Stories of Loss

For those who have passed on.


Thoughts of Her

October 7th, 2015by alonelybird

To think that she would like me. Who would? Or could? I can’t and won’t.
I was almost convinced she did.
I tried to get to know her, slowly it was working, she appeared to be reciprocating; smiling, laughing etcetera. After a while we got to texting. It was nice for a few messages but then she told me she had to call her boyfriend.
Ripped my heart out, though it’s not her fault and I don’t blame her. I just thought we had stuff in common and we’d get along.
Every one said we’d be good together.
I guess she’ll haunt my dreams now.

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Abandoned, Not Finished

Abandoned, Not Finished: An exposition about art, parenting, and suicide.


Isn’t it crazy…

September 30th, 2015by pandajenna

…how one person can affect your life so much. I pride myself in being a strong person. I always have been. No one’s words have ever hurt me. Except… for one person. He broke my heart, left me with nothing. Called me names. Said I wasted months of his life. I found that he was […]


How to cope…..?

September 28th, 2015by EvilOni22

Ok, so suicidal thoughts linger. Will they ever totally dissipate? Perhaps or perhaps not. I don’t really know. If I had to say, I would lean towards they will lighten but never just go away. Once you learn know or relaize something, it’s not like you can just purposely unknow or unrealize it. The partial truth behind ingnore is bliss. So with acceptance of the fact I may never be able to fully revert from suicidal thoughts and desires leads me to the question of what can I do to cope with them? My mind running on the topic of ways to kill myself and …


Guys i need advice

September 27th, 2015by Deadinside59

So regarding my last post i texted the girl today and we hashed it out she said she needed time well here’s the thing that usually means they don’t come back so but this one might idk i really care about her as a friend but this shit might be a little too much for me i don’t know my question is should i completely detach from her it’s not hard for me to do it’ll only take about a few days i figured it’s better than sitting here constantly worried she’ll text me saying she doesn’t want me in her life anymore i detach …


You are Loved

September 27th, 2015by jrmeador94

I’m still getting through my depression. It’s almost a daily battle here at college, but I’m surviving somehow. I heard this music one day with my therapist, and I couldn’t stop crying.

This song has kept me through some of the hard days. I play it when I fall asleep. I wake up better.

You are Loved (Don’t Give up) by Josh Groban


Just want it to end

September 23rd, 2015by darkangelgirl85

I’ve been dealing with depression since my teens l’m 30. Last year my husband past away and l have never been so depressed. Now I rarely leave the house and just wish for death. I have attempted suicide 3 times in my life, last year was the last time. I really don’t want to live but don’t want to kill myself but I have days when I don’t think straight and come really close to trying again. I have family I don’t want to hurt but I am so miserable all of the time and maybe it would be better to get it


Grandfather, Father, Me

Grandfather, Father, Me

September 22nd, 2015by SeeSmith

I am watching my father die in pieces, ever accelerating. Although he can hardly walk, he manages to drag himself to his desk to find a poem to share with me. How is it possible that he can hang on through all his pain, yet I, healthy and sound, am so ready to die?

Late Poem to My Father
by Sharon Olds

Suddenly I thought of you
as a child in that house, the unlit rooms
and the hot fireplace with the man in front of it,
silent. You moved through the heavy air
in your physical beauty, a boy of seven,
helpless, smart, there were things the man
did near you, and …


Financial Disaster

September 20th, 2015by matthewdee

Three months ago I sold my house. It was a perfect house and I was able to make the payments. I struggled for 7 years since my divorce to stay in the house. I filed bankruptcy. Finally last August I came out of that bankruptcy and started living life. My girlfriend urged me to sell my house. Telling me I would be better off with out it. Lower my expenses and finally be able to move in with her. I wanted to have financial security in my life and finally with two good incomes I could have that. The catch was that I could not …


Why am I so stupid?

September 17th, 2015by ismedyl

I started to talk to this girl that I met at the strip club. She’s a stripper and we understand each other because we have had similar situations. Been through the same stuff I know her real name and I have her real number and I know things about her and her life that people don’t just give out. But because of her profession which by the way I respect, given her circumstances she has a kid and all and you gotta do what you gotta do well anyway her profession makes me feel like she could be playing me but I recently figured out …


so here’s my life story

September 15th, 2015by Annie

3 years since i last posted
Hi, I’m Annie, resident fuck up of phoenix arizona. But then again, we do have someone shooting up a highway here (in my honest opinion, i think it’s a part of the gun control movement. Shoot people and make them scared of guns, gets more people to orgasm over gun control.)
I used to post on here all the damn time as a 12-14 year old, I made friends on here that i never kept. It was like our own little community of fucked depressed people.
I don’t know how I remembered this website, but I am glad I did.
I look back …



September 13th, 2015by prosser6

I hurt myself again today.

