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Voice Chats?

August 10th, 2017by Critter

I’ve seen a few posts about rooms to talk in, but I’ve never been, and now I’m wondering if any of them are still up?

Otherwise I’m considering starting one myself.

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August 10th, 2017by Branflakes

I originally made this account when I was fifteen but now here I am at twenty years old and still alive, kinda crazy how stuff works, huh? Also I was really cringey and had to delete my old posts so ya know. Character development or something.

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August 10th, 2017by funny123

I’m stuck. Constantly battling between life and death. Dying seems so far fetched, but living doesn’t appear to be an option for me. Time is running out.

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I dunno

August 10th, 2017by Theycallmedramatic

I feel useless, like everyone thinks I am lazy or an idiot. I want to go to college, I want to pursue a career, I want to grow a tree of life and reap the fruits of reward. But to me that just seems impossible. I have such severe depression and anxiety that I am only happy when I am distracted from the dark lingering thoughts that float around my mind like polluted clouds blocking out the sun. I recently graduated highschool. During highschool I skated by, it was easy, I never studied and still succeeded; however, college was a mere butterfly in a meadow …

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Before you die

August 10th, 2017by Life

Make sure to set your organs up for donation or if you can became a living donor. Also living donations are better then after death.


Just a couple of my wishes act on it if you can I’ll appreciate it.


Help the helpless.

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August 10th, 2017by freeroma

I always glance over the edge when I ride past in daylight.
And at night stopping isn’t uncommon.
I sat and leaned against the smaller bridge last night. I cried a bit but felt a little better. Full moon, cool evening. Crickets were on about something or other. Way overdid it yesterday.

I won’t let go. I keep coming back to the same old hurts with the same results. Even if there are patches of calm water I always return.

But I handle myself with what i have, even if it’s still a crapshoot.

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Who’s to blame…

August 10th, 2017by Isolated

So I just told my family that I was sexually assaulted a few months ago and my last boyfriend (3 years ago) use to abuse me. They yelled at me for creating my own drama.

The reason I finally told them was because when I was assulted I was at a gig wearing a low cut top. After it happened I blamed myself. I shouldn’t of worn that, it was my own fault. After about 2 weeks I realised that if a person gets raped it’s not their fault no matter what they were wearing! It’s always the offenders fault. I wasn’t raped but I …

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Just another day in my head

August 10th, 2017by justhope

I was struggling with depression when I was 15 (almost a year ago). It sounds funny because I’m young and I shouldn’t  have any major problems. But my problems were big enough for me to experience depression.

I was in elementary school, finishing my last year. All teenagers are with their heads in the clouds but not me. Yes, I love to daydream because it’s my escape from the real world, but I never had the urge to have a boyfriend, go shopping every week, buy makeup all the time… I thought a lot. I’m mentally a lot older than my friends. I think about my …

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Fairies Wear Boots? Yeah, and “AH-64D Apache Longbow” is a Gender.

August 10th, 2017by Shephard

101613 Aug 17 (I drafted this earlier today)

– Innovation and Information Technology Management course completed. Pass mark of 92% with four submissions made to community discussion forum. Handouts/transcripts deemed essential to maintaining the knowledge gained from this course have been stored via cloud storage.

– Tomorrow (Friday) slated as rest day. Rolling refresh of foodstuffs and hygiene products to be made at local supermarket.

– Headaches still… problematic. Continuing to manage with strong pain relief and adequate rest. No remarkable change in either symptoms or relief.

– Serviceability checks to be conducted on Mossberg shotgun, Gerber LMF II knife, and field equipment. These have not been serviced …

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Disgustingly human

August 10th, 2017by Progenitor

I am very sick of this reality, this putrid society. I’m so tired of it all. I’m so tired in a way I can’t sleep.

I have utter hatred of this outcome I have propelled myself into. I very much desire that I never even appeared in this “conscious”. My parents gave birth to me, without my consent. I suppose no one is asked at birth whether or not they want to enter a world.

I’m so tired of the humans around me, residing on this Earth.

So this is the result of my actions or I suppose from the moment of my birth, I had very much …

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If You are in an Abusive Relationship

August 10th, 2017by PhotographyIsMyLife

If you find yourself in an abusive relationship, run.  Don’t walk, don’t stop and look behind you.  Identify a safe haven for yourself and run.

