Stories of Loss

For those who have passed on.


I went to a psychiatric ward

February 27th, 2015by GlumPenguin

I went to a psychiatric ward after I tried to kill myself about a month ago. My first two days I wanted nothing to do with the place. I didn’t get out of my bed I just laid there not doing anything but sleeping. But after about two days I got up and went to one of the psych education class/support group they had in the unit. We sat down and did a collage of anything that made us happy/helped us cope with our conditions. Up until this point I had already gave up on living, I didn’t want to go on. I felt like …

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i dont know what is out there

February 27th, 2015by Psych$in (kills)

RIP Psych$in AKA Killswitchon AKA Pat

RIP Psych$in AKA Killswitchon AKA Pat

but if something or somebody is listening. im sorry. im sorry for existing… i must be getting tortured for somethign i did. this must be some sort of back lash. maybe im just evil. maybe im just not meant to be here. maybe im just finished. dear god, or whatever the fuck is out there. angel, know that i have no hope. im tired. exhausted. destroyed and in shambles. no hope. no sanity. no peace. no life. broken beyond repair. im crying right …

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I tired of life of my family and I have no one they are never there for me and I’m sick of it I’m always confused and scared to die because of hell… But whats a quick way to die but nothing like stab myself in the gut just quick and easy


Seems I’m not alone at being alone..

February 25th, 2015by mick9999

Hi all,

I am a bipolar, drug induced psychosis and suicide survivor.

My life was such chaos before diagnosis and I honestly don’t know how i made it out alive. I’ve had a few serious attempts. When I say serious, I mean more spontaneous, not planned, I was caught downing three months of antidepressants, had material rip when I tried to asphyxiate myself and my dogs eyes stopped me from driving us over a cliff. I have also had my cry for help attempts. I didn’t want to die, but I didn’t want to live either. I wanted help, so I would tell someone that I was …


In pain

February 25th, 2015by nate2

I met my beautilful girlfriend at work, I have been single for 13 years so I could raise my 2 girls, they are older now so I wanted to find someone. I loved everything about my gf, beautiful, inteligent, her speacial smile just for me, she called me babe or love. She has 3 kids, was in an abusive marriage, last 3 boyfriends cheated on her, I told her I loved her with all my heart and would never hurt her or cheat on her. I would pick her and her baby up in morning, drop baby at babysitter and drive us to work, pick …


I’m a loser , I am a loser in this cruel boring LIMITED real world , reality , real life

February 23rd, 2015by niki

I’m a loser , I am a loser in this cruel boring LIMITED real world , reality , real life .. !

I am a 33 years old Asian guy, who used to have so many beautiful hope & dreams ,
and many people have told me that I’m a smart, multi talent , very creative, & wise person
but now the more I see this cursed world, people, humans beings, and this reality, the more I lose hope in humanity , losing hope in human beings, and also lose hope in myself & my future

you see ,.. Reality / real world / real life …


So many time since heard that people who cut are dumb emotion faggots…   Sick of it!  It makes my gut turn. I still do cut and it’s a pleasure…not for attention….  Well all heard this over and over what do I do?


Sometimes I cry so hard from pleadingSo sick and tired of all the needless beatingBut baby when they knock you down and outIt’s where you ought to stayWell after all the blood that you still oweAnother dollar’s just another blowSo fix your eyes and get upBetter get up while you can, whoa whoaWhen you go […]


To Draven

February 22nd, 2015by Ryder

A 17 year old named Draven managed to do it and made it on Yahoo news. It’s sad when you think about his final hour of life or even his final day on Earth. Maybe it’s a little inspiring too because if a 17 year old can do it right who can’t? I don’t know how hard his life might have been, but I personally respect him. His loved ones are now going to go through a difficult time, but that’s typical when a death happens. It’s an everyday reality that’s generally unexpected…

Wherever you are now, I wish you the best. Just my 0.02¢.

RIP Draven. …


(1) Dear Love,

February 21st, 2015by Quiver

“Love”…  It’s what we always called each other.  A promise to each other that we would always be each other’s true love.

I’ve been thinking about writing to you, in a way that you will not hear me, not see me, but I could see and hear you.  I could imagine how you’d react– the way you would have reacted– without having to bear the thought of you pushing me away.  Everytime I try to speak to you it gets worse.  Everytime I try to see your face, I tear up.

Since I was twelve or thirteen years old, I knew I had some sort of problem.  I did …


I need someone….

February 19th, 2015by DieAlone

Hey everyone,…
I ‘m new Here.

