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February 14th, 2018by numbo

I don’t know if you still come on here but I still love you.

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February 14th, 2018by lonelygirl645

I try so hard to be good at everything I do. When I succeed I get praised, when I fail I get told “I’m not trying”. Those words sting more than anything else that has been said to me. When I’m not trying, I wouldn’t be upset about messing up. When I’m not trying, I wouldn’t care about how I did. If I’m not trying then why do YOU care about how well I do. You don’t know how I feel, or how you hurt me everyday. How your words cut like a knife that was just sharpened. I hate myself because of you. I …

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Does anybody here feel

February 14th, 2018by Cause of Death: Suicide

Like they should maybe already be dead?

Are any of you surprised that you are still alive?

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Hello, I am nothing.

February 14th, 2018by Indiigo

It hurts. Everything hurts so much. I struggle every day and keep on going but for what ? The mask I put on every morning is cracking. My facade I built is fading and people are noticing. I have always been told I am the happy one, that I bring joy but what if I can’t supply that joy any more ? I have no more to give so I can only offer my sadness. My darkest of thoughts which I mistakenly bare for people to see. I shouldn’t have told anyone. I’m not happy anymore, I am hurt. Destroyed. The me that was once …

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Valentines day sucks

February 14th, 2018by Letmyheartsing

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I’m taking a step in and out -> quitting this site, May you all be well

February 14th, 2018by Urm8451n

This site has been my shoulder to cry on, and helped me in a lot of ways.
But even so, this site has helped me to rant out too much, and helped me to feel sorry for myself.
It also back fired by the fact that I stopped talking to myself and thinking out what will be my next steps.

It is funny but the last problem turned out really bad, I sank into depression as quick as a formula car with turbo and 2 nuclear engines on each wheel.

Humor aside – I have to re-start dealing with my problems on my own. I don’t belong here. …

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Another lost soul

February 14th, 2018by Allmostthere

Hi there, i tried to hang myself and almost do it, i did a partial hanging method, tied a rope inside the tube of a closet, sit and in less than a minute i loss my conciousness, the tube fell and my body instanly stand up, i was in shock like, dont understanding why the hell i have a rope in my neck, if the tube where the clothes hang didnt fell, i have died, so fuck up, i will give a try again in a few moments hanging from another place that is more efective, hanging is painfull, but i can tell you that …

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Vday? More like death day.

February 14th, 2018by lovvely

I’ve decided tonight I’m going to try to commit. My mom has locked up my meds so my final option is bleach. I’ve done plenty research and if I drink enough, despite the taste probably being awful, I’ll end up dying. I’m going to do it tonight at 2:00 AM, setting a timer for 1:30, going to bed quite earlier, getting a decent last amount of sleep, and before I drink the awful liquid, I’m going to eat my favorite snack and send a final message to the love of my life, before I kick the bucket. This will probably be my last post. But …

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I don’t think I can continue for much longer…

February 14th, 2018by lovedOnce

Everyday I have the idea, I feel this despair and it’s difficult to hide.

I feel the to end with everything. The nonsense of killing myself is turning to be reasonable. I don’t like to live, I don’t like feel the pain, the loneliness. My friends are gone, the love of my life is gone. The only thing I do now is work. I work 15h-16h a day, seven days a week. Not because my work needs me, but because I need work.

I’m afraid to die. I wish I had made different choices. I wish I have never tell you that I was in love. If have …

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My dog is successfully rehomed

February 14th, 2018by ladolcemorte

Today I found out that my dog has been successfully re-homed. (He was with a good family for a trial run and it looked like they were keeping him, but today it was confirmed that they are taking him and we just need to fill out some adoption paperwork).

On the one hand I am relieved that he now has a good home.  And I’m glad I stuck around long enough to make sure that happened, as opposed to just offing myself and leaving a note behind with phone numbers of people who could assist in finding him a new home.

But my heart is broken.   …

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i shouldn’t have depression, or have suicidal thoughts

February 14th, 2018by Blackdrook

This is frustrating, i don’t even know what to say. I apologize about the bad language ahead. So basically I‘m all fucked up right now because of something incredibly insignificant. My sister just went shopping, asks me to help her unload the car with groceries. So she tells me to be carefull with the eggs, puts them under the hood of the trunk. She didn’t tell she put them there. But i basically crushed them. I told her i didn’t see them nor meant it (god this is just my head – but i think she feels that was the intent). …

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February 14th, 2018by spectralgiraffe

I didn’t see the post where it happened but its sad that someone left because a nasty comment was left on their post.

I’ve had the (mostly) occasional nasty comment on my posts in my 4 and a bit yrs here.

Not saying anyone should suck it up and accept it. Just saying its really sad. The post at the top is right though, there are real people here who have real feelings and can be hurt.

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Say something

February 14th, 2018by ratlovinggirl

Say something happy. Something that makes you smile, something happy that happened to you, something happy you heard.
Say something that will make me smile.

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February 14th, 2018by Blackbear

So idk this always happens to me where I just hate how I’m acting, portraying myself to others. I’m always thinking about well I’ve gotta do this so they don’t think I’m not paying attention to them, I’ve always gotta smile so I seem polite. I just want a break though. I don’t wanna fucking talk to anyone, I don’t wanna have to change how I am because I don’t wanna upset others around me. But I hate doing it and it bothers me so much because if i were to stop being “fake” I guess that means I’ll make the “friends” upset but I …

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Dying to Live

February 14th, 2018by Die2Live

So I want to try something.  A ‘Proof of God‘ project if you will…

I’d like to be clinically dead long enough to see the “other side” and if possible ask God a few questions and then be resuscitated.  (If there is such a deity).

This would actually be pretty awesome to do “Live” on Facebook or YouTube.   It seems I would need a partner to resuscitate me after I have been in fact, clinically flat lined with a heart monitor hooked up to verify time of death.

I have some ideas as to how I would do this, but suggestions are very welcome.


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Is this finally the day I die? Valentine’s Day perfect

February 13th, 2018by beautifulmonster

Am I finally going to leave this earth? How many stupid goodbye sorry letters do I need to write ?!

I’m only sorry if I ever hurt anyone and who will be hurt.

This is a letter for God,
You exist you got too. I can feel it. But I guess I’m weak. This TEST you put us on this earth for? Well lookS like I failed miserably didn’t I. I’ll finally see the other side. I’m
Shit scared. But I’m more shit scared of this pain I feel in my heart.

What is it a sick joke you play bringing people into my life but then to have them …

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Prostitute. After all that, A HUG?! No

February 13th, 2018by beautifulmonster

June 12, 2017. i snapped. I waited all day for my dad to do or say something. I had to piss in a cup coz I couldn’t leave my room. He’s laughing (my brother) to some girl on the phone, I open my door he broke. Who you talking to your ex?! Sarcasm. I say let’s do it. Now. Are you going to take what I say without hitting me?!

Im not going to hit you coz you want me to do that so I can go back to jail.

i laugh and say yep. It’s now or never. We’re going to live under this roof we …

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And so it was

February 13th, 2018by iceberg

She should have died hereafter.
There would have been a time for such a word.
Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day
To the last syllable of recorded time,
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.
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Just done

February 13th, 2018by ratlovinggirl

feel fucking dead inside, never too happy. im just lost and I have no idea how to feel good again, I want to scream and cry but it doesnt feel like it used to, its not enough. how do I feel free again? feel relaxed? how do I just let it all out?

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Lets all think positive the rest of the week

February 13th, 2018by Letmyheartsing

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