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I Hate Myself, I want to Die

July 27th, 2009by Me and myself alone

I hate myself, I want to die

No one understands, no one cares

This world would be a better place,

If only I didn’t exist

The pain never stops,

The darkness is closing in

I close my eyes and hope they never open again

I want to scream,

All this rage inside

I wish I had a gun,

To end all this craziness inside in my head

I am so alone,

 So Much emptiness inside

Why can’t anyone here me?

Because nobody cares.

All these tears keep falling,

I wonder how theres any left

My heart is beating so fast,

I feel like it’s slowly breaking

Why can’t it just stop?

To take one last final breath in this world,

Would bring such peace inside

Why is …

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broken hearted

July 27th, 2009by Satoria

God I was so stupid for thinking that he loved me. a week ago my fiance of 2 years left me for another girl. I really thought that he loved me ya know….I have been tried to be the best girlfriend, I don’t know what I did wrong. I just want someone that will love me for me and not try to change me. I’m so sick of trying to be everyones number one girl and all I do is fail. I want it all to end I don’t care anymore….





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i have to do it

July 27th, 2009by CJ

I’m so very sorry. I’ve made a permanent decision that in 2 months, I will definitely kill myself.

Please, don’t try to change my mind. I’ve made it up, and you all shouldn’t waste your energy on filth like me.

I’ve been living in a fantasy world for years now, and the wall separating my fantasy world from the reality I’ve never wanted to face has finally come down. I’ve truly seen how horrible of a human being I am now, and it has become intolerable.

I don’t blame the world, or even my surroundings. I blame me for being a selfish, stupid and ungrateful person.

Though this may …

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Don’t know what else to do.

July 26th, 2009by wooliebear

I’m a 25 year old who is married to a very loving husband. Really he is my only good thing in my life. I feel so depressed because I can’t graduate from college. I’ve tried to hard to pass math to graduate but its not working and I’m unable to finish. I have taken it several times and I have tried every method in the book. I am just not a math person. So I’m working at a movie theatre with teenagers to make ends meet even though I’m barely making them because I get min. wage and not very many hours, just part time. …

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Dear Hero.

July 26th, 2009by WhatDoYOULove

Dear Hero,

Maybe I’m not nearly as important as I was a few months ago. I may not be at the top of your priority list, or even in the back of your head. But I want you to know I admire you more than anyone in this entire world. And I’m more proud of you than you could ever know. I’m more than happy for all that you have achieved, and I wish I could have the courage and the strength that I have witnessed from you. You taught me how to love and gave me feelings no one has ever given me. I know …

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The most hated person ever….

July 25th, 2009by kayceekitten

It’s obvious I am hated by everyone, they just don’t say it. I really wish they would just tell me that they hate me instead of pretending. I mean, who would want to spend their time hearing some stupid retard ***** about her life? I don’t know what to do. I’m always tired, but now I am so tired that I can’t even act happy around two people!!! This school year I’m gonna tell everyone to stay the hell away from me because, again, no one wants to listen to me. I am pretty sure I need help but I’m too scared to try. I …

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Dead in the Water

July 25th, 2009by suicidalXchick

My dad’s job makes us move around alot and i’ve finally had enough, I can’t take losing all my friends over and over again. I started cutting a while bck, after my grandad ahd died, and sme teachers noticed it and put me into counciling which helped for a while but then a teacher who was realli helping me deal with everythink, she wasn’t judging me or anythink like that but she seems to have forgotten about me and once again I’m left alone with no-oneto talk to no-one to lean on or nothink. I feel as if I’m invissible. My friends talk about me behind my …

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So confused and mental :[

July 25th, 2009by amused

I was at the hospital the past couple of weeks & I’m so scared.  I’m 18 and I’ve been homeless since Jan., I weigh 70 lbs & I’m barely alive.  Everytime my brain tumor goes away, Humphrey (yes I named it) comes back & I’m so sick of hospitals & life.  Then they said I was dangerous to others & wanted to send me to a mental institution but I barely dodged a bullet and left. Since I was 8 I’ve had to rely on someone else to help me live [AKA hospitals/doctors] & I hate it. I hate bothering people. I’ve attempted suicide but was …

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I can’t tell if it’s a beginning or an end, hm.

July 25th, 2009by damani

She told me to get the rant out. Say all things that you keep telling yourself over and over quietly. Half of them, you won’t even mean or believe. Then talk to her. My mom. That’s all I ever want to do is sit down and talk to her. Have a conversation. In the past five years I’ve cut, made myself throw up, started smoking pot, drinking excessively and ending up in the hospital. I don’t know what I am doing or even why. I am impulsive like my father.

