Stories of Hope



May 1st, 2017by Addiictivetragedy

Ever since I was a little girl I always asked questions about my little sister.. The sister my mother gave up for adoption. Our mother was a drug addict who chose men over her kids and is STILL continues doing drugs. my life was very rough but I was always the type to wish for a happily ever after… So I made excuses after excuses for my mom. She got pregnant not to long after she gave my sister up for adoption but abused pills which led to a stillborn.. My other baby sister Seirra (May she Rest with the angels) … My mother then …

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WHY is it so FU(£ING difficult to LOG IN HERE!???

April 24th, 2017by bobbywylie

I can see the reasoning behind keeping a site like this….well….discrete, I guess. But, you know, I’ve wanted, on a couple of occasions, to sign in and TALK to people (when I’ve been NEAR FUCKING KILLING MYSELF!!), but I can’t figure out how to fucking LOG IN so I can COMMUNICATE!!! WTF?!!!

There’s no LOG IN details when you visit this site! You may be DESPERATE – and you may well be RIGHT ON THE FUCKING EDGE AND DESPERATE TO TALK TO LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE, but……how the fuck do you GET IN!????????

 I managed to log on ONLY because I inadvertantly clicked on somebody’s POST! Is that how

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I Will Overcome !

April 23rd, 2017by Addiictivetragedy

Mind like quicksand, but I try to stay above land.
Kaleidoscope of different scenarios. Life falling in a burial. Heart broken like shattered glass, not healing no mater how much time has passed. Haunted dreams every night, becoming weaker after every fight. Can’t distinguish what is real or in my head, every night laying on my deathbed. Anxiety, bipolar and PTSD, is slowly overpowering me.
Suicidal Thoughts but I’m afraid of death, continuous thoughts of how I will lose my last breath. Anxious, anxious all the time, but with meds they tell I’ll be just fine. Irritable, angry, sadden and scared, all through my mind like a …

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April 23rd, 2017by Addiictivetragedy

You used your words, I used my heart. I became unheard, you became a dart. I reached out, you pushed away. I started to doubt but I was forced to stay.
Growing a flower, supposed to be a blessing. but you had the power. And I was left stressing..
Far from family , no one but you,
Loss of gravity, my hatred grew.
You where supposed to be my happy ending, but this chapter was just beginning.
My flower blossomed, she is so beautiful, I became cautioned, you grew so pitiful. Yelling and abusing, but with no bruising. I tried to flee, your family didn’t agree.. threatened like a thief …

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Battle Scars: 2017 Update

April 16th, 2017by Counting The Days Until I'm gone

Today commemorates eight months since I have gotten the urge to turn to this forum. At my last visit, I was broken, and quite humorously, at this visit, broken no longer can summate my existence. In exactly one year, I have had few victories and so much pain and deception that I have crawled back into the safety of my introvercy. Since my last visit, (when I was a 18 year old bum, not attending school) I have made some progression. I currently work, go to school and volunteer regularly but my battle scars are still present, Scars that refuse to heal, scars which threaten …

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What makes me move on?

April 14th, 2017by kellinandrew

I am here to tell you one thing. Death isn’t my solution, it is my hideaway spot. The place I dream about when things get bad, the place I think about when I want to end things, but cant bring myself to do it. I find it comforting to dream about what could be if I died, but then it begins to scare me, it begins to make me feel alone, and sometimes I don’t know what to do. How to handle life, how to keep going. Im so tired of struggling, so tired of living off of nothing, having to rely on others, I …

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I’m Back

April 14th, 2017by kellinandrew

I haven’t posted in a while, I dont know why.. But I have a story to tell. I was looking for my sleeping pills, my Trazadone,  when I found my moms Phenobarbital, which is a hypnotic. I used to be addicted to a lot of drugs, more than I ever thought possible. I broke those habits two years ago when I was 15, now I have fallen back into them. I have become dependent on these pills and I am trying to stop, but at first I didnt see a point, yes it can kill me, yes its hurting me. But maybe I was wrong. I …

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Slow and steady/Dr. Visit

April 11th, 2017by heartlessviking

Today things set a good trend for me. I’m still at the point I can only go out a few days a week, but I’m working on that. So today came the long awaited and also long dreaded visit with my prescribing doctor. I was really dreading the concept of going in and talking about my issues from the last few weeks. I’ve been trying to be more honest with this doctor and we have a much more functional relationship for it. That does mean though if I had still be in the deep existential funk that has dominated the last few weeks I would …

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I’m still here…and smiling. (had to repost, sorry for any deleted comments and thanks for the kind words)

March 30th, 2017by PlentyOfRestForTheWeary

*Thanks for commenting and giving well wishes I appreciate it, @TragedyofJohn, @greeneyes7,

Hello, @who_even_cares, I read your comment and I’m sorry you’re having such a rough go of it, I was at that point for years and I was very angry because, things were hitting me all at once. It was a very dark place and I don’t wish that on anyone. I’m praying for you and I hope things will be better in time.


*Original Post*

Hello, I tried to go back to my old account so I could update what’s been going on in my life. This is the link to my first post, if anyone …

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March 19th, 2017by Zelrot

I lost my baby within three years of her birth. Before that, I was moderately depressed. Once in a while I would break down into tears, I was even afraid to look in the mirror. I’ve seen myself as a monster most of my life. If not I as a monster, then I as someone surrounded by them. I’ve been married to my husband for quite a while now, I love him dearly but his depression only piles onto mine. He’s put a gun to his head around 238 times now, once just recently. He pulled the trigger all but that last time, all bullets …

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Behind the closed door.