I’m lost right now….
Everything goes wrong in my head for 7 years… It goes up and down but i know now nothing will never be fine. I think I’m a lost cause. Last year i décided to see a therapist for the first time and I must take now neuroleptics for my anxieties.
Since 7 years all i wanted to do was get away from the others… I never trusted anyone. But last year something changed, and I could finally have a true friend… Someone who was here everytime it goes bad, someone to talk to, someone who understood and tried to …


Is it bad?

February 19th, 2015by Streamers

Is it bad that I don’t want to live?

Is it bad that I think most of the world hates me?

Is it bad that the only Internet friends I have told think I’m selfish?

Is it bad that I’ve built up an extremely high tolerance to a drug that is extremely dangerous when taken in larger than prescribed dosages?

Is it bad that I haven’t slept in about three days (including today, cause it’s nearly 6 AM)?

Is it bad that I hide as much as I do?

Is it bad that I can’t even do simple things without messing up?

I think the answer to all of those questions is …


inescapable “depression”

February 16th, 2015by Voidt

Do you agree with this view: “Depression is the illness of civilization, without civilization, we’d be happy: We’d be happy without depression. Without depression we would not have the beautiful arts: novels, plays, paintings. If we were happy we wouldn’t need the arts. Without our depression happiness as a concept would not exist”.


so i didnt sleep last night and i feel kinda energized manic again i guess talked to my friend online from egypt all morning she’s fine she said just a agruement with her guy i heard sounded more like fighting to me but whatever. i’m sure whenever i lay down and be still i’ll go […]


my theme song for this month

February 16th, 2015by Khaliladivine28

by: seasons after

cry little sister cover


can i just die and not live anymore

February 15th, 2015by depressed_chick101

people think that i can always handle their words well guess whati fuckn cant . i cant handle people calling me fat worthless stupid ugly or them tell me you should die nobody wants you here nobody will miss you if you are gone no one will care . it gets to be to much . i cant handle this anymore i just want to forget everything the pain everything . i dont get why people think its okay to do that to me or others . ive lost so many people .. its been five years since my bestfriend killed herself for the same …


Thanks for the words; eject

February 12th, 2015by Psych$in (kills)

In a rough way right now… Think I’m going to admit myself to hospital. I should kill myself but I never quit… Fuck me right. Oh and fuck you Minerva. You only know one side of the goddamn story. You don’t know the sleepless nights I had with her telling me she was going to kill herself. Fuck you, you don’t know shit so shut your fucking mouth. You don’t know me or my heart for people.

Anyway, I don’t know what to do. I’d love to chat with someone but cell reception and Internet is horrendous here…


tonight is the night I float away

February 10th, 2015by cjnothing85

Well its official im the biggest loser in Houston! In a matter of 3days ive lost everything I love in this world! I lost my job, my gf and my son bc I couldnt find a stable living arrangement! And not bc I couldn’t afford it but bc of my record! So after blowing money for a cpl mos on hotels my family got fed up and left me alone, broke, homeless and miserable! Im so heartbroken right now! The pain I feel inside is unbearable! Im so worthless! How pathetic must I be to not be able to house my family! This has shown …


Valentines day? what?

February 8th, 2015by Silverbird

I remember last year, I got a really adorable card for someone 1000 miles away that I’d probably never meet anyways…

Someone who would always let me pester then about maybe being in a relationship one day, and gently push me towards finding someone else, the whole ‘emotional support’ spheal all along the way…

Someone who, for one of the first times I really felt like saying the hell with it and shooting myself, I wanted to keep talking to all the way to the end…that eventually made me feel like I couldn’t, somehow….

I still have the card, of course…they just wanted pictures of it, rather than …


A Secretly Sweet, Salacious Serenade For Your Sanctimoniously Severed, Sojourning Soul (Spoken)

February 8th, 2015by Psych$in (kills)

Aeris Gainsborough: Everything’s fine now.
Cloud Strife: Yeah. I’m not alone. Not anymore. — Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

A Secretly Sweet, Salacious Serenade For Your Sanctimoniously Severed, Sojourning Soul

A vicariously vexed vagabond whom vivaciously, voraciously chases ventures unknown?

Or am I a delapidated demonic deceiver discovering a deep seated desire for destructive denouements?

Tell me.

Enlighten me.

Show me.

Now hear me.

Unveil your unkempt undulating unseen unsung heart, hidden underneath the unfairly, uncouth unabashedly unrelentingly unsinkable manic misery.

I played your spirit’s strings like a well-tuned violent violin while listlessly listening to the melodramatic melody of vilifying vitriol.

Let me vanish in vane after I vanquish the needle in vein, oh so …