My Suicide Note


I never feared the fear of falling, thought I could fly.

July 21st, 2017by neverfearedfalling

I should start this off by saying I blame no one but myself. I don’t know why God made me so I feel so deeply, but he did. I feel everything, on levels that others don’t. I don’t know if you all know how it feels to walk around and feel so deeply. It’s rewarding when you are happy, but when you are bipolar and never really know how you are going to feel when you wake up it becomes troublesome. Today I feel lower than I’ve ever felt before. I’ve been cursed with the ability to make it look like my life is all …

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ready to die

July 21st, 2017by randomidiot

I really believe that everyone else is either a robot or a computer program. It’s the only way to explain the mass delusion that would have to exist otherwise. I can’t take this world. It should all be destroyed.

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I don’t deserve another chance.

July 9th, 2017by Brokenpotential

So I’m depressed again. Kinda wish I was’nt too weak to be normal, but whatever. Thought about bothering my friends again, but I’m tired of being a burden on them. Wife is sick of the whining too. And I should’nt share at work. So I might as well share for the one or two people who accidentally read this. Dont worry about ignoring me: I’m not a teenaged girl so I dont fuckin matter anyways. If I mattered I would’ve done something that mattered by now. Only one thing I can do that will make any difference.
This site was in theory, a good idea. It’ll …

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I really want to die

July 8th, 2017by Demonqueen

… But I’m scared of failure.
Will I be paralysed?
Brain damaged?

Fail and I’ll be watched and not able to reattempt.



I have mental health, undiagnosed… But imo it is severe.


I’m almost 26. Literally everybody I’ve met this year thought I was 12.
When I was 15…. Everybody thought I was 10-12.
You get the picture.
I’m paedo bait.
Not everyday you get to legally “bang” a “12” year old.

Lost count of the times middle aged men have tried to prostitute me and continue on to tell me they thought i was 12-14.

Walking home today with my mum and her partner and two men …

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Mum Dad are you wondering Why did she kill herself?

July 8th, 2017by beautifulmonster


I’m her mum I loved her more than anyone

so where were you when you I had been raped as a kid? Why didn’t you be the mum and help me ? Why did I have to lie and hide to protect your feelings? I was the kid. I was the one mean to be crying. Instead you cried and lost your shit so i protected you. I just needed someone to help me, why did you have to be weak?

Why are you so depressed ? Why were you so sad all those years? What why? Your a mother your meant to be strong. You brought …

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Dear loved ones

July 2nd, 2017by CARLOSPEJUAN

Dear loved ones

Yes, it is true. I’m gone. I’ve wanted to leave this world for a very long time. Why now? Why here? Because I’m happy, living a life filled with love and opportunity. Because no matter how long I stay I’ll still want to die. No matter what I do I’ll still be suicidal. I will […]


Lost Hope

July 2nd, 2017by bunniekiss17

I’ve lost hope in my life ever turning around again. My mother has been abusive to me for years now and no one ever listens. I’ve been trying to get out of the house for years now. I’ve talked to social workers many times. It never works. I’m not in a good place. I only have about a year and a half left at home but it’s still hard. I don’t know if I can handle living on much longer. The only one who actually messages me to make sure I’m okay is my brother in law who lives two states away. No one else …


An Apologetic Note to Those Unfortunate Enough to Know Me

June 30th, 2017by AKidWithAName

Well, I’d like to start this out with an apology. I know it’s a little late for this (or, more accurately, far too late), but I assume that it’s probably best for me to apologize all the same.

So, I guess, I’ll start out with you, Mom and Dad. I’d just like to say that I’m super sorry for making your lives miserable. I really wish that I hadn’t come (you know, like be born and stuff) when I did. I know that I kind of ruined a lot of things for you guys and I just want to say that I’m honestly sorry. And, …


Time to Awake from this Dream

June 29th, 2017by Engovinio

I have always had a inkling in the periphera of my mind that this life was just an elaborate level of many levels of a dream while in a deep sleep or coma. I have figured it is time to find out. Not because life is not worth living or simply because I only want to find this out. It’s just that my particular life is not worth living.

I have hit a dead end in my life. Even though I have contemplated suicide half of my teen years and all of my adult years, I have held on to some form or strand of someone …



June 28th, 2017by Mallyjune

I don’t know what to do.  I’ve never felt so lost in my life.

My ex boyfriend broke up with me two weeks ago.  Because we lived together, I had to move out.  Two days ago, I found out I was pregnant.  When I told him about it, he stormed out and basically told me he wants nothing to do with any of it.

