My Suicide Note


The Easy way.

October 5th, 2017by YetAnother

Was it easy? Looking at me withdraw from life and walking away as if it was another tantrum?
Was it easy? Taunting me about being weak everytime I had a breakdown? And asking me to pull my shit together when you’re the one who broke me in the first place?
Was it easy? Pushing me away when I pulled you closer when my demons haunted me every night?
Was it easy? Rolling your eyes and walking out everytime I asked you about your mistakes?
Was it easy? When you gave yourself to so many people yet you told me you only belonged to me?
Was …

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Who am I? Where am I?

October 5th, 2017by noasinnobody

Can you sue your parents for not aborting you?

I’m pretty sure I was born against my will.

Because my problems started at birth.

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Ending it All

October 5th, 2017by hopelesslonelydepressed

I have been suffering from severe anxiety and depression and I just want it to end. I have felt this way since I was 13 years old(5 years ago) and I kept coming up with reasons not to kill myself. The only things I have left now that would slightly make me want to keep living are my 2 close friends and the most amazing girl I have ever met. Everything else in my life is going horribly. I hate my job and I can’t get a better one. I am constantly fighting with my family. I can’t handle the stress and anxiety attacks caused …

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A goodbye to myself

October 4th, 2017by TThomas

What is my purpose in living? I ask myself this just about every day now. I have no ability to do anything regardless of my efforts. I genuinely believe that I am cursed. Everything that I love to do always finds a way to rid itself from my life.
For as long as I could remember my strongest passion was for martial arts. I saw jackie chan and other martial art films and it just clicked with me so perfectly. I started taking tae kwon do classes when I was in 6th grade and I was happier than I can even imagine, everything about the grind …

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September 27th, 2017by loosejoystick

i’ve tried to make it seem like every other night. watch some tv, workout, brush my teeth, shower and sleep. only now there’s one extra step: attempt to end the pain i’ve endured for my whole life. my childhood was ripped from beneath me and now my teenage years have been too, granted that’s my fault. i don’t want to flood this forum with suicide notes every time i attempt so i plan to get it right this time. my parents don’t try to stop me, neither do my sisters. i don’t think my mum will mind losing her only son, i’m the problem child …

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Typical Lying *****

September 26th, 2017by AKidWithAName

I tried to tell someone yesterday. They wouldn’t have hated me. They already know I’m like this. They would’ve understood and they would’ve helped. This isn’t on them, though. This is on me. This is my problem. This is my fault. They have their own problems and they don’t need my needy bullshit shoved onto them. I hate the thought of making them miserable with my problems. I can’t do it anymore.

I feel like I’m just fucking ruining everything. They’d hate me if I told them now and I would hate me, too. Nobody likes a liar, not even an undesirable like myself. I’m such …

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So… Suicide.

September 25th, 2017by TheLastReaper

I don’t know when all of this started, I just know it keeps getting stronger by the day.

I was never the one to believe that you have to tell others your problems, never thought of mental health as something real, I just thought of it as something you make to yourself, because you are not strong enough, or smart, or pretty enough, a weakness if you will, and I still do.

I didn’t have the baddest of childhoods, nor the best. I was bullied since I was a kid till I finished high school, but I kept going, knowing that something better was waiting for me …

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A fucked up person

September 20th, 2017by thedyingpig

ever had that moment in you life where you want to kilyourself because you never achieved anything? I do get compliments from people for my talent but I think that this talent does not suit the standard of my family.

I’m turning 18 and nothing is grand about that besides going to college. But I could not get the thought off of my head about how i will never be accepted because of my incompetency. I did even try to study but it turns out I get depressed once I’m around my friends. I dont even know if I still fit in the group because I …

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I’m so desperate and useless

September 17th, 2017by Kiwiz

I look like a spoiled brat keep flinging throwing paper, punching on the table and burst into tears, my mom asked me “What happened? Fill her in.” I said because my TSI reading score is appalling and I cannot pass the TSI reading test. I don’t like the TSI reading test because it keeps bugging […]


Leaving This Life

September 14th, 2017by usedcanvas

When I was younger I attempted suicide many times, I obviously failed. But when I got better I read that people who try are more likely to try again and be more successful and I used to cry cause I was so scared I would try again and die. At the time I didn’t want to die and I was scared to return to how i used to be. But now I’m in this place where I’m not going to commit suicide but if somehing were to happen to me I don’t know if I would stop it or if I would try and help …


Any survivors blame their partner?

September 6th, 2017by lonely87

Im really struggling to understand how/why my husband chose not only to blame me but to make a campaign out of it in his suicide. His note blames a threat I made (I kept threatening to have him arrested for his violence, I was referring to historical violence but he was paranoid and thought I’d lie and say it was ongoing) but also makes reference to needing the kids to be saved from me, calling me a monster. He left a list of alleged domestic abuse I’d done which ranges from true, to lie, to downright bizarre, to deliberately calculated to sound like something bad …


Holy f**k!

