not liters. I already mentioned, my tank indicated that it has a pressure of 2500 psi’s. There is no reading for liters in the tank. I know that I have a 100 cubic foot tank. This is all the information I have. I could determine the conversion from what 100 cubic feet is in liters, but this still will not tell me how much comes out per minute with the flow meter, because as you turn the knob the PSI reading goes up or down, this is the only reading available on the flow meter. What am I not saying?

  245. Oka, the one gauge tells me how much is in the tank, and shows 2500 psi.s The other gauge as has been explained to me by the welders is the flow meter, it has a knob to increase or decrease the psi’s, therefore, the flow will come out more or less forcefully. This is physics people!

  246. People are not getting what I am saying. This is physics people! …yes but not all people obv will have science backgrounds nor understand the terminology ….

    im staying out of this …. enjoy your thread.

  247. Are you avaliable for chat>? if so email me

  248. Google, Nicholas Kolonski. This guy used an industrial sized helium tank to get the job done. How did he use the pressure gauge and flow meter, the same kind of thing I am using, except that it is nitrogen gas instead of helium to get this done.

  249. You can get a regulator/flowmeter combination where the flowmeter measures the flow in units of cfh or lpm.

  250. Then, they must only be available for helium and not nitrogen, because the welders that sell these devices that I have called about and seen only have 2 gauges, both only measure in pounds per square inch. I am at a loss.

  251. Flowmeters calibrated for nitrogen flow are made. My flowmeter tube has four sides that can measure nitrogen, helium, argon, or co2. It measures flow in units of cfh (cubic feet per hour) which can be converted to lpm by multiplying the cfh number by 0.47

  252. Do you live in the U.S, I live in Canada. Do not know where I would go to get one of these.

  253. I live in the US and I was able to purchase the supplies from online welding supplies stores based in my country. I do not know if any of them ship to Canada.

    I think you are confusing the outlet pressure gauge with a flow meter, it is not a flow meter as it does not control or measure flow and there is no way of knowing what the flow rate is by looking at the delivery pressure reading. The point of the flow meter is to give flow rate readings, not delivery pressure readings.

    To see an example of what I am trying to explain find an image of this gas regulator on goo gle: victor hvts2570. A flow meter is attached to the regulator. There is only one pressure gauge and this measures the pressure in the gas cylinder. There is no outlet pressure gauge because the delivery pressure is already preset to 25 psi. The flow meter is calibrated at this pressure to give flow rate readings (cubic feet per hour). I think this particular flow meter’s scale is for argon gas (there is a way to convert the readings to nitrogen).

    With the current setup you have there is no way to control the flow of gas. Ask your welding supply store if they can get you a regulator/flow meter that gives flow rate readings for nitrogen gas in cubic feet per hour (cfh).

  254. Firstly, Kenneth is dead on ( no pun intended). The first meter reads the tank pressure…2500 psi sounds right for a full tank. The flow meter does exactly that, it measures the flow (how much gas is passing by at any moment in time). Mine, like all the rest in Canada measure cfh.
    If you read my first post today, you will see I live in Canada and obtaining everything was simple as grocery shopping. No one blinked an eye at the welding shop.

    Myownway..I see your adamant about your flow meter measuring in PSI. I can’t help you. PSI is a pressure measurement, not a flow measurement.

  255. Oka, so I got the flow meter, that measures flow and not PSI! My question now is how do you determine the cfh.? When you attach the flow meter to the tank, of course the gauge for PSI shows how much pressure, but the flow meter does not move obviously. How do I figure out where to set the flow to 15 liters per minute, if there is no initial reading coming from the flow meter to show me what the cfh is? I have been playing around with the device and know that as you turn the knob, the ball goes up, to show an increase or decrease in flow of the gas.

  256. If the scale is in units of cubic feet per hour(CFH), and you want a flow rate of 15 liters per minute (LPM), you turn the knob until the top of the ball touches the 30 mark.

    CFH is converted to LPM by multiplying the CFH number by 0.472.
    30 * 0.472 = 14.12. That is close to 15 LPM

    By the way, can you tell me the name and model of the flowmeter/regulator you are using?

  257. It is by Praxair and is a ProStar model

  258. I should let you know that the flow meter is meant for argon, helium or co2. The welders said that using the argon side would work for nitrogen as well. They said that this flow meter covers these four gases.

  259. From reading these posts I’m starting to think this method isn’t as easy as it’s made out to be, do you need a major in chemistry and a background cylinder tank engineering. Once you pull off the nerve to make the final decision, you then need to hope you don’t subconsciously remove the hood/or need to handcuff yourself, aswell as a possible need to find a sizeable enough tank that flows for at least 20 minutes – so better hope no squeeling or strange gasping noises are made the process or you could end up a brain dead veg…


  260. meaning – better be far away from peeps… or hope no one finds you within time and unconsciously alive… not a happy thought.

  261. The ” rip the bag off your head” is a drawback with helium, not nitrogen. And is really quite simple, just took a bit to clear up the flow meter concept with myownway, no problems. And the effect will be accomplished in less than 10 minutes from the moment nitrogen fills the bag.

  262. You don’t need 20 minutes for this to work. The human brain, cannot survive in an environment without 02 for more than 6 to 7 minutes.

  263. For variable area flow meters there are correction factors you can use when the gas being used is different than what the flow meter was calibrated for. For nitrogen being used with a flow meter calibrated for argon the correction factor is 1.19.

    For Example, nitrogen gas being used with a flow meter calibrated for argon:
    30 CFH * 1.19 = 35.7 CFH
    35.7 * 0.472 = 16.8504 LPM

    Search on google for this document: 03_VA-FLOW-EN.pdf. It has a table of correction factors to use for flow meters that are calibrated for different gases.

    Other correction factors for nitrogen:

    flow meter calibrated for Co2: 1.26
    flow meter calibrated for Helium: 0.38
    flow meter calibrated for Argon: 1.19

  264. Here is the document i was referring to. table starts on page 14.


  265. So what you are saying is that with the flow meter for argon, it should be set to 16.8504 LPM? Should let you know that the flow coming out at this rate, although I know it is based on researched calculations is low. I question whether this flow rate would displace the O2 and Co2 enough, that the co2 would filter out quick enough to the bottom of the bag.

  266. Fair points, I’ve fully read a number of the posts, Titanium and Myownway make a lot of sense.

    - Nitrogen tanks aren’t as easy to get hold of in the uk.
    - Displacing Co2? wouldn’t that defeat the point by allowing more o2 in to the bag/hood?

  267. @Happydays – You need to displace the CO2 (carbon dioxide – the gas exhaled by all humans) from the exit bag because CO2 cause the body’s alarm response – helium or nitrogen do not – this is why the flow rate must be between 15-20 LPM. At this rate the bag remains filled with your gas of choice and flushes out any exhaled CO2 sufficiently so the body does not involuntarily respond.

    rocket science dawg

  268. Additionally – for those that do not know – this is also why the bag is NOT supposed to be air tight around the neck – it only needs to be snug but it MUST allow excess gas to escape – this solves two issues

    1. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is flush out of the bag
    2. pressure does NOT build up to the point that the bag is blown off the head

    additionally the positive pressure (gas goes IN at a higher rate than can be inhaled/exhaled) of gas (helium or nitrogen) keeps all normal air OUT of the bag

  269. Actually, helium is foreign to the body and it does set off alarm bells. This is why nitrogen gas is now being developed as an alternative to helium.

    This still does not put me at ease about the pressure differential. The pressure going into the bag is not that much at 15 lpms. As has been mentioned above back in December, you need a larger amount of pressure going into the bag, to ensure the co2 moves out to the bottom fast enough, and no alarm bells are set off.

  270. The following paper represents one of the first published accounts of the process of dying using helium to induce asphyxiation. The study occurred at a Swiss right to die organization. The study involves four cases (1 male and 3 females.). Face masks were used instead of plastic bags.

    This paper should be read by anyone who is considering this method.

    Assisted suicide by oxygen deprivation with helium at a Swiss
    die organisation

    Russel D Ogden, William K Hamilton, Charles Whitcher,

    Background: In Switzerland, right-to-die organisations assist their
    members with suicide by lethal drugs, usually barbiturates. One
    organisation, Dignitas, has experimented with oxygen deprivation as an
    alternative to sodium pentobarbital.

    Objective: To analyse the process of assisted suicide by oxygen
    deprivation with helium and a common face mask and reservoir bag.

    Method: This study examined four cases of assisted suicide by oxygen
    deprivation using helium delivered via a face mask. Videos of the
    deaths were provided by the Zurich police. Dignitas provided protocol
    and consent information.

    Results: One man and three women were assisted to death by oxygen
    deprivation. There was wide variation in the time to unconsciousness
    and the time to death, probably due to the poor mask fit. Swiss law
    prevented attendants from effectively managing the face mask
    apparatus. Purposeless movements of the extremities were disconcerting
    for Dignitas attendants, who are accustomed to assisting suicide with
    barbiturates. None of the dying individuals attempted self-rescue.

    Conclusions: The dying process of oxygen deprivation with helium is
    potentially quick and appears painless. It also bypasses the
    prescribing role of physicians, effectively demedicalising assisted
    suicide. Oxygen deprivation with a face mask is not acceptable because
    leaks are difficult to control and it may not eliminate rebreathing.
    These factors will extend time to unconsciousness and time to death. A
    hood method could reduce the problem of mask fit. With a hood, a flow
    rate of helium sufficient to provide continuous washout of expired
    gases would remedy problems observed with the mask.

    In Switzerland, Article 115 of the Penal Code makes assisted suicide
    punishable only if it is performed with selfish motives. While this
    legal situation makes it possible for anyone to assist in suicide, as
    long as there is no selfish motive, right-to-die organisations have
    led the development of an open practice that ensures routine reporting
    of assisted suicides to the authorities for criminal investigation.
    Every year there are several hundred such deaths and prosecutions are
    very rare.

    The two largest Swiss right-to-die organisations were established in
    1982. In Zurich, Exit Deutsche Schweiz was founded for German-speaking
    members. In Geneva, Exit ADMD (Association pour le droit de mourir)
    was founded for French-speaking members. In 1998, Ludwig A Minelli, a
    human rights lawyer, founded Dignitas—To live with dignity—To die with
    dignity. Foreigners make up the majority of suicides assisted by
    Zurich-based Dignitas, thus the organisation is frequently
    characterised as a destination for ‘suicide tourism’ This suicide
    tourism was the subject of an acclaimed 2007 documentary, ‘The suicide
    tourist’, which aired on television networks in several countries. The
    documentary showed the assisted suicide of a terminally ill man who
    drank sodium pentobarbital.

    There is a fundamental difference between Switzerland and other
    jurisdictions that permit assisted suicide. In Belgium, The
    Netherlands, Oregon and Washington, patients must request assistance
    from a physician, who then evaluates the patient’s eligibility with
    regard to terminal illness or unbearable suffering. In Switzerland, it
    is right-to-die groups that evaluate requests for suicide assistance
    in accordance with the person’s prognosis, suffering and disability.
    Under the Swiss model, the role of physicians in suicide assistance is
    generally limited to assessing competence and prescribing a lethal
    dose of sodium pentobarbital. The drug is usually stored by the right-
    to-die organisation. Someone from the organisation, who is normally
    not a doctor or nurse, assists by preparing the drug and handing it to
    the patient/member to drink.

    In some cases, patients who have difficulty swallowing have self-
    administered the drug through a stomach tube or a percutaneous
    endoscopic gastrostomy catheter. Swiss law allows an assistant to
    engage in preparatory activities such as setting up an intravenous
    drip, but it is legally critical that the individual member who wishes
    to die must carry out the final act independently. Right-to-die
    organisations ensure that there is a witness to the final act, and in
    the case of Dignitas, it is routine to provide video evidence to the
    police, which helps to speed the criminal investigation.

    On 31 January 2008 the medical director of the Canton of Zurich took
    the position that physicians must consult with patients more than once
    before prescribing sodium pentobarbital. Dignitas interpreted this as
    a signal that the cantonal medical director intended to restrict
    suicide assistance. It was also viewed as an obstacle to Dignitas’
    foreign members, particularly those who would delay their travel to
    Switzerland to a point at which return trips for further medical
    consultations were out of the question.

    Dignitas believed that the cantonal medical director’s position
    infringed on a person’s right to self-determination and the freedom of
    its resident physician to prescribe sodium pentobarbital. Therefore,
    Dignitas explored oxygen deprivation with helium as an alternative to
    an active pharmaceutical such as sodium pentobarbital. The application
    of a non-drug method would help Dignitas establish that medical
    control over assisted suicide is not necessary.

    Physiology of suicide and oxygen deficiency
    Humans require sufficient oxygen to live. Without it, the body’s
    oxygen cycle will break down and death will occur. The effects of
    hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) are well known; sudden exposure to severe
    oxygen deficiency will result in loss of consciousness within 5–10 s
    and within 2 minutes permanent brain injury is probable.

    Progressive human response to oxygen-deficient atmosphere
    Dignitas intended to achieve oxygen deprivation by introducing near
    100% of the inert gas helium into a mask, to replace the atmospheric
    air that participants are normally breathing. The composition of air
    is approximately 21% oxygen and 78% nitrogen, and thus the gas expired
    in the first few breaths may add sufficient oxygen to the inspired
    mixture to delay the effects of oxygen deficiency. To obtain the
    maximum advantage, the replacement of atmospheric air with helium must
    occur very rapidly. Humans can ‘live’ for several minutes while
    breathing very low concentrations of oxygen, so the system must almost
    immediately exclude expired breath, which normally contains
    approximately 14% oxygen.

    This may be accomplished by one of two methods. One is to have a
    reservoir bag and mask apparatus similar to that used in clinical
    anaesthesia. To exclude expired breath totally, a system of two
    unidirectional valves directs expired gas to the atmosphere and allows
    helium to fill the reservoir bag, from which inspiration occurs. The
    other method is to introduce continuously into the reservoir a steady
    volume of 100% helium equal to or greater than two and a half times
    the individual’s normal minute volume (approximately 10 litres per
    minute in an average adult). This requires a flow metre in the system.
    Normal minute volumes for humans can be found in physiology texts.
    This continuous flow of helium acts to ‘air condition’ the reservoir
    bag by totally washing out expired gas. A critical necessity of these
    methods is a perfect fit of the mask to the face so that room air will
    not enter the system. This is an important matter—maintaining such a
    good fit often requires considerable expertise. Straps and harnesses
    are helpful, but they add a dangerous possibility of facilitating
    respiratory obstruction.

    The use of inert gas, such as helium, for suicide and assisted suicide
    is a relatively recent trend. Helium is non-flammable and non-toxic,
    and it is often chosen for suicide because its low odour and low
    viscosity make it very easy to breath. This gas is also widely
    available, given its applications in industry and for party balloons.

    In brief, helium is used to replace oxygen. Human exposure to a 100%
    helium environment will result in the sudden loss of consciousness
    without warning. Continued exposure will result in death from anoxia
    within a very few minutes.

    The suicide guidebook, ‘Final exit’, did not discuss inert gas methods
    when it was first published in 1991. The 2002 edition, however, offers
    illustrated instructions on suicide with a plastic bag ‘hood’ filled
    with helium.

    This study is based on videos of four assisted suicides by oxygen
    deprivation with helium, which occurred at Dignitas in the first
    quarter of 2008. Dignitas routinely provides video evidence of
    assisted suicides to the the Kantonspolizei Zurich (cantonal police),
    and the police return the videos after their investigation. In this
    instance, the copies returned by the police contained a technical
    malfunction that interfered with the playback. In April 2008,
    Dignitas’ Ludwig Minelli arranged an appointment with the police so
    that the principal researcher could view the videos at the police
    station. At that time, the police corrected the technical error and
    provided copies of the videos to Minelli and the researcher. Dignitas
    also provided a German language copy of its client information sheet,
    the protocol for helium, and a blank copy of the client consent.

    It is important to bear in mind that the videos are used to establish
    that the assisted suicides are lawful. As such, the videos are
    Dignitas property, shared for the purpose of researching the technical
    aspects of oxygen deprivation with helium. The Dignitas informed
    consent included the following clause, to which its members agreed:
    “I hereby declare that I am prepared to assist Dignitas in assembling
    its own data on the helium method, in my own interests as well as the
    interests of other members of Dignitas, and am therefore prepared to
    take these risks to myself into account.” (translated from German)

    Before data collection, the principal researcher submitted an ethics
    application to the Research Ethics Board (REB) at Kwantlen Polytechnic
    University, British Columbia, Canada. The REB responded with a series
    of questions about privacy, anonymity, terminal illness, Swiss right-
    to-die groups and secondary use of data. The researcher appeared
    before the REB to explain that the identities of persons receiving
    assisted suicide was not known and anonymity would be protected. In
    private, the REB deliberated and decided that secondary video analysis
    did ‘not deal with human participants and so is not appropriate for
    review by the REB’. Therefore, the research was exempted from REB

    The process of suicide by oxygen deprivation with helium
    Dignitas members choosing to die from this method received training in
    two stages. First, they received a document entitled, ‘Instructions
    and terms and conditions for informed consent’. This consent process
    explained why helium was being used instead of sodium pentobarbital,
    the known effects of helium, and a caution that Dignitas had little
    experience with this method for assisted suicide.

    The second stage required that Dignitas members choosing to die by
    oxygen deprivation practise the correct placement of a mask that
    covered their nose, mouth and chin, in what was called the ‘working
    position’. With the tubing disconnected from the helium tank, the mask
    would next be placed in a ‘preparatory position’ with the elastic band
    positioned over the ears and around the back of the head, and with the
    mask resting on the member’s forehead. The member would practise
    moving the mask from the preparatory position to the working position
    (figure 1). Once the mask was in the working position, the member was
    instructed to place his or her hands at the sides of the body. The
    above process would be repeated until the Dignitas assistant was
    confident that the member could carry out the steps competently.

    Mask in ‘working position’. Mask is similar to type used by Dignitas
    for breathing helium (photo RD Ogden).
    An additional instruction was that the member should exhale deeply
    immediately before placing the mask in the working position. According
    to Dignitas’ protocol, this would have the effect of ‘clearing the
    lungs of all used air so that the breathing with helium functions
    properly’. We believe that this forced expiration, although it may
    result in a deeper inhalation, would have little or no significant
    effect on the process of oxygen deprivation.

    The protocol required that the member confirm that she or he was
    confident with the process. If not, then Dignitas would inform the
    member that the suicide could proceed at a later date with sodium
    pentobarbital, after another physician consultation.

    If the member was both confident with the process and capable of
    positioning the mask correctly, the Dignitas protocol required that
    the assistant explain the following:
    “[T]he assistant must explain to the member that, when the member
    places the mask in the prescribed and practiced manner over his or her
    own nose, mouth, and chin, and begins to breathe helium, he or she
    will, after few breaths, lose consciousness. Because breathing will
    continue without difficulty, the resulting oxygen deprivation will
    cause a breakdown of brain function. Should this breakdown persist for
    longer than three minutes, the consequence is virtually certain
    severe, permanent brain damage. Oxygen deprivation to the brain
    results finally in death, which will occur without the conscious
    realization of the member, as he or she will have long before passed
    out, and his or her consciousness terminated….”

    The informed consent process for assisted suicide by oxygen
    deprivation noted that despite what had been published about the use
    of helium, Dignitas was inexperienced with the method and there could
    be ‘unexpected consequences’. Members agreed that they were willing to
    assume these risks and that they were ‘prepared to assist Dignitas in
    assembling its own data on the helium method’, for the benefit of
    themselves and others (translated from German).

    The main attributes for observation are time to unconsciousness,
    breathing patterns, movements of the extremities, eye and eyelid
    movements and time to reach death.

    We present four cases of assisted suicide using helium as an
    alternative to sodium pentobarbital. Specific health information was
    not provided, but the decedents were one man and three women (aged 61,
    73, 73 and 89 years). Each death took place in bed with the members
    resting on their backs as shown in figure 1.

    Summary of findings
    In each case, helium flow was initiated before the mask was put in the
    working position. Time is recorded with 0 s marking the moment when
    the member finished placing the mask in the working position.

    Case 1 (male)
    In accordance with the Dignitas protocol, the member exhaled deeply
    before placing the mask in the working position. Subsequent breathing
    appeared normal for approximately 35 s, and then the breathing rate
    accelerated. At this point (36 s), the eyelids opened, the eyeballs
    rolled, and the head tilted back. It is estimated that consciousness
    was lost approximately 36 s after the face mask was in place.

    At approximately 60 s, there were purposeless movements in the arms.
    The left arm extended upward and reached about involuntarily. The
    right hand was held by an attendant, for support. The attendant
    appeared surprised at the arm movements. Without struggle, the
    attendant continued to hold the member’s right hand. Gross arm
    movements and fine tremors lasted for approximately 1 minute.
    Eventually, both arms relaxed and the left arm rested with the hand
    under the lower back.

    Approximately 3 minutes after the start of the procedure, breathing
    appeared to stop, except for six gasps between 3:05 and 6:30. There
    were two faint breaths at 7:16 and 7:55. The helium flow was shut off
    at 8:25. After the gas was stopped, there were four gurgled snorts at
    8:38, 9:07, 9:17 and 10:15.

    Case 2 (female)
    After exhaling deeply and placing the mask in the working position,
    the member appeared to breathe normally for approximately 50 s, after
    which the breathing rate accelerated and the eyelids blinked rapidly.
    It is estimated that consciousness was lost approximately 47 s after
    the face mask was in place. At approximately 58 s the eyelids fixed
    open. At 1:05 there were tremors in the arms, arching of the back and
    the head tilted back. At 1:18 the neck relaxed and at 1:36 the back-
    arch relaxed. At 1:37 the left arm contracted at the elbow, relaxing
    15 s later, and then contracting/relaxing two more times over the next
    45 s. There were two more slight movements in the left arm at 6:33 and

    At 2:14 the member exhaled deeply and this was accompanied with a
    moaning sound that lasted for 12 s. From 2:45 through to 8:35 there
    were 21 short gasps, spaced apart by as few as 6 s and as long as 47
    s. At 11:47 the gas flow was stopped, more than 3 minutes after the
    final gasp.

    Case 3 (female)
    This member exhaled before applying the mask to her face, but she then
    spoke a few words, which suggests that she may have inhaled room air
    before the mask was in the working position. She spent 11 s adjusting
    the mask in the working position and approximately 3 s after releasing
    her hand from the mask she uttered a few indistinct words. After the
    mask had been in the working position for at least 26 s, the Dignitas
    attendant spoke to the member. The member nodded affirmatively,
    indicating that she was conscious. At 52 s, the member’s breathing
    rate began to accelerate and her eyelids fluttered and blinked. Loss
    of consciousness is estimated to be approximately 52 s after the face
    mask was in place. At 1:06 her eyelids fixed open, her head tilted
    back and her quickened breathing continued. At 1:21 the left hand
    clenched into a fist and at 2:33 the left arm slowly extended for 10
    s. During this same period the member’s lips vibrated with her exhaled
    breaths, implying relaxation of facial muscles.

    At 2:23 there was a contraction of the left arm, a deep exhalation at
    2:30, a contraction of the left arm at 2:50, and at 3:17 there was a
    big snort and extension of the left arm. At 4:03 breathing paused and
    then at 4:17 there were seven quick short breaths lasting to 4:33. At
    4:48, 4:43 and 4:56 there were three final breaths.

    Case 4 (female)
    The member exhaled before placing the mask in the working position and
    after 30 s she appeared conscious. At 33 s she nodded ‘yes’ to an
    attendant’s query whether she was breathing. Immediately afterwards
    the member’s eyelids blinked rapidly. It is estimated that
    consciousness was lost 55 s after the mask was put in place. At 1:11
    her eyeballs rolled and there were tremors in both hands. The tremors
    continued to 2:06 and then the body appeared relaxed. At 2:09 the
    breathing rate quickened for approximately 6 s. At 3:03 there was a
    slow extension and contraction of both arms, which then relaxed at the
    member’s sides at 3:26.

    At 3:58 breathing began to accelerate, pausing occasionally, and then
    accelerating again. From 5:36 to 10:12 there was intermittent moaning.
    During this same period the eyelids were open and the eyeballs were
    moving, but without appearance of control. Between 10:13 and 38:16,
    intermittent patterns of accelerated breathing, relaxed breathing and
    moaning continued. During this period a number of movements occurred:
    at 26:03 the head tilted back; at 30:41 the shoulders shrugged and
    left arm contracted; at 34:55 the left shoulder shrugged; at 37:06
    both arms contracted for 10 s after which the member appeared quite

    At 38:16 the camera was turned off, to replace the video tape. The
    time elapsed for this is not known. The duration of the second tape is
    26:57. At 0:49 of part 2 the member let out a deep gasp and the head
    tilted back to 0:57. At 1:31 the tongue extended slightly and
    withdrew. This tongue movement continued at 15–20 s intervals until
    3:45, after which no further signs of life were apparent. The camera
    continued to run from 3:45 to 26:57, but the member appeared dead.

