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Happy about that

by kupo95

The only thing that ever made me happy about my race or my culture.Is the fact I come from a long line of cons and thieves. In normal perspective that is a horrible trait to be proud of.

But on this site about dead end jobs shity shcool system’s. Makes me a lilttle happy that because of my family life style if i wake up and hustle my ass off and hopefully meet someone. the owner of some billion dollor whatever or heiress of something and just talk and get what i want out of them ill be set no one can tell me shit . not my in laws nor my parents .

Becuse as of right now im not doing what i am suppose to be doing . because right now im homless sleeping on couches. When i have a home but my husban suddenly is not ok living there and want to be his own man . which makes no sence when I make all the money. And he thinks ill be safe in fl doing what i do. god forbid if all dont work out im fucked. He wonlt be able to save me .

 I wanna go home

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