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Nash Grier’s Advice for Self Harmers

May 31st, 2015by ghost187

“My advice for self harmers would be that it’s not worth it. Your bodies a temple and you don’t wanna take out on your body just for like an emotion you’re feeling. You know you can like take it out on something like go boxing. Just don’t. You shouldn’t be hurting your own body ever. Never. Like unless it’s an accident, which I do all the time, but don’t ever purposely do that. But if anyone knows anyone dealing with something like that er or even remotely close to that, what I would say is look at the individual. Don’t look at the scars. …

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Broken hearted prayer

May 30th, 2015by broken123

Dear God,
I know everyone has hard times in their life. I know people all go through different times, extents, and ways of bad. But I’m wondering why mine seems to be the worst case scenario on all accounts. I’m wondering why I can remember more bad times than good. I know there will be bad times. But there has to be good times too. I’m wondering why you took my mom away. Things seem just have gotten a different type of bad now that she’s gone. My step dad is now drinking himself to death and picking up all my moms old habits. Why did …

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I hate how I am; how I’ll always be.

May 29th, 2015by exulansis

I’m just so fucking stuck. No matter what I do, I’m stuck.

A little back story: my abusive boyfriend of a year and a half and I mutually split. It ended on a really, really bad note. I tend to just push it out of my mind and go numb to get over someone, which was working fine with him, until he messaged me again to try to be just friends. He knows shit like this ruins all my progress, every single time. I don’t think he cares anymore, though. I wouldn’t. I think he’s just getting a kick of dragging me along still. I don’t …

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Been an awesome week.

May 29th, 2015by Hellboss

I’m 31 years old, no kids, been engaged twice which failed. I’ve been cheated on, lied to, and the last girl I dated decided she rather go back to being a lesbian. So usually I just hide behind Apathy and drugs. I only have a high school education, because I lack effort to do anything more. I’ve always been more of a workhorse.


It’s pretty awesome starting off your week after Memorial Day by losing your car. Apparently the car place felt as if they couldn’t wait till this Friday to let me make a payment, and didn’t tell me they would wait.. so they towed …

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Slave Trade

May 28th, 2015by Rotted_Flesh



Human beings

to fill the pockets
of the elite
They say you’re “valued”
They say they “care”
Machine feeding machines.
What is this
Slave trade you prefer?
Unionized to abuse our rights
Unjust actions
to fill that bank
till your money suffocates
from the guilt
of the blood it took
I’m screaming for reason
I’m screaming from rage
I’m screaming for Answers
You will not say
I’m screaming for justice
I’m screaming for peace
I’m screaming for action
with nothing but satisfaction

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Becoming numb and feral

May 28th, 2015by sadboyneedshelp

I need serious help. I grew up to be nice and everything but I’m just not built for this world and I’ve been noticing I’ve become an absolute dick to people and in a way I kind of enjoy it. It makes me feel like I’m in control for once and I’m not the victim. I enjoy making my girlfriends cry over me and all that bullshit. But sometimes I go back to my older mind state and I just become suicidal. I feel like my time is only getting nearer before I snap and finally just do it. I can’t trust any of my …

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Friendships never last.

May 28th, 2015by Terrible

When push came to shove, and I found that most of my friends left me. It seemed like they had left me to die.

I will never forgive some of them for leaving me when I needed someone. I felt so alone already, and when they left, I fell into a deeper depression than I was already in.

I guess I’m writing this to tell the truth. Most friendships don’t last. I was friends with someone for 11 years, and as soon as high school came around, everything changed for good. We drifted apart, as people do, and became different people.

We don’t talk anymore. There are still …

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im tired of being alone

May 27th, 2015by XcomingdownX5fdp

I don’t want to live for another minute. I’m 22 and I don’t want to make it to 23. I’m sick of being alone. I’m sick of having no friends, no one to turn to, and no one to rely on. I was put on this earth with a fucked up brain. I have bipolar disorder which goes hand in hand with the severe depression. And if that wasn’t enough, I have insomnia that keeps me up at night and ADD so I can never concentrate for more than 5 fucking minutes. I hate it. I haven’t felt happy for so god damned long. Being …

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i go to the doctor tuesday, do you think i can be honest without being locked up?

May 25th, 2015by Disposable Human

male, 29, 130lbs/58kg
diagnosed: major depressive disorder, ocd, generalized anxiety disorder
prescribed: sertraline 200mg/day, xanax .5mg and zolpidem 10mg as needed

i’m trying to get help from my family physician on tuesday. i was in therapy with a psychologist for a while but stopped going because i couldn’t afford to get help, and support my manipulative ex. we have a son. i attempted during her pregnancy and spent a few days with waived human rights in a psychiatric hospital.

in my relationship i was used for money and hit a lot. there was constant berating and verbal abuse. i’m going through a divorce and don’t really get to see …

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May 24th, 2015by Arabella

Man, I feel like I for once was right about something. This website is already proving amazing. My previous vent helped me through the day, and upon logging on again and seeing a couple encouraging comments, I feel I can fully breathe again. Well, at least for today.

Tomorrow is a different story, but we’ll talk about and deal with that when we get there. Seriously though, this website is my new go-to place. I’ve kept diaries in the past, but my older sister snoops through them and at times would have the nerve to leave comments she believed encouraging. On the contrary, they were quite …

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May 24th, 2015by Arabella

As i’m sitting here, home alone, typing this, i’m feeling slightly hopeful for this website. I don’t know how many people are active here. I don’t even know if I really care. All I know is that I need a place to vent when I need to, and this place caught my eye. I would like to begin by just venting about my setting. I’m sitting here at a kitchen dining room table that’s littered with used kleenex-  15 of them, my OCD made me count-, a red face, and a wadded up suicide note. Kidding about the last thing. I have a need to …

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May 23rd, 2015by RinisSkywalking

I thought I was happy.

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I want out of this world

May 22nd, 2015by shatteredsoul1350

Why does have to go down this road
Wasn’t it suppose to be full of happiness??
Nope, just fucked up people doing fucked up shit
Not giving a fuck if anything happens
All they care about is themselves
Amused by your own pain
They don’t know
They don’t care
Why should they mess with feelings like that?
God, take me out of this world
Can i be somewhere else?
Why am i feeling this way

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Suicide of friends/family

May 20th, 2015by RadiantLight

A friend of mine just committed suicide 4 days ago and everyone in my community is totally shocked.

I was wondering what experiences you may have had with a suicide of a friend or family – whomever – and how you dealt with it.

He was a very smart student was best in his school year and an extremely intelligent and good person. He left a note that said noone should feel guilty with all his bank accounts and formal stuff. Then he left and jumped from a 10 story building. Before he has been fighting depression for one year and had medication ( I’m not sure …

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Been thinking about it

May 19th, 2015by jrmeador94

I’ve been having thoughts of ending my life. Again. Nothing is gray though. Everything is just mediocre. My life, my emotions, my future. I don’t want it. I want to feel like in the movies. It sounds weird but they’ve got color, emotions, people who fight for it and win. I’ve been fighting for a long time to better myself, but it hasn’t been working.

The crazy thing is that I envy the disorders that prevent empathy or feeling. I catch myself wanting to not feel at all, especially when my life is going to the shit bucket. I’ve tried porn, sex, drugs, booze, but they barely work and …

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Everything crashing down

May 18th, 2015by persephone

Everyone depends on me I do everything that I’m told with no questons and I get no appreciation, everyone and everything is leaning on me while I have nothing or no one to lean on… I just wanted to disappear from all of this negativity peacefully… But I don’t think I can muster up the courage to take my own life even though I think about doing it often…. I need a way OUT

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