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Symptoms…. Of What? Asking for help.

  August 12th, 2015 by KissOfDeath

So, this is very different than any other of my posts,
but I have been experiencing some “feelings” and I cannot find a name to these symptoms.
I feel like I can communicate with an outer me, such as if I had a twin, it’s very strange, it started with mirrors, and now I feel like I am not alone, although I am sitting in my room alone, such as another person is her. (Another version of myself.)
I have experienced this before, but only when I have been exhausted, and/or when I go from being surrounded by people for a long/short period of time, to be …

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any thoughts on depersonalization?

  August 11th, 2015 by Mark_1981

Apparently aspects of anxiety can lead into depersonalization…. something that I do honestly think I have.   Depersonalization is apparently fairly common… anyone out there who feels that  they’re depersonalised?


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a message to society

  August 11th, 2015 by quietiris

Everywhere on social media, men and women post perfect pictures of their bodies and faces, making it look like their imperfections are inexistent and unreal. We, as normal, maybe even weird, human beings – look at these people as our role models and ‘omg, goals‘. We never really think about the face hidden underneath those layers of foundation and filters, or the extra curves in one’s body.

It’s all about the look, right?

Makeup isn’t a sin, so aren’t filters. Looking beautiful isn’t a sin. But being cruel towards those who are physically and facially inferior to you is a sin.

You can have a flawless body, and have a heart of …

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Mysterious Misery

  August 11th, 2015 by KissOfDeath

It’s mysterious,
the day you change,
suddenly feelings are engulfed by darkness,
and it feels as if you’re carrying a darker shadow than usual.

You wonder if people notice,
but you don’t think they can,
until you get that one person who says “Why are you so different all the time now?”
and you realize that everyone has noticed,
they’ve just been too polite to say anything.

You curse yourself,
but how could this be your fault?
This isn’t something you wanted,
this isn’t something you can change.
You swallow down the pills,
that numb your brain, feelings,
To please you parents, your family, your significant other.

You hate this feeling,
but you …

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  August 10th, 2015 by MaybeImAlreadyGone

Just a few things on my mind and I may seem harsh but reading some of these comments are making me ill. Your all encouraging each other to take your life’s? Giving each other options for easy ways out? I have been  in the exact same situation as many of you&it does get better. We don’t need to encourage each other to take the easy way out. We need to be sharing some fucking hope! So if I come across as harsh, it’s because I generally care.

First of all, I don’t give a shit what anyone says; There is no reason why  you should take …

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i just don’t understand..

  August 5th, 2015 by trapcloud

so my life started to begin to turn into hell when i reached the age of 4. my mom, who is asian (I’m not being racist, I’m saying that our culture heavily emphasizes the importance of education to the point its life or death, and i think that there is a limit but not according to my family.) introduced me to a tutor. i know that it doesn’t sound bad, but i promise you, its hell. I’m not the kid who complains about homework, not at all. as my life progressed, my family was a prideful family. too prideful. for example, when my brother started …

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A life alone.

  August 4th, 2015 by Stephan_Europe

Is a life alone really worth living?

I have a really hard time seeing the beauty in the world anymore. The only company i will ever have seems to be myself, so what is the point?

I have always been a good person, yet nothing in this world seems to go my way.

I have cancer in my brain, tomorrow i going in for a checkup. The past 10 years have been a living nightmare. If i don’t get any good news soon this is going to be my exit.

So god. Even though i don’t believe i god anymore.

What is the point of giving me life, if it’s only a …

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It’s been a while…

  August 4th, 2015 by johnwhogivesashit

Its been a while since I thought about suicide. I had a panic the other day tho. I went and got some help in july. Went to this psychiatrist and got some ativan for anxiety and he gave me welbutrin for depression. I told him I didn’t feel depressed anymore. Just normal sadness ocassionionly. Lots of anxiety but not the suicidal solution that used to be right there just last year. Idk. I don’t think I’m depressed. The welbutrin doesn’t do shit as far as I can tell and this is like 2 and a half weeks in. I think I have add. I can’t …

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  July 31st, 2015 by Crowgirl23

What do you do when those self-harm and suicide thoughts come back?


Coping Resources…what coping resources??

So, hi all, I’m new here.  That sentence in itself sounds whack enough to qualify me to be here, eh?  I was reading the Read This First – Actively Suicidal subsection & noted how well it applied to me.  I feel that my coping resources are next to nil.  Never had good ones, but with […]


I’ve been at my real dads since June 24 and I’m leaving August 3. My mom has been verbally and mentally abusive for all of my life. She threatens to physically abuse me all the time. She led me to believe that my dad never cared about me and that he cheated on her with […]

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Protected: How will I know when I’m not here anymore?

