Does suicide mean that we go to Hell?

October 19th, 2017by lxmyrick

Sorry, but this is a religious question for those who are not religous.


So I have been thinking about this with one of my friends that if I commit suicide then I go to Hell, but I don´t understand.  The reason I am confused is because if we commit suicide, but we believe in God, or what ever religion you may be, people say that you will go to sin and go to Hell but if a man who murdered thousands of people, and believes in God, then he will go to Heaven.  So I am wondering if I commit suicide and believe in God, will …

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Give me a chance

October 16th, 2017by uniiicorn

I know a lot of people may choose to ignore this, if so, i hope you skip breakfast the next day (kidding). However, im hoping that there is one person, just one, who hears me out. Im not asking for a reply, though feel free to do so if you wish. I think i’ve blabbered enough, so let me get to the point:

Im losing my mind.

Every depression help center i go to, or any article i see, i see in bold:


I wish i could believe the nice people down at ‘the guardian’, but frankly i …

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I’m a coward

October 16th, 2017by NotAlright

There are many times in the past I’ve wanted to cut, to hurt myself… But I didn’t. Because I’m afraid.

Now I cut, I slashes across my skin to creat scars… But now I’m afraid of what would become of me… What would my future be.

I’m such a coward… Afraid of everything, I don’t even dare to go deeper with my razor… Only because I’m afraid, of being found out, and afraid of the unknown amount of pain… Waiting for me in the future.

I’m scared of pain… But I love pain.

I’m scared of blood, but I’m fascinated by it.

I’m such a coward.

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I Don’t Want to Exist Anymore

October 15th, 2017by fuckexistence

I’m sorry I exist, I apologized to my mother not even an hour ago. Her response was, I wouldn’t go that far. How far Mom? As far as to cease to exist? It would be so much easier, to just cease to exist. Taking a life seems so dramatic, it’s effects long lasting. Ceasing to exist is much more simple, one just doesn’t anymore. No one is hurt, no family, friends, or co-workers. If anything, they’re actually better off; they never actually had to deal with me and my bullshit. I never disappointed them or let them down or hurt them in any way, shape, …

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Fucking Zombie

October 13th, 2017by cornflowerblue

Where do people even get the motivation to get out of bed, to eat, to take a shower, to pay their bills?
I feel so helpless, I just think that someday I’m going to end up staying in bed, losing everything, ending up on the streets, and dying in a cold alley of starvation and emptiness.

Everything makes me nauseous with disgust and exhaustion; relationships are meaningless, food is tasteless, everything is so fucking pointless, and still, despite this horrible perception that has taken hold of me like weeds in a garden, I still get up and do what I do.

That’s the part that irritates me most. …

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I can’t take it anymore.

October 12th, 2017by towardthelight

I don’t think I can continue this life anymore. I’ve been struggling with anxiety for about 6 years and major depression for 2 years.

I only have a couple friends. They are my only friends, but we don’t see each other much because one of them works a lot, and the other lives a state away.

It feels like I’m wasting my life away. I haven’t done anything spectacular or fun. I’ve never dated anyone. I’ve never been in a relationship. I’ve never had a large group of friends. I’ve always been the outcast, the invisible one, the freak.

No one really cares about me. I know they …

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Loser unemployed dad

October 6th, 2017by Noel

I’m an unemployed dad and husband. Many who read this will likely react with advice that nobody’s gonna help me, I have to help myself, and that I’m a whiner, etc., etc. I know this. Nobody cares about me, my family nothing. I don’t go to bed worrying about others. Why should they?

My kids hate me. My wife hates me. I have relationships with neither. My community treats me like a leper. People who interview me cannot get past my splotchy work record. They don’t know how much they need help and how much I can help them.

I have graduate degrees from top prestigious universities….

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fuck everyone and their shit

October 5th, 2017by 123hanna456

fuck life, fuck people, fuck friends, fuck family, everyone i have ever met is fucked up, and all they do is fuck me up even more. people try to pretend to be all nice to me and there for me, but when i have a “bad day” they leave. i just need someone who understands me. i cant do this anymore i cant pretend to have all these friends becasue im  only cheeting myself, everyone around me knows that they dont like me and that im being played. im tired of getting the friends that dont even want me.


today i have a friend that told …

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Forever stuck in a tunnel.

