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I might end up homeless

by Insomnia disaster

What do I do when my mother tells me to go live with my father, but my father has been absent for 5 years? What am I supposed to do when non of my parents want to be fucking responsible for the human being they brought to this fucking world? Where do I go?

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heartlessviking 5/24/2021 - 8:05 pm

where ever you are there are organizations that set out to fight homelessness. Call 211, see who is closest to you and get to them. If you do end up homeless, don’t panic. With some good strategic thinking you can be stable again before you know it. There are some really good homeless communities that help people in that sort of scenario

There are only two long term paths out of homelessness; a steady income or a lifestyle that doesn’t require much. I personally aspire to the latter, because employers are less reliable than family, and that’s sad. If you own your land, you really don’t need a lot more. A tent works to start, in time moving up to a shed and maybe even a cabin someday. You can get a half decent chemical toilet for about $25, same goes for a camp shower/sink. Get a propane grill, buy a pot and lots of ramen. Spice it up with spinach and cheap meat. You add in a decent few pieces of fruit and you can live almost forever on that diet. It’s not great, but it’s better than depending on people who will fail you.

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