Stories of Loss

For those who have passed on.


My Relevant Survival…

December 6th, 2016by me-inside

People have told me a lot of stories about rape.
They’ve told me how to be careful when I walk alone at night,
And how men in trench coats come out of dark alleys.
They’ve told me to kick them in the groin and run,
To scream for help.

People who can calmly tell you how they were almost caught,
How a stranger followed them down a sidewalk and made a grab,
And how they fought back and won.
How the offender’s in jail and their life is back on track
how happy they are.

But no one talks about how they didn’t fight.
About how they took it,
Lying in a bed with so many stuffed …

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Last Hope Vanished – I was Born, Shaped, and MOLDED by the DARK!!!

December 1st, 2016by silverComplex

I was doing Carbon Monoxide in a sealed tent underground… I was just passing out and I crawled out and realized looking at the sunset… I want to live as much as I want to die… In other words, when life gets fucking hard I want to die as much I want to fucking live!! I fucking screamed and broke down. Every muscle in me was aching was saying what’s the point? Every muscle in my fucking body was telling me to stop. Every in me was telling me to stop and give up. And I said I can fucking do it… I know there is …

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Tired of feelings…

November 30th, 2016by lost80

Today is my son’s 15th birthday. I should be happy to celebrate but he is at that age where he doesn’t care if mom makes him a cake or a special dinner.

I also realized that this day last year is the last day I spent with both of my parents for his 14th birthday. In two weeks, the anniversary of my own personal hell will begin and in my mind I’ve already started to relive it.

My dad was being rushed to the hospital and my mom was calling my cell phone. The sound was garbled and I didn’t want to talk on the phone while …

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Only those who understand will undetstand

November 29th, 2016by AmItheonly1

I have had a yr thus far and fear the future. To start i have been struggling with depression since i was ten with the death of my father. It has been a process to cope this many years. Now more than ever i feel closer to death. Just two months ago i was involved in a near fatal.accident with family members. We all survived but i feel as if apart of me died that day. The worse part was my grandmother died earlier that day and we actually were leaving her house just minutes before crashing. I have been set back not only finically …

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Last Hope Vanished

November 27th, 2016by silverComplex

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen.

How do you do? I’ve read many suicide notes and just registered an account to publish my own suicide note. Where do I start from? I guess from the beginning, eh. Well, I turned 22 this year on the November the 6th. Been severely depressed since 2. I had severe trauma and most likely resulted in brain damage which my parents aren’t telling me about. I have an intermediate stutter and I noticed I have a learning disability and throughout colleges and schools. I’ve been severely bullied on and off basis to the point I had to use deadly force and also been …

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I want to end it

November 25th, 2016by TimTheTank

I want to end it all! I don’t have access to guns and i dont want it to be painful! Im over this i feel depressed every day and i don’t think i am loved by my wife or anyone else around me! I feel like im alone and can not see a solution apart from killing myself! I wake up every day and feel like crying i hate how i feel and just do not want to continue anymore. Nobody cares about me…

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i wish harry potter was real , i wish fantastic beasts were real , i wish magic was real , i wish magic really exist , i wish wizards were real really exist

November 23rd, 2016by niki

i wish harry potter was real really exist , i wish fantastic beasts were real really exist , i wish magic was real really exist , i wish magic really exist , i wish wizards were real really exist

because reality is boring , mundane , and limiting limited
because real world is boring , mundane , and limited limiting
because real life is boring , mundane , & limited limiting !

reality is all about MONEY !
real-life is all about Money !
real-world is all about Money !

Life is boring , mundane ,
movies is better than reality real life real world !
novels is better than reality …

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What Kind of Title Will Accurately Describe This Feeling I Have in the Pit of My Stomach?

November 22nd, 2016by LostandLonelySoul

There are literally no words to describe this god awful feeling I have in the pit of my stomach right now. It’s the kind of feeling that you don’t really know how to describe. Do I want to punch somebody in the face? Do I want to punch myself in the face? Do I want to cry? Do I want to go out on an “angry run”? Do I honestly just want to sit here for hours and stare at the wall and do nothing? Do I want to do anything productive? Who the hell knows. All I know is, I hate feeling like this.

I …

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November 19th, 2016by K.y.l.e

I seem like I’m bulletproof, and no amount of lead from their mouths will ever hurt me. But what’s on the outside isn’t what matters to me, my insides take their words, and accepts them, because I am them.

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Seasons and Severance

November 15th, 2016by away

As the hours retreat into the night and the days become increasingly transient and myopic…

…My heart contracts at the same rate into a painful stone, lodged in my translucent chest like a fly in amber…

…Absurdly comparable to our severance, which resulted in this beating centrepiece feeling like nothing more than a stab wound.

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An Aspirant Person

November 14th, 2016by away

Lately, I’ve been having more and more social difficulties, namely with names (no pun intended) and overall conviction.

