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its the worst feeling in the world

January 11th, 2010by wishicould

its bad when you go to sleep thinking “maybe i wont wake up tomorrow” its worse when you wake up and think “fuck, im still alive.”

life sucks and id like to convineiently die in my sleep. it would be lovely.

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I want to kill her and die

January 11th, 2010by punjabigujju

Yes….I feel what fun it would be to kill her and die….

Infact…i know her from 2006 and had really loved her…
It was love at first sight…We felt as if we knew each other from a past life…
A very very very strong telepathy was there between us…a very strange connection between the two of us.
I Never was able to meet her…and she got pissed off in 2007…yet kept loving me and I loving her…

In 2008 she admitted that she was getting these constant nightmares….
and thats when we figured out that I had killed her in the past life…

We continued our Journey to 2009, She left the …

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im about to

January 11th, 2010by wishicould

im about to kill myself. i dont wanna leave my dad with a bloody traumatic mess. can someone please tell me a good drug to overdose on? i just want him to find me in a non gorey way.


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Gone and Forgotten

January 11th, 2010by PaintedCoon

Somewhere along the way I lost that thing that I said I would never lose. It disappeared from sight and mind never to return, without my even knowing, but beyond that, I forgot too what it was, a greater sin I think, than loosing it. They knew that it would disappear but I doubted and forgot and their prophecy came to realization. But for what I lost, I gained nothing, nothing to fill the void left by that hazy untouchable thing. It left me cold and alone grasping in the endless dark that became a part of me, for something, nothing, anything to not feel …

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January 11th, 2010by silent

I really do like this thing. It feels like some sort of weight has been lifted. No one knowing who i am, not knowing anything about me. It doesn’t give you any reason to judge me, other than what i am typing. But if you judge me for that, you’re placing yourself in the same category. It seems, when you’re like this, that everything good comes crashing down around you. The only people you’ve ever loved, get taken away from you. You end up being un-masked, seen for who you really are. Too many people are afraid to see something different, different emotions that they’ve …

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2 Seconds.

January 11th, 2010by brad90210

My death is going to be fast. I’m 25 now and I know that I’m not gonna live past 45.

gonna take a gun…go sailing, and blow my brains out.

i am so fucking lonely.

i hate life more than anything.

lately i’ve been thinkin that maybe i should do it sooner rather than later. why stick around? i don’t wanna hurt my family, but honestly, they would get over it.

i hate the world. i hate people. i hate everyone i’ve ever met.

everyone is a fucking back stabber.

i’d like to kill a few people before i go – but that would take too much planning and too much energy.

yea, …

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I just want 2 die and go 2 hell

January 11th, 2010by Daniel21

well…this is my fourth post on here. and i am now feelin worse than i have in my entire life. i have started cuttin again, it is the begining of the 7 year of my depression, and my anti depressants were workin 4 a while….and now they arent doin shit. im just so fuckin tired of feelin this way. and most of my friends just tell me to cheer up and to snap out of it…and they just dont understand that “snappin outta it” isnt possible. if i could snap outta it i would. i dont want 2 feel like shit all the time…i want …

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Used to it.

January 11th, 2010by silent

I just feel the need to vent. Yeah, i could just write it down but having people read it feels like i can kinda make my point. I’ve had this knack of hiding what i truly feel for years. Since i was 3 years old, when i first saw someone hang themselves, I’ve thought about dying. Everyone i meet, assumes that i have a fantastic family life, Mum and Dad, all my siblings. Sooo far from the truth. People often say “you’re so lucky, i wish i was you, you’re stunning” What you look like, has nothing to do with how you feel, and trust …

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January 10th, 2010by whiteylover

I’m not all that sure what I’m going to write, I just know that I NEED to write. Blahh I’m not all that sure what’s going on with me but I know I want to die and I know I need to die. Death is all that will cure me of the things going on in my life. I need to die, and if your planning on giving me a bunch of, “You have so much potential and there is so much in your future,” crap stop reading now. I don’t want your pity I just want to write.  I’ve been having constant suicidal thoughts

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My Story

January 10th, 2010by 7timesurvivor

between being really Really frustrated about starting school, having some self esteem issues, and my parents screaming at me and eachother i had lost it. I tried to overdose on tylonol extra strength. I was in the hospital for two weeks it was torture not to mention the horrible mental hospital they sent me to. Well i lived and i am glad i did. If anyone reading tis is suicidal dont do it its so dumb and you will regret it later!!!!