    The recorded time from the start of the procedure to cessation of all
    signs of life was approximately 42 minutes. The actual time from start
    to finish is not known due to the change of video tape. The changes in
    breathing patterns, moaning and longer dying time appeared to concern
    and confuse the Dignitas attendants.

    The estimated time to unconsciousness ranges from 36 to 55 s, which
    varies greatly from 5 to 10 s noted by Clayton and Clayton.11 Precise
    determination of unconsciousness onset is not possible, but it
    appeared to coincide with blinking eyelids, rolling eyeballs and
    increased breathing rate. In general, arm movements were limited to
    uncoordinated contractions or extensions at the elbow. Neither
    attendants nor members touched the mask once it was placed in the
    working position. There were no attempts at self-rescue, which implies
    that each member was unconscious.

    While the camera was focused on the dying member, the attendants could
    occasionally be observed, and they appeared anxious about the process.
    One attendant later stated that the sudden change in skin colour
    (cyanosis), and wide open eyelids were unexpected, because with sodium
    pentobarbital the loss of consciousness is slower and the eyelids tend
    to remain closed.

    The time to death in cases 1–3 was approximately 5–10 minutes, and in
    case 4 it was over 40 minutes. In case 4, it is probable that
    sufficient oxygen was leaking into the breathing system to sustain
    breathing and heart function.

    Although each member followed the same breathing protocol, variances
    in breathing patterns and total time to death can be attributed to
    health differences, variable rebreathing, inspiratory leaks and
    dilution of the inhaled mixture with room air (which would include 21%
    oxygen). While health information and flow rate data are unavailable,
    the video image reveals variances in the fit of the mask. Gaps noted
    between face and mask would have allowed room air to enter into the
    breathing environment, thereby extending the time to unconsciousness
    and the time to death. Even if the Dignitas attendants were trained to
    recognise a poor mask fit, they probably could not make adjustments
    without running foul of the law. This is because Swiss law requires
    the dying individual to perform the final act, and a third party
    intervention to adjust the mask would probably constitute an offence.

    We conclude that much of the variability in time to unconsciousness
    and death can be attributed to differences in the mask fit. A hood
    method could reduce the problems of fit. The fit at the collar must be
    loose enough to serve as an exhaust port, but tight enough to ensure
    that the flow of gas will maintain inflation of the hood.

    In these four cases, oxygen deprivation by breathing helium through a
    mask proved lethal. Nevertheless, we believe a mask breathing
    apparatus is problematical because it is very difficult to achieve and
    maintain a gas-tight seal between the face and the mask. Even if the
    initial mask fit is gas tight, subsequent involuntary movements of the
    head, neck and facial muscles are likely to spoil the fit. In
    anaesthesia, it is well known that achieving a continual airtight fit
    is technically difficult. Even tiny leaks may substantially allow the
    ingress of oxygen into the breathing environment. By enhancing the
    video images, gaps are visible around the nose bridge and under the
    chin, thus room air could easily prevent an oxygen-free environment.
    Gaps of some degree may well have been present in all four cases.

    The inspired concentration of air, and therefore oxygen, will be
    determined by the relative amounts of added helium and expired gas. To
    replace expired air completely, and thus ensure the highest possible
    concentration of helium, the flow rate of added gas (helium) has been
    determined to be a volume of at least two and a half times the
    individual’s minute volume. This would be true with either the bag and
    mask as used by Dignitas, or with the use of a large hood. This flow
    rate would require tubing of an adequate internal diameter to deliver
    helium from the tank to the inhalation system.

    ‘Final exit’ offers detailed information about using a plastic bag
    hood and helium for suicide. For aesthetic reasons, Dignitas chose a
    mask instead of a hood. A hood, however, may be easier to manage than
    any mask that we know. The elastic collar on a hood provides an
    exhaust port.

    Sudden exposure to a completely oxygen-deficient environment should
    result in loss of consciousness within 5–10 s. Given the visibly poor
    mask fit, and that the estimated time to unconsciousness ranged
    between 36 and 55 s, it is probable that the breathing environment was
    not completely oxygen deficient. In two case reports of sudden
    exposure to a helium environment inside a hood, Ogden reported loss of
    consciousness within 10–12 s.

    Assistance with suicide is not necessarily a medical procedure and
    these cases of oxygen deprivation show that the prescribing role of
    physicians and the use of drugs can be bypassed. Ziegler recently
    noted that the Swiss model of assisted suicide has significant
    potential to inform the debate over the right to die, and that it
    ‘could also help demedicalize the way that we die’. The transparency
    of the Swiss model and the boldness of organisations such as Dignitas
    provide unique opportunities to shed light upon otherwise hidden
    behaviours. Switzerland is probably unique in that its right-to-die
    organisations can account for nearly 5% of all suicides. Given the
    nature of Swiss law and the good faith transparency and accountability
    of right-to-die groups in that country, the Swiss model offers unique
    opportunities for the observation and measurement of a phenomenon that
    cries out for empirical enquiry and understanding.

  271. Important highlights from the paper:

    - The estimated time to unconsciousness was 36 seconds to 55 seconds

    - Involuntary bodily movements after the loss of consciousness were noted. None of the patients in the four cases attempted self rescue.

    – Time to death in cases 1-3 was in 5-10 minutes. In case 4, the time to death was over 40 minutes. The paper states that it is probable that in case 4 “sufficient oxygen was leaking into the breathing system to sustain breathing and heart function.”

    - It is stated that “the variability in time to unconsciousness
    and death can be attributed to differences in the mask fit. A hood
    method could reduce the problems of fit. The fit at the collar must be
    loose enough to serve as an exhaust port, but tight enough to ensure
    that the flow of gas will maintain inflation of the hood.

    - The use of the face mask proved to be problematic as it was difficult to maintain a gas tight seal.

    - Even if a gas tight seal can be achieved with a mask, subsequent involuntary movements of the body may spoil the fit.

  272. Good Job Kenneth

    Some people would rather not read scientific research, they just seem prefer anecdotes and rumors … those people WILL fail this method … but hen you have to question their original motives … they likely don’t want to die and just want attention or are trying to intentionally mislead those that do want to die so they can say they “saved” someone. Which, to me, seems to be exactly the reason people want to die in the first place, because people lie to them, treat them like they’re too stupid to know better and/or will generally do/say anything to get their way at anyone’s expense.

    this article is out there on the web … and there is plenty of great reliable data regarding this method – IF the directions are followed.

    To those that want to “save” people, start by being honest – most people who are at the end of their rope have a highly sensitive and finely tuned bullshitmeter

    best wishes to all – and thanks again Kenneth

    truth dawg

  273. Kenneth, that was a great article. Thank you so much. The thing that caught my attention the most was…

    1) no preparation or drugs required, just slap on the mask and your good to go.

    2) no ‘rip it off your face’ response. Involuntary we’re random, and no attempts were made towards the mask.

    Thanks again

  274. I gotta learn to proof-read better.

  275. @titan – take particular note of kenneth’s follow-up post regarding ‘important highlights” … the mask was mask was decidedly NOT the most effective means, they concluded a hood would be more effective and efficient.


  276. Absolutely, and that’s what I planned all along. A matter of fact, I just gathering the materials for my space hood. It’s way too much over kill on its design, but I like building stuff. I should be starting the video on its construction in the next few days.

    If things don’t change soon, my appointment date will be this summer.

  277. Interesting article in the latest Right To Die magazine : –

    After researching the development and use of the helium
    self-deliverance method for five years as NuTech’s unofficial
    historian, I can assure readers of this list of two things with certainty:
    1. The “party balloon kit” helium tanks contain 100.00% helium, with
    no other gases.
    2. Misstatements to the contrary have no basis whatsoever in fact,
    and no “adulterated” tank has ever been found or tested anywhere in
    the world, to the best of my research knowledge.

    If the manufacturer (chiefly Worthington Industries, who sells the
    product worldwide) wanted to add any amount of other gas (such as
    oxygen or nitrogen) to the contents of the helium tank, it would have
    to be clearly marked on the packaging, for to adulterate the gas in
    any way without obvious labeling would be a violation of U.S. and foreign law.

    No state or nation has ever been proven to have done so. None.

    PLEASE let’s put this issue to rest. The “party balloon” helium kits
    contain 100% helium, period. For a complete description of the
    origin, development, and use of the “helium system” of
    self-deliverance, please see Chapter 6, “Robbing Death of Its Sting,”
    from my forthcoming book, “In Search of Gentle Death: The Fight for
    your Right to Die With Dignity,” which will be available for sale in
    late April 2012. The release date of the book will be announced
    here. With warmest wishes — Richard N. Cote’

  278. Thank you!

  279. You need to read this.
    My name is Lucas, I’m no bible preacher, I’m no priest. I’m just a man, middle aged and I really hated my life six months ago. And that is an understatement. My wife divorced me, I couldn’t have children, I had no money, job, love, my sister had died years ago and I never moved on. I had absolutely no friends.
    Let me tell you, I gassed myself, not with helium but with a car exhaust and it took minutes before I was convulsing, my tongue swelling, but I didn’t care, my other attempts had had worse side effects. Only this time I died.
    The first thing I saw was myself, I was outside the car looking in at my head lolling on the back of the car seat. My body was still, and I felt no connection to it whatsoever, it was just a shell, it tied me down.
    At first I was so over joyed, that was it, it was finished. I wouldn’t have to push through every day anymore. Every minute.
    I know this sounds unreal, but it isn’t, please stay with me, I beg you, because I wish someone had told me.
    I noticed I had left the car, and I was in a kind of fog, I never consciously felt I was leaving the scene but I kind of just appeared there. Time was either not existent or completely different to what I now refer too as ‘earth time’. Earth time is fast, spirit time is slow and in high definition, one moment feels like years, an eternity. It was overwhelming.
    I did feel content at this point, but not the kind of content I had imagined through the days of my life I waited out until I committed. I was gone, but I wasn’t going anywhere else..
    I noticed that there were other people in the fog, they stood by themselves, clutching themselves, some sitting some standing, and they didn’t speak they just looked so upset and so distraught. ‘Just like me’
    I tried to speak to them, only I found no words, and they didn’t speak to me, just stared with strained and pleading eyes.
    It felt like an eternity I was trapped there, more than one even, and the fog grew denser over time, I felt like I was moving deeper into it without any real awareness.
    The air had this cold feeling, not like a “put a jumper” on cold, but hairs on the back of your neck cold, and I could feel around that in the blackest parts of the fog were other beings, spirits if you will, presences if you want, and they were watching me, I didn’t know what they were but I knew they were there. Around the group of people. This group of people was immense of course, but it didn’t seem so, at the time I could focus on every one of them at once and see they were alike to me. I couldn’t focus on the outer energies though, as if it were locked out.
    I couldn’t help it and I wept, I couldn’t scream, I just had this silent sadness that now I would be stuck with this fractured me for the rest of.. well the rest of what? It doesn’t end, and I knew that.
    I wasn’t religious before my death, I mean I had suffered so much I just couldn’t believe there was a God. I had tried, I had asked God for help, but it was only ever an accusation, “Why are you doing this too me God?” I never asked “God give me guidance and strength” I know I should have now.
    But at that moment, when the fog was thick I couldn’t help but try and ask for help in anyway I could.
    “Jesus help me” I heard the words in my head, not spoken, as I found next, I couldn’t speak anymore. I was thick inside this place now, I felt the anguish of those around me, as we looked at each other but couldn’t communicate.
    Then I felt the coldness numb, it faded in a way I suppose you could say, and as cliche as it sounds, there really was light. Bright, the brightest thing you will ever see it was, but it didn’t hurt my eyes. I knew then I had been rescued. It shone right through me and filled me with such love, wholeness and knowledge, undeserving love, so endless it could have broken my heart again in a thousand pieces but I felt it heal, with a kind of entire universal love I can’t find words to explain. The light, God, the creator whatever you will- it expressed this sadness that I felt in a way that isn’t humanely possible, and when It ‘spoke’ to me it was more of a feeling, it showed me with feelings that it felt all of my pain, and had suffered right along with me. I asked for my sister, and I felt her too, Like she was all around me, like I was coming home to a place I had missed for so long but left to live life and learn the lessons of it, for my ‘higher self’. The light then ‘spoke’ again and I knew then that I was in a kind of holding place, a limbo, I had jumped in line before it was my time and this was my own prison of self making, where the feelings that I had let run my life carried over. I wasn’t being punished by the presence, the light, i was imprisoned by my feelings. That’s not to say that if someone dies with a guilty conscience non suicide related they would go to the holding place, it wasn’t that, it was that we had in a way cheated ( I know you don’t want to hear this, but you need too ), we had committed murder because thought we don’t believe it, our life isn’t ours to take.
    We are gifted and when we become blind by negativity and our mental illnesses, our laziness, guilt, self loathing we forget that we choose to feel this way. Maybe we take medicines, go to therapy and try to find help in other places.. But you are the one who can heal yourself at the end of the day. Yes I know help can get you going, but you need to be there for yourself when no one else is and know that you can choose to start accepting your happiness.

    The look in the others eyes when i was told i had a second chance was one of need and urging, I don’t know why I got this chance and they didn’t but I did. I got another chance, the light explained to me I would go back and finish up my life and regrow with new universal vision. I told it that I didn’t know what to do. I had no money, a crap job, divorced and zero friends. I didn’t want to leave the light and go back to the pain. I asked, tell me please what I have too do!
    It replied “teach”, one word clearly in my mind, and that was it, next thing I’m waking up in hospital after three days in a coma, no one there to greet me, except the nurse who was indulging in her gossip magazine. But it didn’t matter, I had received a gift greater then I could imagine. Hope.

    My attempt left me with some brain damage, I have a speech impediment, trouble using some basic motor skills, like holding a pen for instance can be tricky as my tendons and nerves have been damaged, but let me tell you, I have never been more grateful in my life. I was given a second chance, and even though everyday I can’t wait until I can fully immerse myself in that light, I know I am here for a reason, and it is up to me to decide what was meant by the word “teach”, but in starting I hope I can help you people in telling you that you decide your fate, you make your choices, you can choose to be happy, to start making changes instead of excuses.

    I’ve been there, and If this helps one person I will know my heart will rest easy forever.

    Feel free to email me at lucastinny@hotmail.com,
    it might take some time for me to get back to you as I don’t use the computer that much and type one handed.
    Love and light.

  280. (to WalkingWithGod)
    a life you tried to “cheat” its “heat” off without the ℃, you “teach” in return.
    t’ each a life he called his own, he learned in lone.
    (One’s self-leaching process, hard to barge in)
    t’ ache his pain you feel in dual of hearts, so could reach and teach.

    (I hope that helps a little, my friend)

  281. Dear Walking with God,
    Your comment is longer than most of mine….lol….not bad with one hand sir. That being said…would like to talk more….but have an appointment to get readyfor….hope that we meet up later…me I have committed suicide 7 times and had 7 NDE”S for my trouble….would love to compare notes….pick your brain….curious monkey here…nice to see I’m not as alone as I was feeling.

    Later I hope

  282. Walking With God,

    I think I am possibly not alone when I ask you not to bring your bible bashing into this forum. Your views are not in keeping with this thread. Please take you bible and leave this room – you have said your piece, if anyone wants to take advantage of your offer then they may of course do so. You need not get into any further conversations and postings here, for my part you are hugely unwelcome. Religion and views held therein should not be allowed to be posted in this room – I urge the moderators to remove Walking With Gods post please.

  283. Dear Walking with God: Please go away and refrain from trying to exploit your imaginary friends, family, saints, daemons, and gods. You do everyone on this list a great disservice by rambling on about things that only exist in your head. What the people here need is a cold hard dose of reality and the tools to deal with it.
    Security blankets are great up to a point but they are usually full of holes and only provide warmth in the gentlest breeze and for short periods of time. The people on this list will give you more warmth and practical advice than any bible banger.
    FYI, I have actually died when I was in my early twenties and I can assure you that there is no life after death, no actual tunnels of light. I died, I was revived and nothing happened in between. I am sorry if you expected so much more, but dead is dead…no more! Moderator: please remove Walking with God post
    DR :)

  284. “Jabawabba” Please tell me where I brought the bible into my post, as I do not preach it, and do not quote it, nor shove it down others’ throats. For the matter, the bible does not reflect my beliefs. I have little to no interest/patience with it, though I would never tell those who does read and believe in it that they are unwelcomed.
    Before I would tell others they are, I would take a thought to why I feel (or rather, felt) so unwelcomed in this world by many aspects that I felt the need to pass this on to others.

    In relation to telling me my views were not “In Keeping with this thread”, I was aware of that. However, like you have, I have been part of, and observing this thread for a long time, I am not a newbie- to this thread or suicide. I did previously post under another name (though that person is far from who I am now), I had bought the tanks, the tubing the bits and pieces, the flow regulator, and whatnot, I experienced this method. Though it did not kill me, (I came to the assumption at the time it was not pure helium, or I did something incorrect as I didn’t buy the bag officially from GLADD, but made from home items.)
    Moving on, I did know two members of this thread, one who is sadly not here anymore. As for the other I’m not sure they no longer post here and don’t email me back, so I can only fear they have “successfully” as you’d likely say, committed suicide. As for the “theme” of the thread, I am well aware of it, but I don’t have advice for others to commit suicide like yourself. I had “my piece”, but what is yours? When do your pieces end? When do you stop helping people kill themselves while you sit down with a book and a cup of tea?

    At the end of the day, it makes no sense in telling someone to “leave the room” and to not get into further postings, as this is a thread and a place where opinions and free speech is welcomed. You do not own this thread, neither are you a moderator nor do you have any say on what is allowed to be said and shared.

    You urge the moderators to remove my post? I don’t wonder why. I would have felt the same way once, perhaps it threatens you. Of course, you will strongly deny it does. You believe life is yours to take, I do not, but I do believe you have the power to make of it what you can. Can you not see our beliefs do not walk in the same pair of shoes here? The key word being ‘belief’ here. And they come in many forms, unfortunately we can’t modify others beliefs without great difficulty.

    I do find it unsettling that you have been on this thread for over a year passing advice on to others on how to kill themselves, correcting others on the fine details on how to successfully kill themselves with this method and to die with this method without complications. But that is not supposed to sound nasty; It is just what I feel. It just doesn’t sit right with me why you sit on this thread helping these people, most of whom, including non-members who just find this site over the internet and take your words of “wisdom” away to end their lives. Just as my post evidently doesn’t sit right with you.

    Yes, I have said my piece, and this will likely be one of my last posts in this thread. I want to share my experiences in other places now, but started here because I wish I had read this on the thread when I was scalping it for tips, and excuses and reassurance that killing myself was the option.
    Though, what if my post helped someone? (Not the same way as you, who helps advice on how they can kill themselves) What if it stopped someone from killing themselves, would that mean a thing too you? Just because my words mean nothing to some of you, that doesn’t mean someone won’t find them, and find laced meaning inside them. Ultimately giving someone hope. It won’t hurt you to scroll past my words, and ignore them.

    Look, I don’t want to argue, and I don’t want to help others end their lives, or wait for someone to give me the words to put me into action either.
    So, as for the talk of what is “allowed to be posted in this room”, (For example-seeking for suicide partners “a bus buddy” if you may, is not to be sought, It states so, but they are sought in this thread.) I think you are just going to have to deal with that one.
    I never came here to tell others to be religious; I told others they could be happy if they embraced it. Make of it what you will.


    At “deadright”, I’ll be blunt here-
    No, I will not go away.
    “You do everyone on this list a great disservice by rambling on about things that only exist in your head”, Sorry I could not be to your service in participating in suicide tips. So, again, scroll past it.

    Ignore it.

    “What the people here need is a cold hard dose of reality” Personally, I think some of them are having trouble enough with reality, I know I was and still am in many ways. I’d love to hear your ‘cold, hard’ advice and dose of reality.
    “and the tools to deal with it” Too which tools do you refer? Please expand.
    “Security blankets are great up to a point but they are usually full of holes and only provide warmth in the gentlest breeze and for short periods of time”, (This is your cold dose of reality?)
    I’m not completely sure what you are getting at here, though I do know from experience when I wanted to kill myself it was because I was lacking security. But I would like you to differentiate between giving someone warm and loving advice on how to successfully gas themselves to death, or giving someone a unique view point on why they shouldn’t?
    Like you say, there is no life after death in your view point, so if it is your desire to send yourself into nothingness, it is your desire. But it does not have to be that way for everyone.
    So scroll past my post if it has more holes than your cold hard reality, (which is what by the by? The reality that led you to this thread in the first place?) and if it frustrated you that much. It really isn’t that complicated.


    Amakua- I looked at the length of my post this morning and really saw how long it was! I guess once the flow started going it was kind of hard to stem. I have been reading through some of your comments with intense interest, and have just received your even more interesting email, I won’t reply to you in length here, so please check your email in the next couple of days for my next (Likely lengthy) reply. I hope your appointment went well, and I’m sorry to hear you have had so many attempts. I think I counted my previous to be about five, (some can hardly be counted as they were more too distract me and make me feel I was doing something, if you get me. I have had a lot of issues with self-harm) or so.
    Looking forward to reading your NDE’s! I have been studying so many lately, and yes, each is as unique as the person experiencing it, and nothing short of amazing. I too would love to compare notes, I love to learn and share knowledge! (Shame I didn’t have that desire in school eh?)
    Nice to see we can relate, and that I too am not as lonely admittedly as I still am sometimes.
    Please check your email in the next few days curious monkey Amakua! I’m so glad to hear from you!
    Also, I apologise for any overly heated tones that might have come through in this post. It was not intended.

  285. Below are two case reports involving the use of helium gas to commit suicide:



    copy and paste the link in the address bar of your browser.

  286. My dear friends…the time is now right for my departure from this life. It is now 0257 in the UK. I am very aware that some of you have not taken too kindly to some of my posts, but I make no apologies for my thoughts. For many years I have been an advanced maths lecturer at Oxford University (for those outside of the UK, this is arguably the top university in the world), and as such I have sadly seen far too many complex updates on here, many of which would be above the comprehension of most people, and will only complicate what is a very simple procedure. I intend to take the easy way…as per the very simple instructions in Humphry’s book Final Exit. I have the two tanks of helium here (bought from Asda the supermarket), they are connected together with the tubing as Humphry instructs. I have made the hood myself into which the tubing passes, and the bottom of the hood is secured by elastic and at toggle. I have no gauge between the tanks and the tubing. AND THIS I WILL PROMISE YOU ALL…If this does not work tonight, I PROMISE I will be back again to let you know that this has failed me, and we can reasses the system. If you see no update from me within the next 48 hours you will know that this simplistic system has worked and I have finally and thankfully departed. Please take no notice of those on here who would care to over complicate matters, it is for their own self satisfaction that they feel the need to throw figures and mathematical concepts into the mix. I wish you all what you wish yourselves, it has been a pleasure and a true privilege to be part of this feed, take care and may I wish you all a good journey….J x

  287. I wish you a bon voyage Jabawabba, and I hope you gonna find peace.
    Au revoir, my friend.

  288. I find this whole thread disturbing there are other sites for this thread not here.there are alot of young people that dont need to see this….im not religeous and im not judging but if you look at the very beginning of the site it says dont talk about methods or ask for partners this thread violates both of those rules.ive tryed and failed at suiside many times and im glad i failed i hope you all find peace but this thread is BAD NEWS sorry if my opinion upsets you all but it is what it is…

  289. @Jabawabba
    With no pressure gauge and no flow control you do not know the pressure inside the tanks and you can’t adequately control flow. You are going into this operation partially blind.

    I don’t think anyone’s intent has been to over complicate things. Some of us just want to make sure there is a low risk of failure and that simply means ensuring that there is a minimum flow rate of 15 LPM into the exit bag that will last at least 20 minutes.

    In my opinion it is best to use an industrial gas cylinder as there will never be a question on whether there is enough gas in the cylinder and the flow can be easily controlled by use of a regulator/flowmeter. You can even perform a test beforehand to see how long the gas flow will last and then simply return the gas cylinder to where you bought so it can be refilled.

  290. Put “Helium Billoch” into Google search without the quotations and the one of the first hits should point to a Puerto Rico pathology PDF file that describes a successful instance in which two Balloon Time 8.9 tanks with no regulator was used. I’m inclined to believe that Jabawabba may be right. Of course, having a regulator would be ideal but they can be hard to assemble for those allergic to hardware stores (I fit into this category) and/or don’t have the funds or time to order directly from EXIT. I wish Jabawabba peace whether or not he succeeded to CTB. I don’t get this site. It says you can’t talk about methods but many posts actually do. Personally, I find it hard to talk about something without being allowed to actually talk about it. Several specific posts on this site that probably should have been removed helped steer me AWAY from the particular method. But I digress. It is disturbing that the ages of those posting recently are significantly lower than in the past and the site is starting to feel like a teenie bopper emo-goth chat room. If you are still in school and living with your parents you still have SO much left to experience. I hope life isn’t getting so bad these days that the average ages of suicide completions isn’t shifting to the left even though life expectancy is increasing. I believe in the personal right to die and as humanely as possible. Thank you time2die for your account of the individual brought to your ICU. It is the first time I’ve heard of a failed attempt resulting in a DNR judgement call.