  July 29th, 2015 by Tristeza

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A long walk

  July 29th, 2015 by Haven

Slightly different from my usual posts.

I’ve done a lot of walking lately, having lost my pass for public transport. Now waiting on a replacement, which will hopefully arrive before/by the end of this week.

It’s pleasant to walk everywhere. You’d think it to be tiring and long, but it isn’t. Putting in some head/earphones eases the experience.

It gave me more time to mull things over.

It’s relaxing. I walk in places where there are less people around, so I don’t feel too ‘out in the open’.

I’ve taken many things for granted, and never made the effort to truly appreciate those things. That includes being able to freely …


IF YOU’RE IN CANADA -> Listeners

  July 23rd, 2015 by Jombo

Hey guys!


I’ve been using this hotline called Listeners. it’s an app you can download on your phone and you can call a Listener any time you want. It’s 100% free, it needs internet connexion thought but no long distance fee. The people on this are professionals with diplomas in psychology and they are paid. They are so nice and caring they really want to listen to you and help. I’ve made a friend with one of them. When you hang up you can rate them and they will then appear on your page so you can call them specifically when they are online. It’s only …


Sometimes YOU have to be the “Change” …

  July 22nd, 2015 by Dawg

… and it’s true.

I was just told this by my GF after she ran through the checklist of all my failures and shortcomings. As if I was completely unaware and aloof of how utterly fucked I am and have been for the last few years. Now, I’m sure she means to somehow motivate me or in some other way try to light a fire under my ass to somehow ferret my way to at least a treading water type of existence in some clever way – she’d be ecstatic if I could manage that.

What’s funny (ironic/weird type funny … and in a twisted way funny ha …


Empaths. a Blessing or a Curse. a Gift or a Burden.

  July 21st, 2015 by Nova

I consider myself to be an Empath. You might be one too.  It’s been extremely difficult to live and function in a society where people don’t really have empathy so it’s hard for them to really feel what somebody else is going through. And that’s why so many people are ruthless and cutthroat, you know. Being and Empath is like having a finely tuned ‘Bullshit’ Lie-Detector.  It’s really strange to have the ability to really feel what other people are feeling because I don’t know how to handle and cope with it. Now, staying away from strangers is easy enough; I just don’t go outside …



  July 19th, 2015 by coconut

I’m not suicidal, but I don’t want to live. If something naturally happened to end my life I would be relieved. I feel like my entire life has been one disappointment after the other. I feel like people shouldn’t have kids if they can’t look after them. I feel like my parents shouldn’t have had me, it was irresponsible. I feel like as a general rule, people are selfish, and through that I have been abused and irreparably damaged. I used to be so excited about things and life and was such a happy kid, but I’ve been through too much now. There is millions …


a poem that helps me

  July 15th, 2015 by Dorothy Gale

The slam poetry scene in my state has been a veritable haven when I can actually get myself to attend an open mic/slam feature night. I hope this poem can help at least one person like it did for me.

Kait Rokowski – “A Good Day” (to see her recite it)

Yesterday, I spent 60 dollars on groceries,
took the bus home,
carried both bags with two good arms back to my studio apartment
and cooked myself dinner.
You and I may have different definitions of a good day.
This week, I paid my rent and my credit card bill,
worked 60 hours between my two jobs,
only saw the sun on …


So many beautiful souls here

  July 15th, 2015 by Dorothy Gale

and it’s so painful to see you in such despair.

That this must be our cross to bear, what brings us together as perfect strangers. The black dog on our shoulder. Wish it could be anything else for all of us.

I spent all night last night reading through posts and comments. When I came in I was crying for myself, hoping not to feel the end of my rope once more. I went to bed crying for others, hoping they can somehow find their way back up their rope, and if not, that they can find in death the peace they so crave and deserve. I …


When One Was Desolate

  July 15th, 2015 by theunknownxx

I’m getting tired of seeing people writing down that they are going to commit suicides and look at the comments and seeing people say “good luck” “hope everything works” “never apologize, wish you luck”
Do you guys have any compassion or sympathy or even care about these guys??? Come on! It doesn’t matter if you know them or not. Stop them! Save a life for once, their life had meaning and you know it! Don’t just look away, they are hurting and are empty, be that person to encourage them to stop, don’t just read their suicide plan and leave as that, have a heart for …