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Dipping Sauce Optional

  June 18th, 2017 by Cordless

Recipe for Steamed Cordless:

Take one chronically depressed citizen with disability/mobility issues. Ensure subject is single and lives alone.

Add one week of humid temperatures in the high 80″s and mid 90″s.

Coat with sweat and despair. Mix well.

  • Add garlic breadsticks.

Serve with antidepressants and mood-altering beverage of your choice.

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The Punching Bag, or The Outcast

  June 16th, 2017 by BlueDiamond

According to the site’s FAQs, if there are multiple posts in a row, then they will be all? deleted. The site recommends one post per day for the maximum. I love being on here, and being able to write my honest thoughts and feelings, and have a thoughtful audience to engage if they feel like it. It helps to relieve my stress and depression, which it starting to get better. Thank-you, guys.


I always had a theory about purpose of the outcast, the person the majority doesn’t like, so they mess with him or her. Don’t think theory more like a thought is the right word. …

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  June 14th, 2017 by nokshus

As if it wasn’t already a ***** enough. Fuck sakes you deal with the trivialities daily. The unending grind and minutiae. The milieu of reckless absolvency. Fuck, you go from the boredom to the banality. It’s all stupid shit.

Introduce the legal system or any of the bullshit bureaucracy into the fuckshow that is life and it becomes a whole new ball game. Fuck the legalities and hoops it makes you jump through. For real. Fuck incarceration.

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  June 13th, 2017 by Cordless


The local McDonald’s has wifi filters that block SP commenting/posting, but Taco Bell does not.

They could make commercials either way:

McD: “Stop by and explore death by cheeseburgers! We’ll even block your access to suicide sites so you can’t chicken out and beg for help at the last minute. Speaking of chicken, try all of our McNugget dipping sauces!”

Taco Bell: “Stop by and explore death by tacos! Best way ever! We’ll even let you access SP so you can invite everyone else to join you in warm camaraderie. Speaking of warmth, try all our taco sauces!”

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Fun Fact: I’m RH Negative

  June 11th, 2017 by BlueDiamond

It means:

I’m more prone to alien abductions, think it already happened.

I’m prone to mental illness, yet resistance to some physical disease.

If a have a second child and he or she is RH positive my body will try to eat it.

I’m above average intelligent.

I’m a huge ass truth seeker.

I analyze everything.

I might have psychic abilities.

The government might want to secretly get rid of me.

I am not linked to the Rhesus monkey.

I could be linked to aliens, or angels. Take your pick.

I have a foundation of youth, meaning that I look younger than I do. People tell me this a lot.

RH negative people have food allergies, but …

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He made me feel like a fool again. This time our relationship paid the price

  June 10th, 2017 by GerbzBaby

I’m irritated to say I’m writing about this particular “friend” again.  I’m beyond angry with him. If you don’t know we and him have a history of “love” together. The last time I hung out with him he was kissing me on the cheek, cuddling with me, laying on my leg/ chest and jealously asking about my love life. Which to me seemed as thoughts still like me but boy was I fucking wrong.


Today I found out that he  lead me on and fucked me over for my sister. At first he refused to tell me, saying I would be mad at him forever. Damn …

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Help, I’m Turning into a Cake!

  June 9th, 2017 by BlueDiamond

I have learned today that towards the end of July I will turn into a Christmas cake. I’m not a cake, I’m a diamond. LOL, not literally, so please don’t plan on eating me. It’s a metaphor that is used in Japan for women pass the age of 25 that are not married. They are referred to as leftovers, thus how people don’t really want eat a Christmas cake after the 25th. Funny, I thought the due date was when you hit 30. Oh well. Sad thing is I tried to pursue a career instead of chasing behind men, and that didn’t work out, so …

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To the ones who know loremaster

  June 7th, 2017 by My life is over

He is in the CCU and he tried to slit his wrist open and failed. He almost died he is in the hospital. Sorry for the death the hospital just called and said he is in critical condition. if any questions

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  June 6th, 2017 by My life is over

I’m gonna do it from me to humanity hold on and don’t give up stay strong.



