My Suicide Note


Pain and humiliation

  October 17th, 2018 by SamG

I’m over this life of mine…

I am working on ways to end my pain that I live with daily.  I am slowly planning my suicide leaving no room for error because I need the attempt to work.  I first of all need to draw up a will and have it legalised. That way all money from my super etc. goes to my husband for him to be able to support our children.

I can’t live with how I am feeling for much longer….just recently I have had family humiliate me and make me feel so worthless I know I am better off dead.

I can’t do this [...]
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Until your dead

  October 16th, 2018 by thelonergirl123

Why is it when you suddenly die, everyone is like oh “she was so loved” or “I’m going to miss her”.   Am I the only one thinking you’ll miss throwing stuff at her and posting on the hate page you created about her. I guess once you die people just love to hear “I’m so sorry for your loss” and get attention off of your death at least that’s what they’re doing with hers.

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  October 6th, 2018 by Undecided13

I’m in that point of life when I could no longer feel the sadness, no longer feel the pain. I could no longer feel anything. Its like I’m just numb. Just drifting into the darkness that had broken me more times that I could count. So much pain, I wished for it all to disappear. I wanted to escape, because I am too much a coward to face it. I guess I got my wish, then.

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no way out

  October 6th, 2018 by AKidWithAName

She was drunk.  Doesn’t that make it my fault?  She was raped before.  That’s the only reason she did it.  She wouldn’t have done it to me if it wasn’t done to her.  She was too drunk to know what she was doing and it wasn’t her fault, right?  And God will condemn me for adultery and homosexuality.  She’s taken any chance of heaven away from me.  She stripped me of any hope for a future.  There is nothing after this.  Not even death could let me escape this hell.  It’s never going to end and I am going to continue to be tortured by [...]
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I’m Sorry

  September 30th, 2018 by impuretama

I’m sorry I’m ugly

I’m sorry I’m useless

I’m sorry that I’m not smarter

I’m sorry that I’m not more athletic

I’m sorry for being so annoying

I’m sorry for being a piece of shit

I’m sorry that I’m not better at my job

I’m sorry that I’m fat

I’m sorry that I can’t cook better meals

I’m sorry that weak

I’m sorry that I’m emotional

I’m sorry that I’m so pathetic

I’m sorry to anyone that has to deal with me

I’m sorry that I exist

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Sun Rises

  September 28th, 2018 by Imaginary Girl

[A suicide note draft from my notebook]



At the time I am writing this, the sun is rising. I’ve always kind of had a soft spot for the sunrise. Especially when you stay up all night to watch it. Waking up just to see the sunrise is nice too, however, I think it’s a lot harder to wake up than stay up.

I have good memories of sunsets, but a part of me likes sunrises more because I don’t have as many memories tied to them.

The night sky is also extremely calming, but it has the ability to fill you up with adrenaline.

At one of my old [...]
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  September 26th, 2018 by idkwtd

No life is perfect- I know that very well.
Im from a broken family but at an early age of 5 I have no choice but to accept reality.
I’ve always been a good daughter (at least that’s what I believe). I studied hard for my mom because I know how hard it is for her to raise us, I dont want her to be disappointed in me so I always tried my best in school and promise myself to help her when I graduate.
Now, it’s been a year since I graduated from college. I already found a job right after graduating but I [...]
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My Suicide Note

  September 26th, 2018 by breakingthehabit

echo “Hello World!”

My mind is going blank as I’m typing this. It’s feels weird, It feels terrifying, and even worse, It feels so peaceful!

I don’t know what to say, I don’t know how where I’m going with my words. I can’t structure my thoughts, I can’t be coherent right now. I want to , I so very badly want to but, I can’t.

I feel like a fraud. I feel like I’m deceiving and hurting people on purpose, I feel like there’s nothing wrong with my life and I am making everything hard for myself intentionally so I can milk empathy . I’m lying when tell [...]
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The end of heaven

  September 24th, 2018 by angeldiamond

I see people walk

I see people talk

It’s not your fault, I say to the people that help

It’s becoming a fault without end

I don’t want to die

But feel livid within

I love my loves

I hate my hates

But right now all I want is happiness with him

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Reason… No Reason…

  September 20th, 2018 by Itscolourlife

Yesterday I find a reason to live
Today I find a reason to die
Tomorrow what is the reason ?

