Stories of Hope


My story in short (it’s good to be alive)

  May 19th, 2018 by lightdoescome

For the purpose of time I will try not to drag this out or go overly into detail, although with in each part of my story their are days and weeks I could divulge into, tearing apart the brutality of living and why ultimately I am now happy to live. Light does come, light will come, please let this be an aid of hope.

I grew up in a ‘broken home’ as you could say, both my parents were around through my childhood though it did more harm than good. They fought a lot and had a lot of their own ‘issues’, school was never much …

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In the wise words of Sheldon J. Plankton

  May 16th, 2018 by SuperSoup

Goodbye everyone!
I’ll remember you all in therapy

(imma be getting that help :D)

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  May 5th, 2018 by


When death is so near, sometimes it walks on padded feet, strumming the ground like a guitarist, rhythmically – louder – softer, then with fingers on the wood, tap, tap… tap, tap. The sound is everywhere, no one can hear it but the poor fuck.   It builds and then suddenly subsides, then as each pebble of doubt and every dark word is cast into the waters of his mind, the song builds again on each ripple.   Inside his head each wave combines with the last, getting larger and larger. With the sound of the pebbles dropping into the water, cast by each tap, tap… tap, …

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Reality is boring ! Real life is boring ! Real world is boring ! Humanity/Mankind must move beyond money & politics for real progress !

  April 14th, 2018 by niki

Reality is boring, Humanity/Mankind must move beyond money & politics for real progress.

Although technology have been progressing rapidly nowadays, yet sadly in many aspects, Humanity/Mankind/Society still have slow progress; Everyday is still the same day & problems over and over again repeatedly.

I believe that in order to make a real progress for Humanity / Mankind, we must quickly focus & do the followings:

1) We must move beyond money & politics. It is outdated. A lot of problems in this world today basically stems from these two root causes (& also superstitions especially in religion, as well as in Ignorance & Stupidity due to failure in …

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More motivated…..

  April 12th, 2018 by Urm8451n

My heart is on the floor around, and the sickness that has haunted me all my life, is taking a human form.

She [the sickness/disease ]  is crawling to my knees to keep it’s weight on me, she doesn’t want me to move forward. At this time all I can make, is thoughts.

At times like these I like to gather my self into a greater form. I like to heal the wounds by giving them reasons and justifications – I’m walking alone, but I’m the one who is paving the path. Healing the woulds is something to be done with mind only.


but the wounds keep coming …

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Last few months, that thing I have heard from people who care about me.

  April 10th, 2018 by Jean-bean102

Last few months, that thing I have heard from people who care about me.

“Sometimes It takes a loss to gain something beautiful to your life.”

“You are like a vine or plant that are trying to grow and your ex-friend is a brick block your way out and weight you down…You have made so much of a process and she didn’t let herself to move one and grow from it. You are on right path. ”

“You are so sweet person with a good soul. Yes, we all make mistake and that makes us human. I have lived with an abuser for 6 years and you are not …

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  April 3rd, 2018 by Eccedentesiastsoul

It’s been a while since I’ve last been on here. As a matter of fact, it has been a while since I’ve confronted myself about what is going on around me. For the most part, I blame it on school. I have loads of work to do and having to balance it while also dealing with my parent’s bullshit takes up all my time. I guess part of the reason I have not been putting anything on here is also because I fear someone finding out that this account belongs to me. Anyways, things have been all over the place. I have relapsed twice last …

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I feel it aching

  March 23rd, 2018 by lonewolf23

It’s about to happen. I can feel it within me. The next phase is about to commence. I feel a great ache for growth. All the things i couldn’t do. All the things i didn’t do right in the past put me into a paralysis as soon as high school ended. And for 3 years time has just kinda went on its own. I feel like I’ve watched myself go through these past years in 3rd person view….almost as if i was in auto-pilot. Emptiness from realizing that things could have been better had i just not been so depressed. If i could have just …

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  March 20th, 2018 by Jean-bean102

I am here. Simply as it is that. For few months, I was thinking that nothing is truly last. I lost someone, a good friend who I care and love very much. The last person, I would expect to lose. It takes me a while for me to recover from that loss. I didn’t want to believe it is my loss. Now I accept it happens to me and it does not matter if I deserve it or not. I simply lost someone and it affects my life in good and bad ways. I still have hard time to look at something I love such …

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Blind leading the blind

  March 13th, 2018 by 5201jm

I don’t know why I’m here (and by that I mean this website not earth itself, I mean idk that either but that’s not something I care about at the moment) Ive  posted on here a dozen times about random thoughts from my life to questions to feelings. Usually I’d get 2 or 3 comments within a day or 2 from other people with similar opinions, advice, or answers.