  291. @ letmedie yes there does seem to be alot of12 to 14 and up teenagers it absolutly floors me that the moderators have left this thread on.i have nothing against the right to take your own life especially if it well thought through and sickness be it of mind or body has lead you to make this desision what alarms me is the fact that these youngsters are reading this and instead of leaning on our shoulders cut to the chase and follow your carefully explained exit methods.im 43 ive attempted multiple times due to depression but come on guys move this chat offline to your personal emails its a judgement call im asking you to make a reasonable request i wish you all well and hope you find peace but……

  292. when you pull that bag over your head, your natural instinct to survive is going to kick in and you will panic and have it off quick. just my theory. sounds like a lot of trouble for nothing. suppose it doesn’t work..many have failed as well. imagine how silly you will look when someone finds you and you’re still alive.

  293. @molly woppit

    everyone has right to get information how to leave this world painlessly. also 12 and
    14 teenagers, so take yourself offline or talk to WalkingWithGod Says by mail, do gooder.
    do not waste space here.

  294. @letmedie

    Thanks for the link to that case. It’s worth mentioning that the report said two 14.8 cubic foot tanks were used, not two 8.9′s. If a regulator was used with 8.9′s I suppose it could work if the tanks were full to capacity and you didn’t go overboard with the valve.

    Another interesting thing is how he tied his hands with elastic threaded through a belt loop on his jeans. Judging from people’s stories removing the bag with your hands while unconcious seems to be the main point of failure. I’m still not sure whether using nitrogen would negate the automatic bag removal response once you’re knocked out. I guess it’s best to bind your hands no matter what you use just to be safe — or unsafe, as it were.

  295. Here is the case report letmedie was referring to:

    patologosdepuertorico.org/Documentos/Posters Simposio 2011/Billoch.pdf

  296. ~A Bird took Flight~

    It was the dead of night in the dense forest.
    As the birds slept, at about 10:16 at night.
    One bird rose and took his flight up into the light.
    The birds in the forest did not arise and slept
    in the dead of night.

  297. @ctb now im no do gooder and im no bible basher im an atheist.i dont know walking with god or you for your imformation im not against anyone getting the imformation dick head…it plainly states at the start of this site..DO NOT DISCUSS METHODS HERE so you leave and take your bloody helium with you.who would encourage a 12 or 14 year old to die even painlessly you make me sick GET HELP yourself moron as for the rest of you i know some of you by your call signs you disapoint me by all means exit yourselves but dont educate the young help them find hope i will not return to this thread you are all so hell bent on death pretty soon you wont return either very sad i wish you peace in your desision and hope it is painless safe trip..

  298. @molly

    It is probably best that u decided to leave this thread. This site also plainly states not to post hateful things, so you are no better than ctb. I’ve read many of your posts and you are an extremely sweet person and I believe you mentioned somewhere that you are Bipolar. I was recently diagnosed. I had a horrible manic phase last summer that lasted 2 months and thought it was the first time. After research on the disease I realize now that I’ve had many manic phases where anger and irritability prevailed without the traditional euphoric elation that I thought manic phases were supposed to characterize. It takes a lot of energy to be angry and that energy is the opposite of the lethargy of depression, hence its mania classification. I hate the depression phases that I mostly suffer from, but the manic times scare the crap out of me because I say the most evil things without so much of a thought and fume out of control when the world doesn’t bend to my wishes. I think u let this thread swing u to the dark side. Better to move on to places where virtual hugs and compliments are appreciated and can make u feel better. That’s what we all want, to feel better. For many, myself included, it makes me feel better to learn about finding the most painless way. This thread is 2 years old and its still pretty active. Find the threads that suite your interest and leave people alone in those that don’t. Unless you are a moderator, it isn’t your place to constantly badger people about what they should or shouldn’t say. We get it. Don’t talk about methods. I think we should be able to. Freedom of speech is one of the few things I like about the civilized world. Personally, the debate on this thread has more of a deterring effect than anything else. Regardless, this thread as well as the entire site, doesn’t need such hate. I hope we all find peace somehow. I’m tired of all t

  299. Im 16 and i know how you feel completely… i hate my mother her and I DO NOT AND WILL NOT EVER LIVE TOGETHER she traded me for drugs at a young age… and the drug dealers would beat me and shove Valium, Perks, Vicodin and tylenol down my throat if i gave them any fight and for years those drugs have been an issue for me.. i’ve been basicaly sober off of pills for 2 years but the memories still creep… and i’ve always told myself im going to jump off my 19 story building… Ya know.. i still havent done it yet… and i live in a better place now.. but im still alone… I understand you wanting to die but if you wanted to that bad you wouldn’t have time to plan it… nore should you… in the time your taking to plan you suicide you could be in therepists office.. unless like who cant speak about any of this until the age of 18 because acs and a fucking swat team is gonna break down your door (been there done that.) EVery time i’ve been ready to do it i was just gonna do it anyway i could.. Please don’t hurt yourself… =( because it will hurt no matter how you do it… i don’t know if you believe ingod but he wanted you to survive.. that’s why he put you here

  300. btw. who the fuck argues on suicide posts?

  301. I saw your comment in the recent comments thread please accept my apologies you make a good point or two yes maybe it has swung me to the dark side and i did lash out wow i had no idea this post was two years old i guess it has a place here so i will leave you too it again my bad…

  302. Over the last few weeks, Ive been reading the postings of a man from the UK on a newsgroup where suicide methods are discussed. He detailed his plan for using an industrial high pressure gas cylinder of nitrogen with an exit bag. In late 2011 he made one of his last posts before carrying out his plans. In his last post he said he would post back if his attempt was not successful. As far as I know he was never heard from again.

    The man I am referring to went by the name ‘saintgod’ on this newsgroup:
    He also posted on this group as ‘anonymous’

    If you are considering using a high pressure gas cylinder to carry out this method I suggest you read some of his postings on the groups mentioned above. He provided a great deal of information in regards to this method and reading his postings is the main reason I have chosen to use an industrial gas cylinder if I choose to carry out this method in the future.

    Below I have pasted (in bold) one of saintgod’s last messages where he details exactly what he used to carry out his method. Some web addresses have been omitted.

    1) 9L Gas cylinder of Nitrogen

    2) A two-stage, two-gauge regulator (Nitrogen model) It’s better
    not to save money by using a cheaper ‘single stage’ model (see my other

    3) Nitrogen-specific flow meters are very difficult/expensive to find, but
    do as I did and buy a CO2 flow meter and multiply the reading it gives by
    1.26 to find the flow for Nitrogen. So for example, if you want a 15L/min
    flow of Nitrogen (as you do!) then set the flow to read about 12L on the CO2
    flow meter. See here for a chart:
    precisemanifolds.com/pages_new/td_2_GD.htm. It doesn’t need to be
    very accurate. All you want is an estimate. You can find a CO2 flow meter on
    Ebay by searching with “gas flowmeter” e.g.

    4) A ‘tail fitting’ in order to connect the flow meter to the 3/8″ (internal
    diameter) plastic tubing. Basically, you need a piece of brass with a 3/8
    BSP female nut on one end and a tail to fit 3/8 (10mm) tubing on the other.
    Here’s one currently on Ebay:

    go for the normal, ‘right hand’ thread model if given a choice.

    5) About 4 meters of 3/8″ (10mm) internal diameter tubing which you can
    find all over the place, incuding Ebay. The gas can be quite cold as it
    exits the cylinder (basic physics of compressed gas) so a long piece of
    tubing allows it to warm up a bit to make it more comfortable. The longer
    the better really, within reason. If it’s too cold for you, you can coil the
    excess tubing up in a bucket of hot water, but I don’t think you’ll need to
    do that.

    6) The exit bag….see elsewhere!

    From what was written above, you can gather that the following will be required to carry out this method:
    - Gas Cylinder
    - Regulator/Flowmeter
    - hose fitting (which will connect to the regulator/flowmeter)
    - tubing
    - Exit bag

    I will expand on these things below. Note that I am from the US and some things may be slightly different in your country.

    Gas Cylinder

    These can be found at welding shops or gas supply stores. The cylinders will be listed as the amount of compressed gas they can hold. Common sizes are 20, 40, 60 and 80 cubic feet. I would personally choose a 60 or 80 cubic foot cylinder.


    Pressure regulators for gas cylinders will usually have two gauges. One gauge shows the pressure inside of the cylinder (inlet pressure) and the other gauge shows outlet pressure (AKA delivery pressure). The outlet pressure is controlled by turning a knob or ‘T-Screw’ on the regulator clockwise.

    Saintgod used a two gauge regulator with a flowmeter. He bought the flowmeter and regulator separate. He would have had to set the outlet pressure on the regulator to the calibrated pressure of the flowmeter. Setting the outlet pressure is not required if you get a regulator/flowmeter such as this one:


    The regulator shown above does not have a second gauge for outlet pressure because the outlet pressure is factory preset to 25 PSI (Note that this is the pressure the flowmeter is calibrated for). Also, this is a two stage regulator just as saintgod used. Two stage regulators provide a stable outlet pressure as the pressure drops in the cylinder. Single stage regulators, which tend to be cheaper, increase the outlet pressure as the cylinder decreases in pressure. This means that the flow rate on a single stage regulator/flowmeter will not be as stable over time compared to its two stage counterpart.

    It may not be absolutely necessary to purchase a two stage regulator/flowmeter but you should perform an exhaustive test with the regulator you are using to ensure that an adequate flow rate (greater than or equal to 15 liters per minute) will be maintained for at least 30 minutes. You can always refill your cylinder if you lose a significant amount of gas during testing. The link below has more information on two stage and single stage regulators.

    This link has information on how different pressures effect the flow rate readings on flow meters:

    One last note on regulator/flowmeters: When choosing a regulator/flowmeter, make sure the scale on the flowmeter goes up to at least 20 liters per minute. You may see scales that are in units of CFH (cubic feet per hour). To convert these numbers to LPM (liters per minute) multiply the CFH number by 0.47.

    If the flowmeter you are using is calibrated for a gas other than nitrogen then you can use a correction factor to find the approximate flow rate for nitrogen. The table found at this link has correction factors for nitrogen and other gases.
    The table is called ‘specific gravity correction factors’.

    Hose fitting

    In the US, most regulators for inert gas cylinders have a 5/8 – 18 (also referred to as CGA 032) female outlet. To connect 3/8 ID (inside diameter) tubing to the regulator/flowmeter you will need a CGA 032 male nut and hose a nipple. Search on google for these two parts:
    Western enterprises AW-14A
    Western enterprises AW-19
    one is a male nut and the other is a hose nipple.

    Tubing and Exit Bag

    3/8 ID tubing can be found at a hardware store such as home depot.

    For detailed instructions on how to make the exit bag see this video:

  303. In the message I posted above, the original posting by saintgod was not entirely bolded. The posting starts with ’1) 9L Gas cylinder of Nitrogen’ and ends with ’6) The exit bag….see elsewhere! ‘.

  304. @ Kenneth-Oswald, why don’t you post a new post about Nitrogen, if you wanna talk about this method? People are talking about the helium hood method here. Have you read the last post of Jabawabba ? Just for respect to him, I think you should respect the topic of this post. I also wish that he have found peace with his method… and I wish you the same with yours… but please, create a new post if you wanna talk about an another method… I think it just mix people that you talk about the nitrogen method here… leaving this world into a painless way is enough complicate like that…

  305. I’m not totally sure that to quit this world is the solution, but I realy know how much life can be difficult, so I respect people who want it, we should also respect people who want to do it in a simple and in a painless way. This is why this post is about.

  306. there is NO difference between helium or nitrogen … except the gas itself … so all points for both are equally relevant here

    gas dawg

  307. exactly @dawg. The method is the method and the gas is merely an input variable. I tried Helium and it isn’t odorless and “coma” doesn’t just happen within seconds. I felt my heart race and started feeling dizzy and panic. It is very easy to quickly dismiss panic with the possible presence of CO2 but I think there is more to it. Last night I was thinking about when I had my wisdom teeth taken out and was put under by anesthesia. The Exit Bag is basically the same concept except you never wake up. I wondered if I would have panicked or put up a fight if I knew that instead of getting my wisdom teeth pulled, he was putting me under to die. I answered yes so I worry that I won’t have the resolve to do it whether it be helium or nitrogen. I am curious what sensations are felt using nitrogen given what I’ve experienced with helium.

  308. I’m not realy sure of that… fisrt, they don’t have the same density… you know into a bag, helium gonna go automaticly to the top of it and expulse other gas to the bottom… but with nitro… 78% of the air are actually made of nitro… so into a bag… it will just mix up with the rest of the air… Have you think about that ?

  309. and @ letmedie, dentist don’t use nitrogen but nitrous oxide

  310. Nitrogen, helium, and argon are all inert gases which will displace oxygen in an enclosed environment. I can’t say for sure the exact differences that helium and nitrogen have on the body in regards to this method because as far as I know there hasn’t been a documented study for using nitrogen gas to induce asphyxiation. There are however, case reports of deaths resulting from nitrogen asphyxiation in industrial plants, laboratories, and medical facilities.

    I can understand if you want to use helium given its documented track record with this method. If you do use helium it doesn’t mean that you have to use a disposable helium tank such as the tanks provided in the ‘Balloon time kits’. In the United States, industrial gas cylinders of inert gas (argon, helium, nitrogen) have the same valve (called CGA 580) which means whether you choose a gas cylinder filled with nitrogen or helium, the setup will be the same. The only difference will be the regulator you use as you would want a regulator/flowmeter with a scale for helium gas.

  311. REMEMBER THIS…I was considering suicide myself at one point. Take a look at some of the NDE experiences relating to sucide. If you think life is bad now…Wait until your in Hell…and there is no turning back…Do us both a favor just read up on the subject a bit. Dr. Maurice S. Rawlings-To hell and back!

  312. I’m not realy sure of that… fisrt, they don’t have the same density… you know into a bag, helium gonna go automaticly to the top of it and expulse other gas to the bottom… but with nitro… 78% of the air are actually made of nitro… so into a bag… it will just mix up with the rest of the air… Have you think about that ?

    I am not sure what you are saying here. Inside the exit bag, while the inert gas is flowing inside of it at an adequate rate, and the collar of the bag is around the neck, there should be a high concentration of inert gas present. This should hold true no matter what inert gas is used. The amount of other gases inside the bag at that moment should be negligible.

    Here is a quote from the Peaceful Pill Handbook

    “With helium in the bag instead of air, one doesn’t
    have to ‘breath down’ the oxygen in the bag from an initial
    21% to < 5%. Helium in the Exit Bag displaces the air (and
    oxygen). It is important to note that the helium, itself, does
    not interact with the body. Helium has no taste or smell and
    quickly dissipates after death. There is no test that can reveal
    its use. Helium is not the only gas that could be used. There
    is nothing particularly special about helium, indeed any gas
    that does not react with the body, is odourless and available
    in a compressed form would do. Other inert gases that could
    be used include: argon, neon, even nitrogen – the gas which
    makes up 80% of the air we breath."

  313. @Skylerzx Says just fuck off do not waste space here

  314. OMG, I leave for awhile and when I get back, this is what I find. People spouting their religious beliefs. People trying to separate helium from nitrogen.

    … And Sadly, the presumed passing of Jabawabba. I hope you found the peace you sought.

    Kenneth, I see your still standing guard at the gate (lol).

    Actually, I don’t have much to say today. My nitrogen equipment is all here. My hood is finished. I’m just waiting a few weeks for some news that will tell me if I have a remote chance of continuing this existence with some chance of comfort.

    But, it’s doubtful.

    I will continue to read assist if required to debate helium vrs nitrogen. Nitrogen is truly the way to go ;)

  315. @ Titanium69 don’t take the decision on a chance…

  316. I’m 28, living in Germany and I was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour a few weeks ago. I simply wanted to clear a few doubts I have about this method and eventually help others from around here. First thing is: the Helium kits sold in Germany have a lot of air mixed in them, the balloons float for only about 3h, that speaks for itself. I wasn’t able to find “pure” Helium. I’m also having problems finding Nitrogen, but it’s not impossible, just difficult. So I guess Helium is out for us, but I might be wrong.
    I also have a question about flow control and pressure gauge. Exit International’s pay pal account has been recently blocked and I’d rather not use my credit card, since my parents have access to that account, so I can’t buy “their” kit. How do I go about getting (building?) one for myself? And how big should the Nitrogen tank be? Does anyone have an idea where I could easily buy one?
    The hood itself was pretty easy to prepare at first try, so I guess that’s the easy part. What I suspect I’ll have problems with is the flow control, but I guess that’s just a matter of practice, there are enough you tube videos and your comments on the website also help a lot. The necessary pressure seems to be a bit unclear (or I missed something while reading)?

    I also wanted to thank everyone who researched this matter and took their time to write here. It’s really been a huge help, thank you so much.

  317. The whole reason I am here is because I also was considering sucide…we’re not much different…But, I am WARNING YOU…Do your home work a bit…If you don’t believe in the Bible or anything…You need to at least go to youtube and type in “hell near death experience.” Because if your looking for peace in sucide your in for a surprise…

  318. Hi Chloe,
    Well firstly, as lengthy as this post it, you should read all of the entries, and that will probably answer most of your questions.

    Any other questions can be left here and I will share at least what I know,and I’m sure Kenneth will as well.

  319. @Chloe

    do you know dignitas forum ?
    usefull info about helium/nitrogen method (in german)


  320. @Titanium69 How are you with your settup ? where are you from Canada?

  321. Could you all please tell me why you want to die? Why you are fixated on ending your life?

    Also, to OP- life is actually extremely fragile. Once it’s gone, you cannot get it back and it is extremely easy to die.

    When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was so so so scared about the delivery. I was scared about how bad it would hurt and how difficult it would be to heal afterwards. After I was about 7 months pregnant, my view changed. I just wanted the little alien out of me! I didn’t care how bad it would hurt, I was ready to be normal again.

    I do take you seriously, but please consider that maybe you are just fantasizing about all of this. Dying will not solve your problems, it will just push them onto other people.

    My uncle died by suicide almost three years ago, and the amount of pain I have endured from that experience is immaculate and it still hurts now as it did then.

    Open up to someone, please. Open your mind to study other things for a little while. Try coin collecting, or something that you have a little interest in. Start watching netflix obsessively, train for a tri-athalon. If you know you are going to die, why not take some chances before you do? Take a few risks, just then, your perspective may change.

    Wishing you well.

  322. @ Liz you can’t juge anybody as long as you had live and pass by what a person has pass, yeah it’s good to have positive idea but, when you live it… it’s not so much easy… and sometime life bring you situation that you can’t accept or overpass, all we can do it’s keeping hope, but sometime, you know it’s hard.
    Also, i don’t think that all the people on this site want to die… some of them, just want to know that they are not alone, and try to found peace please, respect them.

  323. Coin collecting?? Seriously? Lady, I don’t know how u got here but u are way out of your element.

  324. Hello, i would really like some visuals for this. So much reading, so many opinions and it confuses me. Hopefully I will get my tank at the end of the month, because yes it is expensive here. And dumb as it may see, I would like someone with me. It helps, at least I will not be so lonely for once. From Mauritius.

  325. jenni_jenn@live.com.. please someone..if you are interested, please do write to me.

  326. KIKIC….I hear you and sometimes we take ourselves way too seriously and really we can live for the most absurd reasons. Perhaps falling into something small to focus on rather than looking at the big ass picture is a good idea, even if it is coin collecting. She is out of her element, lucky her cause this element is friggen painful. I bet the trick is the coins must be connected to a memory of a connection to a real relationship with a real person so it is a sort of teather….an oxygen tube…a strand of love.

    It isn’t dumb ass Ghostflower. I’ve read of folks in Japan leaving together and there are examples all over the world and even if I hadn’t it isn’t dumb ass, just human which come to think of it is pretty much dumb ass a lot of the time. :-) Another visual, not the one youre asking for though, that I recommend is the movie Garden State. If you are wanting to kill something, kill some time with that and please let us know how you liked or didn’t like it or felt about it.

  327. @MyTooSense , @Liz just fuck off if you do not provide useful information about
    hellium suicide. do no waste space here.

  328. ctbnow please do not be rude to ppl. I understand some ppl are trying to help the way they can. Some pushes you forward and some tries to hold you back. You either take it or don’t. Well this is the way I see it.

    @MyTooSense i will look up for it this morning. Thank you. And also, killing time is all I’ve been doing lately. Insane.

  329. There.is.always.hope

    I’m in Alberta. And my setup is complete. Just editing the video of my custom exit bag construction before I post it.

  330. where can i get a hold of this helium? im not quite sure if im familiar with it. and am i most likely to fall asleep and die in my sleep? thats wat i would like

  331. @ Titanium69 you gonna post it on this forum or ?
    Me I’m from Québec into Canada

  332. @ Liz,
    Lets see,I’m 33,have a lifelong STD rendering me sexless for the last nine yrs and unable to have anyone ever touch me again. The one person who deigns to spend a few hours a month with me will never marry me,so I will never know the moment of having someone propose to me or declare unconditional love to me.I’m ugly and overweight,and dont have money or ability to change that. And,I cant make myself younger.

    My family is a piece of shit who judges me when they arent abusing me(past) or ignoring it is the past. I have no friends. I have no money,or a car. Even my boss is condescending and rude to me,and I cant just change my job b/c I dont fit in anywhere.

    So why dont you peddle your sugar somewhere else. i dont think staring at a coin or watching a movie is going to take away from the shit that is my life. Well,as I lay there breathing in the helium,Ill play with a nickel and let ya know…

    @Skyler-I dont recall hearing in church that you were named God. No one knows what happens after we die,no matter what religion. If you believe that shit on youtube,I have a beachfront condo in Arizona I can sell you….

    Back on topic…

    Is there anywhere to purchase helium kits in Sydney or Cairns? Or a store to buy the plastic tubing? (Dont want to risk anyone finding it in my suitcase and questioning me…)

    Also Im assuming for the elastic part,you wrap it in the plastic bag and fold the bottom up over it before you tape it around,correct? I did a test run with string (per betty) but still a lot leaked out….

    Getting my final prepwork ready!

  333. Sunbird…you don’t want an airtight fit. Leaking out is okay. Like filling a balloon, you have to let to CO2 exit the bag and get replaced with more helium. If no exits, then the bag will pop, just like a balloon.

    TIAH(your handle is just too long..lol) yes, I will post the link here, though it’s nothing fancy, just me wanting to add a little customization. A regular plastic bag will do fine.

    Lilielies..I don’t mean to offend, but you seem to need a lot more information before you proceed. Keep reading this forum and others so you clearly understand what the process is. A little more reading will save me and others answering questions for you, when the answers were already posted.

  334. Is this a suicide method, all this about helium and such? I thought suicide methods were not supposed to be discussed in this site.

  335. Saw Garden State when it came out. Loved it.

  336. We don’t encourage suicide, but someone has a question, I’ll answer it.

  337. i can’t believe they haven’t taken this page down, they just deleted a thread I started a couple of days ago. i need a hood, am using a sweatband but can’t very well position the bag around the top of my head because it’s not sewn in. DH, in the video, says “You can use an ordinary sweatband,” then he just pulls the bag down over his face. BUT, u need to place the bag on top of the head first, then fill it, THEN exhale, then pull it down. If you pull the bag down first u have to get it positioned then sit there holding ur breath until it slowly fills w/helium. ????? Wish i’d gotten my bag from Helios before they went away. For me the idea of elastic and a toggle is not so simple. Not a seamstress.

  338. KiKiC, you say that the idea of the elastic and toggle is not so simple. Can you share with us why you think its problematic?

  339. The Last part of my setup has arrived today in the mail. All I need now is the cylinder to run some tests which I shall have shortly. Picture below:


    Its a two stage smith regulator with a CGA 580 valve connection (connects to gas cylinders that are used for inert gases – helium, argon, or nitrogen in the US). Connected to it is a ESAB L-32 flowmeter that has four scales (carbon dioxide/argon mixture-c25, Nitrogen, Argon, and Helium. In this case I will be using nitrogen gas scale. That nut and hose barb that you see on the bottom of the flowmeter is a CGA-032 nut and a 3/8 inch inside diameter hose barb.. This is where the vinyl tubing fits. I am using 10 feet of vinyl tubing with an inside diameter of 3/8 inch.

    The flowmeter is calibrated to operate at a delivery pressure of 50 PSI. My regulator has a delivery pressure range of 0-50. I am going to stay around 60 – 70 percent of the regulator’s max delivery pressure so I will use a delivery pressure of 30-32 PSI. Because this is lower than the 50 PSI that the flowmeter is calibrated for the readings on the flowmeter will actually be lower than stated. For rotameters such as the ESAB L-32, there are pressure correction factors that can be used when the operating pressure is different than the calibrated pressure as the table on this site shows:

    Since I am going to use a delivery pressure of 30 PSI, the correction factor will be 0.83. So if the flowmeter is adjusted to 40 Cubic feet per hour (CFH), it will actually be 40 * 0.83 CFH which is around 33.20 CFH. Multiplying CFH by 0.47 gives you the liters per minute (LPM) which in this is 15.6 (33.20 * 0.47). This is close to the required 15 LPM required for this procedure.

