Coping Skills


The Punching Bag, or The Outcast

June 16th, 2017by BlueDiamond

According to the site’s FAQs, if there are multiple posts in a row, then they will be all? deleted. The site recommends one post per day for the maximum. I love being on here, and being able to write my honest thoughts and feelings, and have a thoughtful audience to engage if they feel like it. It helps to relieve my stress and depression, which it starting to get better. Thank-you, guys.


I always had a theory about purpose of the outcast, the person the majority doesn’t like, so they mess with him or her. Don’t think theory more like a thought is the right word. …

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How do you people go through with this?

June 16th, 2017by Black Holez

I’ve come to the realization that everything that has transpired in my life for the last 4 years has led me to being down, depressed and unable to socialize and do ordinary day-to-day tasks. I just sulk around the house unable to do anything, thinking about things like how worthless I am, how abandoned and rejected I truly feel. If I do go out and try something new, I’m unable to function and do ordinary tasks, making people view me as some kind of failure or a retard because I make a mistake. It doesn’t help that they view me as some kind of mentally …

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Writing to Sandman’s Youtube Channel

June 13th, 2017by BlueDiamond

I doubt I sent the letter to him correctly, or that he will respond. Here’s my personal letter, hope it doesn’t bite me in the ass:

Dear Sandman,
As a female, I enjoy your videos. They really get my juices flowing when comes to understanding human nature. By human nature, I mean that your videos helps me to see both sides of the opposite sex. My only and biggest criticism, however is that sometimes when you explain a behavior you make it sound like only women do it. For example in your youtube video “Dating Fat Girls”, you and the writer stated that once women find someone …

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Some hope to share

June 11th, 2017by SoVeryTired

Six weeks ago, on the Saturday,  I put up a post that I had given up and was going to end it.

However, my conscience got the better of me, and I stepped back from the brink (quite literally, as I had a noose around my neck and was ready to jump) and reached out once more. Some of you here supported me wonderfully, and for that I am really grateful.

My psychiatrist upped one of my meds, and prescribed me some sleeping meds, and that was part of what helped me, as it gave me the breathing space and strength to tackle some really gnarly psychological …

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I’m a loser

June 8th, 2017by gioia

I study a subject in the medical field. It’s a very tough university program in which one relies a lot on the professors and whether they like you or not.

You have to be there all the time. And I just can’t. I am scared of failing. But I am failing because I am scared. There are days I just can’t get out of the bed, even though I know the consequences.

So now I’m about to fail a very important course the second time. It started out great in the beginning, I worked faster and was motivated and tried to always smile and be extremely polite. It was utterly exhausting …

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His Name Is Robert

June 7th, 2017by Addiictivetragedy

His name is Robert , I was only 8 years old  sitting all alone on the couch. I remember his white T-shirt, all by myself in a crowed house. He hid in the kitchen  to hide from the suspicion. He took my innocence, he was very quick. It only took a minute, this monster was sick. Like a broken record it repeats in my mind. 15 years pass and I’m still not fine.

They say your body is your temple but I was vandalized.  This Innocent little girl on the couch was now traumatized.

He wasn’t the first to hurt me, and wasn’t the last, this little …

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June 6th, 2017by My life is over

I’m gonna do it from me to humanity hold on and don’t give up stay strong.



It will be rope this time

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the sunrise

June 4th, 2017by vee

i’m about to post things that have been going through my head for more than 10 years, but i’ve never shared with anyone. now, why am i saying it here? because no one can know. and here, everyone knows yet they don’t know; and i just need to get this things out, because i feel like it’ll maybe help somehow. last night i couldn’t sleep, and so i was sitting on the couch, watching the sunrise, when thoughts that haunt me decided to keep me company. this time, however, i wrote everything down. keep in mind i didn’t check what i wrote and don’t plan …

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I’m done

June 3rd, 2017by silent_songbird

Life has been such a huge freaking struggle and I feel like I’m done. The chronic pain I suffer from, my sick family, my failure as a person, I’m sick of it. I’m tired of living…but, I’m not positive I want to die.

I’m kind of convincing myself not to off myself by challenging the concept of suicide. You see right now, when I think about suicide I ask myself how my corpse will look, or how others will react as well as the bliss of nothingness. If I was going to really commit suicide, I’d have to stop caring about superficial aspects of my postmortem …

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May 30th, 2017by Cordless

Saw this and laughed.

True.  😉

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May 29th, 2017by Cordless


There’s a fine line between “Adversity Builds Character” and “Please Just Shoot Me Now”.

I try to strike a balance halfway, but sometimes it’s a stretch.