Now that I think about it though, I can’t tell which ones(posts & comments) help or not, maybe all of them, or maybe just one or two yet I’ve been finding myself constantly coming back to reread …

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Why I’m Alive

  March 12th, 2018 by WyteHeart

Hi there, I’ve probably had suicidal thoughts for a little over half of my lifetime, but it has always been more of an academic debate for me, I would think about what my family would do without me, how my friends would feel, and I know I couldn’t go through with it. I don’t know why I never killed myself, I never really had any reason to stay alive, I wasn’t exactly the most promising kid I knew, I’m not athletic, I’m awkward as hell, and I’m not even that attractive…

And I had every reason to do it…
My stepdad was abusive, and made me feel …

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Daily Goals

  March 10th, 2018 by Zigzag

Things seem to be improving for me a little bit. I’m feeling Sparks of life, and I’m holding on to them tightly, white knuckle. I am thankful that they are even there.

For the longest time, I have had a lot of problems trying to cope with and manage my emotions. When I was a teenager, I was so depressed that my depression was all that was on my mind. I didn’t think about anything else really. I didn’t know how to handle it, and so I spent a lot of time by myself. That negatively affected my social life, which worsened my depression. My depression …

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The untold story of suicidal thoughts and voices

  February 27th, 2018 by Urm8451n

In the last month, I felt on a breaking point. I opened this site because  I had to write, for my own mental health. I had to put it all out. for fuck sake.

The untold story by many suicide attempts (and survivors) is what pushed them. Most of them (***) are talking about miss understanding the reality itself. I wish to ask them – how can you understand a reality where you have been the victim of abuse? How can you explain to yourself ” oh everything can be perfect” when each day is just you avoiding the damage?

I want to post here in this …

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No, Sandman won’t be back unless you let him to

  February 24th, 2018 by goodguy

Hi guys its goooodguyyy!:D

i know i said that i won’t be back until i do the exam. but i just checked sp i thought maybe its good if i talk about the way i was doing these months.

yeah i said i was trying to make a difference and a change in me and my life and since then i have failed 23 times(today is counted). i have tried and failed,tried and failed:D. well, i know im not perfect but i am forgiving, i may not be where i should be but im making progress, im moving forward im not where i used to be 🙂

since …

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Message to myself..

  February 19th, 2018 by nonexistingsoul

Hey you. You can still live that way. Living with a heavy heart, a chaotic mind, that’s fine. You can use it as your strength. Being like that pushes yourself to be better. You’re an artist. You can let out your demons in your drawings. You can draw your own world. You can express anything through your pen. If it hurts, draw! Drawing is a big part of your life, you know that without this, you’re useless! Being able to draw is a gift for you! It serves as your protector in life! Even if sometimes you can’t draw, remember that you draw to live. …

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We all have those grey days…

  February 19th, 2018 by Urm8451n

Yesterday I broke down.

Yesterday I posted here my most utter feelings and ideas, I didn’t censor anything. That man yesterday, was me, it still is me, but for now it is all under control.

I want you all to know that I’m doing well, and this is a fact for all of us , that we all have those grey days, but at the end of each session, we have bright ones too.

I’m not at my best, nor at my worst. I’m just living life as much as I can, and as much as socially accepted.

I sometimes fantasize about suicide, it is how I can keep …

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An update

  February 16th, 2018 by Elysianvinyl

Hello! If you remember any of my last posts (I don’t blame you if you dont), I’m currently in a mental rehabilitation center as necessary due to my recent suicide attempt. They allowed me technology today.

They’ve been shoving psyciatric pills down my throat and it’s so annoying, but I guess whatever helps. I hope to be out by the end of March.

See you the next time Im allowed my phone. Stay strong.


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Dying to Live

  February 14th, 2018 by Die2Live

So I want to try something.  A ‘Proof of God‘ project if you will…

I’d like to be clinically dead long enough to see the “other side” and if possible ask God a few questions and then be resuscitated.  (If there is such a deity).

This would actually be pretty awesome to do “Live” on Facebook or YouTube.   It seems I would need a partner to resuscitate me after I have been in fact, clinically flat lined with a heart monitor hooked up to verify time of death.

I have some ideas as to how I would do this, but suggestions are very welcome.


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If you were happy and successful what would your life look like

  February 8th, 2018 by Letmyheartsing

Tell me your story, tell me what you would want to wish for, tell me what would it be like if you were happy and successful at the age you are now or just tell me if you are happy with your life and why.

At the age of 16 and a half I would be in a public high school with Straight A’s, friends, and a girlfriend.

I would have a job and be saving up for college or future Investments,

I would be very intelligent, reading books all the time and making goals for myself to make myself better,

I will be more patient with people that …

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I said goodbye and I meant it.

  February 7th, 2018 by Urm8451n

Many of you are looking for reasons to keep on living.

I wanted to say that one morning, maybe weeks from now, month, or even years, you will wake up without doubting that you have a reason to.

I wanted to thank you all for all the job you are doing and all the stories that are being shared.

I always felt so alone because I never knew anyone else who is coping with struggles like mine.

I would never have survives without you. In my last post I wrote I’m quitting this site, and well, I’m kind of. But even then, I’m coming over sometimes to …

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