    So the steps I will follow are:
    1. Connect the regulator/flowmeter to the gas cylinder
    2. Make sure the t-screw on the regulator is fully backed out
    3. Make sure the flowmeter is closed
    3. slowly turn on the gas
    4. adjust the t-screw on the regulator so the deliver pressure is 30-32 PSI
    5. Turn the knob on the flowmeter until the top of the ball reaches the 40 CFH mark
    6. check all connections for leaks using a leak test solution such as ‘Harvey’s All Purpose Gas Leak Detector’. It is a special soap solution that comes with a swab that you gently put on the connections in which gas leaks can occur. In my case I will put the leak solution near the cylinder valve, where the flowmeter is connected to the regulator, and where the nut and hose fitting connect to the outlet of the flowmeter. If there is a leak at any of these connections bubbles will form near the leak. If this occurs, the gas should be turned off completely and the connection(s) should be re-tightened at the site of the leak. NEVER TRY TO RE-TIGHTENED ANY CONNECTIONS WHILE THE GAS IS ON IF YOU ARE USING AN INDUSTRIAL GAS CYLINDER!!!

    I could have made things easier by getting a regulator/ flowmeter that has a delivery pressure that is factory preset. That way I wouldn’t have to fool around with setting the delivery pressure by adjusting the t-screw. If I had to do it over again I would get the ‘Victor HVTS 2537′ which is a two stage regulator/flowmeter. It has a scale for argon and helium. There is a correction factor you can use to convert the scale for nitrogen gas. The site I mentioned above also has a correction factor table you can use when the scale on the rotameter is calibrated for a gas that is different than what you are using.
    In the case of using an argon scale for nitrogen gas, the correction factor is 1.19. So if you set the flowmeter to 30 CFH on the argon scale, the actual reading for nitrogen will be: 30 * 1.19 = 35.70 CFH.

    Note that I use the terms rotameter and flowmeter interchangeably. A rotameter is a type of flowmeter that measures the flow rate of liquid or gas in a closed tube.

  340. Jeeeezuz that is complicated, Kenneth, but you obviously know what you’re doing. I can see why most chemists and scientists are men.

    I am an idiot, that’s why I can’t get this stupid bag right. I’m either going to sew in the headband or tape it to the bag. It’s just that, as most ppl know, it can’t be too tight or loose around the neck. I can improvise, but since this is life or BRAIN DEATH I was hoping not to have to.

  341. @KiKiC

    I fussed over the fit of the exit bag as well. I was worried that it would be too tight or too loose. In the end I decided to adjust the elastic around my neck until the elastic conformed gently around my neck. So the elastic slightly touches all around my neck except at the part where the vinyl tubing comes down.

    I plan to test this when I get my gas cylinder. I will put the exit bag over the head of a toy teddy bear, turn the gas on, and observe what happens. I just want to see how long the exit bag takes the fill up, and how the bag and tubing will respond to slight bodily movements.

    This case report below shows pictures of a man who committed suicide by helium gas inhalation inside of an ‘exit bag’. copy and paste the link in your browser

    One of the pictures shows a close up of the exit bag. If you zoom in on the picture you can see that the exit bag is not that tight around his neck.

  342. Titanium just saw your post. I have one question, so if you see this pls email me at this ridiculous address: kikicacakica at yahoo. Thx. And no posers, and no one else with questions. It can all be found on the net if you look hard and long enough. That sounded kind of vulgar. Anyway T, if you see this, pls email. thx

  343. regulator question re: flow rate. if using a helium cylinder (not disposable) one way of gas relase is using a hand-held trigger valve plus duct tape to allow gas delivery into the hood. BUT there is no regulation of flow rate. So is this a major issue using a tank? Or can flow rate be reduced (if needed) by reducing the diameter of the delivery pipe from about 2.5mm? Am not an engineer and incapable of buidling sophisticated solutions so looking for practical guidance here, no fluff. Also it seems the hood should not be so tight that it doesn’t permit some release of any excessive pressure/ CO2 build up – can someone knowledgeable of the techique confirm? have read the “book” and the final piece for me to solve is the gas delivery rate. Thanks

  344. Also as per the above, this is not in the US but Europe. cynlinder has built in regulator at 300bar and the outlet pressure is 10 – 11bar

  345. @KennethO i ‘ve seen that rather unpleasant picture before. Looks to me like he had a very thick piece of rubber around his neck, and I guess the marks are so defined becuz he was probably there awhile. I know my tank is full, and i’ve also tested the flow rate, and it is slow. My bag is smaller than his but hopefully that won’t matter. If I can’t find the elastic and material w/a toggle i’m just going to use my sweatband. I’ve looked and there are a thousand kinds of elastic, can’t find the string and toggle either except on camping bags and hoodies, not sure if they’ll work so I will continue to play w/the headband for now. may rig something if it still feels too tight around the neck.

  346. The searching of the Helium Hood Kit lead me here. I am ordering a kit and I can’t tell you how happy I am! Finaly I found a method which fits me and my choice on how to leave. It is really comforting to know that I do have that choice! That nobody has to endure the unbareable pain of just living.

  347. You could make a life out of just reading this post…. crazy long.
    I had to skip about a 1/3 of the posts. My Helium is on its way. I have watched the internet videos. I have the Last Exit e-book for reference, and I just need to make the bag. This blog is a bit mind-numbing in how it takes an “easy method”, and throws a lot of uncertainty around the process. I also appreciate all of the information. So, thanks everybody.

    Many people, myself included, don’t want to pull the switch and wake up 3 days later. I have had that happen to me 2 times already with drug overdoses. Just like the original poster of the blog, I don’t ever want that to happen again. There is nothing worse then the peaceful moment when you “know” you are not going to wake up, ending with you waking up to a scenario worse than you were before.

    Many people have talked about being the observer for another. It’s not a crime to officiate. I just wonder if anyone has. Anybody in the Western USA? My exit date is a bit of a ways off.

  348. I hope people are clear that putting additional holes in the bag is NOT a good idea. If you cannot control an overzealous flow rate, just leave the neck loose enough for the extra air to escape. You want any “holes” to be at the bottom so that preferentially all the gases heavier than Helium are the first to go. I see no advantage to holes even with Nitrogen, though the weight of the gases is a non-factor.

  349. http://ash2.wikkii.com/wiki/Helium

    4. Reports of failures: analysis of the causes, and insights of how to avoid it.

  350. Please would it be possible for someone to direct me where I can purchace a bag kit.

    I do know these are available,


  351. To my knowledge the only place to buy the bags directly is from a group named Helios. I have no idea how they can be contacted, or if they are still doing business with individuals from the United States.

    You can make the bag yourself and it will just as good as the ones you can buy directly. It won’t be as “pretty” but it will work nonetheless. Instructions on how to make the bag are on youtube. Just search for ‘exit bag betty’.

    The materials needed to make the bag are microtape tape, a cord lock, 10mm wide elastic and a large size oven bag.

  352. Helios is gone. I communicated with them after their site went down, but the last time I tried I got no response. To my knowledge no one else is making them right now.

    I’ve just about decided the helium method is not for amateurs. I still keep finding old blogs and forums full of posts from people who were unsuccessful, for one reason or another. I think the authors of the how-to guides choose to keep it simple and reassuring and that inert gases are a good method, but it’s clear, after all this time, that the majority of people (who try to do it alone), abort.

    I’ll say again that anyone who is thinking of attempting to use this method to do your homework. It is an ASSISTED suicide technique. There are people who have posted on this blog who have chemistry backgrounds or are experienced divers – they have an edge. They are the exceptions to the rule.

    I have my kit set up and ready to go, even bought the hardware from Exit. But now I ‘m re-thinking my options. I just think it’s important for people to know it’s not as easy as it seems. That’s been made abundantly clear on this blog, as well as many others. That said, it’s a personal decision, of course.

  353. I think the majority of mistakes are caused by:

    Bag Fit – I still read comments from people who say they intend to make the bag fit around the neck as tight as possible. This does not allow enough of the CO2 you exhale to escape. The fit around the neck should be snug but not tight.

    Improper flow rates – Flow rates that are too high may lead to the source of gas becoming depleted too soon. I wonder if those who tried this method and reported to awake minutes later simply ran out of gas too soon and their bodies reacted to the consequent build up of CO2 inside the bag.

    Flow rates that are too low may lead to too much CO2 buildup in the bag.

    Gas Purity – I question the purity of gas in some of these disposable helium tanks. The main purpose of gas in these tanks is to make balloons float so purity is not totally mandatory. With gases that are used in industrial settings purity is mandatory

    Removing air from the bag – Before you begin piping gas into the exit bag, you need to remove the air inside the bag by scrunching the bag down. That way a localized hypoxic (low oxygen) environment is created when the bag becomes fully inflated. After the bag is inflated you put it over your head and you begin to breathe inside the bag where there is little oxygen. Breathing in this localized hypoxic environment causes a rapid loss of consciousness.

    If you inflate the bag with gas while the bag contains air, that air will still be present when you put the bag over your head. This will extend the time to unconsciousness since the oxygen levels inside the bag are not low enough.

    Improper use of the bag/not using tubing – I still read comments from some who say they intend to connect a bag directly to a tank or cylinder without using any tubing. This creates a whole host of problems as the bag is not sufficiently connected to the gas source and can easily become disconnected.

  354. @Kenneth – I was looking through the SH archives last night and found the threads and posts by ‘saintgod,’ then I came back here and posted, then saw your thread about him from 2/9. Weird. I’ve been through their archives before and I missed him somehow.

    Panic seems to be one of the biggest probs w/helium. Then, agree, improper materials/fittings and technique, flow rate (and gas running out too soon – hence the people who wake up hours later)… pulling the bag off could also be survival instinct .. those along w/the other things you mentioned, esp where to put the bag, and when to pull it down, when and how to exhale, etc. Pretty much the same things you listed.

    Someone, and it might’ve been saintgod, said it was important to practice just putting the bag on, to get used to the feeling. Another person mentioned a breathing technique that divers use before they get hooked up and go underwater. I just really believe panic is the biggest problem. I have anti-anxiety meds, but I don’t even know if I’d trust them anymore. I don’t think most people realize the level of anxiety trying to do something like that by yourself can cause, and even then, as the OP said, there is that innate bodily instinct to live.

    I just found yet another article I’d never seen before, from ASH/Wiki, that has a “What went wrong and why” section (part 4).


  355. Thank you for posting this robbieinman! I have been saving up all my birthday money (whatever was given to me) all my life (almost 900 dollars until someone stole it, probably my brother) and then I started again last year and with my babysitting job and accumulated almost 1000 dollars simply so I could play for my gun license and purchase a hand gun. But now I realize that I have more options! The exit bag method seems to be cheaper, and less bloody and painful. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  356. Robbieman,

    On Saturday January 7, 2012 I had everything planned; my best friend committed suicide; my best friend/boyfriend cut me off; and I had a miscarriage(a baby that I wanted more than anything).

    I had a helium tank, tylenol pm and my “exit bag”. As I took 60+ tylenol pm, grabbed my bag and turned the tank on, I literally pissed my pants – I was so ready to die yet so scared of what’s after.

    I cried in my car for hours. I felt alone, hated my best friend being gone, and wanted to the strength to either live or go through with it. Finally.

    Where do you live? I’ve been wanting to do this. I just want someone to hold my hand while I go. I don’t want to be alone.

    Email me: ambermarielatham@live.com

  357. hi all the helium method with the exit bag if used properly can make you unconsciousness with in seconds and death occurs with in minutes ideally 420 litre balloon time cylinder should be used While it is possible to use the
    tap on the cylinder to adjust the flow, there is difficulty and risk
    with this as the tap on the helium cylinder is designed to simply
    switch the gas on and off, not to control the flow. Small tap
    adjustments can greatly affect the gas flow. If they are opened
    too wide, the gas will exhaust too quickly. If the tap opening
    is too small, an insufficient gas stream will result.. The most important is the gas flow which should be 15l/min the custom made regulator kit provided by exit international is designed to supply gas flow at 15l/min and above all the gas tank should be full one 1500kPa (or 220 psi). i wonder what went wrong with the people who used this method maybe they inhaled the gas without exhaling completely by doing so you risk brain damage and paralysis you need to be very careful if you plan to use this method . if you have any doubts contact me jamesstewart279@hushmail.com

  358. James, all that information and then some is on this page. Most people don’t read it all because it’s so long.

    MonSacre – robbieman started this thread in 2010, posted twice and hasn’t been back, so I wouldn’t plan on hearing from him – but you never know..

  359. i have just one question if i buy 1 big baloon 14.9 helium tank i put nozele for baloons down and i full open tap how much time gas will flow ?????????? and how much presure it will produce when full open??????????ok this is 2 questions please answer i have evreything preparados bag.t-nozele for two tanks.tubing .2 gas tanks ……thanks

  360. sorry i forgot one thing i”m rely sick so this is may second and last option and do not try whit Preaching over again i make my decision already long time before…..thank you all

  361. Wow, just wow. I have been away from this thread for so long, so many are gone..Jabbawabba, September, Robbie, and Jeanette? Seeing the words is sad, I hope you found your peace. I left for a while, I had the last hope that I had to give this one more shot with everything I had, to see if I could live the life and make it better. Well, I’m back. Back at square one. I have my helium and tubing, and bag. Now just for the finer details. I suppose I will get those from my fellow thread friends. Many of who are gone. I enjoyed our emails and I hope peace is yours now. What’s with the bible bashing about? Don’t come on here and quote hell verses or threaten people who have a right to their life. You say that your Lord and God has no judgement, is forever loving and forgiving and his love is endless an pure. Well hear me now, no “God” would send someone into burning flames and torture for eternity when they went through hell on earth. The idea is not only downright ludicrous, and contradictory, but to me when I make my transition to the next life I’m finding my peace there. And of that I have no doubt.

  362. Winterrose

    Apart from death, what do you want?

  363. This might sound very strange, but there is nothing else I want. It is the only thing I can think about, but kept denying myself because I knew the immensity of how strange it was to only want to die.

  364. I know what you mean but I don’t necessarily want to die. I was going to ask your wish and if it was within reason see whether there was a way to make it true. Some things are just impossible and I suppose mine would be to turn back time. The depression didn’t bother me I could always use my underlying ability to compensate but it’s the outside world that I had. I was born equipped with all the tools to set a record. Now look at me!

  365. I found all my realistic wishes, and made them true. At the end of the day I couldn’t snuff out this feeling that keeps on nagging and nagging at me. The pain is too much. And I feel so sad that Jabbawabba is gone, I read all his posts and they were helpful. I know he has found peace, but I am sad too.
    Yes, to turn back time would be so so so so so good. What is your underlying ability if I may ask? Are you an athlete?

  366. My brainpower, my everything. My life was mine to throw away not someone elses. I don’t mind falling, I can pick myself up but some get satisfaction out of giving you a good kick in the teeth which is not so easy to recover. I had the ability to extract every ounce of enjoyment and meaning out of life. That was my ability.

  367. I don’t understand the kick in the teeth bit. That sounds like a very desirable ability.

    Are you interested in the helium method?

  368. I have a few questions. The only helium I can get my hands on is party time tanks from ebay, that fill fifty balloons.
    Can I attach multiple tanks to my exit bag?

    Another question, is it absolutely necessary to have a flow regulator? I know exit Int is selling the kits again quietly, but don’t want to risk the risky postal service and repercussions it could cause if I got in shit over getting found with it.

    So, would attaching say, two tanks that fill fifty balloons, with tubes taped securely, on a low speed into the exit bag, be enough to cause a successful passing?

    Or do I need to go into all the mathematics of it, (which are confusing me beyond belief) and work out this Psi stuff, and litre stuff, and flow regulator and pressure testing etc. Oh god this is getting so complicated I can feel my hope to go slipping away.

  369. 6B helium

  370. That helps.

  371. i have had suisidal thoughts for long time(since puberty) when my nf really kicked in and tried to take an overdose in feb took over 160 mixed bag of pain killers and sleepers washed down with a £12 bottle of red(well you cant take it with ya) and ended up stubling around my house off my trolley and my house mates got me to a&e against my will and i was saved. which made it worse as all my friends and family know what i did it and i have to live with the shame. so i looked into another way of ending it and started to research hanging how many foot drop best rope knotts ect and while doing this disscovered the exit bag method wow life changing i know now that i can at a time of my choosing end it quick and easy rather than live in this life that i have made for myself. its so shite not being able to watch a tv program listen to music or eat food and get no enjoyment. its said lifes for living and for some it is im only exsisting but not for too much longer.good luck to all of you if you do it or not i hope you find peace.

  372. I also wish you to find peace sibyesoon, why are you not able to watch a tv program listen to music or eat food ?

  373. Hi all, new to forum, had quite a few attempts of suicide, particularly since Nov 2011, usually pill overdoses, 1 helium attempt and yesterday was going to hang myself as a last desperate attempt, but after getting up and down from the ladder, I just couldn’t imagine being conscious and struggling for air for up to a couple of minutes, get paid tomorrow was thinking alcohol mixed with aroung 3000mg of codeine and then place bag over head when I start passing out, but with so many failed attempts, is getting so hard to face my mum, found this thread and am thinking of trying the helium method again, anyone in Australia or even better Darwin want to assist me, hate life and myself so much, 16 years of feeling this way is too much for me to deal with… Can anyone help me, PLEASE :-( Ty Ed

  374. Is stabbing an effecient method? Like, for example, if you stab yourself in the stomach deep enough, will that be a quick, sure death?

  375. No stabbing is not a good method. It is difficult to be precise. It takes too long and is far from painless.

  376. I’m wondering when the SP Admins will see this or something :c

  377. It seems somewhat ironic that a site called suicide project would forbid the methodology. They would then need to change it’s name to moderately depressed social club. I have for the most part been in the pro life brigade but that changed. They don’t have the answers to the most important questions. To grasp the concept that life has no value is difficult to accept let alone comprehend. Suicide is illogical to most, yet logic cannot be found in a world without meaning.

  378. I can grasp the concept that my life has no value… I’ve come to accept that over the course of time. Ironically, I give the highest value to the lives of others… and I’m convinced people have a reason to live. Except for myself.

  379. What I am talking about is intrinsic value. If you apply that principle to others, then every lifeform on the planet would have intrinsic value. For the moment, there need not be any comparison. There was someone on this site who spoke of ‘the void’. They all said he was mad and he now does not post here anymore. He probably had a greater understanding than anyone I have encountered.

  380. I posted about the helium method a month or so ago and it immediately got pulled, so I tried to report this one, just to see what would happen and because it’s a virtual encyclopedia on how to use helium — and since they say not to post methods — anyway there was a “Don’t report a post if,” and one of the criteria was if the post was over a week old. I have no idea why that is. Wrote the moderators but got no response, but they’re obviously not going to pull it since it was started in 2010. I didn’t find the SP first, either. I just Googled and this page came right up, like it has for some others. And it’s going to stay up in the search results because it’s gotten so many hits. Over 170 replies.


  382. I think Nitrogen is a better option.

  383. GoodEvening!

    Been reading this thread for quite awhile most interesting I would love to help clear up a few things first and foremost this is NOT as complicated as it seems for those who dont have the time.. to read through all the infomation im going to give it to you plain and simple. =D

    A small tank [4.5 cu ft] is sufficient to bring about death if breathed in a plastic bag. To be sure, I would go for 8.9 cu ft [the following size].the assumptions are that the tank is new and full, and that there are no leaks in the bag.

    The needed items:

    1: Helium tank.8.9 cu ft or more

    2: Oven roasting bag (19×24 Inch =45x60cm)

    3: Soft plastic hose/tubing 3 meters. The tubing must fit snugly over the tank nozzle. For most party balloon kits it requires tubing with an inner diameter of 3/8 or 5/16 inch

    4: A rubber band such as of tennis players

    In 62 cases where “time to unconsciousness” was reported, the average was 35 seconds (range 10-120 seconds). Death will often follow in about 10 minutes, sometimes as quickly as 5 minutes. Elapsed “time to death” was reported in 108 cases. The average was 13 minutes (range was 2 to 40 minutes).

    Nearly in all 119 reported cases used non-refillable party balloon kits.


    Hopefully this clears things up a bit!

    Also I will be testing this myself on the 11th april and if it works I will surely come back and tell you about it.. xD

    Goodbye and Goodluck!

  384. LordBobo your comment will most likely not show because messages that contain hyperlinked web addresses tend to get trashed. I can see your comment in the pending section but it might not show up here for everyone to see.

    I wanted to express some concerns with what you detailed in your comment and I will if that comment ever shows up for public viewing. These concerns have been mentioned here before but they are worth mentioning again.

  385. Hello i’m new, i’m not sure if i am posting in the right place i I’ve never used this before, anybody from south uk?

  386. I’m not far from you.

  387. I don’t think there is a right place. Maybe you should try talking to someone.

  388. no im leaving tonight… i’m noty meant to be here.

  389. People always ask why?

  390. hi sorry didnt see the not far from you bit. where abouts? i’m scared and anxious at the moment which is’nt helping,, but hoping that’ll go. even though i live my life scared and anxious.

  391. I’m in between two places. I’m working in the West Mids but my home is in Gloucestershire.

    I’m not going to help you do this but if you want to talk to someone who might understand then there are people on here who are real conversationalists.

  392. Are you still there?

    You don’t have to be anxious, there are always options. Sometimes people think they have a problem when the main problem is an inability to find an effective coping strategy.

  393. yeh still here… i’ve not got the hellium thing..so i probably shouldn’t be posting on this page.. if i could get it i would. I have no one to talk to, i think what ever way i do will fail and that is the last thing that can happen.

  394. In reply to LordBobo’s post:

    If I was using a disposable helium tank, I would not use anything under 14.9 cubic feet. That is the biggest tank that Balloon Time offers. It equates to a little over 400 liters of gas.

    Even though the disposable helium tanks have been shown to work with this method I still favor using an industrial high pressure gas cylinder. The advantages of using a high pressure gas cylinder over a disposable helium tank are
    - Connections are more secure and there are less chances for leaks.
    - The gas flow will last longer.
    - Flow rates can be more accurately controlled with the proper regulator

    If you are using a high pressure cylinder you really don’t need anything bigger than 40 cubic feet. Some would even argue that a 20 cubic feet cylinder would suffice but I think its best to use a 40 cubic feet cylinder to be on the safe side.

    The downsides of high pressure cylinders are that they are heavy (a 40 cubic feet cylinder usually weighs 25 pounds) and being that they are under high pressure they are a safety hazard and should be treated with care. Ideally if you are storing one of these cylinders for future use you should chain it to something secure like a strong post or wall such as the pic below shows (copy and paste link in your browser address bar):

  395. Hi everyone! I just found this forum today, and read almost every comment on this thread. Wanted to thank everyone who has shared relevant information.

    Personally I don’t think much of the argument between helium vs nitrogen, and the respective sizes of cylinders. Balloon Times were not made to be refillable so there’s no possible contention that there is anything but helium in them. As for amount of gas in the canister vs the labelled amount, well, I don’t think it’s really worth the effort to steal that tiny bit of helium.

    Things are more likely to go wrong at our end. The execution *ahem* of the process is not ISO-certified; there is little documentation. Most of what we know comes from those few books, and collections of (mostly) anecdotes from all over.

    But I think that folks who wander about in their heads, and come to a conclusion that they do not wish to continue living, are frequently brilliant and more often than not, hugely misunderstood in their lives.

    So, bring forth your intellect and solve this little problem. I believe that I have, and I have not had to buy anything more than the Balloon Times, tubing and some trash bags. Oh, and a pair of pantyhose.

    I’ve been bent on leaving for about 9 months now. I think I might do it properly tonight, or tomorrow. Let’s see…

    (Fwiw, I’ve done the shrink and helpline circuit; no help there.)

  396. I tried in Feb and it failed. Tried a few times the same day and it failed. I had the 50 ballon time tank, the Turkey bag, flow fitter and everything. I placed the Hellium filled bag over my head and inhaled and i never fell out. I was alittle dizzy, but that’s it. I left the bag over my head with the Hellium running for awhile and nothing happened. It’s like i’m Terminator or something. I can’t die!

  397. I have read that helium method is really painless, all you have to do, except buying the equipment, is to make sure that the bag is fully out of air, and well tightened on the neck, so no air is entering inside. Also, one more very important thing, think again before doing this, is it worthy? If the answer is yes then go for it, don’t hesitate, just lie on the bed, or the ground, release the gas, put your head inside the bag, and make the deepest breath in you can do. You will start feeling dizzy after the first inhale. Keep going, don’t change your mind and don’t even think about removing the bag now, unless you want to finish paralyzed. Give yourself 30 seconds of intense inhaling, but breath real deep, and you will go unconscious. You will never wake up.