February 22nd, 2017by AmandaBen

A poem written by me during my darkest moments.


Behind the closed door


Behind the closed door

Lies a girl who hides her pain

Buried in so much sorrow

All hope is being drained


Behind the closed door

Lies a girl practicing to smile

To hide the truth from everyone

A mask in which will only stay for a while


Behind the closed door

Lies a girl with cuts that bleed red

From unbearable sadness

She’s only hanging by a thread


Behind the closed door

Lies a girl who could no longer cry

She starts thinking

How will she say goodbye?


Behind the closed door

Lies a girl perfectly still

Who lost all hope

Who lost all will


Behind the closed door

Was where a girl once used …

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5AM BPD/Love/Sob

February 20th, 2017by Elliot97

Do I get up and disappear while she lays beside me, sleeping beautifully? Even if she did no wrong I can’t force myself to believe she hasn’t, If I disappear maybe she’ll find someone better and worthy. I was always told anything said or thought after 2AM should be ignored but it seems to be my wisest moments. I don’t know how or why I think this way, I wish I didn’t. I wish I was ‘normal’… I used to say consistency is key in my previous relationships but it seems the only thing consistent in my life is sadness, suicidal thoughts and total destruction …

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The 2 Lost Souls

February 13th, 2017by completely_lost2

Today has got to be one very hard day… All i seem to think about is the death of my girlfriend and daughter during childbirth. Their watching over me i believe. I want to have them next to me. You guys obviously know the reason i am depressed. Let me go into detail, I was watching my girlfriend, she was 16, give birth to our child. I was in the hospital room and watched the whole gruesome death. She was already in labor giving birth too Arial Hunter on 4-20-2015. Ella was laying saying “i cant, i cant, i cant” i was holding her hand …

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February 9th, 2017by _lost._.one_

I feel so alone, as if I am not good enough.

Today I almost suffocated from my own self-hate. Sigh, not literally, metaphorically. There were so many people in the bathroom all of a sudden and I could not cry, I had to hold it in for approximately ten minutes while they fussed over their picture.

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I Swear

February 6th, 2017by acidrain

You are not alone, you are worth it.

Together we can make it through.

I swear, I will be here for you.


You are loved, you are beautiful.

Inside and outside, every part of you is lovable.

And if you don’t think I am being truthful,

I swear, I will prove it to you.

Because my love for you is irrefutable.


You are amazing and kind.

Don’t let others redefine you.

My dear, please let me remind you,

That I use you all the time as an example,

When someone asks me to describe what perfection was.

If you knew how loud they would applause.

I swear, you would drop your jaw.


You are sweet and honest.

I appreciate that the …

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An evening between Hope and Despair

February 5th, 2017by Foxglove7

Yesterday I found this place, where thoughts can be expressed that are so often kept silent

it is an empty place where hollow people dwell

“hollow”,  spacious to the point of echoing

empty, expectant

so i sang a song and gave a little speech

to the chorus of voices all lined up at the shore

a faceless sea of voyagers paying their’ fares

tearing their flesh and flaying the souls within

all to buy a ticket

all to buy a ticket

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No Such Thing As Love

February 4th, 2017by ForeverLostAndLonely

I’ve wanted my life to end before. I’ve thought of ways I can do it that would have the least amount of impact on the people around me. My family would get over it. Relationships are hard for me so I don’t have any really close friends to worry about. I’ve tried counseling and I’ve taken medication. I’ve reached out to people when I’ve needed help. But you can only reach out to people so many times before you start bringing them down. That’s when they leave you. I’ve worked SO hard to hide this side of me from my boyfriend of two years. There …

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3 years later

February 3rd, 2017by TheGlassChild

This week, Quebec marks the twenty-seventh National Suicide Prevention Week. The week runs from Jan. 29 to Feb. 4

I felt the need of coming back here, and read the stuff I was writing few years ago, when I was at my worst.

I’m trying to find some words to help those who are now in deep distress, cause I’ve been there, and I should know what to tell those people.

The truth is that I don’t know which word can be used to really help, ’cause I do remember how all those hope messages made me feel worst when I was at my rock bottom. …

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Human’s Imagination / Humans’ Imagination / Humans Imagination is better than Reality

February 2nd, 2017by niki

Human’s Imagination / Humans’ Imagination / Humans Imagination is better than Reality

Movie / movies is better than reality / real life / real world
Video game / games is better than reality / real world / real life
Novel /novels is better than reality / real-life / real-world /
Sci-fi / Science-fiction is better than reality / reallife / realworld
Fantasy is better than reality / real world / real life
Anime / manga is better than reality / realworld / reallife
Dream / dreams is better than reality / real-world / real-life

I hate reality !!!!
Reality it’s all about MONEY !!!!!!
Reality is BORING !!!!
Real world is boring ! real-world is …

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My reasons

January 31st, 2017by _beautifully.tragic

3 reasons why I haven’t tried to end it all:

1. A. She is the reason for every decision that I make because I want her to be okay and happy. She’s the kind of girl that only comes around once in a lifetime and even though I don’t deserve it, I don’t want to passbook up the opportunity of calling her mine forever.

2. I want to prove my dad wrong. I want to graduate and go to the college of my choice. I want to marry A and grow old with her. I want to get my degree and show him that I am …

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