Good news, sort of:  Bought two new strong aluminum canes with a pretty leafy green vine print on them. And, since the last time I posted in 2016, I got a brand new wheelchair for indoors.  Currently it’s in the kitchen, right next to the fridge, so when I want a bottle of water or tea, all I have to do is sit there and enjoy.

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I Don’t Think Anyone Cares.

May 29th, 2017by BlueDiamond

Today, I plan on going back into Tucker’s. I don’t want to work anymore. Tired of tormenting myself to accepted into a world that will never accept me. I want off the human plantation, but I guess I’m now going to have to fight for that now, when I feel like they never wanted me on the plantation either. I’m going to be off this web-site for a week. Means I’m going to be eating shitty hospital food and sleeping on a bed that’ll hurt my hip, but it’s better than dealing with the outside world.

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This is not a suicide note

May 28th, 2017by infectioushumanwaste

It is a note from a girl who doesn’t wanna be death or alive anymore. I don’t wanna share my name, my country or another things about me. I just wanna tell you that how I became into this person. First, I don’t know whose gonna read this it is too long. If you read please add comment.

As everyone else, my story starts with my family. I was born in a family full of love but also has got a problems. I love them all and the only reason that I’m still alive is my family. But also there are other side of the story. …

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May 27th, 2017by doePrince

Sometimes its just frustrating to keep on with the uphill battle is all. Been in highs and lows and while the lows are particularly bad they arent like how they used to be.

Regardless, its still really fucking frustrating when ya actually try to do what you’re supposed to and it doesn’t seem to be doing any good. Keeping up with the doctors, actually giving a shit bout my general health. Even trying to manage or eliminate stress factors in my life but im still battling these hallucinations and voices.

Sometimes something does get to me but its really easy to squash those worries if I ACTUALLY …

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My Story Part 2

May 25th, 2017by gioia

I’ve decided to not tell anybody else about the abuse; their reaction just made me realize how inconvenient and unpleasant this was for everybody.

I knew before that I wasn’t an easy person, but I never felt that rejected in my whole life -not even when I was bleeding and bruised from my exboyfriend.

But I made a mistake. I’ve tipsily told a guy I’ve been with for a while. We’ve never been officially dating but we spent almost every day with each other.

I didn’t want a label for what we had and neither did he.

But I’ve told

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Lost of Interest in Video games, and Missing Childhood

May 24th, 2017by BlueDiamond

I don’t seem to care about video games that much anymore. I have these video games that I brought, but now I have no interest in playing them. Fun hack to afford video games: wait until the gaming console is a gen old, then buy it. It should be at least 150 dollars, and then buy all the games you wanted to play on it. They should like 10 to 30 dollars mostly in the 10s. You can it though Amazon or Ebay. I have reason on why I’m starting to grow apart from the gaming community. One reason is that I’m near-sighted, don’t how …

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May 23rd, 2017by starbucks

For the past years, I’ve been telling myself “I hate my life”. I just dont like how things are happening, it’s getting harder for me. I feel like everything is in my way. I’m turning 20 this yr. We moved to CA about 6 yrs ago. I have difficulty making friends cause I think I’m weird and awkward. I also have anxiety that makes me nervous when talking to ppl, I am very shy person, I have no confidence, my self-esteem is very low. I want to change myself but I don’t know how. Living here in this country is hard for me, since I …

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Tired of Doing the Right Thing

May 22nd, 2017by BlueDiamond

I got another bill from Tuckers. How can I get medical help when I can’t afford it? I know, just stop being depress and magically suck everything up like a sponge. I just got a job, and guess what it’ll all going to go to paying bills. Most of dept is college, hell the debt on one my credit cards is college, and I’m still working shit jobs, scraping the barrel to pay bills. Over 90% percent of my debt is college. Rarely do I spend money for myself. Bad enough that I have a dad who is always bitching to me about money, but …

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I hate Teachers

May 21st, 2017by BlueDiamond

Why does my manager makes me with this girl? Every few minutes that I show to help her to do work, she disappears as though she doesn’t like me, and I know that she isn’t lazy. She doesn’t have to like me, in fact the purpose of having a job is to work, and pretend you’re a team. Isn’t like I’m standing there and her chatting up. Oh well, she left me with her red marker that she was working with, so I took it. I wanted to chunked the damn thing, but instead I left it by the computer. Doubt that did her any …

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What is reality?

May 19th, 2017by Alfred1688

As we try to survive in this world we live in

We seek out meaning for the life that was given

Some search for it their entire youth

Yet little find it or see the truth

Majority give up when all hope is lost

Others are consumed by the lies they came across

We all believe it gets better after it gets worse

But those words do not apply on this curse

Even if we tried to satisfy every need

There is no cure for one’s greed

It destroys us like a cancer

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