  398. Dear Robbie,

    First I want to tell you (and I’m sorry if I sound patronizing) how endlessly sorry I am that your life is so sad. I attempted suicide twice last month for the first time because I’ve been suffering for over 15 years with PSAS/PGAD, a rare, chronic, untreatable, relentless female illness. I am physically and mentally drained constantly. No one in the world except other women with this condition can possibly understand how horrifyingly uncomfortable this is. I dream of dying and fantasize about it. What was preventing me from ending my suffering was that I’m very religious and was told at some point in my life that if I took my own soul, I would go to hell. I figured that a few more decades of *living* hell would be less intolerable than an eternity of *actual* hell, so I remain. I was 23 when this condition began mysteriously and I had a bright future and everything I could ever want. My entire life came crashing down within weeks. I’ve been trying for 10 years now to get disability for this but the government refuses to believe PSAS exists, so I can’t even have an income or medical treatment. My parents watched me go from an outgoing, silly, friendly, bubbly person with tons of energy to a complete recluse. Due to the private nature of this condition, I could NEVER admit to my parents what was wrong; I just told them that I was “no longer well.” Anyway, a Christian counselor told me last year that suicide is NOT an unforgivable sin–I was shocked and thrilled! I started making plans, made a Will, wrote notes on items in the house, etc. I set up pictures of my parents in my car and did the hose-to-the-tailpipe thing. I started the car and excitedly waited to peacefully pass out and my suffering to end. However, I began to yawn a lot (indicating that I was running out of oxygen in the car), and then I heard massive pounding in my ears and I got a SLAMMING headache. I could no longer bear the pulsating pain in my head so I burst out of the car, very disoriented. I lost my balance and repeatedly crashed into things in the house. I downed medication to try to stop the headache. I was beyond disappointed. (My boyfriend’s brother did it this way, successfully, so I of course assumed it would work.) While I was doing it, I forced myself through the natural fear/panic of dying by imagining the end of my suffering and being with my parents in heaven, finally at peace. I couldn’t believe I failed.

    About 3 weeks later, I planned again. I rubbed Lidocaine ointment onto my wrist. I took a couple of sleeping pills to try to help me pass out in a while. I filled the tub so I could hopefully die in a relaxing warm bath. I took an extremely sharp surgical scalpel and began carefully slicing my wrist. I eventually got down to my radial artery and could even see my nerves. I nicked my artery and it burst out a massive mess with pressure I couldn’t believe. I put a large garbage bag up my arm to “catch” the blood so I wouldn’t have to see it and panic, and so the “finder” would have less to clean up but it didn’t help. The artery kept clotting and I had to cut it over and over. I eventually became so dizzy that I have only dreamlike memories of the horrifying experience. I realized later that I unconsciously drained the tub and apparently passed out in it. I then apparently panicked all over the house and repeatedly passed out. I had lost my bowels a couple of places, which I had to clean up later–really fun (not). My blood pressure was POUNDING hard and I was horribly weak and dizzy for 2 weeks, and had daily migraines. I then began seeing “prisms” in my peripheral vision. I had to walk everywhere with a cane and it was very embarrassing. My legs felt as heavy as lead. I felt so sick that I thought it would be a miracle if I ever felt better. I wanted to get a transfusion but I was too scared to go to the hospital because I thought I’d get Baker Acted. I had a sickeningly disgusting mess to clean all over the bathroom from blood, and the stench of rotting blood that I can’t find is reeking up my house. I have cleaned every inch of the bathroom a dozen times, thrown out the stained shower curtain, and still can’t get rid of the smell. I will tell you, and everyone out there, that THIS METHOD IS NOT WORTH IT. I had no intention of backing out but yes, the natural “drive to survive” kicks in and you panic and quit. I now have an embarrassing and ugly 2-inch-long scar up my wrist with the haunting images to remind me of what I did. I have a nightmare-like memory of sitting in the tub full of bloody water, which repulses me now every time I get in there.

    I would give anything to end your suffering as I know you probably wish for me. I want a cure to this PSAS. I want my life back. I can’t believe I’ve lost over 15 years to this demon in my body. My heart goes out to every one of you and I hope to God that something will get better for even just one person out there.

  399. I’ve found this thread most informative, for “good” and “bad”, whichever you may percieve them to be..

    I work in a hospital, and failure is NOT an option for me. If I wake up in that hospital, there’s no way I could survive.. :P Oh, the mortification! >_<

    I'm a fan of delaying.. After all, I can always kill myself later, right? Why not try to squeeze every bit out of life before I kick it? But I'm nearly done squeezing..

    But I'm glad then when I choose the right time for me, there is a relatively painfree, panic free method. I want something I can plan, something "dignified" because I care about people… I feel sorry for whoever would find me, in whatever state that would be. Don't want them to have nightmares. Just because I can't bear my life, doesn't mean I should tramatize others.

    I can't remember who posted, that they'd put a note on the door informing the post-person to contact the police, given stuff away, cleaned up everything, planned everything… That's been my plans all along, was just debating the method of exit.

    However, I'll be using nitrogen.. Closer to breathing air, cheap, and easily accessable. And I'm perfectly comfortable in a hardware store (well, as comfortable as I can be anywhere, I suppose)

    Sometimes life is painful, but I do endorse exausting ALL other options before choosing the ultimate choice. Weigh all the options, factors.. Who will be hurt most, what can you do to minimize the trauma? Are their other medications that could help?

    Suicide is NOT something to be jumped into hastely, no matter how painful, or crappy your life is. This is where the teenage angst (and not so teenaged) differs from actual pain, IE: multipal sclyrosis (I know that's spelt wrong), emotional and physical pain(such as a parapalegic, though I have known several who lead very productive lives) and other long term disabilities.

    Some movies of different perspectives I found interesting are: Seven Pounds , Wristcutters: A Love Story, and (as previously mentioned) Garden State. The book/blog called "beyond blue" are also interesting, though I don't share some of the authors enthusiasums/predjudices..

    Whatever you decide, be safe, if not for yourself, for others. Hugs and love. Oh, and just so I don't feel guilty… CHOOSE LIFE! (ahem. That being said, I might not follow my own advice…)

  400. Kicho Says:
    April 16th, 2012 at 1:56 pm

    “.. just lie on the bed, or the ground, release the gas, put your head inside the bag, and make the deepest breath in you can do.”

    NO NO NO. EXHALE, fully. Breathe OUT. THEN put the bag on your head, PUSH OUT THE AIR – out of the bag – then turn on the tank or tanks,and then, and ONLY THEN, INHALE, or breathe IN. You will breathe in the helium… but your lungs must not have oxygen in them – just like the bag. There is good info as well as bad info on this page. It really should be taken down. In the meantime, new visitors should read the post by Twoolf on Jan 17 at 10:39 PM.

  401. And Robbieinman is GONE! From this forum, anyway, and he has been for 2 years.

  402. Hi everyone,

    I am also REALLY in need to exit VERY soon (next week) and I was like Lisa considering an exit bag method… however, I am not so fortunate and I cannot get my hands on sleeping pills… the only meds I have available are:

    18 pills of novalgin
    24 pills of novalgin with an expiration date of 2006
    3 pills of stilnox with expiration date 2006
    and about 20 pills of ibuprofen
    and 20 pills of voltaren.

    I was going to create a cocktail from those… and then take my exit bag…

    I know… you will tell me that I will simply throw up and thats that. But what can I do??????????? I NEED to exit now. I knew that this situation would come for about 10 years I have tried to find a way but I was never in a situation where I could get my hands on any better meds.

    I would greatly greatly appreciate any help or comment on my plan. Please help.

  403. Hi Exittogether,

    What’s the rush?

    Failure is preferably not the option, no one who’s serious wants to make attempt only to have to try again or be in a situation after where it becomes impossible.I’ve Read through the thread here a couple of times over the year, always thinking it can always wait as it’s a worst case scenario and may as well make the best of now. Pain can be overbearing at times and time can eventually lead to a more unbearable situation. Exit together is a more viable option if minds are consciously synchronised in a similar mindset and the future doesn’t appear particularly accommodating. Excuse the sarky nickname, if a buddy is needed It would be welcomed if right. Had a number of buddies, though always sailed through life self sufficient, though would prefer to exit together with like minded if appropriate.

    Yours Sincerely

  404. yeah, i’m a big coward to, both in confrontation and in inflicting pain onto myself. i would use the helium hood method since the idea of drifting into a sleep-like death comforts me, but i do not want my death to be apparent. i am going to attempt to be hit by a school bus, and i can only hope my death will be done quickly and efficently. i’m also scared, like you, that someone may push me ‘to safety’ or perhaps that the bus will crash trying not to hit me. i fear failure, beacause that means confrontation, but it must be done this way.
    additionally, yesterday was the Day of Silence, and i tried to be silent all day, which was difficult for me. i few times i would accidentally slip up, and then ignorant kids woulds criticize me for it. but, what do they know? they did not even try, how could they possibly know how difficult it is? they are simply bystanders, watching from the sidelines.
    i also congradulate you. you have wanted to die since ten years ago, and continued to as well. that shows you have great determination, but it may hard to die now too. you need something of great sadness to motivate you to finally kill yourself. furthermore, how many times did you attempt to kill yourself. were you ever hospitalized, or told to seek help?

  405. I am searching for long time a quiet and dignify way to do the “Final Exit” but the more i search the more i get confused and scared about getting things wrong, although Helium is the choice i like more. So i came to the conclusion that people who feel the same way as me and are serious about to go all the way, we need to do the search together, few heads are better than one! I am not looking to start a group therapy, but for a group of people that can get together and support each other in our decision and search how to do things properly. So I leave this comment in hope to get some replies from people that are very serious about this and if you agreed we will take things from here.
    Ah! I forgot to say, as this site may be read by people from all over the world, that i live in London, just to make future meetings plans easy for anybody! and to show that this is serious i would say that i prefer to meet when we are a little group rather than meeting in a one to one basics!
    Sorry in advance for the way i write, as English is not my first language!

  406. Let’sgettogether,

    I agree with your sentiment, I too live in London (North) and looking for an effective “final exit” with like minded. I believe the Helium method to be the best strategy, It’s a serious intention on my behalf and like you would prefer to get it right first time, rather then it coming across as an attention seeking attempt (that dosen’t interest me) and possibly loosing the chance to get it over and done with.

    Yours Sincerely

  407. Happydays

    I have spent, long time, reading this page and tell you the truth i am very scare! I have failed before, various suicide attempts, and end up in Hospital full of pain and shame, don’t want that to happen again.
    I would like to do more research in other methods too, with time!

    i hope we will be in contact and slowly we will get to know each other.

    See you soon happydays

  408. let’sgetogether,

    I’m sorry to hear you have tried and failed, I know what that can be like because I’ve tried a number of years ago with an overdose – it’s devastating to realise you’re still alive, in alot of pain and in worse situation then before the attempt, hence why I think if this method is done properly it should be effective without any relapse.
    It’s a scary thought if it goes wrong, I’m personally not afraid of dying, it’s living should it go wrong which is the concern.

    Take care, speak soon

  409. I came across a message from someone on the EXIT blog worryingly saying they emptied a large helium cylinder (the 50 balloon ones – balloon time I think) as a test to see how long gas would come out for, and it lasted only 3 minutes. This is a real worry as ive read death take 3 minutes but can often take as long as 12. This maybe is why it isn’t always successful, because the gas can run out too early? I think what he/she did though was have the helium fully open. Has anyone else done any tests like this with spare helium cylinders, but not when fully open (maybe something like 90 or 180 or 270 degree turn on the tap from the off position, or a full rotation etc to see how long the gas lasts then? Surely if you don’t buy the flow meter from Exit, these tests need to be done so you know how long the gas will last before going into it? I can’t see how you can gamble and hope that 3 minutes is long enough….

  410. I still around, just don’t feel like talking. Every time i read peoples comments, makes me realize how sad the world is…. we need an ending for this pain!

    Thanks for you comment “happydays”

  411. Hello, I am using the same party balloon helium tanks that everyone else seems to be familiar with. I am wondering where I can get the proper regulator hardware and tubing for these specific tanks, as well as directions, specific to these tanks. I live in Canada and any help would be most welcome. Please email me at: thatsamazing@hotmail.com

  412. Thank you KiKiC,
    I forgot to mention something really important.

    Yes, again, the bag should be fully emptied of air,
    and you should fully exhale before you put the bag on your head.
    The lungs must be empty and out of oxygen as much as possible.
    Another thing I forgot to mention, if you are using party balloons
    helium tank, make sure you buy two, and I still don’t think
    would be enough.
    To be 100 % sure better buy welding cylinder helium gas tank,
    choose the biggest one,
    with regulator, because you need at least 30 minutes of
    constant helium flow into the exit bag.
    You must make sure that the carbon dioxide is going out of the bag,
    because if you inhale it inside again,
    you will trigger the body alarms for high level of carbon dioxide.
    You must inhale only pure helium.

    I’m planning to do this before my birthday, 18 July,
    so, by then maybe I’ll post another comment.
    I’ll put someone in charge to let all of you know if
    I have done it with the desired results.

  413. Could anyone please, please, please tell me where I am able to get helium flow control (15 litre per minute) for the balloon cylinders? Is Exit the only place?Has anyone here bought from them – do you need to be over a certain age or can anyone buy them? The flow control (along with the pressure gauge to test if the tank is full) is stopping me from being confident of doing this. If anyon could let me know, I’d be so grateful. My email is: toriwilliams2012@hushmail.com

  414. Does anyone know of information pertaining to this method and what would be the best way that i could donate as many organs as possible that could be viable? Understood that you are dead in 15-20 minutes, how soon after death could your organs be harvested and used for transplant?

  415. I understand that at this point most of you feel hopeless and this is the only way out. Please, don’t do this. Maybe talking to your friends and family hasn’t worked for you in the past. Then try talking to a stranger, I will listen to whatever you have to say. If you would like to talk personally email me at iwilltalk2you@gmail.com. I am genuinely here to talk to you and I hope to talk any and all of you soon.

  416. @iwilltalk2you

    just fuck off , you stupid do-gooder.

  417. @iwilltalk2you

    just fuck off , you stupid do-gooder.

  418. If you don’t like what I have to say, then ignore my post I am not trying to help those who don’t want help. I’m trying to help the ones that do. So, sorry but I’m not going to to “just fuck off,” my offer still stands. Anyone that would like to talk, I am here. iwilltalk2you@gmail.com

  419. @iwilltalk2you, ctb is right although his language is a bit strong. The people on this site are sick of or are no longer able to cope with life. I understand that you’re just trying to be helpful but you must realize that there are lots of people out there who just plain dont want to be on this f@#king spinning rock anymore and are looking for a permanent way off regardless of what may or may not come after.

  420. @iwilltalk2you

    Look , let me explain to you why we take the way out.

    It’s very simple and easy to understand.

    This world is a piece of shit, and we have decided to leave and run away, instead of taking more shit.

    Some of us are desperate to a point where we either live the rest of our lives being homeless or commit suicide now, and some of us choose to do it now.

    It’s nothing you would understand, you and your comformist ideas and way of living, even you asking other people to message you is just another way of saying, i want to be called good and be a good person rather than i want to help another person.

    You are a hypocrite and just the people we chose to escape from, lie about wanting to help us yet im sure if i contacted you and told you what and who i am, you would ignore me ,and continue to ignore me for the rest of your life.

    In the end, this is what humans are , selfish cunts who only value themselves above others and want to help the people for thier own selfish reasons.

    You don’t want to help a bunch of losers who want to commit suicide and end this, you want to help a beautiful white girl who is thinking of commiting suicide, so you will feel like some shinning knight in armor.

    You are the reason we choose to die,people like you.

    Understanding us will never happen, and this is why we choose to die and not go on, because its not even worth trying, thats what humans are judgemental,hypocrites and evil.

  421. iwilltalk2you Says: “I am not trying to help those who don’t want help.”

    Although some of the people here haven’t come to terms with what is needed as their own definition of ‘help’, emailing any person over the internet isn’t and never will be a form of help.

    Lots of people here, including myself, know for a fact that talking to you will not prove anything. Lots of people here also have no fallback for a wretched existence. An example of such would be that, yes, I’ve talked to some people over the internet, one of those people was a ‘friend’ from high school. What made it impressionable to make me want to live? It was the thought that one day we would hang out together as friends and not just worthless ‘internet buddies’ because that is never enough, and as time went by, no matter how many times I spoke to him, the bullshit ‘this is what you need to do to be happy’ commands and ‘how I should live’ drove me batshit insane and it still fucking does.

    If I talk to you, or if anyone talks to you, you’ll just give them commands which have already been followed in the past by these people that lead them to this fucking site.

    You are not help. No matter how many times I could speak to you, you will not be a friend that accepts me for who I am, just like all the rest, and the chance that I will have someone knock on my door again is pretty much shot down the drain.

    From what I’ve read here, these people have not determined what would make them happy. I have, and it’s been constantly denied to the point I don’t even fucking care.

    I for one am selective in the help I choose. Every suicidal person is different, and the fact is, once these people actually speak who or what they are, since many of them haven’t and have only placed poems and wishes to die, no one, not even the suicidal people of this ‘forum’ would care about them. I’ve pretty much figured that out on my own, seeing the numerous ones that get zero replies and this ancient one gets over 400.

  422. Well, I’ve read every message on this thread, and it has left me with one question. If I use two helium tanks, where do I get the adapter which attaches the two tanks to make them one? How does that work?


  424. @SHANEKELLYpadiham

    This site should provide useful information how to commit suicide using helium
    not why or why not, so fuck off and do not waste space here stupid do-gooder.
    Nobody glorifies suicide here. It is just basic human right.
    your amazing girl can decide for yourself what she wants to do, not you

  425. Shane – if you spent half as much time reading the rest of this site as you did reading this one thread, you’d see that even the most hopelessly desperate people on this site bend over backwards to try to help others LIVE and cope with the demons they wrestle with. Instead of blaming the government, this site, the people here, etc. for your frustration and her depression, perhaps it’s time to look in the mirror to see if you are contributing to her desperation. Maybe you don’t “get it” as much as you think. Knowing she has visited this site should be helpful information … but I think it’s more likely than not, that if she feels like you are spying on her it will have the opposite effect and she will you feel violated her trust … I hope you find the help she needs, but running around being outraged at people who have nothing to with her/your situation (and the 100s of other sites with the exact same information) will do nothing be waste time chasing your tail while she marches right off a cliff.

    I might suggest taking the time to ask questions and LISTEN to answers instead of chastising the world … and please for the love of the non-existent God, PLEASE turn off the caps lock!

    info dawg

  426. Yeah I agree. My grandfather became very ill after a stroke. He was in a coma for a long time and on a food drip. When he regained some movement he kept pulling the tubes out. In the 7 long years afterwards, if you had asked what he wanted there is no doubt what the answer would be. He was a powerful force and you could just imagine him wielding an axe on a battlefield. It was undignified to see him become a shadow of his former self. If people want to exercise a free choice over their own lives who is anyone to say otherwise.

  427. the rules of the site clearly state that no talk of methods is allowed. this is a rule for a reason. depression is a illness and with that illness comes bad uncontrolable thoughts,but these arnt the normal thoughts of someone who isnt depressed.any1 should have the right to end their own life but if there is something wrong with their brain that makes it not function like someone that isnt depressed then ending their life isnt their real feelings. depression as a higher rate in people than cancer and heart problems and yet it takes 6mth to a year to even get a consultation with a councillor because the government wont fund it enough and going private just isnt affordable to the poorer people.i dont understand the above comment although i feel for you as i watched my grandad die from cancer,day by day deteriorating it was sad and hard , but this is a differant curcumstance to depression, depression is a malfunction in the brain which leads to us to think terrible things that in most cases arnt true,some people even feel as though they are a burden to society and the world would be better off without them init, they find it impossible to believe any1 could ever want them or love them or even be friends with them, while others believe the world is evil and every1 is against them,every person is affected differantly by the evil depression but it all originates from the same place OUR BRAIN which is what controls us, it controls what we think,what we do and most importantly what we FEEL.it uses memories and past bad expeiriences to control what we do and feel hence anxiety.this newish therapy cbt is a great help because it allows people to understand why their brain thinks the way it does and how to control or minimise the terrible thoughts. also i would like to point out that i have no problem or criticism of this site in general i think its great that people can share their stories and talk to like minded people about them,the first step and also the hardest part is gaining the courage to talk about this devasting illness,most depressed people think they will be looked down upon by society and treat it has their secret and hide it,when truth is it far more widespread than people think. and as pointed out its amazing that even the worst affected can still “bend over backwards” to help others.this guy who started the article is giving in depth instructions,that is what i have a problem with.

  428. lol @ playing by the rules

  429. another source of information about suicide methods :


    “We might be pro-choice but this is a moderated group for a reason, so here are the few but important rules:
    - No Trolling*
    - No Do-gooding or trying to force someone to ctb**
    - No Giving away real life information about alive members

    YOU CAN; discuss methods, share your experiences, write “possibly triggering” posts, swear, etc.. We’re adults. “

  430. “Happydays” still around?
    Have you heard on the news about that family that nearly died from the disposable barbecue inside the tend? i have been thinking about it, sweet eh? the Helium thing is just getting to confusing? I have not clue about barbecues but i like to research more, what do you think Happydays?

    FOR THE REST OF YOU HERE! please dont argue like this in this site, is very upseting!
    Look, IGNORE people like “iwilltalk2you” they are not worthy, they have nothing better to do than log on into sites like this and get off on peoples pain. I bet you nobody here “will talk to it”

    AND FOR YOU “iwilltalk2you” stop preaching us and get out of this site, you are useless here! If you want to help just volunteer for the Samaritans or the Salvation Army! or just go and get laid! whatever ! you are not welcome here!

  431. Evidently death by hibachi has become a bit of a fad in Japan – I believe it’s because burning charcoal produces Carbon Monoxide and in an enclosed area … well I think you can figure it out … should be a relatively simple Google search for more info. As for the Helium method … people have just made it way too complicated … at it’s base … it’s about as simple as simple gets. all this talk of helium or nitrogen … regulators etc. blah blah …. get back to basics as described by the peaceful pill book or the ergo website exit international … but it really is more often than not a permanent solution to a temporary problem … especially when it come to a broken heart – there’s ALWAYS another person out there who will love you. … ALWAYS.

    love dawg

  432. I’ve tried death by hibachi. I put a mini charcoal grill into my jeep. My survive response kicked in though and I got out of the car as the smoke accumulated. If I could get a source of carbon monoxide that didn’t accumulate smoke then I’d be set. There is also a period of “confusion” that sets in and that is a little difficult to stick through without getting out of the car too.

  433. ^sleeping pills

  434. Thanks Dawg!
    I thought death by Carbon Monoxide this days was nearly impossible to achieve because of all the new safety features it comes in cars and boilers …… but i did not know about the charcoal burning. Personally i prefer this method because is painless and also is not messy and can look like a freak accident and i like the possibility that people think that instead of suicide. The what i am reading about the Helium method is just doing my heading and is very dramatic don’t you think? they are going to find you with a plastic bag on you head, a tube a tank…..too much!
    Here in England, this year has been already few deaths of people in they tents and the burning charcoal, and it appeals to me, you are found quick, is outdoors and not mess!

    Dawg is sweet you think is about a broken heart, far from it, is just too complicated to explain, is just too much pain to bear for lots of things

    anyway i wish you find that love and cherish it!

  435. Man, few weeks ago I’ve tried to suffocate myself with
    methane gas, after few breaths in I was ready to vomit,
    and my body just reacted reflexly, so I found
    my arms removing the hose from my nose and mouth.
    Tonight, I drank a lot of beer,
    I put my head into an empty bag , tied up very tightly on my neck,
    I tied up my arms behind my back with handcuffs,
    and I started the process.
    At the beginning nothing really was happening,
    but after less than a minute, without being even conscious
    for what I’m doing, somehow my hands got free and removed
    the bad from my head instantly.
    I wasn’t able to control this, I don’t know what the f*** happened.
    I was just lying on the bed, without the bag on my head,
    fighting for a bigger breath in.

    So, I guess, helium is better way, after all.
    I’ve got to try it.

  436. Any UK based place to buy the exit bag ready-made?? email me if you know – thanks ricke17 @ gmail .com

  437. Hello. I am the sister of one of your previous subscribers. My brother died early in February, and in his final letter he asked me to subscribe to this feed in order to leave you this little message. After grieving for some weeks I now feel ready to carry out his wish. Jabawabba as he was known on here died peacefully at his home, alone and using the helium hood method. I have read with interest the updates throughout the time of my brothers membership and beyond, and I thankyou all for your help and support and love shown not only to him but to each other. I have noted a couple of unkind incidents and updates but I can only assume that this is due to the stress and worry that some members are suffering during this period of decision. My brother was a wonderful person, loved and cherished by his family and also by his students whom he taught with great passion. It was his decision and his alone, that he had reached the top of Maslow’s Pyramid and that he wanted eternal peace. This was exacerbated by the death by natural causes of his long term partner. In his final letter to me my brother wanted me to emphasise to you that the method that he used was exactly as described in the book Final Exit which was found by his side. He was concerned that some on here are making a simple process very difficult and hard to understand (and as a teacher myself I can see who and what he is meaning), and this worried him. My brother was a maths lecturer and always taught his students that the simple way is always the best, and this also applied to this process. He has asked me to emphasise that he used exactly the equipment described in the book as written by Mr Humphry, no guage or ‘bells and whistles’ and we now know that it worked to perfection. He was kind enough to warn us what we would find by a note as we entered his home, it is not a particularly pleasant sight – two blue party balloon tanks, a bag and some tubes – and this has made me wonder why on earth those of us who have made the decision to leave this world cannot be helped to die in a more dignified way. Well that is all I needed to pass on from Jabawabba, and thank you for reading. I wish you all well, and happiness in whatever decision you make. Remember it is your life, and we as a family have totally accepted my brothers decision to end his in as peaceful a way as possible.