I’m so miserable.  I wake up and go to bed every night miserable and I don’t see a logical path of it getting any better.  Last night was the closest I’ve ever come to killing myself.  The only thing that stopped me was …



June 26th, 2017by Folfanda

Yesterday was my birthday, things weren’t looking up so I took about 20 of the only over the counter sleeping pill my parent’s had (they don’t take much) and I swallowed them down with a soda. I though it would be a peaceful, surreal, almost lovely experience, but as I sat outside on the hammock I started to feel dazed and tired, my body just kind of bobbed around for a few minutes, I thought I could just lay down and drift, but the feeling only intensified, and though its what I wanted, naturally my body responded negatively to the effects of the pills, and


why God tortured me like that?

June 24th, 2017by an_old_child

after years of suffering, it’s getting good at last.

i think i’m feeling happy and it seems to last for a while. the question here is, why did God tortured me like that?

i know that the day would come that everything will turn upside down again and i will feel down and suicidal -since no happiness is everlasting and no sadness, too- and i think that i’m not ready for that day.

i definitely feel stronger than before all these things happened to me – i don’t really want to say what i’m referring to by “these” – but i don’t like the idea of being put …


Here to listen to you

Here to listen to you

June 23rd, 2017by LostInDebt

Hi guys,

I thought I should be a leaning shoulder to several people out there willing to put an abrupt end to their lives.

Firstly, it is safe to say I have been down that road as well and I know exactly what it feels like to be empty and isolated. I held on to one string (scratch that, two strings actually) : my pregnant girlfriend and God… If my girlfriend wasn’t pregnant, I probably wouldn’t be writing this today because I wouldn’t have anything/anyone to look back to… She loves me too much to hurt her. Then, God! I remembered everything they said about suicide, how …


To Stay…

June 21st, 2017by Mehikka

I wish I could stay here…

However, talking to you all and reading

All of your stories…

Makes it harder for


To Stay

I’m always going to be falling


And yet, I post this and you people try

To make me stay…

Yet that decisions isn’t yours to make…

I try to make wishes to stay

I have so much going on I have a feeling that

I won’t make

It to the end of summer,

Unlike what my friends

Want me to


Even though

We do nothing together

They make it harder for me to stay…

Alive…and well and a whole bunch of random crap…

My life is






Nothing to see here…

I’m done…




Sorry Farah


How do you people go through with this?

June 16th, 2017by Black Holez

I’ve come to the realization that everything that has transpired in my life for the last 4 years has led me to being down, depressed and unable to socialize and do ordinary day-to-day tasks. I just sulk around the house unable to do anything, thinking about things like how worthless I am, how abandoned and rejected I truly feel. If I do go out and try something new, I’m unable to function and do ordinary tasks, making people view me as some kind of failure or a retard because I make a mistake. It doesn’t help that they view me as some kind of mentally …


i am the cause of my pain.. i have a history of suicidal attempts, everyday i try to fight to survive , hoping one day it will be better soon, my family and my friends they don’t know im dying inside.. and then i met her. i met her at my worst. she lifted up […]


not again

June 14th, 2017by alexusdemi

I don’t want to be that post that you’re probably sick of reading, about falling into depression and healing from it. Three years. Three years of constant debating on weather i can stand myself or not. Starting to slowly fall back into a constant mind of self loath is so difficult. I’ve put my body and mind through to much shit to start being like this again. Scary thing is i don’t think im going to fight as hard as i did the first time.


Is this life?

June 14th, 2017by Grass

Sometimes I want so badly just to do something. To create. Instead of that, I do nothing. I sit here in my lonely hole, and try my hardest to empty my head and hands of everything that troubles my soul. My words don’t even come out right anymore. As the years pass, I grow more reclusive and distant from myself. It’s as if I’ve almost disappeared sometimes. Am I even real? Am I even alive? And what does living mean anyways?

I posted something here a couple years back, and its as if nothing has changed. I’m just as miserable. If anything is different, its that …


I may go take a long hot bath and bleed out

June 11th, 2017by rayonhousefly

Im just not feeling capable of handling this amount of drama and stress that seems to always find me. I just want it to stop. I finally found a place where people understood, and despite their problems they were happy and genuine. Then i had to leave. I hate this place, i hate where i am, i hate everything and everyone around me. I need it to fucking stop already. And im not going back to drugs, thats just a bandaid, if i want it to stop im going to do it the right way. My life is bullshit, and i make it thst way, …


I tried once, I will try again.

June 11th, 2017by Suicidal13yrOld

I tried to commit suicide. I failed, got sent to CCU , I am now back home, and ready to try again. I will hang myself and slit my wrists. If not today then another.