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start them young

August 17th, 2017by hollowchest

Hi. I just wanted to get my thoughts off and just rant. Anyone else think the house is just a prison? Your parents just owners? Granted that depends on who you have as parents, so it begs the question, if they aren’t doing their job properly in raising a child, why even have one? Like why have children only to condemn them and never support or encourage them? I’m not asking much, there’s certain responsibilities they obviously need to fulfill due to the child’s inability to look after themselves, such as picking them up from school when they’re young. Other than that, anything negative that …

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I’m sorry.

August 13th, 2017by Eccedentesiastsoul

I’ve been fighting for so long and its time I surrender. I’m sorry I couldn’t be the perfect daughter. I’m sorry I wasn’t born a boy. I’m sorry I’m such a disappointment and I couldn’t be who you wanted me to be. I’m sorry i couldn’t open up about it. I’m sorry I was too weak to ask for help, I thought I would get over it like all my problems, just like you said. I didn’t want to cause more drama since you said I should “get over it and stop being a drama queen”. I’m sorry I wasn’t friends with who you wanted …

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August 13th, 2017by Yasuji Kaminari


it is very interesting to be somewhere new

where people talk about leaving all the time.

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then there’s me

August 13th, 2017by matchaffee

my tongue twists
my words, I stutter
people around me are so well put together
then there’s me a star that is slowly collapsing upon itslef
a book that never left the shelf
my knees shake
my feet set firmly upon the ground
things around me has more worth, more love from others
then there’s me a car with no running motor
a heart once beating grows tired everyday
my eyes glued shut
my cheeks burning up a blush
my tears telling me to hush

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My Poems

August 10th, 2017by FrozenSammy

I write poetry for a lot of different reasons. Mostly to let my feeling flow out, here’s a few I’ve written.

He’s different,
He’s spirit can’t be lifted,
His emotions shifted,
Being told which were right and which were not.
His mind dizzly fights the sadness that threatened to engulf him,
But misery was a hovering companion,
And they are so clueless,
They degrade him,
He fell into the pit that was and is depression,
He fell all the way down till he hit rock bottom,
But the people still didn’t understand,
They continued hurting him,
They made him feel unwanted and unloved,
So much that,
Even though he had hit rock bottom,
His body and mind wanted …

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Is It Really All It’s Going To Take?

August 9th, 2017by Eccedentesiastsoul

I do not think I am capable of being loved. I fear that I am never going to be able to find someone who will love me the way I fail to love myself. It has always been my only hope. What if it’s the only way all of this will ever get better? To find the right person who will always be there for me. The thing is I’ve been lied to so many times that I don’t think I can trust anyone anymore. People talk to me when they need something then they just disappear. If I refuse to do what they ask …

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  Song: Gross by Bulldog Eyes (asleep, track no. 2) “You’re so fucking gross // you know the blow lands low”   this band is very nice and deserves a lot more recognition for their lo-if music. really kind of helps when I’m feeling low    


Even More Shitty Creation

August 7th, 2017by shatterediris

Be alone for eternity?

If love is real I don’t see

I don’t feel, and it’s hurting me

Trapped alone, in my own

Prison hiding in my home

Burning deep within my hell

Yearning for a wishing well

To cast a coin

Make a wish

Listen for the swish


Water echoes hopes and dreams

Of those with ropes and streams

Of tears, falling down their face

For years feeling out of place

Tying knots, getting chairs

Feel forgot like no one cares

Step off, fall, fade away

Then people act fake and say

They’re all shocked, and surprised

But when it’s all summarized

It’s them who caused it all

They made you want to fall

Never have they shown you love

Until it’s time to start to shove

Your …


Into Darkness

August 3rd, 2017by breaking_the_cycle

Fate balances in my hands

A swaying lover

Caught up in the embrace

A flick of the wrist

Is all that it takes

To the darkness I awake

Nowhere fills the rear view mirror

As the answer

Makes itself clear

My future has become

Stained with your blood

The scars of tomorrow

Forged in the fires of tonight

As bells ring in the distance

Marking the end of a life

In your memories

I’ll try to hide

Shut out the world

To find something greater

Than this pain

But hollow hope will leave me afloat

To drown

In this mess I’ve made

Now home

Isn’t a place I stay

It’s a feeling

That’s washed away

The past has long since passed

Me by

Just a faint flash of pain

Hidden inside

These eyes

Keep on searching them

But …


Upside Down

August 2nd, 2017by breaking_the_cycle

A whisper in your ear, signals the return of all your fear

You thought things were looking up

But only because you’ve been upside down

While your hope was leading you to drown

Such a foolish boy, don’t you know that you’re just a toy

When the fun runs out you’re cast aside

Now you’re running away, with no place to hide

Searching for a reason to live, but you’re dead inside

Why are you not surprised?  Is this what life has done to your mind?