Typically, in an interaction, saying a participant’s name will have to happen at least once, but I can’t do it. I can’t say nor even type a person’s name, and if someone does it to me, I become extremely uncomfortable. It would be so much easier to call people numbers or something, kind of like the fact that I use Emoji in place of names on my mobile phone.

Along with that, I also have issues with conviction, instead displaying uncertainty by involuntarily adding, “I think” or, “Or whatever” to …

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She remains lost in time

November 13th, 2016by FadingFlame

I’m sorry for losing who I was and killing the girl you loved…and I’m sorry that you miss her..she is gone and left all the broken parts of herself with me…I pick up the pieces one by one hoping I can put her back together…but just when I think I might have this puzzle of pieces worked out I look down to see more pieces than there were before…and realize that all my effort, sweat, and tears were for nothing but this hollow person I’ve become..alone and misunderstood…always wanting a man that loves a girl that I no longer know how to be. I will keep chasing her ghost…until I run out of breath and time..because I miss her just as much as you..

I’m sorry.

Living with jealousy of your past self is a true tragedy…chasing your past self is futile.. I realize that now..and I hate that my eyes have opened…where will I find my hope now?

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I’m weak, and I’m finally admitting it

November 3rd, 2016by orange-juice

I’m 17. I can hear too many things going on in my head but at the same time I feel blank. I love life but I hate life. Everything is so confusing and I feel a lump in my throat when I try to explain what I really want, so I thought I’d type it.

I don’t want the life that everyone is told to follow. Working behind a desk, getting large sums of money for rotting away in a grey, dull workplace and consistently working for a force that marginalises freedom. I want freedom. I just wish I could run through endless green fields that …

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I hate reality ! reality is boring ! Doctor Strange , Marvel MCU , Avengers , Sword Art Online , Virtual Reality , games , movies , novels , anime manga , comics is better than reality !

October 29th, 2016by niki

I hate reality ! reality is boring !

Doctor Strange is better than reality !
Marvel MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) is better than reality !
Avengers is better than real world !
Sword Art Online is better than real life !
Virtual Reality is better than boring reality !
video games is better than reality real life real world !
movies is better than real-world real-life reality !
novels is better than real-life real-world reality !
anime manga is better than boring real life real world reality !
comics is better than boring real world real life reality !

Why Human’s Imagination is much better than reality ??
movies , games …

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just me and my life

October 26th, 2016by iguess

hi im new to this

i’m not exactly sure how i ended up here, i actually mean on this website. but i’m glad i did. i’m not sure how to even begin to explain my life and what i’m going through. but here’s my best shot at it ;

i guess i’ve actually come to except the fact that i do not have a perfect life. my parents got divorced when i was only a year old. from there it only got worse. i was only in preschool when i was almost raped by my best friends older brother. he is now in jail, and i blame …

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How do you move forward?

October 24th, 2016by Reedmoose

At the end of 2015, things were amazing. I had a girlfriend since 2011, I just discovered I was able to push my marks from a 50 to a 80 and I was on track to getting into medical school. The first quarter, even though I pushed harder than before, I was failing. My girlfriend and I had a fallout and ever since then she would drop hints about how she wasn’t into this anymore.

Following that, the next quarter I just pushed even harder at making things work at university and at my relationship. It got even worse. She found new friends and I …

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October 23rd, 2016by thegreatmanafesto

“Why do you love me?” I ask him.

“I, I don’t know I just do.” He reply’s while staring at his phone, and ignoring me.

I guess he didn’t really love me, because a week later I saw a text pop up on his phone.
It said everything I needed to know to prove he didn’t love me.

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I Suck At Socializing

October 16th, 2016by GerbzBaby

I don’t know if it was me today or my other friend but the conversation wasn’t like any others we had before. It was awkward, I was lost most of the time.. And I felt like he didn’t want me talking to him or wanted me to come visit him. It was horrible. I ended up crying and driving around for a half hour thinking about it, every detail, every feeling, every everything about it. It made me feel like shit. I didn’t want to drive home… If I drove away I would have never came back.. its like every time I talk with him, …

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I don’t know.

October 16th, 2016by alex.ia.fallen.angel18

Okay, now I need to let all this out.

I don’t even know why I’m here. Each day its getting worse and honestly I couldn’t ask for anything worse like ughh, I honestly don’t know how to describe it. Each morning I wake up, wishing that I could die and reborn as someone else, someone better or something. I can’t cope with my lifestyle, I can’t my bare anything at the moment. I have SO MUCH to let out yet I don’t know how, I want to SCREAM, CRY AND LET IT ALL OUT. But I still don’t know, I’ve been staring the screen for minutes …

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Not a soul in the world cares

October 15th, 2016by hopelessboy

Well I’m done this proves it not a person in this world cares not my family no one in all alone I hate this I’ve been trying to get help so I don’t hurt myself but I can’t help it anymore I can’t take this I’m broken beyond repair I’m don’t so tonight I’m gonna do it I’m done living like this sick of it I’m already dead the only person I loved left me she said she would never leave me but she did and I thought what she said was true but I guess not because she destroyed me and no drugs are …

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