October 5th, 2017by YetAnother

I don’t see light at the end of the tunnel, Iam only waiting for the next accident to occur…

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Who am I? Where am I?

October 5th, 2017by noasinnobody

Can you sue your parents for not aborting you?

I’m pretty sure I was born against my will.

Because my problems started at birth.

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I meticulously fantasize of suicide i die 1000 times  inside my head and late at night i hear the wind  I feel the death blows by semi trucks  and I don’t give a shit about myself I want to jump  but then I think about my family  and the people that surround me and i.. […]


Scared To Kill Myself

October 4th, 2017by cornflowerblue

I’ve lost so much. I was in a beautiful relationship for 8 years, and I ruined it because I couldn’t control myself and ended up becoming an alcoholic. I’ve been depressed since I was 12, and when I asked my mother for help, she would say she didn’t have time. She made it clear that it wasn’t serious enough to bother with. I never got the help I needed, and so I turned to drinking to feel some sort of relief.

Being drunk for 5 years straight, it was hard to understand my emotions, even more so than before. Even though I had everything I could …


My world exploded into pieces all around me.


Not Improving

October 2nd, 2017by blackopal02

I relapsed again today. again…

do any of you ever feel like you will never, ever get better? like it is impossible for you to ever be normal or happy?

that’s exactly how I’ve felt for the longest time… i thought I wanted to get better but maybe deep down I don’t… i just can’t… I cant get better and I cant really explain it better than saying my body just wants to continue to sink and linger in this hole of depression.

i think this could be because of how I am.. no one as sensitive or as pathetic as me could ever exist normally in this …


October 2nd, 2017by LostandAloneGirl

Wow I haven’t posted anything in a while. I suppose that’s a good thing. I’m 17 now, not 13 and silly. When I think back what I was dealing with then seems so little, so insignificant. It’s funny how age and experience changes your view. I know, I know a 4 year age difference is not at all that big. But I feel like I’ve changed a lot and a lot has happened. They say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger but I’m not so sure anymore. I’m heavily depressed and I know it, I’m not in denial or anything but I really


The Meaning Of Life

October 1st, 2017by young_night

I have been pondering and plaguing my mind with the though of what life could mean. I think I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no meaning to life. That after billions of years of evolutions cells eventually came to bus us-humans. And that means there is no higher power or greater purpose. And that hurts me a lot. I don’t like thinking that when I die there will be nothing. And also me thinking this probes me to believe that there is no purpose for me to be alive considering so many others lived and died with nothing to show for it throughout …


i’m the problem

September 30th, 2017by loosejoystick

as much as it pains me to admit, i’m a toxic person. it hasn’t always been this way, i used to make people smile and happy. now that’s not the case. my illnesses are eating away at me and they took my ability to enjoy seeing others happy away first. making people unhappy doesn’t fufill me either, i hate it. my relationship with my girlfriend is toxic but then again, all my relationships with everyone are toxic. my best friend never really gave a shit about me but i’ve told him to fuck off. i have no one but my girlfriend and i’m dragging her …


September 30th, 2017by checherose555

An internet search on the phrase, “I’m so stupid”, landed me here tonight.

I’m not sure if its fate or not; but it’s ironic that I’m here, as I’ve been having somewhat of a breakdown since yesterday.

I used to have suicidal thoughts when I was much younger, but I could never muster up the courage to act on them.  I wanted to believe I’d outgrown them, even though the feelings would creep in and out of my mind every once in a while.  But I was in control, or so I believed.  I’d have a few crying fits here and there, but I’d get over the …


good ol’ verbal abuse

September 28th, 2017by loosejoystick

tonight has reminded me why i want to die. my sister and her boyfriend are staying over for a night and of course my stepdad had to embarrass me and make me feel like complete shit in front of them. he does so by calling me pathetic, lazy, says i’ve done nothing with my life and mocks me by going “ohh wow i’m so depressed, poor me! i want to kill myself, no one cares about me!” which results in me hiding away in my room until they go to bed. they take his side, which comes to no surprise, and basically tell me “shit …



September 27th, 2017by loosejoystick

i’m really tired of being told to see a psychologist. i’m tired of being told it’ll get better. i’m just tired of all this false hope people expect me to soak in like a sponge. they expect me to instantly be cured of my illness just by simply looking at the bigger picture. i don’t see a bigger picture for me, i don’t want there to be one. i want to be dead.