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Life is not important

by wasd2333

This month, I was a victim of abuse. Twice. No, not “use (something) to bad effect or for a bad purpose; misuse”, it’s “treat with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly”. I’ve been abused many times now, but I think this month is the worst.

Abuse story 1:

So, one day I was in class, didn’t finish my work, so I was supposed to stay back for recess, but I didn’t want to. The teacher dragged my collar (I was about 3-5 meters away from the class when this happened) all the way to the classroom door, and threw me. I hit something, so I got a small cut on my wrist (on the vein, so if anything touches it it’s pain, even water), tried to hit the teacher with a table, waited a few seconds, then ran away and cried.

Aftermath of #1:

I told as much people as possible, even my form teacher. Even the form teacher said it’s my fault. It’s nuts. So, I actually thought that the teachers are against me.

Abuse story 2:

You won’t believe this, one day I went out with my father. He then asked me to cut my hair, but I thought “Oh, he’s s****d, my hair is not even long.” so I said “No.” but he said “You must!” He started to get angry. He then said “You better go when I’m telling you nicely” I kept on saying “No”. So he took out my slipper, hit my leg very hard with it 3 times. (Lucky it didn’t bleed) He also pulled my hair 5 times!

Aftermath of #2:

He simply said “I will leave, make us happy OK?” then packed bag and left.

I have many abuse stories.

I don’t have time to fit all of the things in this story.

Just know: Life is not important. Even if you are talented. (Like me, I am 8 and know how to write all of this things. I know the word “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” too. Trust me, I didn’t googol the spelling. I memorized it. I know a lot of things. I even used Facebook from 3 years old!)

I wish I was in 2008/2009 forever.

I feel like suiciding.

I have no friends.

Everyone lies to get me in trouble.

Everyone around me is evil.

People might say: Aren’t you embarrassed to share this? Well, all the embarassment is converted into sadness.

Additional things:

Things I hate: People, Life, School, Non-English languages, Bullying, Bored (me 24/7), etc, etc, Almost everything.

Things I love: Games (especially video games) and Videos ONLY.


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nepheliad 2/13/2016 - 1:59 am

I kinda doubt you’re actually 8 years old, but I understand. When you’re that young, people think they can do whatever shit they want to you and it doesn’t matter because you’re a small child. They probably think: “What? A young kid has to be shown discipline, not be treated with human decency and respect,” or that they can be treated as a slave. I’m sorry for your experiences.

Moneypenny 2/13/2016 - 5:19 am

It’s a shame kids must go through abuse after abuse, and must people here can tell you that many of us suffered a lot during that period of time, but as you grow up, if you don’t fix things on time, is you who will start hurting yourself as a pattern of behavior you learn… on how to treat yourself.
So, don’t fall into this, you do seem smart, so don’t allow yourself to underdevelop your mental health abilities and your social skills. (Learn social engineering) Learn to talk to people and to accept they are selfish and proud and ignorants and weak but that if you know how to react calmly and in the right way, then you will get better responses. You will find that even if adults are the ones to blame for not controlling themselves and for abusing you, you are the one that can make them feel stupid for how they behave.
Those two things, social skills and mental health are the hardest to learn while being an abused person, but this are the two must powerful weapons you will ever have to be able to protect yourself.
One must learn them, one can learn them.
You, as a really smart person,are able to get them.
Video games are nice, use them as rewards not as refuges or they won’t help you at all, they will become your matrix, your cell prision. Be wiser than that.

Drowning 2/13/2016 - 11:25 am

Your still young when you young things happen and u don’t no why or understand but I will make friends u will make more friend in high school

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