Worst. Halloween. Ever.

October 31st, 2012 by LoveLost

All my “friends” ditched me this halloween. So I thought I would tag along with my mom and siblings when they went. Turns out my mom picked today of all days to be a total bitch and left me crying in the car while they went trick or treating. I feel so alone! My highschool shut down point blank in the middle of the school year, so now I’m getting homeschooled be my mom. I hardly ever see anyone and its depressing. Normally its ok, but its times like this when I really upset and angry that I feel like cutting, or perhaps suicide. Its the only way I know that releases anger and stress. I feel like such a loser, watching everyone go by with bags of candy while I sit alone for two hours. I know I’m being a baby about it, but it really does hurt. This is the stuff that depresses me the most.

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  1. This was my worst Halloween in years, but there will be more so let’s try not to take this day so seriously for now.

  2. I get it. My friend dumped me on my fave holiday – the only one I have ever cared about and she KNOWS this. FOR A GUY.

    There wont be more for me. I decided today is the best time to go.

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