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that’s it ! I can’t bear it anymore…..

by Anonymous.loner777

hello, i don’t want any suggestions or counselling. I’m really strong for not needing such advisory services.


OK, so let me start…

I have this best friend, whom I fell in love with, after 4 years of being best-friends with her. We used to share everything amongst us. Falling for her was never intentional. In the later stages of 4th year, her behaviour towards me changed a lot, i don’t know what happened. I never realised that I fell in love with her. She knew this very well. After some months, she told me to focus on studies, and not get into it.

Since then, I can’t get her out of my mind. I never contacted her for almost one year, thinking I would get over this thing. But to surprise, life just got worse. I completely lost focus on academics, got into bad company, guilt of not fulfilling my parents expectations is killing me the most. After that, she had 2 boyfriends, none of them lasted for long. My life has become so miserable, I can’t eat, sleep, study properly.

I’ve had suicidal thoughts a dozen times by now. I’m just searching some peaceful ways to free my soul. If not, I’m just waiting to die.


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BL98 1/18/2017 - 12:21 pm

i can’t give and i don’t want to give , any suggestions because i know how much it sucks , but it sucks even more to be betrayed , i hope you may still have a chance to solve this without being hurt any more badly .. i didn’t mean to offend , it is just my opinion

Anonymous.loner777 6/13/2017 - 2:01 pm

I’ve made my mind. I am just becoming mentally unstable day by day. Letting everyone down, wasting my life. Just a matter of time before I successfully kill myself.

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