  438. @Jabasis – My condolences for your loss of your brother, Jabawabba. his “voice” here was one soothing kindness and reason. Thank you for having the strength and kindness to to make this post as Jabawabba requested. I know how difficult this must be for you but it is incredibly helpful to not have the additional worry that with all the contradictory static the base concept is sound.

    i wish you peace and happiness for you and your family.

    Thankful dawg

  439. Procel, sleeping pills occurred to me. But the nonprescription ones were not strong enough to put me under.

  440. Get them online, ive an email address of a guy that should supply if u want it?

  441. What brand of pills will he supply? I’ll take his address.

  442. Hes a company as far as i know, just research a for of sleeping pill and see does he have it cherrychemicals@gmail.com

  443. Tho im sure he also would do anti depressants…

  444. Wow. So it worked for Jabba. That is the first anecdotal story I’ve read of someone exiting successfully using the helium method. Jabasis if you come back by, thank you for posting that.

  445. Jabasis….Thank you for your touching post about Jabba. May he rest in peace. I liked the fact that he prepared everyone by leaving a note before being discovered. I have stuggled with the reaction my family would have finding me.

  446. I’d really appreciate anyone who has a Balloon Time cylinder to let me know about the following. I’ve bought some Balloon Time cylinders in the UK and the top of the boxes are sealed with tape going across the two opening flaps. Using scissors I cut through the tape going right through the middle and am then able to lift the two flaps of the top of the box with no effort at all. I say no effort, because on the back of the two flaps, and on the front of two more flaps under the two top flaps, there is a slight erosion on each side of each flap, suggesting that each flap stuck together to seal the box and for some reason had been previously opened (because of the slight errosion of cardboard on each side of each flap). This worries me to why it has been possibly opened previously, and then just been sealed back up with tape? There is nothing else in the box apart from the cylinder and the official manual, so it isn’t like it needed to be opened to put balloons or anything else in. So I’d really like to know if anyone else with a Balloon Time cylinder has the top of the box taped over the two flaps at the top and if you need to pull the flaps open to open it or or does it just open without effort suggestion the sticky seal within the top and second layer of flaps has been broke. I just worry about added oxygen. I can’t think why the box would of needed to be opened? toriwilliams2012@hushmail.com

  447. And speaking of the Balloon Time cylinders, I ordered the helium flow control kit from Exit International and am hoping that it isn’t made to only fit those particular Balloon Time cylinders. Hopefully I can get a cylinder locally and the flow kit will fit. I just didn’t want my landlord to ask questions as to why I was having helium tanks delivered to me through the mail, so I didn’t order the Balloon Time tanks. I have a feeling though that I am going to be out of luck.

  448. R.I.P Jabawabba. You always spoke your mind, you were kind while others were not, and you were very intelligent.

  449. Hi. I’ve just ordered a Helium Regulator which I’ve been told fits British Standard BS3 Helium Cannisters. Can anyone tell me if this is a standard fitting? I’d like to order a cannister just to see how it all works. I can then start to review my life, my feeelings and thoughts on the future, before deciding if this is the thing for me. Any comments would be welcome. Thanks.

  450. Would Heroin or Cyanide be a better method?
    I have been contemplating suicide for about 6-7 years now and although I’m not fully committed yet, I do find comfort in the fact that I have the option. Barring a lottery win or the government collapsing, I know with almost absolute certainty that I wil eventually choose such an option but for now, I can only try to tie up loose ends and make sure the job gets done the first time.

    So with said, I have come to the conclusion that either the helium hood or toxic medications such as cyanide or heroin, are both the best methods. It would actually be much easier and cheaper for me to get heroin or cyanide over the suicide hood. I would just use a gun, as that is my ultimate preferred method, but I’m more concerned with the impression that will leave on my children. However, after reading Robbie’s story and a few of the comments below, I’m starting to think that toxic medications would be the best method. So again, the question boils down to which kind.

    My instincts tell me that heroin or fentanyl would probably be the most peaceful method, but then again the government used cyanide for the longest time as the preferred method of suicide for spies and pilots. Has anyone had any experience with either of these methods, or know any tales of people who have? Is the suicide hood preferred over heroin or cyanide?

    p.s. – I read a few of these comments where many people seem to not like toxic medications because obtaining these chemicals would make them a “criminal”. I could help but weigh in on the issue. Obtaining these chemicals does not automatically make one a criminal, even if the substances are illegal. The outlawing of these chemicals is a perfect example of positive law, not natural law. Sure, you might be labeled a criminal in the eyes of government, but suicide will do the same thing. Just as nobody should be able to tell you whether you can commit suicide or not, nobody should be able to tell you what you can or can’t put into your own body.

  451. I am a family doctor. I will no doubt get flak for posting. So be it. I hope this will be of help to someone.

    I have suffered from chronic pain and depression most of my life. I had a childhood that scarred me for life. I am on antidepressants and have seen the specialists. I spend a large portion of my clinic time counselling patients with depression.

    I have had patients tell me that until they had experienced it themselves, they thought depression was just a matter of being weak or selfish and that these people should just “pull themselves out of it”. Most psychiatrists have not experienced the illness, they have only studied it and treated it.

    This post is not about those that are reacting to a situation that will resolve. I want to address the issue of people who have suffered for an long time, those that really have considered suicide for years. Those that have unsuccessfully tried it. Those that have been treated. Those that do not have hope and those that have been brave enough to put it off but can no longer.

    Although depression itself is a condition of selfishness and self absorption, depressed people do not want to be depressed. They also get into a rut. Their current state is more comfortable and familiar than the new state which might be less depression. This is something that is difficult for most people to understand. This inertia makes it difficult to get people out of depression.

    Medical ethicists struggle with issues such as these. There is precedence that will allow doctors to let patients die. A classical example is the lady with anorexia who was admitted many times to hospital, close to death, who hated her body. She was force fed and sent back out into the world only to come back a few months later. A meeting of the ethics committee eventually made the decision to let her die in hospital in peace. I support this view.

    I wish we had a precedent where we were allowed to help patients in such situations to die. But this is generally considered illegal. The result is patients who suffer physical injury or brain damage in unsuccessful attempts, thereby increasing their suffering.

    Most people who criticise, do not realize how much courage it takes to actually do the deed. So someone who pulls the trigger is not weak. They are brave.

    At some point, I will end my life. Knowing that I have this option does give me some peace. I hope it goes well and that I do not suffer life afterwards. I will take multiple precautions and use several methods in combination to try to make it succeed. I am in the process of planning. I want to ensure that all my affairs are in order so as not to leave a mess behind for someone else to clean up. I just wish I had someone there to guarantee that I succeed.

    In the meantime, I live my life as if I expect to be around for a long time. My mouth smiles or laughs. I utter words of encouragement to my depressed patients and tell them what they need to do to help themselves. I prescribe antidepressants. I offer helpful advice. I tell them that suicide is not the answer.

  452. candoc I would love to talk to you, but I have spoken w/another person who put their email address on this thread and regrets it. If you come back by and see this, though, and would like to chat, please post. I’ll create an email address and give you my real one after you write, so we can discuss.

  453. I have planned my demise using the helium method. As an anatomical donor, I hope someone can answer some questions I have. If I am found in a hotel room, will the medical examiner do an autopsy? That would make my donorship invalid. I also live alone and I worry about decomposition which would also make my donorship invalid. Please post if you have any information.

  454. Hi everybody.

    I’m not the best at english, but hope you all understand, what I write.

    It’s not because I really want to die. But I can’t live anymore, so it has to be the dead. It would have been much easier if I had never been born. And I’m such a coward to take my own life. Seems to me like the helium hood method is the best method, but it requires the acquisition of things. What about setting fire to myself, or is it a bad idea? And what about pills, what pills should it be?
    But what I really want to ask about is something else that I hope someone have an answer to. When you’re dead and the police come and interview, do they take your computer and mobile, if you did make suicide notes? I mean, do I have to destroy all things, if I don’t want them to see it? And if I destroy them, I’m afraid it will awaken more attention… Somebody who knows how it use to be? I’m from Denmark, I think it’s different if you come from another country, but would like your answer anyway.

    Greeting to you all

  455. KiKiC
    Can you tell me what it is you want to talk about?

  456. Well, I tried the helium hood method and it didn’t work. I tried it with two different Balloon Time canisters. For some reason I am not losing consciousness. Oxygen must be getting into the hood. It is sort of a pain, because with every attempt I need to get a new Balloon Time canister, since there is only enough helium in each one for one attempt. I’m going to try it again today, but I don’t know what I will do different so that this time I will be successful. I’m laying down on my back, maybe I need to be sitting up so that no air can leak into the hood?

  457. Hey,
    So how helpful is it to have a helium regulator? Humphry never mentioned using one, so I’m not sure how necessary it is. But there are a lot of amazon reviews saying that the Balloon Time tanks were partially empty. Would a regulator help prevent that?

    I guess I was pretty set on this method and I’m in the process of making the kit but I got scared after reading so many posts about people pulling the bag off or not passing out or the tank being empty. It just doesn’t sound as fool proof as Final Exit makes it seem.

  458. Thanks for the post, I had been researching for a quick and a painless method for sometime now myself. I had thought of jumping in front of a train but the effort it takes and the thought that those I will leave behind will not even have a piece of me to say goodbye is just too much. Then I stumbled upon the idea of an exit bag and I read the book – a little more research and I found your page.

    I have spent the last 2 weeks in digging up any information I can on this method and now I think I am finally ready, I have the needed arriving this week and hopefully this will be my last weekend of this pain riddled existence. As they say, life is one thing, but living is a totally different concept, I have stopped living for sometime and its now time to put an end to this existence

  459. wellread – How long did you have in place while the helium was on? Also, how much did you turn the tap, or was it fully on?

  460. Candoc, I basically just identified with your post, and there aren’t many people I can talk to about my situation. I’m older, am just looking for someone who has a little life experience and can function without constantly being on the brink. I’ve established a few online friendships but most people are too young and I just can’t relate to them. There’s no reason to be fearful, it’s only email, but if you’re uncomfortable with that or not interested, I understand.


  461. Tori, I had the hood in place for like 5 minutes and I didn’t even feel lightheaded. I think I turned the tap fully on. The next time I try it though I’ll make sure to turn it all the way on, just in case I didn’t the last time.

    I tried it again yesterday. I passed out this time but only woke up several minutes later. I don’t even know how many minutes later because I was out of it when I woke up. I started in a sitting position leaning up against my bed, and if I remember correctly when I woke up I was laying down. Maybe I’ve just got to make sure I don’t end up laying down. I think maybe oxygen can get in when I’m laying on my back, but not when I’m sitting up. I don’t know. I hope I can make this work the next time though, because otherwise I’m at the end of my rope with nowhere to go. Not even down since the suicide attempts won’t work.

  462. KiKI, Hi, I’m a bit older too and looking for someone to relate too id really like to chat if your available?

  463. KiKiC
    Create a temporary address and post it here. I will do the same. I will accept email only from that address and you will do the same.

  464. Markus, how old are you?

  465. Hi Candoc, I’m 45 years old have tried several tme to die….and have been working hard to keep it together ive destroyed everything ive touched and just can’t go on anymore.
    How old are you?

  466. Drn, by helium regulater do you mean the helium flow regulator that you get from Exit International? If I didn’t have the flow regulator I don’t know how else I would connect my hose to the air canister. I don’t know how it works without the flow regulator. It seems to me you would need some kind of flow regulator attached though, so that you can know how long your air supply will last at that regulated outflow pressure.

  467. Markus
    Between 45 and 55.
    If you like, you can create a disposable email address and post it here. You can then email me at mine. I will only reply to your posted address and to KiKiC.
    See next post.

  468. FYI – I’m generally in the same age range … like most, I don’t want to be overly specific to minimize accidental identification.

    faceless dawg

  469. KiKiC:


    I will not respond to emails unless an email address is posted here first. I will then close the above temporary address and switch to another address created for this purpose. I will never use my normal email address to discuss suicide.

  470. I’ve read every post on here and it is worrying the amount of people who have said nothing happens. Does the gas flow need to be on fully? I keep reading conflicting things as to how the gas flow should be. Even if the helium runs out, would it stay in the in the bag for a significant amount of time (eg. 10 minutes)?

  471. I don’t specifically know how far the valve must be opened … but as an above poster found out, you must be upright so the bag forms a pocket over the head and so gas can only escape through small openings around the neck area (the bag should be snug around the neck but not airtight). It’s important to note that most instructions for this method must be followed for this method to work properly … gas flow must be enough to displace exhaled carbon dioxide and prevent oxygen from entering … that flow rate is listed as 10-15 liters per minute to accomplish this displacement … as mentioned, this method is detailed in the peaceful pill and or final exit books as well as many places on the web

    i have no tried yet so i have no first hand knowledge. but apparently it is recommended to use two canisters connected with a T-junction to get the desired flow rate and length of flow to accomplish the “mission”

    all the best


  472. KiKiC
    Check your email.

  473. Candoc, my email is fenmrks@yahoo.com you can email me there I don’t need to create a disposable email….don’t plan to be around very long and I don’t care who knows what I talk about….

  474. wellread-
    Yeah I mean the flow regulator. I didn’t go through Exit International so I’m making one myself just using tubing and a t-junction like the final exit book describes. But i’m not sure how important measuring the flow is… i was planning on just opening the valves all the way.

  475. I’ve got all my kit ready and am in the process of writing my letters to my loved ones. I’ve always known that I would die at my own hands and God alone knows how many times I’ve tried to kill myself.

    I suffer with depression but I don’t have a debilitating illness or anything else, I just don’t have the will to live any more.

    I’ve read the posts on here and I am a bit scared that I’m going to fail again. I’ve read The Exit and the helium hood method seems straight forward.

    I am scared, not about dying, more about living…….fingers crossed x

  476. I’ve got all my kit ready and am in the process of writing my letters to my loved ones. I’ve always known that I would die at my own hands and God alone knows how many times I’ve tried to kill myself.

    I suffer with depression but I don’t have a debilitating illness or anything else, I just don’t have the will to live any more.

    I’ve read the posts on here and I am a bit scared that I’m going to fail again. I’ve read The Exit and the helium hood method seems straight forward.

    I am scared, not about dying, more about living…….fingers crossed x

  477. Hi,
    I was looking on the net for ages to find a way of dying peacefully, my life is a mess and there’s no other solutions to me.

    I don’t know if there’s still people here but I’d like to have as many info/help to do it.

    I was willing to make it in the US ( I’m from France ) because I’d would like to go there before I die ( I love this country )

    My idea was to do the Hood Helium method with handcuff and lot’s of alcohol and probably sleeping pills but I don’t no any website to buy that Helium tank here…

    So please help me guys

  478. Okay so I don’t see why this has to be over complicated. A few questions- correct me if anything I say needs to be.

    I have two tanks, one for fifty balloons and one for thirty. If I connect them with plastic tubing, tape them securely with plumbers tape followed by duck tape, them connect the two to a T-junction, into the bag, will it work?

    Also, where the tube leads into the bag, it will create a small gap around it wont it? Wont this allow oxygen in? I don’t see how you could completely eliminate all oxygen. By pulling it over your head and over nose on the way down, some will get in. But with the continual flow, I assume it doesn’t need to be overly complicated and will do the job.

    Either way, I plan to try. I’ve seen a guy do it with a vacuum pipe and single tank into a garbage bag. So…

  479. if candoc is available i would like to talk also, i have a disposable email address.

  480. anyone want to make a packed? jordan daniels facebook. I have the big glasses and beard, oh and also look like a freak.

  481. I live in North West London, England. I like the idea of the disposable barbecue left lighted inside the tend and let the Carbonate fumes take me away but i have no experience with barbecues or tends or even places you can go to camp. Any Body would like to comment about this method or even, if you are near, exchange emails?

  482. Oh!myfriend:
    I was thinking about the same method. Maybe not in a tent, but a small room of some kind. When I read about it on internet, they all say it’s painless with carbon monoxide poisoning. Besides, it’s fairly easy to obtain a barbecue. Otherwise I will choose hanging with the long fall, so the neck will break. It’s too difficult to acquire the materials for the helium hood method.
    I’m from a different country than you, and no matter what, I’m not quite sure whether I want to exchange emails. Although it would be nice with someone to write with.
    Hope you see this :-)

  483. Flowers:
    Here in London is not difficult to get the Helium tanks or even some materials, but i am reading in this site that many things can go wrong and also i don’t know when i will be found in my flat and the thought of being found with the tanks and the bag over my head and all, seams very creepy to me, so i would like that it looks like a freak accident!
    This year in England some people have been found dead inside the tent for leaving the disposable barbecue lighted while they slept inside.
    Here in England, Barbecues is a big hobby but although i live in London i am not English and i have no idea about barbecues, that is why i posted this idea and hopefully somebody can elaborate and even collaborate with this method!
    Thanks for your sincerity but, the suggestion of exchange emails is for this purpose, otherwise i dont have the energy to write to anybody for other matters.
    You are vary brave to chose the hanging method.
    Good luck to you!

  484. My Son was successful using helium hood method. He looked like he suffered, the expression of sheer terror on his face, A curled up arm sticking up in the air possibly an attempt to rescue himself. But it was too late because he was drowning on his own vomit? or was it the convulsive reaction called body posturing that made his arm stick up like that? We will never know Because hes gone forever. No one can ask Daniel if it hurt to die that day. It is going to hurt to die so be ready….
    It’s not a natural transformation it’s a forced one. Why do you think that Your body does this self rescue? Because it is Not Natural and your body is trying to “Right” itself. I believe that, depending on their individual experiences, reasoning, mental health etc. that when one takes their life that there is an amount of time where they are remorseful and want to take it back but they cannot. Of course you could keep in mind that I am a “Survivor” of Suicide and not a “Victim” of Suicide. In many cases I would be shunned and argued with by those arguing for Self Exit rights. I only know this because of my experiences. My question to you would be, “If you could some it all up into one paragraph explain why you wish to die?” I know I will get a lot of BS answers but I am being serious can anyone explain it to me? because I still don’t understand!! I would really like an intelligent answer…..
    In Loving Memory of Daniel M I 12/18/2010

  485. Shells – I’m so very sorry for your loss. The question you ask will have as many different answers and perspectives and reasons as there are people answering … in many cases multiple answers and reasons. But none of them will answer the question of “what was SO bad that Danial felt this was his only option?” only he know the answer to that and whatever it was, it was something or some combination of somethings that was more than he could bear and he felt was beyond anyone’s ability to help him with or that they wouldn’t/couldn’t understand.

    I read people’s pain on SP daily – some I can comprehend, others I cannot – but to THEM it’s REAL and very serious – but even when I can comprehend their pain, in most cases I see it as “solvable” and I feel to be actually seriously considering suicide as the “answer” to be overly extreme … but that’s how I see it … and there is just no way I can ever actually be in their shoes to feel and experience their pain the way they do.

    Just like they cannot feel the or experience my pain and humiliation. They can only sympathize and offer ideas and words of comfort. but there’s just know way they can fully understand my combination of issues and circumstances to know why i’ve reached my conclusion … nor I theirs.

    This is no answer to to your question but I hope it gives some perspective. My sincere condolences to you and your family.

    non-answer dawg

  486. “I know I will get a lot of BS answers”
    “I would really like an intelligent answer”

    how about you drop the condenscending attitude first ?

  487. @shells

    the majority of suicidal people are aware suicide is NOT the natural way to go, and that the body will fight to survive .. to kill oneself is FAR FROM being easy, we can all agree on this

    but does this imply people always have to keep going, regardless of the shit life is throwing at them and how bad they’re feeling ? how would you know it’s never the answer ?

    I’d like to ask you something: why is there’s such a thing as the right to live, but no such thing as the right to die ?

    a) /2012/06/the-right-to-die/
    b) /2010/07/i-believe-mostly-good-people-kill-themselves/

    the above threads = food for thought .. attach the rest of the link to the site’s home address

  488. continued

    maybe your son was going through *tremendous* emotional pain, that had been going on for too long (from his pov) and he had run out of hope .. he may have felt like things wouldn’t get better
    maybe he decided to do it because his perception of the world led him to the conclusion it was the thing to do

    other links:


  489. Anybody knows if the GLADD Group is still selling the bag in 2012 ?
    I read that it’s deliver with the tube needed so you’ll just need the tanks.
    I’m still looking for info, but I’ll start the préparation soon

  490. Oh!myfriend:
    Thank you for your answer. I understand what you mean, and hope someone can help you.
    What do you mean, that I’m brave to choose the hanging method? Is it a difficult method?

  491. I usually tend not to read the more popular posts, because in my opinion they have views and comments that should be divided among the others here who are not heard out…
    Robbie, I dont know if youre alive or okay but I now understand why this post is as popular as it is. You are brilliant, they way that you write is soothing. To me, even though you’re writing of suicide methods, I find it hard to stay connected to my own thoughts of suicide…your post makes me think it out instead of rushing into it so that I dont have time to think. I appreciate this post..even if I didnt use it for the reason it was written. Hopefully you didnt have the guts to go through with it, because i’d love to converse sometime and delve deeper into your mind, which captures and fascinates me.

  492. *Flowers:
    I dont think hanging is a difficult method, rope around your neck and let go.
    For me it is a personal thing, have you ever tried to hold your breath under water? well after few minutes you become desperate for air, is like you are going to explode!
    Well, i think is the same feeling when you put your hands around the neck or a rope.
    It is just my opinion but i think is very painful and distressful way to end your life and i just could not chose it for myself.
    But yet again, it is popular method!

  493. I’m new to the site, came across it while researching helium methods. I felt urged to reply to Shells, though I feel Dawg’s response very intelligent and well said.

    Shells, I can’t speak for others, only myself, but it seems to take a culmination of circumstances, events, and outlook to reach this point. For me, it’s the fact that I more or less hate the world we live in. I feel like I don’t belong, that I was born into the wrong place, the wrong time. I hate the pointlessness of life. I hate that in our society life needs to be lived a certain way in order to succeed…and I’ll never be able to live that life. There’s a lot wrong with me that keeps me from independence and financial stability with the aid of my amazing parents. They’re the one thing that’s kept me from going through with these urges, knowing the pain I’d cause them. Though ultimately, I think it would be a relief, not having to worry about me anymore. I have no spouse or children, no one who’s existence depends on me, and I never plan to. Hell, I don’t even have a job. I’m depressed, apathetic, and hate having to hide how I feel. I have no real future and literally so no point at all in my continued existence. I have nothing productive to offer society, I’m a drain on the economy more than anything else. Aside from the small handful of people I let into my life that might derive some sort of joy from my existence, there is absolutely no point or benefit to my life, so why continue living it? It’s not merely the rantings of a depressed, emotionally unsound person, it’s logic.

    So, tell me Shell’s, why should I not turn to this? There’s no logical purpose to my existence coupled with the fact that I just don’t care to continue living. Can you give me an intelligent reply? Preferably one not involving religion.

  494. Hi All
    Today is a difficult day as I’m leaving my parents for the last time to go back home a few hundred kilometres away; if everything goes well I should be in peace by Wednesday night, the day of my 38th. After months of searches on Internet, I’m planning to use the Helium good method (no need to detail why as I think we all share it) and with some of your posts I should be able to avoid some dummy mistakes. Unfortunately I’m so scared to miss it that I’m posting this post to get maybe some comments that will avoid me to miss it as I understand that it would be a disaster to lose the only thing that ever worked with me, my brain and intellectual abilities, letting me in a vegetative state.
    I don’t have a T-Valve or regulation system so I’m just considering here suffocation, but without the pain associated to it thanks to my helium tank. My idea is to combine a bag full of helium with a enough alcohol to prevent my body to fight when death will come. I will attach myself as much as I can, but again I’m scared, terrified to miss it. I’m planning to do a test with a 50l plastic bag full of air and attached to my neck first to understand how much time I can breathe in it without my body to trigger an alarm. I have also with me some anti vomit and anti anxiety drugs.
    Do you think that combining a significant quantity of alcohol with helium has a good probability of success? Any mistake you could see in my approach here?

