i want to die! – but i dont

  May 4th, 2009 by olzielawzy1996

Put yourself in my shoes and see what you would do.. in all honestly. I’ll take your opinions into account and within 20 days I’ll either be still alive or dead.


Ok.. My name is Ollie and the only thing good in my life is my beloved grandma. she lives out in the country with 16 dogs and kennels she has alot of land and we love each other so much. I go out once a week on a saturday when i’m not at school (i’m 13) and occasionaly dont go becuase shes showing but if its local i go with her. The bad things.. I’m Ginger, Everyone Hates Me, but the biggets thing. I didnt get on too well at my primry school, but it seems heaven compared to now, and i was delighted when a girl called becky came back (she left in 32rd year). I abandone dmy other friends for a chance of pure happiness at my secondary school. So first term in secondary term we were fine and had a greta laugh. second term… Ok but she got in an arse a bit!! 3rd term… Hell and I’m nearly in year 9 and its worse. I want to break free but i cant. I have other friends who hate her and i ahte her too. shes a *****, i hate her and she makes my laugh hell and every chance of happiness i have she squashe sit until theres nothing left. Shes such a control freak she controls what i wear, who i talk to, when i go to bed, what i do everything and its killing me. I want to die but cant face leaving my perfect family. Its either Suicide or Murdering her. Please Help me.

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