You will not change them.  They do not want to be changed, regardless of what they say.  They will continue to try and manipulate you to stay.  Run.

If you have kids, it will be harder.  Much harder.  But you kids will learn that it’s OK to do this to another person.  They will learn fear.  Run.

It will continue to get worse until you can’t leave, are emotionally or physically broken.  Or dead.


Google ‘abusive relationship hotlines’ for help

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August 10th, 2017by deadmanliving(hopefullyhopeful)

How many of these posts have i posted and deleted? Different profiles different locations. I stay the same. In a room alone crying online about being depressed. The one constant is a man that barely exists. Maybe I’m not even here and i myself am imaginary. It sounds insane but when i die even if am stupid enough to keep living there will be no evidence that i was ever alive. Ive never enjoyed anything from life never had my faith or trust in people rewarded. How can it be said my life is really happening? I’m so discardable. I want death. The sweet embrace …

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August 10th, 2017by lonewolf23

Emotional trauma is such a ***** when all you remember is the pain. I’ve recently sat down with my mom and learned some horrible truths to things i haven’t understood throughout most of my life. Although these truths are shocking, they allow me to finally understand myself and who I’ve became. These revelations allow me to fully process these memories for what they actually were.

I still remember seeing my oldest brother on the kitchen floor crying and frightened by my dad’s beatings. My dad would beat my brother in front of me and my other older brother every once in a while at night when …

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August 10th, 2017by Fantajin

“Prep me for the surgery, cut me up and make me bleed.

Cut, cut, cut me up — my daddy pays for all my stuff.”

I wish.

Is it possible to have a sugar daddy without doing sexual favors for him? Any sugar babies around to give me advice?

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August 10th, 2017by jmc22

I wish I could live in my fantasies, my own stories in my head where I’m the main character. No sadness, no unhappiness. All i want is a pause to this life so I can restart on a new domain.

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I apologize about what I posted about MGTOW

August 10th, 2017by BlueDiamond

When I was new to this site, I post an angry post called I support MGTOW. I am passive aggressive about the group, but maybe guys are starting to be shoved into the background and are being denied their feelings because they realize that their feelings don’t matter, they drop from society. MGTOW may not be a hate group for women, but I maybe I can’t blame the ones for their resentment. Maybe they did have a bad female influence in their life, and because they’re men no one trusts them, so they find this support group that helps them heal, find others just like …

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Should have could have would have

August 10th, 2017by müll

said the tired brain. You should have died, you could have died, you would have if you could go back and do it when you could have. Maybe I still can, I don’t know.

You’ve tried many times. I don’t blame you. I don’t think it’s your fault you’ve felt like you needed to end it so many times. Feel like your many attempts almost give me a right to try though. I wonder, why can’t I give it a try to end this if you have? It’s just a complete torrent of feelings and despair rn. Self harm didn’t help these last few days, which …

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August 10th, 2017by FallenAce

I cant remember the last time i looked at my self in the mirror. Sure i brush my teeth and show daily, but its really hard for me actually look at myself in the mirror. Every now and again ill try to look myself in the eye. Usually i can’t last more than few moments before i’m overwhelmed with disgust and this feeling of disappointment and anger overtakes me. What hurts the most in these moments is that ive become so adept at faking the smile, i even fool myself. Sometime i can go a few days, pretending everything is gonna be ok. Most everybody …

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I am so sorry..

August 9th, 2017by whenthepainoflivingistoomuch

Again, I am not an active member on this site.  I have looked at it a few times, due to the fact that my close friend, use to post on it.

But I am sitting here in the middle of heartache and despair, feeling hollow and no longer complete and I wonder…what could I have done.

There are so many people out there that I never knew that are broken, ripped apart, shattered, and just lost all because people like me and everyone else have torn them down.

I want to apologize to you all for being a bad human, for not understanding, for not reaching out more. …

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August 9th, 2017by seemokay

im so sad . I’m lost . Empty . I don’t feel anything. I just want to leave & run away from all this. I’m so fucking lonely. Every day I wish I wasn’t here. I’m always fucking depressed. I’m not better & I keep waiting for someone to figure that out. They think I’m okay & im not. Too much is wrong with me. I can’t be happy. I’ll never be. & I just want to go far & not come back here. I don’t know what to do with my future. All I know is that I want it to end .

Life is …

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