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So far so bad.

by Whateverbell

I quit my job after 3 days. 3 whole days and i quit. im such dumb failure. Im over-sensitive, and social anxiety, and i couldn’t take the fact that those god awful customers disrespected me like that. i couldn’t bare the fact that i got threaten, assaulted and harassed. im so stupid. Secondly, this guy scared the crap out of me in the parking lot. i have never been so scared before. I was in the parking lot sitting in my car reading something, and this guy comes out of nowhere and parks next to me. He just starring at me, and he winks, and i got scared because he was really old, he had a truck and he winked at me, and i saw him opening his car door. So I drove off fast. i was to scared and punk. 3rd, March 31st, which is this Saturday im suppose to be running away and killing myself. Am i still going to do it? I dont know, and its not because im scared or anything, its the simple fact that i changed my mind and wanted to go to prom. and the reason why i wanted to go to prom is because prom=Makeover. and if you read my past post, the main reason why i want to kill myself is because i’ve been bullied all my life about the way i look. and my dad is paying for my hair, medicare, pedicure, dress etc, and my mom told me after that i could go shopping for clothes. Personally, i just want to see how i would look after this, if i still look like shit, by April 30th, then no more chances for me. Seriously this time, the only reason im not doing it this weekend is because like, i sad prom. My life still been shitty, and i still get made fun of. Everyday because im not as good looking as the rest of the girls. so March 31st, you have been postponed until April 30th. we will see.


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Screwedoverful 3/25/2012 - 11:38 pm

Hi I’m not going to tell you not to do something all I will say is if the time does come and you choose to there is no going back so just make sure its what you want and have fun at your prom.I to am going to choose my own path for different reasons that I have posted on this sit.just be sure that’s alland good luck

Antonio 3/26/2012 - 12:26 am

Hey, I was in your situation back in High School. I felt ugly and had no real friends to speak of. And being a guy, I was bullied from time to time, maybe worse than you. And this was for the majority of my time in HS. But then I started taking care of myself, dressing better, caring about the way I looked, going to the gym, and those things made me feel better and I was able to project it. I started talking to girls and before I knew it, I found that a couple of girls had a thing for me and started dating one of them.

My advice is to try the same that I did. It’s not only the way you look, but also the way you carry yourself. I know you feel crappy and don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, but trust me, I was there once and it got all better. Besides, since you are going away for college, you are practically starting a brand new social life. You’ll have the chance to meet people and hopefully notice that not everyone is as mean as you think.

I read some of your previous posts and noticed that your mom might have cancer. Is she okay?

If you need someone to talk to email me at alphahydrox@gmail.com

artlexnapolean 3/27/2012 - 9:00 pm

this is one of the best advice ever. thank you. and i emailed you too!

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