August 1st, 2017by Cause of Death: Suicide

If you’re looking for me
I am in every crack you could slip through
I’m behind you when you aren’t turned around
I’m perched on your shoulder when you’re only looking at your feet
I’m tweaking your misfiring codes when you are dreaming up a lullaby

I arrive at the time where the worlds begin

I leave here when the raging battle between the devil and god ends



July 30th, 2017by EyeOfHorus

It never gets easier, seeing you smile.
It’s something I used to draw out, take pride in. Your smile was my masterpiece. I was happy to suffer, to make it okay for you. I was happy to lay aside my pride, my dreams, to see your face light up. But it doesn’t get easier. Now you smile, but it isn’t for me. Now you smile and it isn’t my work. Now you smile and take pictures and look happier than ever and I… and I sit here, dying.


wednesday – 1:01AM

July 25th, 2017by suicidalkitty

What frustrates me so much is that this sickness taps on my windows on cold, stormy days, begging me not to sleep. It sits on my lap taunting me to caress its soft but stinging, midnight fur. In busy crowds, it whispers my name as i walk, telling me sugar-coated stories of how it made at least 5 souls drain out all the sadness inside of them in thick red in the last 4 hours it left me so i could finally close my eyes and sleep. But on days where i sleep longer and wake up waiting for its thick cloud to suffocate me, i …


AAAAAA (Short Simple Shitty Thing, and a Ramble, Mostly a Ramble)

July 16th, 2017by shatterediris

I can’t write with any feeling

My work’s always unappealing

Even when my skin is peeling

Off and my mind is reeling

I don’t know what I am feeling

I don’t know if I am feeling


I was told a bit ago that everything I create seems empty and void of feeling, so I was going to write a thing about that…. About how I can’t really put feeling into things if I barely have those things to begin with, and of course me not being able to stay on task or topic with anything just sort of led to this pile of shit…. Obviously now I should add two lines …


Another Pile of Shit ^_^

July 9th, 2017by shatterediris

Rise from the grave

Bring them pain

Make them all into stains

Show them all of your distain

Tell them all how you’re thirsting

To see all their bodies bursting

Hear all their dying screams

Eat all those crying teens

Taste their tears

Haunt their fears

Linger in their best dreams

Turn them into stressed machines

Rend their flesh

End their breath

Hit refresh

End their death

Watch them all reanimate

All to help exterminate

Their old friends and family

Be the end, the calamity


Meh, decided I can toss this here…. I wrote this while in the mindset of a necromancer for some reason…. -_-

Maybe one day I should put more than 20 minutes of effort into something, then maybe I could write something …


Still alive

July 8th, 2017by shatterediris

Do you want to know what the best joke is?

I wish that pain would vanish, fall out of focus

People are crying masses full of sadness

Chocking, dying on the gasses of their own madness

Isn’t it fabulous?

Makes you want to quit and slit your wrist

Doesn’t it?


I guess I should share that short, shitty thing I wrote…. I gave up on keeping track of things I wrote, and kind of gave up on writing all together. I’m still alive, and mostly just checking here quickly…. Things are going well enough I guess, kind of speaking to people a lot and stuff. I am worried about when I stop …


Do People that Commit Suicide Really Burn in Hell?

July 3rd, 2017by BlueDiamond

The perfect solution to already tortured souls is to torment them for all eternality. Sounds Good to me O’loving God. Who wants a marshmallow?


My Chest

June 28th, 2017by bittersweet angel

My chest is where my heart beats

My chest is where my lungs expand with life

My chest is where the emptiness can be found

My chest is where I feel the most sorrow and despair

My chest is where I sometimes cry deep down

But most importantly MY CHEST is where I place my hand to remind myself I am still…….ALIVE


By BitterSweet Angel


why God tortured me like that?

June 24th, 2017by an_old_child

after years of suffering, it’s getting good at last.

i think i’m feeling happy and it seems to last for a while. the question here is, why did God tortured me like that?

i know that the day would come that everything will turn upside down again and i will feel down and suicidal -since no happiness is everlasting and no sadness, too- and i think that i’m not ready for that day.

i definitely feel stronger than before all these things happened to me – i don’t really want to say what i’m referring to by “these” – but i don’t like the idea of being put …


To Stay…

June 21st, 2017by Mehikka

I wish I could stay here…

However, talking to you all and reading

All of your stories…

Makes it harder for


To Stay

I’m always going to be falling


And yet, I post this and you people try

To make me stay…

Yet that decisions isn’t yours to make…

I try to make wishes to stay

I have so much going on I have a feeling that

I won’t make

It to the end of summer,

Unlike what my friends

Want me to


Even though

We do nothing together

They make it harder for me to stay…

Alive…and well and a whole bunch of random crap…

My life is






Nothing to see here…

I’m done…




Sorry Farah