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June 21st, 2017by ??????????

“If I ascend up into Heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in the Underworld, behold, thou art there.”

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Do you want someone to figure you out?

June 21st, 2017by AXYZ

Assuming you successfully kill yourself, would your last hope be for someone to figure out why you did it? Or would you rather be one of those mystery suicides where the newspapers print “there were no warning signs”?

Also on that note, would you want your suicide to be reported at all? Or do you just want to be completely erased from history?

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The Very Dark Place Where You Are All Alone

June 21st, 2017by so alone

The last time I was in this dark place was 12 years ago. My letter was written; I had a plan and I came so close. But I really believe God interceded on my behalf, and I believe I had some fight left in me. Now I’m here again, and I’m too tired to fight, and I have no energy. Most importantly, I don’t feel our Lord here with me. Is it possible to be a Christian and feel as though God has abandoned you? My thoughts tell me that He doesn’t care anymore. And I don’t blame Him because I don’t think I’m worth …

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June 21st, 2017by Robstein

What is happiness to you? What it means and how can you achieve it ?

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Past Two Weeks And Sadness

June 21st, 2017by LittleBead

I’ve been really fine for this time. I’ve been happy.
Yes, there are buts and ifs.
I am growing a little bit nervous as the enrolment period approaches. I must go to the psychiatrist and explain how I feel being around young people. I have no idea whether she will agree to have me study without actually attending my university. But. Yes, yet another but. It’s my only chance to continue my studies. It’s only natural that I don’t know what to say. Like, hey, look, I have that horrible phobia about young people which makes me want to jump off the window and I …

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What are your thoughts?

June 21st, 2017by Fractured Mind

Not that i believe in this stuff but found it an interesting read.

And if it is real i hope to hell i get a choice bc i never want to return!!!

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Life in it’s beauty and it’s horror

June 21st, 2017by hope432

Hello. I went to the dentist today. And because the cavity was deep the intervention was really painful and I also felt dread like always.  When I go to the dentist and I sit on that chair I always think of the tortures many humans were forced to endure in our history.

But I also think of God, Jesus and other greatest teachers of humankind who taught goodness in a world of darkness.

After going to the dentist, I went to a park and everything was very beautiful because I could also feel the energy of the trees.  My body also felt lighter.

When I went home I …

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Signs You’re Ugly

June 21st, 2017by BlueDiamond

(I did not write this. I fond it on reddit.) (I think that I am average-looking with social retardation.)

1. You can’t find a girlfriend or boyfriend. This is the whole point of this sub so there’s not a lot to be said here but basically yes, if you’re single for an extended period of time and not by choice with no hookups or sex in between even at a bar on a Friday night when everybody’s drunk, then chances are you fall short in the looks department. There’s a guy on here who’s approached 300 girls in the past couple of years and received zero …

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Wtf and why?

June 21st, 2017by Fractured Mind

Why is this happening that is my question

If this is true wtf as a society are we doing to cause this and why let it grow?

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June 21st, 2017by Robstein

I’ve suffered so much emotional pain over these years, how much more ?

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Anyone to talk to I’m pissed off and I hate life

June 21st, 2017by duringmydarkestdays

The title says it all..

EXTRA: feel free to drop any insults too.. I’m all up for that..

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Im bored of living

June 21st, 2017by TTTTDT

I feel like the last few months I’ve just been grasping for a reason to live. First it was moving to another city, sex, drugs, alcohol, art, buying things, making new friends, getting work and so on and so on.

Now I’m on medical and doing therapy 3x week while i contemplate my life / deal with my mental health.

Im just wondering what the actual fuck i amdoing here. I feel like life is simple and its true. Make money, survive, retire and die. Sure in between there is the have fun, meet people, have sex , have relationships, do cool thing etc , but what …

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Gonna shoot myself

June 21st, 2017by Username123

1. When should I do it?

2. What should I do beforehand? (been trying to figure this one out for 2 months, feel like the past two months have been “beforehand”)

3. Where should I do it?

4. Don’t want to freak out my parents but I am an adult and this is for me.



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The Hopelessness of Safety Plans

June 21st, 2017by Allelsefails

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard “we have a duty of care to keep you safe” and it hurts more every time because I just feel more and more that there is nothing they can do for me. They may come up with a safety plan that makes me feel guilty for not ending my life when I should, or try to tie in with psychologists or doctors but it does nothing. They say you’re finding a permanent solution to a temporary problem but you won’t care when you’re dead.
Why can’t they understand how hopeless it really is? My friends wanted me …

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I’ve been stuck for so long

June 21st, 2017by bluerosewhy

I am that fly in the box you’ve been experimenting with when you were a kid.
And now the box is gone and I still can’t leave.

They say:”Fly, you are free now. Fly. The world is yours.”
But I can’t.
Then they say “Well, it’s your fault then. Bye”
And I’m still here, watching the walls of my invisible box.
It’s written “You are and always will be alone” all over.

This hurts so much…
Sometimes it feels like dying has the potential to make me more alive than I am now.

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A past attempt/warning

June 21st, 2017by Sylkisfish

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June 21st, 2017by Diem S. Sky

I wish I didn’t have regrets. But I do. I do.

I regret everything. I wish I could undo it all. I wish I could have been more insightful.

I regret being the man I am. I regret becoming what C. predicted I would be. I regret becoming the monster she knew I was, inside.

I regret the friends I made, the people I loved and did not love. I regret the way I showed that I cared, and I regret not caring when I should have cared.

I have lived 21 long years. And I have learned a lot of things…yet…all of it seems obsolete. Useless constructs, little …

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Just feelings

June 21st, 2017by Nobear

as unknown and yet we are recognized, as dying and yet look! we live, as punished and yet not handed over to death, as sorrowing but ever rejoicing, as poor but making many rich, as having nothing and yet possessing all things.

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I am a waste

June 20th, 2017by HelpINeedSomebody

Is this the end? I think it may be. It feels the same, it feels like absolutely nothing. Like the will to live has been sucked out of me. I wouldn’t even describe it as the will to live. It is the complete absence of any feeling at all. There is no doubt in my mind that I would be better off dead. It is an indisputable fact.

The thing I really fucked up on was not doing what needed to be done all those years ago. I knew then that I was never going to be cut out for this world, but I just couldn’t …

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Gonna try again

June 20th, 2017by Todamnbad

Keep trying until you succeed right? That’s how i feel tonight…going to try again…

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