My Suicide Note


Barely Broken Wings

March 7th, 2018by XLondonDeathX

I have no friends. Nobody cares, if I was starving or if I was in mourning

Blood dries up. Tears do too. I have nothing, & no one cares, or is even wondering.
I hate myself enuff to cry about it daily.
I love them all so much, they’re the only pains that faze me.
I want it to be over soon. So there will be less pain.
But, my pain grows, & what was strong weakens with each day.
I’m a failure for my past, & yet each day I really try.
By the day’s end, to the distant moon I cry.
Filling the

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A poem…..

March 7th, 2018by flutterby

Death comes in many forms. I see it all around me. It’s lying in each others arms, and you haven’t even found me. It’s taking on my soul and left my poor heart pounding. I am losing all control. Have you come to find me drowning?

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Because I smile when I can see your smile Because Im breathing when I can see you live Without you Im dead inside The death is no different with what I feel without you If I can switch my life with you I would love too Ill be happy to die first Than seeing you […]


Still not dead. Wish I was.

March 6th, 2018by johnwhogivesashit

My story has gotten quite a bit worse since last May and my last post. Still on felony probation. I managed to fail upward and drop dirty for weed on another like 5 tests in the last year. Got a PTR for it. Been fighting that since December. The judge was actually a sorta decent human being and told me to stop getting high and he would let me complete my probation. Asking me to stop getting high is like asking me to stop breathing. So I quit weed and started snorting dope. Heroin… I got in a car accident a while back so …


My Story….

March 1st, 2018by Gracie

FIrst thing first please DO NOT leave a comment saying “It’s just a boy get over it.” or anything in that category because I wouldn’t make tell you something to make you feel like your problem(s) you may be having less daunting all of our problem(s) are a big deal to us…and I would like it if you would make mine seem smaller than it is..cause it may not be big to you but it’s huge to me.

Okay…My name is Gracie,i’m 14 years old about to turn 15 in 5 months.My life has had it’s up and downs,just like the rest of you.I just can’t …


I was doing well, but now i just don’t want to.

February 28th, 2018by ComeTheVoid

Ever since I was 14, i’ve been depressed and wanted to kill my self. In year 12, I started getting better, I got closer to my friends and I was happier. When I started uni, I got worse, I was anxious, my family were cold, distance, and always had something to complain about. That’s when i started cutting myself. Then, for the last few months it’s been up and down. I was getting better, happier, closer to my friends, spending more time with them and talking to them when ever i felt down.
But now, I…I just don’t want to. I just don’t want to live …


A calming place

February 20th, 2018by ataria-coronaria

Woke up some time after 4pm again for the millionth time in a row when I could have been productive today. I know over sleeping makes your body feel worse but I just can’t will myself out of bed until I absolutely have to. Because of this, I eat one meal a day at most (the term meal used loosely).

Thinking about a commenters words of finding a calm place. I’m not really sure I have one. Sometimes sleep can be freeing, but tbh I am often plagued by reoccurring nightmares of traumatic experiences and will cry in my sleep. I never really feel well rested …


new here, feeling lost, venting

February 20th, 2018by ataria-coronaria

Hi, “artaria” 21, gnc intersex/transgender and hating life

I’m almost 22 but I feel as if I am generations older from all of the messed up stuff that has happened in my life. Every year seems to have un-ending sadness and awful events. So many horrible things I couldn’t begin to list it all.

It is embarking on the anniversary of the last really big traumated thing to happen in my life last year. Months of intense emotional and physical abuse culminated to me finding myself in an even worse situation that I don’t really want to get into right now…

I still blame myself in a lot …


death is inevitable

February 14th, 2018by hated_tedah

I came here to see ways of committing suicide that would make my death look like natural.But as the site rules are that we are not suppose to give people tips so this doesnt seem to be a right place.

I am suppose to tell my whole life and problems to people who are complete strangers and they will show empathy of some kind.As pathetic as it sounds my religious believe does tell me that suicide is an unpardonable sin by God.The here after will be hell for eternity which doesnt sound great as well.Your believes might be different.

The first thing I ask is I never …


My Path… Your Path… My Dream… Your Dream… ?

February 10th, 2018by Itscolourlife

Hello Im back again !
So.. this is what I feel right now..
I want to be loved by my parents.. I want them to hear my stories.. chatting and laughing with me..
Im stuck here..
The doctor said that I suffered from depresssion and stress right now..
I thought that they will understand and love me after what they heard..
But its still the same..
What makes me sad is..
I try to live like what my parents want since a kid..
I will try to live up to their expectation..
I even stop pursuing my hobby as what my parents told me.. Actually its really hard for me to let this …


Febuary 4th, 2018 wasnt my last day on earth after all.

February 6th, 2018by Elysianvinyl

two days ago, i attemped to take my life. If you remember, i made a post on it a few hours prior. so, heres how that day went and where i am now.

That day i had waken up around 9pm. By 10 i had my mind made up. I ate breakfast, watched TV for a little while. After a couple hours, i began to secure the rope (i had previously bought it) to my ceiling fan, then i tied a hangmans knot that would so just fine.

I chose a chair and placed it underneath, standing on it with the rope around my neck. My adrenaline …


this is it.

February 4th, 2018by Elysianvinyl

If i do not delete this post before tomorrow, you will know that i have succeded in taking my life.


I am no longer able to keep going, i have lost all strive and will to keep going. Life has no meaning. I had one life and i had to spend it mentally fucked up and unable to function properly and im so done.

I wanted to make a long note, telling my story and how i got to this point, But i dont have the time.

I know people are going to be upset and sad. And i know this sounds selfish. But they should understand that …


I’m Lost

February 3rd, 2018by NorthTxn

I lost the love of my life. All she wanted was for me to tell her to stay. Now I go to bed hurting, wishing she was beside me. I dream she is next to me. I feel her touch me but wake up alone. I hurt and dont want to feel it any more. I lost my wife and she was my reason for living.


Well I Think This IS Probably My End

February 1st, 2018by the_black_3th_of_april.exe

So like the guy in my post of yesterday said: “things will get worse”. So has he said it happened. Today was a great fucking bad day. The mom of my girlfriend told me she couldn’t come to my home so she went sad, then they fight and when she told me a good thing among fucking bullshit that maybe she could come to my home, 10 minutes later she told me that it is done, she finished the relationship because she eared his mom talking whit is dick stepdad and that asshole told her bullshit and to end the problems she left me and …


Gr8undhogs Day

February 1st, 2018by Dehahs



2018 is beautiful agony

January 31st, 2018by SuzieSalmon


third year

January 30th, 2018by Dehahs



Hi Itscolourlife !

January 30th, 2018by Itscolourlife

Hello my friend !

Im new here.. so.. I wish I can get some friend..
I will post whats in my mind when Im down here..
I wish this place can help me to overcome my stressfull life..
See you again sometimes..


January 28th, 2018by Dehahs

no comment


I wish I live in movies, books, novels, comics, anime, video games. Real world / Real life / Reality is boring & depressing.

January 26th, 2018by niki

Honestly, I just can’t understand nor fathom why Most / Majority of people can go watch movies, read cool, creative, imaginative books / novels / anime / comics, or play super imaginative & fantasy video games, and then later on they just go back to reality, as if nothing happens, and they’re ok with everything.

I hate to say this, but Most people simply just lack Imaginations. Even worse, Most people are boring. All people care in the everyday’s reality & their lives is just the most superficial, mundane, boring, & stupid things. Which is very depressing, especially when you feel like you’re just alone & …