    Apologies for the long post, and sincere thanks for whoever will be kind enough to share his comments about my approach.. I wish you all good luck, and all the best whatever those bests are…

  495. Oh!myfriend:
    I have it the same way as you. I just can’t hold my breath, I also feel like I’m going to explode. But that’s why I go for the long drop and hope my neck will break. Otherwise it’s a terrible method.
    But I think I will try carbon monoxide poisoning first…

  496. I don’t know if what I am about to write will be of help to anyone I live in New Zealand, so getting information on a ‘peaceful death’ is only available via the Internet. I have spent many months researching and have decided to end my life with the ‘helium hood’ method. I have read some alarming comments concerning failure and I pray my research is full proof. First off, the most helpfully site is ‘exit international’. I purchased the Peaceful Pill Handbook, which enabled me to consider the various methods, ie, Nebutal (very hard to get hold of), and carbon monoxide. I even purchased some high carbon Japanese charcoal, for the Hibatchi method!. Have now put this is plan B if I survive Helium. Anyway, the Helium Bag method definitely seems the easiest providing you follow some very important steps. 1, Purchase the Jumbo ‘Baloon Time’ cylinder. This is the largest disposable cylinder available made in the USA. Easy to purchase at $90.00NZ. 2, Purchase (from exit international) a ‘helium control flow kit’. This is VERY important, because there is a pressure guage to make sure the cylinder is full (250psi) and has a flow Restrictor to allow 10-15lts of gas to fill the bag/hood along with plastic tube. 3, Make your own hood/bag as per website. I have a Large oven bag completed. I really think the most important things relate to size of cylinder and flow of gas. I can’t believe I’m contributing to this forum. There is obviously a lot of us who want to exit this crazy world we live in. It is very sad I guess but I feel much sympathy with a number of contributors. I will now spend some time preparing my departure to cause as little inconvenience as possible to loved ones and aquaintances.

  497. Hi Drawbar – Can I ask if you’ve already purchased/received the flow kit from exit international, and if so, were you over/under the age restriction, and was any proof of ID required? The lack of gas flow control is really the only thing leaving me uneasy.

  498. Hi tori_w. Yes I have purchased and received the flow kit. All the components are already available to purchase from various plumbing/hardware companies, but the small needle jet was difficult for me to obtain, so I decided to purchase the package. It was a wee bit expensive at $180.00US but I have peace of mind knowing I am fully prepared with the correct equipment. The flow kit was purchased in a fully legal manner using a credit card etc. Best for you to visit the website ‘exit international’ and see their requirements. They are a very good organisation who are committed to assist individuals with terminally sick conditions. I am definitely breaking their rules being a ‘depressed’ individual (not terminal), but this is my own choice. Some may argue that being constantly depressed is terminal. I certainly cant carry on like this, so I am a coward and want to switch the lights off as painlessly as possible.

  499. Thank You and I agree Dawg said it well. Respectful too, thank you for that I am still pretty raw believe it or not. FIREFLY FIREFLY FIREFLY!!! You are the one I wish to speak to…. I believe that we can have a conversation that could be beneficial to both of us. As far as religion is concerned? That is one thing I can safely say and I know many many hundreds of moms like me. When we find our child dead by their own hand like that for some reason many of us completely shed our previous religious views. So no worries there. Now I am Buddhist I live to die thats it, cause I miss him and I don’t have half the courage my son had. I really need to understand in depth. listen, you say that there is no purpose to your life and it is pointless? when did you come to this conclusion and how? You have stated so many reasons that I almost don’t know where to begin but I do want to address these statements. Did something huge happen to you at some point or other like loss of a family member etc. My intention is not to talk you into or out of anything I just need to understand better and I feel that by picking someone who sounds just like my son will help me to understand and in turn assist you in your very real concern about those amazing parents of yours so that if/when. You too will be informed and able to cover Details of reaction. I have been in my bedroom for a year and a half trust me I know pointless. Firefly I respectfully ask some time from you on here?

  500. Thanks drawbar. I’ve been on exit international and they say proof of age ID may be required (I think you need to be over 50)or you have to suffer from a terminal illness and may require proof of that too. Were you asked any of this, or did you simply email them the order and no questions were asked? Were you under 50, and if so did you give a different DOB, as they ask for this with the order. Also, did they phone you for any reason? I have deteriorating health in which there is no answer for and is oly getting worse and more unbearable, but isn’t vclassed as terminal.

  501. Hi tori_w. I have just checked my email details (as per their site) and yes, they did ask for my date of birth but I can’t see how this can be verified. I believe it is an honesty statement. I did also provide my phone number but no one has contacted me. I’m sure even the phone number is voluntary. The main requirement is your credit card details. You can download a fax order sheet if you prefer. No questions about illness etc. All very easy and shipped ‘descretely’ ex Ausi. I’m really sorry about your situation. It seems so crazy, that her we are talking about ending our lives, via a forum and I wouldn’t dare mention this locally as I know I would be hospitalized!. Infact, I had 1x week in hospital, last year because I mentioned about my ‘negative’ thoughts. Everyone was very caring but this hasn’t changed my mind. Infact i am more determined than ever. I am just being very cautious about discussing my feelings. For your information, I have turned 60 years of age and can not see any future mainly due to a number of sad events in the past. Now, I have my complete system I am very content. I am surprisingling at peace with my plans. I’m in no immediate hurry and now just want to clear a few details up to make a
    tidy departure!. Do you mind me asking you what country do you live in?. I really do suggest reading a copy of the ‘Peaceful Pill Handbook’ if you can get hold of one. This is now an ‘illegal’ publication in Australia & New Zealand, but readily available via Amazon.

  502. Hi, Shells, I’d be happy to talk. Sorry for the delayed response, I haven’t been on my computer much lately…which honestly says a lot as it’s about the only thing I do aside from laying in bed watching TV/Movies and reading.

    Honestly, that’s the silliest part of it all, I’ve never really been through any overly traumatic, life changing event. I have amazing parents who’ve always been supportive and helpful, arguably too helpful, haha. I suppose that’s one thing I could offer you. I don’t know your son, or your family, or kind of relationship you had, and as I’ve said, I can’t speak for anyone else, but you seem to be a loving parent, and I can’t tell you how sorry I am for your loss. I realize it’s no true comfort or consolation…but if I do indeed sound like him, if he was anything like me…his love and consideration of you could have been part of his decision, not that you should blame yourself, of course. I’m trying to find the words without saying the wrong thing, it’s not an easy subject, but, for me…I feel like I’m more trouble to my parents than I’m worth. I’m 29 years old and I can’t support myself. I feel like most of the time I’m nothing but a burden, financially and emotionally. I’m a source of concern and worry, and I really don’t contribute much to the household. I feel no motivation to do anything and hardly leave my bedroom. I don’t even like taking my dogs out during the day for fear of bumping into a neighbor because I don’t like seeing people…well, more accurately I don’t like them seeing me.

    My parents have tried in the past to seek professional help, an appointment was even made, I said I would go…but when the day came I couldn’t go through with it and refused. I have an older sister I haven’t really been on speaking terms with in about 10 years. That’s another source of contention I feel my departure would alleviate. I won’t participate in holidays or family events because I don’t care to sit at a dinner table with her, or be around her at all. I’d never ask my parents to choose or try to force someone out, so I just take myself out. It’s a difficult situation that I know causes my parents pain and frustration. So, ultimately, I guess I’m trying to say I feel I’d be doing my parents a favor. I’m not so naive as to think it wouldn’t cause them pain, I know it would, and that kills me. We’re not a very emotionally open family, so we don’t really talk about how we feel…they have no idea what high esteem I hold them in, how much I love and appreciate them, what amazing people I think they are, and how causing them pain and trouble is the last thing in the world that I want…and your son may have felt the same. So, it’s kind of a matter weighing which would cause them more pain and difficulty…a lifetime of having to deal with me and clean up my messes, or the pain and shock of my being gone, but being able to move on. This may be callous, and obviously I’ve no experience from a parent’s point of view…but for those who want to live, I think life moves on. They have 2 other daughters, both doing well, a grandchild, and I’m sure more to come. I know they’d never forget me, and thinking of me may always sadden them…but ultimately I think it would be a relief, to not have to worry about and financially support me anymore. I feel I’d be doing them a favor. They have plenty to go on for other than me, and I love them so much that I hate being such a burden. My sister even once told me I was nothing but a burden to the family, so I’m not the only one thinking it :p.

    So, I don’t know if this offers anything, but, he may have had thoughts along the same line. I’m sure he didn’t want to hurt you, and I’m sure he took you into consideration before making the decision he did…but he may have felt that ultimately he was doing what was best for his family.

    Sorry for the long and fairly off topic post, everyone. Again, new to the site, I don’t even know if private messaging is an option.

  503. drawbar – you’ve been of much help. I have a few other books but not the PPH. One book says it’s optional, and the other doesn’t even mention one. So I’m stressing myself out changing my mind back and fourth as to whether I need/should get one…

  504. I tried giving Tori W a few bits of info regarding equipment but had a real busy time of things of late so never got all the detail over and lost access to that Hushmail account now.

    For visual comparison, Here is my simple nitrogen setup:


    This cost around £150 for the lot (£60 is refundable deposit on the cylinder) 2 m3 of nitrogen = hours of flow, not minutes, plus, nitrogen makes up what we normally breathe, helium doesn’t. Whether that will make a difference to ‘struggling/trying to free yourself’ on passing, or if that is to do with small amounts of carbon dioxide triggering the bodies response that we’re trying to trick into not reacting, I’m not sure, I’ll find out soon enough though.

    ’5/6″ hose fitting’ is meant to be 5/16″ (~8mm)
    10mm Inner Diameter hose is meant to be ~8mm – doesn’t need to be reinforced

    Tank ~£100 (2 m3 Oxygen free Nitrogen – Disposable, weighs ~25KG though)
    Argon Flowmeter ~£20 (Argon calibrated – Using Nitrogen = Correction factor of 1.19)
    Hose adapter ~£3
    Tubing ~£3
    Jubilee clip ~£2
    PTFE tape ~50p (Not shown)
    Lighter (Thats for scale, and the cuban cigar)

    That Exit International jet is simply a reducer, it reduces the flow to output just enough gas to keep the bag over your breathing orifices full of Helium, with just enough pressure to expel any carbon dioxide out through the elasticated neck of the bag.

    That jet is exactly the same as sticking a 12 inch piece of tube directly to the tank, opening up the valve fully, but then squeezing the tube so only a trickle of gas comes out. (Reduce the flow rate = Longer time of flow). That’s it, exactly the same as those parts list I sent you, just a different shape/features, in that YOU set the flow rate to the required amount, not a preset amount.

    I have my doubts about helium method, I don’t like the small window of “Usable air” which is why I’d go with that kit list I sent so you can ensure you get maximum use of available gas, but if your determined to pay $180 for £30 of gear that’s up to you. And I’m not entirely keen on the fact it’s a ‘foreign’ gas unlike nitrogen, but there is proof it works.

  505. @lovemetender1974
    That method sounds very dangerous because there isn’t a constant flow of Helium. CO2 could accumulate causing convulsions and such. Risk of survival and brain damage seem high.

    I have tested an 8.9cu.ft. Balloon Time tank without a flow fitting or testing the pressure and found the results underwelming. 3-4 minutes turned on full with the fifth just being a trickle. The 3-4 minute period I actually had to re-adjust the valve to maintain the higher flow.

    I have an 80cu.ft. Argon tank @ 2150PSI and an Argon Flow Meter I purchased from eBay. I plan on getting another tank and meter in the near future.

  506. Firefly, Wow! I am absolutely positive that was what Daniel was thinking after all, he was hospitalized when he was 16 for a month over talking about suicide at school, they called and told me to meet them at the hospital. I was blown away by this revelation of Suicide. He was only 16 (Keep in mind I knew very little about suicide back then) He never mentioned back then either so this was a surprising /shocking event.
    I was told that my 16 year old had found MY gun and placed it to his neck before but couldn’t pull the trigger. He wasn’t aware of the mechanics so it would not work for him. (I absolutely thought this was a lie because of where I had my weapon stored.) Further more, here I am going through this process with Daniel They gave me “Special” attention (I Later found out my treatment was due to having a very good medical plan through my job) They billed 40K for Daniels month long stay. Daniel came away with this “New”" coping mechanism called cutting. That is also when the threats of suicide started. At first they were few and far between but as Daniel aged they became this Glamorous statement. IE When I die it will dark and rain for a week solid. or pointing to me and saying “You have no idea what I am capable of” if I spoke sweetly to him he would tell me to f*** off. As a family we all loved Daniel we would not place him in an institution because that wouldn’t change anything he might do it there for thinking we all abandoned him. We let him vent, hell we all vented. When his dad kicked him out the final time I took him in and told my current bf that my son came first. Daniel refused to see his dad face to face for the last 5 years of Daniels life. 22 when he Died. I told Daniel was willing to do anything that he was my responsibility and I was cool with it. Never took drugs never drank None of us survivors got it, other than he “Left us” we must have done something wrong. I searched his room and computer for weeks trying to find some kind of note stating some sort of reasoning. (All I found was a will) Not sure if you have considered whether or not to leave a note. Statistically Most Suicides don’t leave a note. As a Mom of loss, I often felt so crazy that I knew of no reason and could not find any answers. Even if Daniel left me a note saying F Off!! It would have been something, I remember wishing for any kind of note. I can’t speak for Daniels father as we don’t speak. But that was my feelings about that. Now, To discuss finding Daniels body. I found my Sons Body with my Parents and my brother as we all removed door handle and broke in. The shock of seeing my sons body Has affected us all we all suffer serious cases of PTSD. We have weighed if it were done outside the home we may not find him or never know what happened etc. That may very well be worse than finding him not knowing. Keep in mind that just because they don’t find you does not mean they are safe from many PTSD patients experience the same whether they found or the police found their child. Also, where ever you complete this will become a crime scene. Daniel did it at home so our home became a crime scene and during many hours we were asked to wait outside as they processed the “Crime Scene” as they called our home. All this while we wait in the cold December morning outside in our back yard. each of us being interviewed individually about the events leading up to the Suicide by the head Detective. All while we were still in such complete shock that my mother said listen! Do you hear the train? I had to remind her that it comes through every morning about this time. We were all in Shock , mentally gone…..

  507. Besides Siblings Can Be a Jealous and hurtful…

  508. Firefly: Sorry I was just addressing your sisters opinion and how much weight you laid into that. Please let me know if You wish not to speak to me any more. I hope you continue our dialogue. send me your thoughts…..

  509. Hi, Shells, yeah, these are all things I’ve thought about, note or no note, location. I’d considered in the past driving someplace remote (I live in a very rural area) and calling the police before doing it, but that would mean it had to be a fast, effective method, such as a gun. And I do no where my dad keeps a loaded hand gun. But I don’t want to leave a mess behind, I want to be suitable for a wake and not leave behind anything too scarring for my parents to identify. I’ve also pretty much settled on helium, it seems the least painful, and I’m pretty afraid of the pain and instinctually reacting to survival instincts…that was redundant, but you get the point. So, I think what I’d do is choose where I was going to do it, and on that day, mail a letter to the police with my location and details. It would take a couple days for anything to come of that, so I’d be safe to drive off and just do it in my car. In a cooler season, for obvious reasons :3. So, it’s neat, it’s clean, my parents don’t have to find me, and the house isn’t turned upside down. Still up in the air on the note. Do you feel one would’ve brought you closure?

    While my parents realize there’s something wrong, they have no idea the depths my depression has reached, they don’t know I’ve researched and planned…probably don’t know I have suicidal thoughts at all. I try to talk to my mom sometimes, but it’s not easy. They’ve been wanting to get me professional help for years. I currently have no medical insurance though, they would have to pay out of pocket, and I can’t do that to them. My mom says they would though. I’ve never seen a doctor about any of it, never been on any medication. Things are worse now than they’ve ever been. Had a bit of a freak accident about a year ago and have been on worker’s comp ever since, but that’s about to end. It cost me a job I adored, a job that actually gave me purpose. So, now I’ve got a scarred, disfigured arm, a hand that doesn’t entirely work, no job, no prospects for a job, no motivation to get one, all but broke, and my boyfriend is terminally ill and has stopped responding to treatment. And I can hardly bring myself to see him anyway, I hate how I feel, how I look. Sometimes people just reach the end of their ropes. Pile all of this on top of the fact that I’ve wrestled with depression since middle/high school…and I’ve just had enough. And even when not depressed, I just don’t see any point to life. To be honest, it’s not an idea I’ve fully committed to yet, but I feel I creep closer every day. Sometimes I think of seeking help, council, therapy, etc…but it seems out of reach to someone in my position, and I don’t know what’s scarier…being told something is wrong with me or that nothing is wrong with me.

    While nothing can ease your pain, I’m sure…take some comfort in the fact that if he’s not hurting anymore. Through no fault of your own he was in a great amount of pain and desperate for an escape. It’s both a selfish and a courageous act. And as much as it hurts that he’s gone, he’s also at peace now, he’s not sad or angry, and he found the relief he desperately needed and wanted.

  510. First of all, I’m sorry for your loss Shells. As a son who is seriously considering suicide myself this summer and have only put it off these years because of what it would do to my mom, it’s difficult to read the experiences of a mother who has suffered that loss.

    I can’t really offer you much insight because everyone experience life and pain differently. But I am sure that your son did everything he could to live for you and his loved ones.

    I’m between 20-30 and I’ve been severely depressed for about 10-15 years now. I had an attempt 8 years ago, essentially on “impulse” because I felt like I couldn’t really take it any more. My parents reaction to the whole thing really shocked me and made me vow to myself that I would not kill myself while they are alive because of what I saw it would do to them.

    Often times I feel as if I was born to die -as if I’m struck with a terminal case of joylessness and hopelessness. I’ve been medicated and I’ve been counselled. It helped short term. I am not bi polar however I do have fluctuations in mood -typically between a narrow range of “I need to end it right now” to “I can survive another year” It is these fluctuations that are the most tiring of it all. They bait with just a tiny little hope on the upswing only to tear it all away on the way down. After my attempt I quit self injuring for my parents sake (and it was severe) and I had moved out, found a partner and started my own successful business. To my parents it looks like I had overcome adversity in an exceptional way -what they don’t know is that my life is now built on a lie. While everything may be true, underneath it all I’m just as unhappy as I’ve ever been. My success masks my failure to feel happiness, any at all. And keeping up this facade to everyone around me has become incredibly draining over the years to the point where I sometimes don’t even try anymore -and that’s when I scare my parents who have doubt seep in as to what’s really going on beneath it all.

    My partner sees it -she sees it because she sees me all the time. My inability to smile anymore, to laugh anymore to leave the house and go anywhere and do anything anymore.

    I like to think that suicide is not an option for depression -that it’s treatable and that it can change. But through the years I have slowly come to the conclusion that that is not really the point that matters -whether there’s an alternative or not. After 15 years of living dead, missing your youth (I have not had a friend in 8 years…I leave the house only once a week for groceries and manage business through email) of your hope of getting better slowly slipping away and being replaced by an apathetic who cares -you begin to think that it really isnt worth waiting for the all elusive day that things finally turn for the better. What if they dont? And even if they do 10-20 years from now what will it matter anymore? I’ve lost my youth, my chance to have any friendships by dropping out of school and having my own business that requires no social interaction.

    Eventhough I love and care for my parents dearly, as I come to realize that this depression is more and more terminal for me I begin to go blind and numb to the idea of living long enough to outlive them all. I’m seriously considering ending it all this year -eventhough I have reservations. Because I’m living for other people and other people alone. Namely my parents and partner. I see no future for myself. By continuing this lie that is my life I’m just protecting the ones I love but suffering endlessly in return.

    I really feel for mothers, fathers, siblings and friends who lose someone to suicide. It’s tragic -but I just hope that they understand that they were loved and considered endlessly by the victim -but suffering in a prison of depression without a key out to come by is impossible to do forever…Once you hit rock bottom the only way isn’t up -with depression it’s often times nowhere. You’re stuck in that pit of despair and you’re stuck for years, for decades. It isn’t depression that kills. It isn’t life that kills. It’s hopelessness that pulls the trigger and sometimes it just feels like there just isn’t enough of it to go around for everyone.

    For me what I have noticed through the whole ordeal, something fundamental that has gone missing inside of me is the survival instinct. It’s gone -though I’m sure if I tried to kill myself the instinct would kick in, but in life I have lost my instinct of self preservation. Whenever I’m on a plane, a bus, a car I just pray for a collision. Whenever I do drag myself out of the house to go shopping at night I pray for a stabbing. Anything to end my misery in a way that I feel would be the easiest for my loved ones to come to terms with an accept.

    Even if your loved one could have been treated and saved -at the time of suicide his pain must have been overwhelming for him. Sometimes you can’t mortgage your life for a future that may not happen -I believe your son is at piece now and though I hate the loss that you had to suffer and the pain that went along with it I really emphasize with your son. I do not believe that he could have done anything differently in that moment and I’m sure you were in his thoughts and heart every step of the way.

  511. Overdosing didn’t work for me either. I would just get headaches and have a problem hearing. Although I did manage to get myself a heart problem, Not to serious though.

  512. Anyone have any suggestions at to the best place to buy a helium tank and/or regulator?

  513. This not a site to plan out your suicides together! This is to seek help to try and get better for yourself and everyone around you. This is absurd, you are taking the easy way out and you are all capable of better. You were all happy at one point in your life so that is reassurance it’s completely possible to get back to. Instead of you all telling eachother how to plan their suicide why don’t you try to be there for eachother since you are all struggling with the same thing. Think about your families, although you might feel as if nobody will miss you they most certainly will, too much. With time comes recovery, but you have to wait around to see the brighter day ahead of you.

  514. Do you want anyone else to feel the pain you are feeling? If you kill yourself you are passing that pain onto someone else. Depression becomes addicting in a way i think, it consumes you. You need to understand that you are loved and capable of being happy one day so long as you hold out and find people to love who will love you back whoever they might be

  515. Don’t go through life waiting for the day to end, for the next day to pass so it will end. Focus on today, don’t worry about what the future holds. Work on bettering yourself today. There are resources out there you just have to want the help. “the sun will rise again tomorrow” no matter what troubles and pain you have faced today, the sun still shines for you the next day. If your tired of the people around you and where you live maybe focus on nature and how beautiful it is, go to some really beautiful places and live to see it another day

  516. And if you are feeling that you want to kill yourself. TELL SOMEONE. You might be suprised by people’s reactions. It might change your mind on wanting to do it. You need to let them know so you don’t have them feeling guilty for the rest of their lives. Give them a chance to help you.

  517. @c0029

    I think you’re probably going to get some negative replies here but I’m not going down that road. However I think it’s equally close minded as perhaps some of the people who want to kill themselves to tell them not to. Why? I’m not religious so none of that matters to me. Yes, there is family. But I think its equally selfish to expect someone in daily, excruciating pain, whether physical or mental, to live for someone else as it is to commit suicide to end the pain of self. It is selfish both ways and at some point I think one has the right to make the decision as to what is best for themselves -not someone else. What point? I don’t know -but people here, not including the people with terminal or painful illnesses, have been suffering for decades in some cases with no light at the end of the tunnel. How selfish is it to ask them to suffer some more so that they don’t hurt someone that loves them (which by the way you have NO authority as to whether such people exist or not)

    I’ve known a kid who committed suicide after 7 years of being homebound. His parents had both died early in his life. He had no one left in his family who was alive and lived alone since 15. Dropped out of school and became homebound on welfare. He had no friends -whatsoever. Who are you to tell him that he was loved and should keep suffering from his mental anguish?

    I’m not saying suicide is right or wrong -I’m saying that it’s a choice. and often times the choice is, am I going to keep suffering for years or even decades with debilitating unhappiness so that my loved ones can at least say that I’m “alive” even if not living -or am I going to ease my suffering and put loved ones through some pain to do so? It’s selfish either way on the side of both parties and you really can’t just come in here judging peoples decisions that you know nothing about. MAYBE for some people things will get better eventually -10, 20, 30 years from now? Maybe once they turn grey and have missed most of their life they’ll finally shed their unhappiness once it’s too late to really enjoy it. Why live a life of torment for a possibility that may or may not come when it’ll all end in death anyway? If you enjoy life that’s excellent and you should make everything of it -not everyone does or can do the same.

  518. I this some sort of joke?

    The “Read this first” list the do not’s for thier site.

    This is not a place to share suicide methods.

    This is not a place to find a suicide partner.

    This is not a place to preach the gospel.

    This is not a place to post random stuff on random topics.

    This is not a place to spout hate.

    I haven’t read every post, but every thing they say this place is not takes place in this. ick.

  519. c0029, Margaret, why rain on a perfectly good post with conversation progressing in a constructive direction? And c00, be more cliche. You have no way of knowing what people are feeling and going through. Do you know what it’s like to fight depression for 10+ years? Sure, we all have moments of happiness, but what happens when the depression far outweighs the good times? When even while not depressed, you can’t logically find a reason to be here.

    I would say most people who want to do it, seriously want to are aware that someone, somewhere love them. Unless you’re an emo teenager just looking for attention, most of us are not so melodramatic as to think nobody cares. You reach a point though where even if someone cares, as Tyler Durdan said, you have to decide, because either way it’s selfish for one side or the other. So don’t aggressively spout cliches at people you don’t know.