No one knows. My sister calls me psycho, I forgive her. But maybe I am. The …

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July 25th, 2009by dumb-ass

Thank you for the replies sent to me to tell you a bit more about me i will,
when i was 4 years old I was hit by a car the driver worked for the goverment and he was driving drunk when he hit me with his car i went 20 feet at the time in the air came down hard on my head this kept me in hospital for 6 months with stuff all over my head then when Iwas 6 years old i had to share a bed with one of my uncles while in the bed with him I was made to do …

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I wish I was Dead Now

July 25th, 2009by dumb-ass

1/ I have nothing to look forward to anymore in my life as over my life time I have been fisically motioal vrebally abused sexually because of all this abuse that I have been through i can’t sllep well without having nightmares of the abuse i have also spent time in prison where I was sexually abused there by older males I have tried to commit susicide a lotal of 93 times since my first sexual abuse at me when I was 9 yeras old when I was in a state home for boys the first time was done by a boy aged 16 years …

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theres a way out of all this…

July 24th, 2009by sp

To all whom seem depressed,annoyed about life and many occasions due to failure I can tell you right now that God is the way out of it.Sure you might laugh at first or you may not but trust me it is.I can’t say  thats how I came out of it because I did’nt.Though I can say I felt the same way many of you did at some point in life.Think about it.Why would this happen to me?Why is life always hating on me?Or any other question you can add.Go to God accept him as your personal savior confess to him that you are a sinner …

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July 24th, 2009by Jess66

I have a very hard decision that could either make or break my life. So in the beginning of the year our guidance counselr came and told us to come and make an appointment with her if we ever needed to. So one day I wanted to meet her, and I also knew that I get upset alot so, this could be good for me! And as she got to know my problems more we meet more and more and I told her every thing… almost everything that is. One day I come in bawling and she says I don’t look so good. And we …

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July 24th, 2009by hauntingyou

I’m going to be camping for the next month or so. I’m excited, and terrified. I’m excited because I get to see my only friend for the first time in months. And I get to meet other kids from other countries. But I’m terrified because of my anxiety, sleeping issues, fears, and problems. I’m afraid of showing to much of my body. And that is a huge problem because we shower in the same room (not the same shower). And the bathroom stalls are so small it’s impossible to change in them. I HATE changing in front of people, even if their girls. I’m also …

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My Story

July 24th, 2009by kayceekitten

I am a twelve year old girl who has been put through shit in the past few years. I’m not sure where the problem began, but I’m trying my best to find out.

I think it started last August, when my “friend” Shelby and I tried cutting ourselves with sticks. She did it for attention, while I did it because I thought that maybe it might help. Little did I know that I was committing myself to this life (because I’m such an idiot). She made scratches on her arm while I was trying to make it bleed.

In middle school, things started to get worse. I …

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I want to die!

July 24th, 2009by jacjacob101

Im about 13, ive been cutting my self ever sence i was 10.

im deeply depressed,

everyone hates me,

no one loves me for who i am,

people dont look at me for what i am, but what i have done,

i have been beaten when i was little,

ive lost over 50 pounds in a month, just becuz i stoped eating,

peoplel dont belive i will kill my self, i have tryed to multiple times.

i sit in class all day ignored

i dont talk to people

im always getting in trouble

i have thoughts of killing my self and others

i never have done anything for the world yet and i wont,  people say i …

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My Story.

July 23rd, 2009by th3rdegreeburn

I don’t know what to do anymore. I used to have all the world laying at my feet, and I could pick whatever direction I chose. My life held so much promise, and now it is decaying around me.

In the past two years I’ve been beaten by my parents, taken by CPS, thrown into the real world a month later, and killed myself working ever since. I was supposed to go to the Air Force Academy. I got a full ride to a state college instead, where I found out what I loved to do most. But now I’m sitting in this house, and all …

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So tired and yet I cannot sleep.

July 23rd, 2009by hauntingyou

Well, it’s 2:08 at night and I’m still awake. I’ve been in bed for 3 hours. I hate it when I’m so tired but I cannot sleep. I can never turn my mind off. I’ve never been able too. It drives me nuts. With my mind racing from thought to thought to thought………….it’s frustrating. Although, I’ve always been a “night owl”. But, not so much anymore. It’s really not like it was when I was little. When I was little I could sleep for 6 hours and not be tired at all. And, I was a “night owl” because I never really was tired. But now, …

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July 22nd, 2009by CoryJK

Dear Suicide Project,

FML.  I want to kill myself, but my fear of eternal damnation in hell keeps me from doing so.  Would someone kindly shove a knife through my heart.



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July 22nd, 2009by hauntingyou

As some of you may know, I was raped and abused by my cousin. I hate the fact that my family still has us see each other. And, I always have to choose between:

A: Not going to where ever we’re going as a family and miss out. Which also means not seeing my younger brother or my aunt.

B: Going, and be an anxious freak the whole time. End up crying afterward. And have a huge fear for days of him hurting me again.

I don’t think it’s fair that I have to choose. Like last Saturday, my aunt and I were supposed to go to my other aunts …

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