May 16th, 2018 by Unsheard

ima kill myself and i just thought that maybe somebody should know, so now you all know.

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Grades and stuff

  May 15th, 2018 by NumbExhaustion

Ugh. I feel like I’m falling behind everyone. Like, I used to be top of my class and now I have a D in WHAP. (AP World History). I can’t answer anything correctly and like, every time I think I know the answer and pick it I end up missing the question no matter how much I study. The AP test is Thursday and I am so so so not ready for it. I’m studying like crazy and I still think it’s not enough.

Like, I’m not even supposed to be here yet I am and then I can’t see myself next year and I can’t …

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  May 15th, 2018 by iamdarling

each and everyday is a part of my history, a history that will be with me forever. unfortunately, i know that forever, i am going to look back on these years of my life and all i’m going to see will be an ugly kid with mental illnesses and no friends, just, wasting her life away. i want my history, i want my past, present, and future, to be happy, i want to do something worthwhile rather than just doing this wasting. uhm, yeah… this is not really what i imagined my life would be like.

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I’m not supposed to be happy.

  May 15th, 2018 by strawberrycrown

You know what, I seriously don’t think I’m supposed to be happy. Like I think my destiny and fate is just to be unhappy. I wish it wasn’t this way, but it is. Every time that I feel happy and can say to myself “life is going pretty great” (which is not often as it is) my life just suddenly says “oh, she’s happy, better change that”. Like literally things are finally going good like I can actually say I have friends and I’m happy with them and the way things are going but then now they’ve decided that they don’t like me as much …

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  May 14th, 2018 by NumbExhaustion

Ok, so this is really weird but, like, I really miss being able to cry. Like I started meds about 7 months ago and since then, I’ve been unable to have a really good cry regularly. It feels like I’m on the edge of a breakdown and I really hate this feeling. Like, I kinda want to go back to last year when I was crying almost every day because at least then I had some way of releasing whatever I was feeling. Like, now my only way of releasing my emotions when I can’t draw or write is through self harm but even that …

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I came the closest today that I have in a while

  May 14th, 2018 by 20_is_too_many

This last semester, I have worked incredibly hard to maintain a decent grade average, and I mean low As and high Bs….only for everything to come crashing down to a C at best because I had another fucking breakdown due to being overworked and dehydrated….literally collapsed and had to go to Urgent Care to be forced to rest, but it doesn’t matter to my school.

If my grades come back the way I expect them to, I’m going to lose my scholarship, and that’ll be it.

I cannot go back home. I’m tired of getting hit and yelled at and told that I’m worthless. If I lose …

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  May 13th, 2018 by why949

Why am i so fucking weak!!! I swear i almost crued today bc my mom said something slightly mean. I just want to fucking end it. I rewatched the end of 13 reasons why so i could watch her kill herself. It seems so easy. I upset the onky person who seems to care about me the other day and i thought she hated me and im like 90% sure she actually does. I just want to die. I absolutely feel worthless to everyone. I keep razors in the back of my phone and I cut at school bc it makes me very slightly happier. …

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been hatin’ life since day 1

  May 12th, 2018 by hateanon

I hate my life. I’m a minor and that means I obviously have to live with my parents. I’m a girl and have 3 disgusting brothers. The only thing I have for myself is my brains which I got from my mother. She’s mean sometimes but she’s the only one I actually truly love in this nightmare of a household. My dad and I had a fight about 2-3 months ago and he hasn’t talked to me since. He’s a fucking stupid middle aged man and an ego the size of a fucking blue whale. I hate him so much, his standards for me are …

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I’m dying

  May 11th, 2018 by why949

Every thing hurts and I just want to cut. I’m sorry. I feel like everything is just falling apart and I want to tell my mom I have depression but I’m afraid to. I really need a hug and I’m 98% sure no one would miss me and school is getting worse and worse. I stole some pills from my medicine cabinet and I don’t know if I want to take them or not. I’ve been drinking isopropyl alcohol in hopes I’ll get sick enough to go to the hospital and not have to go to school again. I wish I was dying. But doesn’t …

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Should I just stop?

  May 8th, 2018 by Nevermind_

My life is such a mess right now. I don’t think it has ever been wors than this.

I have never really had any friends and I’ve always been the middle kid who didn’t got any attention, but it had never botherd me as much before. I was fine with just being on my own. I mean i would have liked to have friends but I was okay with it. But I’m almost 20 and I still have no one. I feel so Fucking lonely and I feel this dark hole in side of me which I can’t seem to fill. When I was younger and …

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Im gonna end it all

  May 8th, 2018 by lostsoul21817

Im so sick and fucking tired of trying to get through the day.People jus get on my nerves and give me hard times in one way or the other.Im so tired of self motivatin me constantly evryday to keep me frm commiting suicide.But I jus cant take it anymore..Life is harsh and hard.College fkin sucks ….