  520. @tylerdurdan You don’t know how often I wrestle emotionally over who’s suffering would have been worse I feel like dying today so I could join him. As a Survivor Mom I would not want my Son to suffer a long life of unbearable pain. And it so breaks my heart to even try to fathom the Horrific feeling of “No Other Choice” OMG My poor baby! sometimes it kills me to be here but I have a goal of my own as do each of us, some of us to save some with right to die. (I cannot pass judgment or I would be judging my own son) This is the only way I can describe it, It reaches up from through the ground and it grabs my soul and I double over in pain of losing my son” “And yet I hurt this much because even if he placed his pains on me? his was still worse than that. I struggle a lot about it as would any parent. As would any survivor of Suicide. Why because We Love you don’t want to hurt my son my god the guilt sometimes. omg! I got to get to Firefly@ A note a note a note … Please excuse my distance I only get on here couple times a week. I remember about three months in screaming at the top of my lungs while I stood in his Bedroom WTF didn’t you leave me a note why!?!?!?!?! What happened?!?!?! What did I Do?!?!?!? thats where the root of a deathly guilt grabs my ankle with what I feel will be a lifelong hold…. My opinion though. One of the first things we started to do was search the house for anything from him Old pictures, my brother poked his head in the door and reminded we actually have video on our GH equipment, It is silent, its black and white but I don’t care I watch it all the time. When my son killed himself I felt like I lost everything including myself, I had or have depending on the day feel like there is nothing left for me. I was stripped of my motherhood in one fatal swoop. For the Woman of our family we all agree we want a note ANYTHING!!!! for the men it didn’t seem to matter what was done was done. Finding him affected them differently from how it affected me and my mom. it is pretty pathetic being down on the floor picking up papers or anything with writing in the hopes of some kind of answer. there was a “Will” in his drawers on a crumply piece of paper if i die: this goes where” it hurt that he seemed more concerned about his earthly belongings than something to his mom? Ugh! That too is a tough one. It sounds like you care about those around you give them something. It has been 1 year and six months and I am just now coming out of the protective shield of shock. I cant deny it anymore he is gone. how do I go on? Sorry so sappy My birthday is the 24th my second without him I am so lonely. It has been said that my son killed himself as a way to punish me because he was angry with me. IS IT TRUE? does anybody kill themselves as a way to get even with a parent?

  521. @c0029 thank you for your summary of cliches regarding the topic of suicide .. you seem to have little understanding of what leads someone to kill him/herself

    why try to talk people out of it ? is it because suicide will awake “normal people” from their illusions, to how nasty and discouraging this world can be (to some) ?
    who decided suicidal people have to hang on to life regardless of their situation ?
    do you see yourself telling someone who hasn’t been happy for 10+ years happiness is somewhere around the corner ?
    what if a suicidal person has concluded life isn’t worth fighting for ? why is there no such thing as the right to die ?

    better to shut the fuck you and go back to enjoying this shitty world

  522. i have been trying for weeks to end myself, thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. this post was certainly worth my time ^w^

  523. Hi Shells,

    I can’t answer your question because I can’t know what was going through his head exactly, but perhaps some of my own situation may reflect on yours with your son as well.

    Me and my mother have a very difficult relationship. I love her dearly as does she me but a big part of my suffering is related to my relationship with my mother in childhood that has effected me for the rest of my life. I don’t mean to bash my mother -she is loving and caring but she used to be severely bipolar and as I did not have a father growing up the way she treated me due to her condition effected me immensely in to adult hood. We have a very stormy history to say the least and I have been faaar from perfect myself, but through it all we both know that we love eachother very much underneath it all.

    I myself have thought a lot about the whole idea of leaving a note. My first and only attempt up until now was about 7 years ago -at the time I was living with my father (my parents live across the world from eachother and after I turned 18 I left to go to my dad to escape the insanity). The attempt was fairly pathetic -eventhough I didn’t mean it as a cry for help it was largely unresearched and impulsive and failed. I left a note to my mom but not to my dad. After recovery my dad told me how it hurt him that I left him nothing -as if I didnt care. Truth is I do care about him but I really couldn’t give him a reason. I am still not sure why I left him without a note -I think it was because that night everything happened so fast -the attempt was not planned until that very moment, at the time I suffered from paranoia and something set me off for the attempt and I just spent a moment emailing my mother before I went ahead with everything else. The pain was unbearable in that moment of time, like I’ve never felt before and all I remember is like a switch suddenly going off, my mind and body desperately looking for a rapid way out. Any way out, just fast because the emotional storm I felt in that moment was overwhelming. I lost control in that moment in a way I had never before or since then and it was as if my body was literally just going through the motions to kill myself without any argument from my mind. It’s scary to describe and sounds crazy as hell but I cannot describe it in any other way.

    I still wrestle with the thought of what I am going to leave behind -I think to myself whether a note would make things even more difficult. I wonder if my parents re reading it again and again for years would simply deepen the scar and as if endlessly picking at the scabs never allowing it to heal. I think that, depending on the method, it my otherwise pass off as an “accident”, as a remote possibility if a note is not left and that would certainly be much easier for everyone to bare.

    There are a million and one thoughts that go through the mind -some of them irrational in my opinion. I’ve now spent months weighing a million different options. Whether I leave a note or not. Whether I just disappear and leave everyone that little thread of hope of my return someday. Whether I fake an accident and spare them the guilt. And even if I write the note what can I truly say? I feel that by just describing all the pain I’ve been in all these years I will make things WORSE for my parents who will drown of guilt for not having realized that I never truly recovered like they had thought. They will blame themselves even more.

    Suicide is the final decision one can make -it represents the end of the road. But from my perspective, and I think many others, it is the million different, tragic paths that our final decision will set our loved ones down on that really eat at us at night -and keeps us trying to survive another day, month or year. It’s the infinite weighing of pros and cons of how every little detail of our suicide will effect our loved ones that consume the mind once it has given up hope of living for itself. A lot of the considerations aren’t logical -but in my experience, without fail, they are all made with what is considered to be the best interest of the loved ones left behind -even if really isn’t. In the end a choice has to be made -and everyone will make that choice differently depending on what they decided is the best for those left behind. There can only be one choice made. I don’t know what your son was thinking, but I believe he chose the scenario that he believed would take away his pain in the easiest, quickest way possible with the least amount of damage and and hurt left behind. That’s what it all comes down to. Unfortunately we can never truly appreciate what we will leave behind and our choices may end up being for the worse though never intended.

  524. I have to be honest Shells your posts are very difficult for me to read. The only reason I haven’t killed myself long ago is my mother -because I know she will kill herself once I do. she has no one. no friends. no family. Shes retired, in debt until I paid it off and I am the one who pays everything for her so that she can have a financially at least less stressful life then she otherwise would. She depends on me. I would do anything and everything for her except for my inability to smile anymore. I cannot fake my happiness any longer. I can’t give her the gift of that lie anymore. It’s the knowledge that she will almost certainly try and kill herself once I do and probably fail without the knowledge, end up scared, in pain, locked in asylum or vegetative that really kills me. I’ve seriously considered buying an extra nembutal and having it sent to my mom 7 days after my suicide with a note. So that if she chooses to go because of me, she can do so safely and painlessly. But I hate the idea of it all. It’s these kinds of considerations that one must go through, endlessly and in the end one has to to make a decision as how everything will go down without truly knowing if they made the right choices. I have enormous guilt over everything because of the love I feel for those that I will hurt the most and I’m sure your son did to. It’s impossible for me to tell you to not blame yourself -you’re on the opposite side and I cant possibly understand what its like there. But I wish the best to you Shells, I really do.

  525. Tyler, I am sorry and hope that I am not causing issue my goal is simply and sadly, selfishly looking for answers to “MY” questions as a Survivor. I am grateful a little for your feelings of respect towards me because it helps me to understand what he means when he says that he did not want to hurt anyone. (Through Medium Readings) I used to think that was just “The norm” of what is said. But after reading your post I feel that MY Bipolar Issues may have f***** with my Son and I had no idea. Through you I am learning that someone can take their life and still at the same time “Love” their family, sometimes I wonder if he thought Death was his only escape from me. :((( But please do a favor to your mother and not provide her with the means to end her life at a time when the shock of something like losing their child cloud their own judgement. Just as much as I could never “Pass judgement” please dont you “Pass judgement” on your mom. What I mean is, She might surprise you and survive this she could be sitting in a suicide site looking for some kind of answer to her craziest most horrific reality and find the light she needs from others like her Son/Daughter. We each have our own tests and must find our way. That I think was one of the first things that hit me, OMG I am alone! I have no purpose! Sound Familiar? (In those early days if someone gave me means I would have done it without thinking about it painful or not. It is what happens at time of shock. So, from the very moment she finds out and all is said and done. She must find her own way without your help from this side anyway, and only your mom knows when she stands alone. Not trying to disrespect you in any way. hope I did not. I say only based on me and some what I hear. If its hearsay I say its hearsay. I weep sometimes when I read some of yours because it is so familiar. I am Bipolar etc. I want you to know that I wish the best for you too. I wondered if it had to be something mechanical like you described in previous post…. for one to depart, so familiar really….. In Loving memory my Son D.M.I.

  526. Hi Shells,

    I don’t think he was trying to escape from you. I don’t think people commit suicide to escape from someone. I never look at my plans as escaping from anyone -actually its my loves ones who have kept me from going through with my plans this long even through painful points of relationships like everyone has. If it wasn’t for my loved ones I wouldn’t even contemplate for a second, I would do it in a heartbeat and I think most are that way -no one commits suicide to run from family, it is in fact family that makes the decision so unbearably hard. Suicide is a way to stop the pain -and its not caused by people. To be honest I used to place blame on others -sometimes specific people sometimes the world in general but as I’ve matured and suffered with depression through these years I’ve come to realize it has nothing to do with the external world -the pain is all in my head, in the way I think, feel, behave, my habits and my way of just existing in the world. It’s all internally generated and nothing outside of me changes my depression. And after a brief glimmer of hope that actually became a very painful realization. Because even though you could argue that knowing that should give me a feeling of control it actually took it away because after all the drugs and therapy I came to realize that I can never run away with it if the problem is actually “me” and doesn’t appear to be fixable.

    But yes, one can certainly take their life and love their family immensely. They can also know that they were loved as well. Unfortunately and counter-cliche, but love is no cure for depression. One can love and be loved and still be immensely unhappy and I cant explain why. I don’t know your sons situation but what he did was no reflection of his feelings for you -suicide is a completely selfish act, and I don’t mean that in a negative way. It’s the point where you decide that you can no longer shoulder the suffering, become hopeless to it ever getting better, and believe or at least hope that the loved ones left behind will be able to cope with the pain of loss much better then you could cope with the pain of “life” yourself. When I think about leaving the few loved ones that I have left behind I have come to rationalize that their pain of grieving will slowly heal with time. The pain will slowly fade and things will eventually become better for them. Selfish I know -but then when you’re willing to take away your own life you feel that time will never heal your own suffering. The depression is a constant grieving, often year after year that only seems to worsen. IT makes you think of death as peace away from the suffering. It’s selfish but the loved ones are always endlessly considered and I really dont know anyone who has been suicidal or actually went through with it who wasnt torn apart by thoughts of the suffering of loved ones that theyll leave behind.

    When i think about the family I’ll leave behind I realize the guilt I’m leaving them too. When I first attempted I did not really consider this -only through their reactions to my first attempt and maturing somewhat through the years did I come to appreciate at least a little how much weight they will shoulder from blaming themselves. I wish I could do something to ease the blame -and if your son saw your suffering I am sure he would want nothing more then to ease yours as well. The thing that makes suicide so hard isn’t the fear of death -most fear a known life of pain more then the unknown of death once hopelessness tips over. It’s how we leave our loved ones behind that makes it so hard. And to go through with something like this we have to seriously rationalize that it wont be “THAT bad” for our loved ones otherwise we would be stuck in Limbo forever -alive yet dead as a sort of living “life support” for our loved ones. I do it and others do it to. I’m sure your son tried to rationalize as well and couldn’t appreciate the pain he would cause you, not because he didn’t love you but precisely because he did. There’s no other way to go through with it unless, in your mind you try to shrink the damage that you will leave behind to something you can bare.

    And you can “snap” at anytime like I did 7 years ago and then its almost like the body just goes its way. In either case its never about wanting to hurt anyone, its just about ending the hurt of oneself. I really cant give you answers just the perspective of someone who has probably experienced something similar to what your son may have.

  527. Hi Tyler, I want to thank you and Firefly for taking the time to have an intelligent response to my questions. You treated me with dignity and respected my loss unlike some of the other posts. People come in here saying like I said BS either judgment or angry because they are still here. After speaking to you and firefly I understand a bit better and for that I am eternally grateful for you being here for me at least today. (So to speak) I have come here since I found it about a month or so after my son passed. I thought I would see a post from him I looked and looked, nothing. So I began to write notes to Daniel and just leave, thinking maybe it will help someone. I never thought until recently, 1 year and 6 months in, I am here, asking questions and having a real conversation about it. Yesterday was my 45th birthday and now I have to take the long hall and try to go on. I am moving into a new house in a new neighborhood because everything around here reminds me of him. I am not trying to escape his memory, but have less of the panic when the memories hit me without notice. They still will but I am hoping that this move will ease some of that memory of “That” day. I can’t even go in the back yard here because it is where the police made us wait while they photographed and removed My Son from His Room. I have been in my bedroom since he died literally and I think if I don’t leave I might stay in here and not even try to live in the real world. Trust me I agree that the world is really $hitty sometimes, I myself feel like I have to try at least. I live now for myself and my Son. I smoke and take pills to help ease some of the trauma, hoping the move will help me slow down on this stuff. Ugh! I could complain all day long… Sorry. Too much sugar yesterday on my cake whew. Mainly I really just want to say Thank You. You Both have helped me more than you know and I am glad you were here when I needed answers. I want to introduce you to my Son in any case, you can go to Google images and type in his name his picture is the first picture that pops up. In loving memory and Honor for his Valor in a battle we couldn’t see, I am sorry I couldn’t hear your silent Screams. Forever My Precious Son, Daniel Matthew Imhoff…..Take Care Tyler and Firefly Sending you both Love and Light Hope the best for you both…..

  528. hello i’m a 55 year old that is really ready to call it quits.i decieded on the helium method i really am not afraid to go,i believe in nothing and dying will finally end my suffering,but i have a girl friend that loves me and i feel really guilty leaving her alone also i owe my dad some money and hes old i just can’t do anything till i pay him back,why should i care? i’d be dead and won’t care or no anything,but i do. i don’t want people i love to suffer but at the same time i suffer every day. so i’m not going to rush it, till i figure out how to do it and not hurt everyone. i’m going to make sure they are both set up before i blastoff.

  529. Can anyone tell me where you guys get all the materials? I was able to buy 2 helium tanks at the toy store but I don’t know where to find all the other things like a tube. Please help me!

  530. this is what i’ve been told
    go to hardware store get 10′ plastic tube 3/8″ id and 1/2″ od
    get plastic tee 5/16″ od
    get sweat head band from sporting goods
    get turkey roasting bag at regular store 22″x30″
    and you will have it all.
    but! think about it for a while because you may change your mind.
    good luck

  531. A bit off topic from the thread but I’ve managed to find a few legit sources of nembutal so at the moment it’s likely that I’m going to be going with that, painless and fast. It’s going to cost a lot but the simplicity and definitiveness of it make it ideal for me and its also an insurance for me -like a poison pill. I can have some peace of mind knowing that the option is open and available to me which might allow me to survive a bit longer. The hood method just has too many moving parts for my liking.

  532. DdTyler wat did u come up with? I’ve been focused on the helium hood method and going to try it within 24 hrs. I’ve bought the helium tank and have a cpr mask with pvc piping… hoping this will work… wats ur ideal? Email me if ud like sberkley79@gmail.com

  533. life does suck, doesn’t it. my attempt was poisioning myself by drinking bleach. i didn’t have the guts to do it because like you, i was afraid of waking up in a hospital in recovery mode. i wish you the best.

  534. Tylerdurdan are you in the USA. I just ordered the helium fittings from exit but would love to find some nembutal I am 45 years old and think it is time to exit.

  535. yes life sucks,soon as the shine wears off like a new car and you start making those payments,when you realize you did your best to grab the brass ring and never even came close,when you wake up and see that 99% of the people you know and work with are jelous and have evil thoughts,i’m not kidding i go way out of my way to be kind and generous to everyone and they either think i’m a sucker or weak,everyday i wake up to the same old thing,life has turned into a circus that’s boring to me,not to metion i’m starting have health issues,i was asleep and at peace a few minutes ago then i woke up and started writing this.this is a suicide blog sorry if you exspected me to pump sunshine up your xxx.

  536. i like the idea of making a pact with someone. i’m in southern california. we could travel together to mexico and purchase nembutol. the helium mask sounds good but i would feel better with a nembutol insurance plan. i am experienced at failed attempts and of course, i don’t want this to be another failure. please email me at seriousdispleasure@gmail if you want to make a pact with me.

  537. I’m still deciding if I should order the flow kit from Exit or not – could anyone who is from the UK and successfully ordered and received it please let me know? I’d be extremely grateful. That extra bit of insurance would mean the the world. My email is: toriwilliams2012@hushmail.com . Thanks.

  538. Hi everyone,

    I’m also interested in finding someone to make a suicide pact with. I suffer from severe anxiety and depression which has significantly hindered my quality of life…aside from that I’m a sane, competent young guy living in California. I attempted an overdose on a combination of benzos and alcohol in January and am now interested primarily in the helium ‘exit bag’ method as a means to peacefully ending my life. I would feel most comfortable having another individual to orchestrate this with so if anyone is interested please feel free to email me at melancholyescape@gmail.com. Thanks

  539. gosh.. i guess few of suicidals here couldn’t be blamed of almost taking their lives. even how irrational it is no one of us should be judged. but let me just be vocal about my opinion. last night, i attempted to commit suicide again.! why? one of my reasons is because i already want to look forward and forget my past but i couldn’t. my first step was to find scholarship to pursue college. unsuccerssful. i’m just an average person and some scholarships i saw grants grads and those close to being a genius. therefore, i am not qualified. my 2nd step is to find a job. and guess what. how could i possibly go ahead when i don’t have atleast a coin in my pocket! thank God for some f reason i have free net access to find this site and to read some posts here. it just felt that i need some penny as an investment for a bright future and yet there are people who, to attempt suicide would spend some money to buy those f materials. well im not judging anyone. it’s just so unfair on my part. that even in taking my life, i can only use a blade filled with rust worth P5. D:
    guys.. ur even more opportuned than me. don’t waste it.

    my life is boring.. need someone to talk to- ging020789@gmail.com. hope someone would notice.

  540. To the ppl who actually have parents and partners who love them, who offer to help them, who need them… Appreciate it please!

    I have no one right now. I’ve struggled with depression and biploar disorder for 16 years now. I told my mother I wanted to kill myself and she said “Oh for God’s sake, just do it already”.

    My abusive ex bf told me to kill myself for Christmas bc nobody loves me. He tried to strangle me. I had to charge him with assault in the end.

    My just-now-ex-bf has been cheating on me behind my back for the last 3 1/2 years. I loved him so much, really thought I had finally found someone good and decent.

    My old best friend is no longer bc she confessed to sleeping with someone I had dated, and said she was only telling me bc she knew I was finally happy and wanted me to feel like shit bc her life was falling apart.

    I reached out to my father the other night out of desperation for someone to talk to. He told me I need to get over it all, get a life, learn how to be a woman already and grow a backbone.

    So, I officially have not a freakin’soul to turn to. If I had parents who’d pay for therapy, or a partner who loved me, I’d want to stay on this Earth. But I don’t.

    I live near train tracks, and I hear that is a very good way to succeed in suicide. I will have to tie up my loose ends first but it would give me something to do, a temporary purpose.

    I also understand the Golden Gate Bridge is a good place to jump. Too bad I’m in Canada >_<

    Gonna sleep on this plan for now but will see how dedicated (omg, almost wrote dessicated! a sign?!) I am in the coming days & weeks. In my heart and soul I don't want to but my mind tells me there is nothing to hold out for except more of what I've had so far.

  541. If anyone has read my post above and wants to talk to me, just send an email to sphm66@hotmail.com

  542. @itimatpula

    No offense, but you don’t need money to commit suicide. A rope and tree are free and just as effective as nembutal or gases. Most of us want to die in a less traumatic way so we opt for gases, drugs etc if we can afford it. But if I couldn’t afford that I would swalow my fear and just opt for the rope. The way you described your situation and your attempt (which seemed rather flippant) as well as your reasoning for being still here tell me you really aren’t at rock bottom yet where you’ll do anything to die. Part of you wants to live and I’d seriously explore that part of yourself before opting for suicide.

  543. @hunnybee

    First of all, sorry about your situation -it sounds quite messed up to say the least and I really hope it gets better for you before you decide going through with suicide. You sound like a decent person who nobody appreciates -but especially not yourself.

    Also, suicide by train is actually a fairly risky way to go. 2 in 10 survive and a good chunk of those with horrific, irreversible injuries. I woudn’t risk it unless there really is no alternative for you -which there is living in Canada.

    I understand where you’re coming from though -I have a, at times, psychotic mother who had offered to kill herself with me many years ago, is extremely unstable and, in the past, emotionally abusive. I just lost the only friend I had left a few weeks ago due to a psychotic break on my part (that she does not understand). Things can spin out of hand and spiral downwards fast so I don’t judge your decision, but I really hope things end up looking up for you -somehow, sometime. If you need anyone to talk don’t be afraid to message me. Take care.

  544. @tylerdurdan

    thanks for the line but u don’t seem to get my point. most people i tell my frustrations actually don’t.

  545. @tylerdurdan

    thanks for the line but u don’t seem to get my point. most people i tell my frustrations actually don’t.
    i know my reasoning are childish and corny because my problem is yes, a financial problem but if anyone is in my shoes u’ll get to realize how hard it is to live. when u want to live but u just couldn’t find a way how to live it.
    no one wants to dream of something and turn out stuck in ur house waking up to eat from the palm of ur parents without the guts to ask why can’t i eat the food i want, to wash the dishes, to do the laundry, to watch some tv program when it’s not useful cuz i only stay in the house and i couldn’t use the morals it gives to share to anyone, to watch the news when i can even do anything to be somehow a help, when u wanna do something and u can’t do it because it needs money to do that. it’s hard that mundane things hamper me from doing what i wanna. damn money.. damn opportunities. ! i never dreamt of being a billionaire but i never wanted to be like this. im poor, not only in materials but in life. i just don’t know if i did the most evil things in the world that im getting this kind of karma that i could not explain. everything turned it’s back on me. im like a gadget without a battery. damn.
    noone understands me. that’s all. and yet even taking my life is hard to do. omg.

  546. Money is honestly the easier part to solve. I’ve been homebound for years due to my depression and come from a poor background without education. I started working online several years ago and I’m making more money then most professionals ten years older then I am. Granted I have nothing to spend it on because I’m homebound and depressed and find enjoyment in nothing -I just use the money to take care of family abroad plus pay my bills without having to get a “real” job. Just look up internet marketing -warriorforum.com for example, maybe it’ll help you out long term.

  547. thanks for the info because I’ve been looking for a legit work online for so long but i couldn’t find one. i’ve been scammed so many times. but.. don’t have pc @ home.. can i use a phone for that one. i only have a free access of net via phone. ??

  548. @tylerdurdan

    u know what.. i dunno what made u depressed but i can say that u still have a life . u must be homebound like me but u still have something to do and i don’t. i’m not in the position to say this but i guess all u have to do is to make the best out of it.

    ur still lucky compared to me. ;)

  549. I don’t think luck has much to do with it plus I don’t how what luck in this case means exactly -I have zero enjoyment out of life and making money doesn’t change it at all. You can be homeless and fulfilled/happy and even rich and miserable and depressed, it really doesn’t make a difference. I guess I have something “to do” i.e work but I don’t do it because it’s fun, I do it because I have to but it sure beats working in the “real world” for me. Granted anyone can have something “to do” from exercising all day at home to reading books or buying a 2 dollar harmonica and becoming an artist at it -finding something to do was never the problem. In fact that ultimate something to do -”living”- is what I want to permanently get rid of now anyway.

    Regarding working online, you probably misunderstand -I was talking about starting your own online business/income source through whatever approach that you choose and not necessarily through working for someone else. Although you can do that too as a freelancer if you have some kind of skill to sell -graphic/web design, bilingual for translation, writing, etc and that’s of course the easier way to get location independent.

  550. @tylerdurdan


  551. @itimapula

    May I ask why?

  552. @tylerdurdan

    i just don’t know how to say it.
    just wanna keep it to myself.
    thanks anyway.

  553. i like knowing i’m not alone although i’m sorry so many feel the same as me.
    i’m really not here for myself any longer i’m sick of waking up being responcible for alot of people and worrying what happen when i’m gone. death is a real break when your a torchered soul.when life sucks over 80% of