Go back to my old self
Thats what I want
But it wont
Cause its already gone
The reason behind it

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  September 17th, 2018 by undoubtedly

i was born a long time ago, near the start of this new century. in relation to others it is not such a long time, but these days have dragged on and on.

the place i live cannot be called a home. it is a house. the house itself is wonderful. the man inside it makes it hell.

i do not like the smell of whiskey and cigarettes the first thing in the morning. i do not like the smell of razor blades and blood in the middle of the night.

the psychiatrists cannot fix me and the therapists cannot even help. nothing but sleep calms my inner [...]
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09/17/18 6:48pm

  September 17th, 2018 by undoubtedly

i don’t want to be here. it is not the place for me.

you are not a dad. you are not a father. you are not even a person. you are a captor. you are the source of my torment.

let me go.

i love the people who matter to me. i love them more than they love me back. it has always been this way. i have accepted it.

please feed my animals and love them as i did.

please hug your family.

please know i had to escape. leaving this physical place would not relieve my aching mind.

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Almost Ready

  September 16th, 2018 by Francis53

My first attempt was when I was nine, then again at thirteen, then twenty-two and the last when I was fourty-three.
It is not important I provide details about the first two, other than they certainly were very serious attempts, and had someone not miraculously stumbled upon me, I would not be writing this. Despite the graveness of those attempts, no one ever asked me questions about it after.
At twenty-two, it ended up more comedy than anything. The attempt was more alcohol fueled than anything, leaving a huge mess in my place when I woke up.
Fourty-three……. I tried my best, however people again [...]
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I am tired.

  September 15th, 2018 by Engie

I wrote a suicide note once. Only time I ever did. I wrote it right before what I guess you could call my first real attempt. It was only three words long.

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Life is boring , Reality is boring , real life is boring , real world is boring

  September 14th, 2018 by niki

Especially when you’ve realized that nothing we do here in reality will ever compare to our imaginations. And no, I’m not talking about petty, shallow, superficial, & stupid imaginations like most people only have with their simple-minded brains. I’m talking about all those best fantasy movies, games, novels, comic books, anime/manga, etc, with all their magic, superpowers, & magical, fantasy, adventurous world/universe with its limitless, unlimited possibilities.

Fuck this reality.
Reality is boring, stupid, & depressing.

reality is boring , life is boring ,
it’s all about money
i hate money
i hate business
i wish i live in the movie game anime manga novel comics books

I [...]
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It’s been a year

  September 13th, 2018 by Danthedead

Hi! So, I’ve been thinking about suicide a lot lately, and I realised it’s been a little bit over a year since I first tried to commit suicide. I’ve experienced so many things, tried so many means of relief and just like I’d imagined nothing worked. Now, I’m more depressed and helpless than ever before.

They say it gets better, and so I used to think. I’ve been depressed as far as I can remember — I had my first major mental breakdown when I was 12, now I’m 19 soon to be 20. I used to think as I grew older, things would magically get [...]
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I’m breathing

  September 12th, 2018 by ariusversea

You don’t need to tell me all the reason I should hate myself. I already know them. I repeat them to myself every night with nootropics to keep me awake and kicking. Kicking myself for being a failure, for not doing anything right. For never being enough.

I try to do everything right. I read the textbooks, look over my notes, do the work. I could not work for an entire MONTH, an entire 30 DAYS, and I would STILL be advanced in my classes. because I work hard. I “grind” and “hustle” everyday. But unless I haven’t walked in the snow in nothing but flip [...]
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Yes Im a Baby

  September 11th, 2018 by Itscolourlife

I just want you to be there

Ask me
Whats wrong
What happened
Are you okay

Tell me
Your story
Your pain
Your love

Is it too hard as a family ?
Im at my limit

My smile
My laugh
Its fake

See through me
Love me

PS :
One day if you read this when Im gone…
At least you know what I feel
How I longed for your love and touch like a baby

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United happiness

  September 9th, 2018 by Itscolourlife

Never leave your happiness
Never abandoned your source of happiness
For someone that will give you happiness

It seems like its the same happiness
But its not
Its impermanent happiness

Never leave your happiness
For another happiness
Because it should be united as one happiness in the end

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World of Scar

  September 9th, 2018 by Itscolourlife

Ive been in pain for so long…
I want to die..
But Im still alive until now..
Its getting worse and worse..
And worse… and worse…
And worse… and worse…
And worse… and worse…
How long I can hold my scream…
How to live..
How… but how….
But how… but how…
Someone kill me…
This is so hard…

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