September 4th, 2017by disgusting

It’s been a long time. A lot has happened. I started having pain in Jan-Feb this year and found out I’ve got arthritis on the level of an 80-90 year old and I need my knees replaced within this year. Of course I can’t get that because I’m on state care. It’s rapidly degenerating and I face being in a wheelchair unable to do anything for myself. The nerve damage has gotten worse and I can’t feel anything but PAIN in my hands and feet and it makes it hard to wipe my ass just because it’s so painful to hold on to the toilet …


Cutting relieves pain

September 3rd, 2017by justbecause

Karla destroyed my heart, hopes, dreams & confidence so badly that I started working a song:
You told me you wanted to grow old with me,
You threw me a way like yesterday’s garbage,
You crushed my heart,
You destroyed all my dreams,
Now I cut with a knife and
it makes everything all right

You caused so much distress in my head that I can’t sleep,
Now I cut with a knife to make everything all right

I cut with a knife and it makes everything all right,
You’ve hurt me so much,
I can cut with a knife
and not feel any pain.

I’ve come to realize for one reason or another I can’t seem to …


Just a story of my life and why im killing myself

September 3rd, 2017by SoonToBeDeadGuy

So this is my life long sob story. Here you’ll find stupid thing that I’ve done and really stupid reasons behind it. -you probably will encounter spelling errors and poor grammar-

So starting off , i grew up as a kid with little. We weren’t poor but we barely survived. My parents got divorced when i was very young. My mother married an asshole who was abusive towards me (bare in mind they never drank alcohol or used drugs) they had 2 children after they got married and they were everything, i was nothing.

Moving on a few years after some abuse and shit.

My dad comes back into …


No hope

September 1st, 2017by Lostsoul_20

I receive no justice for my rape, no friends to comfort or care about me, failed hopes and dreams, a family who have no understanding or provide no solace for the pain I have been through and no love to somehow be my hero and rescue me form hellish existence. Somehow I’m suppose to live and persevere through the misery and turmoil I suffer through now for some false pretense of a better future. FUCK THAT!!! I’m tired of seeing life as precious as they do. I’m tired of living by their rules. I’m getting my escape and I don’t give a fuck whose fake …



August 28th, 2017by AKidWithAName

So much for trying to be assertive. I just made things worse. He won’t listen because he knows that I am the problem; he knows I know I am the problem. I just wanted to make things better for everyone. I just wanted to help make some people’s lives less miserable and I fucked up and ruined his instead.

I have to see him EVERY FUCKING DAY. I fucking stood up to him, to his condescension, because it drove me fucking insane and it hurt those that I care about very dearly. But you know what? I STILL FUCKED UP. I STILL FUCKING RUINED EVERYTHING.

I …


Goddamn! I sure am one emotional, melodramatic bag of shit!

August 28th, 2017by AKidWithAName

I let this happen. I deserve the consequences.

Why do I feel like I want to die all the time? Because I deserve it. You know that. I know that.

I don’t deserve that escape, though. I don’t deserve that escape.

I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.


I hate me.

I brought this on myself. I did this to myself. I forced this on myself.

This is hell. I cannot escape. I deserve this. I fucked up and I deserve it.


Pathetic Person w/ Pathetic Reasoning

August 28th, 2017by AllBarkNoBite

At the very least, I hope this scatter-brained post will give you a laugh. Just kidding, I don’t hope for anything, save for what I mention in the following. Well, maybe some sections of this post will resonate with anyone who might read it some day.

Once I become financially stable and relatively successful, I might want to kill myself in complete sobriety so that I can prove this point to my dad: Not all suicides are a result of drug-ingestion or addiction. I’ve always wanted to die since I was a child. I even told my mom that “I want to go to Heaven already,” …


My (possible) Suicide Note (?)

August 27th, 2017by TheRoadSoFar

Before proceeding to read this (if someone does), know that I’m not planning to end my life (at least not at this moment or on the foreseeable future, although who knows, life is funny and takes the most unexpected turns). I’m just trying to take this idea off my head. For some reason, I’ve been finding myself thinking on what would I write on my suicide note for the past week or so, so I want to write it off to clarify more my actual thoughts. Here goes.

“It probably won’t be an easy feat to read this, but on the other hand, it will probably …



August 24th, 2017by mynameisnight

there were so many times when suicide seems so tempting
numerous times i was pondering on ending my life,
ending all of my misery
but i’m too scared of the pain.

there were times..
i was thinking,
what would happen if i crash myself across a passing car or truck?
would i die?
would it hurt?

what would happen if i cut my wrist with a razor?
was it gonna hurt?
would i die from the blood loss??

what would happen if i hung myself in a tree using a rope?
will the rope choking me to death?

what would happen if i jump from the rooftop?
would i broke a bone or two?
would my skull be broken too??

what would …