It will be rope this time

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  June 3rd, 2017 by GerbzBaby

I felt today didn’t start so good. I told my two friends I didn’t want to hang out because I was in a depressed mood (told them I didn’t feel well) and I had to clean. But they ended up showing up at my house anyways. I agreed to go but I told my sisters not to come even though my friends asked them to come (I get jealous and lonely when I, my sisters and my friends hang out together.. all they do is pay attention to them.. but that’s another story). The whole time I felt horrible. Horrible for not letting my sisters …

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  May 30th, 2017 by Cordless

Saw this and laughed.

True.  😉

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Just an Object with Three Holes

  May 29th, 2017 by BlueDiamond

My mom decided to take me to the hospital tomorrow, since I have a phone interview for Snap benefits.

I have conclude that I set women’s rights back 50 years. I know that there are awesome women are out with amazing talent. I have looked, and found them. Let’s get one thing straight never declared myself as a feminist, yes I support equal rights between men and women, but before the SJW stuff hit, I pictured a feminist always being strongly passionate women’s rights, marching in these women’s parades, or going to these protests. I wasn’t interested in those things. I just supported equal rights, and …

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it’s funny…

  May 29th, 2017 by 5201jm

The guy with over 1000 friends, a family, in college, the life of the party when he goes out to bars or parties, no serious medical issues other than  the occasional seizures, poor but enough money eat at least once a day, in great shape from biking and parkour, a roof over his head, a job, artistic both musically and visually….

Yet the fact I haven’t had a girlfriend in years, only shared a bed with a girl once, haven’t  kissed or even hugged a girl in weeks has brought  back the feeling  of  loneliness…. and this feeling of loneliness is the reason I have to …

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I’m alive

  May 29th, 2017 by GerbzBaby


It has been a very long time since I’ve posted here! I miss coming back here and talking with everyone. I hope this drawing makes up for my absence 🙂

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Gloomy Sunday

  May 25th, 2017 by BlueDiamond

Maybe I should save some money to go to the Golden Bridge. Probably need 1500 dollars to get to California. Sucks that it’s across my where I live. Rumor has it that the Golden Bridge leads to another world, once you jump off it. It sounds like an easy death. I fantasize about the journey to get there.

So, found this interesting song. It’s believed to be cursed because people have kill themselves listening to it. Since we’ll all suicidal here, it won’t hurt us, and if you not suicidal then for the love of prime why are you on this site!? Go to happy sunshine …

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Behold the Holy Sandwich!

  May 11th, 2017 by BlueDiamond

Sandwiches are cheap. Sandwiches are simple. What are your favorite type of sandwiches, and what do you like to have served with them.

My can’t decide between a tuna sandwich or egg salad sandwich. I like hard boil eggs, potato chips, and soda with my sandwiches. Yum!

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Songs for suicidal/depressed souls

  May 10th, 2017 by BlueDiamond

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Religion sez 4 tards

  May 9th, 2017 by BlueDiamond

I have a feeling that I’m going to be the invisible girl on this web-site for now on. My last post that has gotten the most posting, let me un-iron some kinks to guys might have. I do not hate strippers personally by all means if you entertain mostly men while being mostly naked is your thing, then do it. I was expressing why I wouldn’t be a good fit like trust me, if I was to go into a strip to fill-out an application. I would get denied. I never said or believe that women should go back into the kitchen, and finally the …

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What are the Stupidest Things Someone has Ever Said the You

  May 7th, 2017 by BlueDiamond

Mine was being told that I should be a stripper. Yeah, sure get a 260 pound girl on that pole, but he told that there were girls my size with smaller boobs working those poles.
You all know why I hate men.

Reasons not to be a stripper:
1. I hate men, and entertaining men would be my number one worse nightmare.
2. I’m afraid of being upside down, and don’t strippers go upside down on those poles.
3. I don’t have the flexibility to work a pole.
4. Never worked a pole in my life.
5 If a man hits on me in the strip club, I would probably pepper spay …

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If you could choose any creative way to die, what would it be?

  May 4th, 2017 by BlueDiamond

Yes, I mean anything. It could be anything related to cartoons, fantasy, sci-fi, real life, anything.

Mine would be overfed by a tribe of aliens that eat humans. These aliens humanely kill their humans. I would have six months to live, probably enough time to make me weigh 700 pounds. They would feed me anything I like such as McDonalds, ice cream, pizza, cookies, cake, and sandwiches. I feel excited to eat a brownie sundae! Not only do they fatten me up, but they pauper me such as giving massages, keeping me clean, easing any health problems that came with obesity, just sending me love. Then, …

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