Running out of time… And pretty damn thankful for that.

  December 6th, 2013 by unsocialfreak

Okay i’m being completely honest here, no sugar coating anything alright. I have just come across as a huge disappointment in my entire family and every time i try to regain any self confidence it just plummets back down. I’m tired of everything and i’m not scared of the future anymore because i’ve decided that i will not have a bright and wonderful future anymore because i’m done. I may not live past 20 and I guess somethings happen for a reason and my reason is that i’m useless and i no longer have any significance to anyone. Not my family or my so called “friends”. I am a nobody in this big world. I do not matter to anyone so my death shall not harm anyone. I don’t care if my family is hurt because what’s the point of family when all you’re trying to do is run away from exactly that? My friends? they have already forgotten about me..

It’s just a matter of time now.
I’m sorry for being such a disappointment in everyone’s life.

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