I will probably end my life next month after I meet up with my family and school friends.Ive been feelin suicidal for the past 8 months or so and i dont really see the point of living.And im feelin too bad bcoz I was really happy and satisfied with my …

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How Can You Even Say That?

  May 7th, 2018 by Koda

You are my SISTER. You should be understanding.

Instead, you tell me that nothing is wrong with me?

And I am forced to bring up a professional diagnosis and an attempted suicide to end this argument?

How can you say that?

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  May 6th, 2018 by Unsheard

I’ve been drinking, i’ve been getting high. and all this time i wonder if i did the right thing. sure shes happier and has moved on but i havent. but it doesnt really matter what i want because she is more important even though i hate myself for loving her. who cares anyway ill just tie my noose and jump off my roof. life is messed up and it isnt worth it. im so done with all this shit.

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Ready to die

  May 5th, 2018 by Specter

TL;DR Sudden strange health problems developed at 31 years old. Feels strange to have an actual substantial reason that I could not continue living this life now. I’ve endured social isolation and all sorts of other stuff, but this feels different. I’m just living in denial and a little bit of hope that maybe I’ll wake up some day and notice some improvement, but for now medications have done nothing and doctors act like they don’t know what to do. ——

Over the past 5 years or so I’ve endured the problems I already had. Depression, anxiety, friends and relationships literally dropping to zero, no job, …

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Can’t See Any Further

  May 2nd, 2018 by alt-tonic

hi. I’ve posted here before. I think over a year ago I believe. I ranted about losing a scholarship and disappointing my family while a divorce was still going on. And then I was diagnosed with GAD and felt like I was going crazy over stress. I got quite a few updated.

I did lose that scholarship. I’m relying on loans and Financial Aid (lucky for now). I switched to a major I’m more happy with (let’s say I made huge jumps in majors because of pressure from my dad who i no longer see anymore). My parents are still going through a divorce, although my …

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I have nothing to live for

  May 2nd, 2018 by Elijah18

I have nothing else to live for. So far I’m only 15 and I’ve fucked up most good things in my life. I suffer from depression and Ive had therapy but I stopped going and I’m not the medicine type. I go to a really good private Catholic school for academics but I got suspended for drug usage and now my mothers making me transfer. I did terrible first semester so I’m screwed for college, then since I’m a dumbass I did almost the same thing this semester. My parents hate me and I don’t blame them, yea I know I have a couple good …

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Hidden One

  April 29th, 2018 by mo992

I smile often when I’m in public. A strong clear smile.

I laugh loudly as well. So loud you could hear from a hundred miles.

With this I attempt to conceal. To present a false sense to the ones I love.

The people who’s opinions I do wish to preserve.

I try to conceal, not only for me, but also for them.

I do not want to cause them much suffering by knowing me.

I do not want my illness to spread like a plague to them and the heavens.

So I conceal, I hide, I smile, I laugh, I dance, I distract, I please, I HIDE.

Am I the only hidden one?

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And I’ll go to work, and I’ll go to sleep, and all of the littler things…

  April 28th, 2018 by Triste Foi

A year ago I was convinced I was getting better, that I would never be back to write my pain… It lasted quite a while, enough to trick me into genuinely believing it. The sad truth is that I won’t be able to have the hope I thought I had. Perhaps without a really good year I would have been better off, I would have never envisioned a future with happiness for myself – and now that makes it harder for me to feel this way.
I wish I hadn’t failed last year I wish I was dead I feel so incurably sad …

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the nothingness

  April 28th, 2018 by wasd


i’m 37, lives with my mother. i’m addicted to buprenorphin (substitute for heroin) and crack.

i work half time in a office as an IT. when i get back from work all i do is watch movies and tv shows on my pc.

i stay up all night. i want out already. i cant cry. i cant get myself to open up and talk about my dreary existence. ppl loves me for some reason, i try to be nice and i know i am attentive and sensitive to others. its so weird, its like the opposite of how i treat myself.

its not like wanting to die, its …

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He Doesn’t Know Me, And I Love Him

  April 27th, 2018 by Koda

Before him, I was empty. I was alone, devoid of light. Every day getting harder and harder to breath. I was sinking in an ocean of darkness…sadness.

Then I seen him. Its like my heart was stumbling over its feet as it was racing around in my chest. I winced at this unfamiliar feeling. My ears cried with joy as his warm, silvery voice flowed through me. His eyes grabbed me by the collar and pulled me to the surface. I could breathe again. But it hurt.

When he looks at me, its like my soul gets torn to pieces. I yearn for more.

He hurts me. Why …

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