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Saved by the bell?maybe, not sure – part4

January 10th, 2010by readytoctb

We met for dinner tonight, first time it was just me and her in over a month. I begged, prayed, hoped and feared all week leading up tonight that something would be revealed, good or bad, positive or negative, something from which I could either hang my hopes on or give them up completely. Nothing however was what I got, no hopes that she was coming back and nothing saying she was planning on leaving completely. So again tonight I will go to bed knowing that tomorrow and the next day and the one after that …I will be all alone.  I am so tired …

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January 10th, 2010by emoscars

  She wakes up in the the morning asking, why her, why not anyone else.She knows there are some people in the world with the same feelings, still she feels alone.Like everyone in the world thinks they know that one girl more than she knows herself,well she thinks of if she knows they’re wrong.

In her mind she wants to be alone crying on the inside hoping for someone to save her,hoping for a better life,and hoping that she can have someone to talk to just like her.Wanting to run from everything just cant get away running through darkness,crying at night feeling

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America is dead and I want to be too

January 10th, 2010by Nopoint1968

I am 41 years old and no longer want to live. I’m in America and have watched my country change and move in a direction I no longer feel is safe for artists, thinkers, creative people or intellectuals. In fact it reminds me of Germany. Nazi Germany.

Here are the things you might think are normal if you are under age 40.

News on TV around the clock 24 hours a day every day

News reporters telling you on television a celebrity should accept Jesus Christ as their savior

“Free Speech Zones”

Being herded and made to wait for security to check you and your …

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i am sick

January 10th, 2010by bruisedandbroken16

i, i am very sick. i lay in my bed and cry myself to sleep every night, i stare at the blank walls that surround me and wonder if i’m ever gonna be somebody, i look at my wrists and ask myself what have i done??, i look in the mirror and tremble, i dont eat and whenever i do eat i puke it up afterwards, i want to end my life but dont have the balls to do it, im bruised and i am broken inside, i have a gaping hole in my heart that constantly screams and reminds me of its presence, …

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Why did you do this?

January 10th, 2010by just serve

I can’t believe you did it.  You tried once and i was lucky to get you to a hospital.  I thought you wanted attention, i was wrong.  And now you succeeded.  When i got the call i thought you had taken pills again, but a gun?  Women don’t use guns!  I don’t understand why you did this…

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My death

January 10th, 2010by loveless1

I feel that I will never be loved by men or by friends. I cant act like a normal person and others see that and it turns them off. I feel even worse cause it does not make sense, i have everything I need in life but i cant be happy because i cant act sane. I have wanted to die since I was 6 but I feared death and could never do it.

I want to die but there is someone I love  and I would not want to hurt him. I tried to do it with hydrocodone this Wednesday, but I called this …

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Glowing Mask

January 9th, 2010by hitlerschild

She looks so happy. She sounds so proud. Her laugh is so rich, it makes you laugh with her. Her face glows, like the morning sun. Her smile; so bright, so welcoming. Her heart feels like home to others. But for her, its just hell. She welcomes you with arms wide open, and you embrace her. But only for a while, for you must go. Leaving her behind, as though you were never even there. And so she hides herself, behind this glowing mask.
Her happiness is a mask for her hurt. Her pride is a mask for her guilt and regrets. Her rich laughter is …

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January 9th, 2010by justwannadie0630

I am a daughter, a sister,a granddaughter, a niece, a cousin, a friend. I am a partner, a student, a young girl, and a grown woman. I am confident and scared, terrified and excited. I am loving and caring, and thoughtful and hopeful. I am sick and tired. I am shy and friendly, and careful and careless. I am broken and whole. I am misunderstood, misguided, and mislead. I am hard working and determined. But a little scared on the inside. I wish on stars and dream my dreams. I pray to god and …

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Poems from my heart

January 8th, 2010by shatteredheart

A shattered piece of glass
Lying on the ground
A million little pieces
Scattered all around
Everyone walks by
They only look and stare
No one ever stops
No one seems to care
The shattered little pieces
Dig farther in the ground
Until they disappear
Never to be found
If someone would have stopped
If someone would have cared
These shattered little pieces
Could have been repaired.

Words that can’t be spoken
That only cause you pain
You hold inside while they burn
But they never go away
In this world there is no hope
Nothing can suffice
Until that one comes back to you
Brings love back to your life
Love can make you crazy
Love can bring you pain
But that one who gives these feelings
Makes it …

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this site sucks

January 8th, 2010by gomez

i tried suicide.
i’ve hung up myself.
my girl saved me.
i still blame her for it .
You speak about rabbis or priests , you are obviously an effort to bring customers to your religions.
this , however it’s useless for a person who’s got suicidal tendencies . the bare fact is that all our lives are senseless , there’s no heaven , no justice ,no reward.Every suicidal effort is just an attempt to take a slight control upon our lives.
You think we’re desperates.
I think I’m logic.

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