Just to make sure I’m still alive. Another scar on my arm, another broken frame.

The blood falls onto the sheets, the crippling fear at my gates.

Another failure in the books. No one hears my screams, my happiness is a lie.

But that’s the price of making others happy.

And the only pain in death is felt by those who are left behind.

Our empty world is cruel, hurtful and unforgiving. It will break you.

I still remember your beautiful face. Those fleeting moments we shared.

I can only hope you’re still with me, holding me close while I cry myself to sleep.

I don’t blame you. Your …


My suicide story

September 13th, 2015by 4262B

All my life I knew something was different about me… Maybe it was how self conscious I became when my parents couldn’t afford to have more than one or two outfits that fit me when I was little. Or maybe it was how hard my mom tried to make my brother and I happy, but my dad always tore her down.. Maybe it was my parents always being to busy to come to any of my school concerts and events? Maybe it was just me? All I know is that through it all, no matter who I have around me, trying to support me.. I …



September 12th, 2015by lostwander

I’ve been at work since seven

I haven’t been able to even think about work clearly, because my mind is reminding me about my relationship

Reminding me of how stupid I am

How being a female, who’s over emotional already, shouldn’t act crazy for attention

How I made the love of my life walk away from me

How I asked him to please come back to me and he told me I was killing him…

but little does he know is that he’s killing me.

I found a box of razor blades.

one cut for every time I’ve called

their not big or deep cuts but they hurt

I’m not good at pain

idk what to …



September 11th, 2015by adawgdarappa

He vanished

like fog disappears once the sun rises.

He left the world, cause he couldn’t take it anymore.

I wish he could have asked for help,

His wife and 2 boys crying

He was funny

helped with computers

He brought his wife lunch everyday

and dropped his boys off at school

He believed in God

and I hope he made it up in Heaven

He is missed by all down on Earth

Though we wish he didn’t do

what he did and



All alone now

September 9th, 2015by Nobodynose

10 months ago my girlfriend of 9 years left me. We kept in contact the entire time. There was hope. Sometimes a lot of it… Sometimes little… But the hope to get back together was always there. As of yesterday though, that hope is gone. She’s far away… with someone else… and wont be coming back now. She was my first and i was hers… I was 25 and she was 18. Aside from some problems here and there, i thought it would last forever.

I was never interested in a relationship until i met her. Never looked for one. Never slept around. I had a …


Questions for those who attempted suicide

September 6th, 2015by winterskyout

What’s keeping you alive to this day? What’re you living for and how did things get better for you?

Are you glad to be alive today?

Also, under what circumstances pushed you into the attempt?




First post

September 6th, 2015by Mike89

Im 26 and never had a girlfriend. I watched a lot of porn and become a sex-addict. I fucked over 300 prostitutes last 5 years and i cant stop with this, it makes me feel so numb. When is see couples walking around i feel so angry and envious.

Suicide is inevitable


In my world, the weather is ill

September 5th, 2015by Rory959

“Rory, what’s the weather like in that head of yours?” 

“In my head?”

“Yes, what’s the weather like?”

“The weather is…ill.”

“And by ill, you mean?”

“I mean…the weather does not bode well for how I’d rather be feeling.”

“So what you’re saying is, you would like to be happy but thoughts prevent you from such happiness?”

“Sure, you sound like you already knew that.”

“To an extent, but I’d like to hear it from you. Tell me all about this ‘weather’.”

“It’s cloudy, like it usually is. I can’t see or feel the sun against my skin. I can’t hear the birds singing. I can’t smell anything but the inevitable rain soon to …


I will overcome my mistakes!

September 4th, 2015by dep

I feel very depressed when I look at my 17-year-old self and remember the hasty choices that I made regarding my career. I’ve ever been very responsible with my school activities and, indeed, I’ve ever excelled; however, fear and anxiety usually devoured my guts so that I couldn’t take the risks and apply to a more profitable major/career at college. When I see my friends who weren’t afraid, chose the right thing and succeeded, I do just want to die; because time doesn’t go back and it sounds like I threw all my opportunities away. Today I’m 27 and I see no other solution than starting again from zero; …