My Suicide Note


I tried to get help

May 23rd, 2017by Milestiba

I went to group yesterday and today with a bag of clothes to go to the hospital. Yesterday, I could not bring myself to talk to the therapist. I have been on my phone every night with two and three different crises lines. But I always say that I will be safe even with the racing thoughts and plans to attempt suicide.

Today, I asked the therapist how do you push across the point of knowing you need help to actually taking it. She told me that the only person who could answer that question was the one asking it. She thanked me for coming to …

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last goodbye

May 23rd, 2017by Quiet1064

How does one start a letter of this sort? do i just say my goodbyes? Do i explain why i have decided to do this thing? My regrets? my hopes? i honestly don’t know. should i have told anyone? wouldn’t that have defeated the purpose though?

Well its my letter so i guess there are no rules, i can decide what goes on this letter and what does not. So… Suicide.. plain and simple.. people say its the easy way out .. that people who commit suicide are weak, stupid, doing it for attention? like really? and what ever else they decide to call it, but …

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My Vows

May 22nd, 2017by BlueDiamond

That I will never get married

Never have sex with another fellow human being

If I’m to become homeless, that I will slit my carotid artery.

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relate? No. Not really.

May 19th, 2017by _lost._.one_



Why do we fear death, why do we fear the thing that will come for us all one day? Love and hate are intertwined with death, and when it grips you all emotion is lost as you flow into the interstellar’s of death. Soul and mind are empty and all thoughts are heavy. Death is powerful, wooing you into an insatiable thirst for life; for knowledge.


I wish that it was easier to love and to hate, I wish saying goodbye didn’t always mean forever; especially not in death. To be rid of all woo and worry, to be …

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Demon Road

Though we find ourselves alone in our pain and blackness we are many. Funny how demons push and guide us individually, but we are many. Alone in the dark we cry for deaths sweet release, but we are many. Hopeless am I here by myself, but we are many.  We are legion 


january 27 – 11:47PM

I always give too much To a friend or to a lover and i cant seem to understand why my giving is never equal to what i receive and i have never felt the kind of happiness i see in their eyes on mine when i am being returned the favor They seem happier than me and […]


wednesday – 9:10PM

May 17th, 2017by suicidalkitty

sometimes i wish

i stayed inside my mother,

never to come out.


I should go now, quietly
For my bones have found a place to lie down and sleep
Where all my layers can become reeds
All my limbs can become trees
All my children can become me
Oh, what a mess I leave


Sweet Sleep

My life is such that the only thing I look forward to is sleep. In my dreams I am free of everything including gravity. Sweet dreams where I am hero. I awake sometimes in tears because of the simple fact that I woke up. I long for an eternal sleep. Hero forever


Trying to psych myself up

May 14th, 2017by HereIsMyName

I’m not sure where to start, but I’ll be writing a lot here, so I’m going to warn you ahead of time that this will be a long read and probably very disjointed because I’m just putting down my thoughts as they come.

I’ll start with the basics: I’m a 24-year-old male and I’ve struggled with depression for over half of my life.  My formal diagnoses are major depression and obsessive compulsive disorder, both of which were given when I was around the age of 10.  I have had thoughts of suicide daily for as long as I can remember, but it has been awhile since I’ve …



May 11th, 2017by Baked13

It’s simple.

I want to die
Every ounce of me feels dead already anyway.


Living is a torture

May 10th, 2017by diz

My suicide note. I’m still working on it. I’m still waiting for help even though I know I’m only fake hoping. I don’t have a purpose anymore. Living is a torture every single day. I set myself a date. I planned everything. I’m pretty hopeless.

Anyways. Here you go, enjoy? I don’t know. Do whatever you want to do with this:

Hey. It’s me. I’m that shitty girl who killed herself because she’s a weak-ass depressed kid who’s only great at complaining and seeking for attention. You probably heard about me now, you’re probably gossiping about it. Anyways, I’m writing this letter because soon enough I’ll be …


I Give UP

May 10th, 2017by bbgdz

Yesterday I got message from bank. In one week I will be homeless.

I give up, I am afraid, I don’t know what to do.

I am at work now and it is 12:00, at 13:00 I have a break, I will buy sleeping pills then I will go at some silent place with my car, drink pills, put  plastic bag on head and will fall in sleep and never wake up. If in 3 hours from now I will not post a comment in that topic that means that in Tbilisi at approximately 14:00 young man killed himself, In this case please somehow make my following …


How to kill yourself

May 8th, 2017by ImSayingGoodBye

Okay lets face it, its not that easy. Regardless of the method, whether itd be gun, pills, gassing, jumping, explosion, train or just whatever its really hard to pull through with it. Because lets be honest death is not something that’s a walk in the park. We don’t know how bad its going to hurt, even if its the most “painless” of methods. The fact is only those that know aren’t here to tell. SO.. with all that said. I want to get into detail about what it may take to overcome that fear and actually commit suicide. Lets not even call it suicide, lets …


Maybe there is a God

Been suffering from chest pains since this morning. I’ve said nothing to no one about it. Maybe there is a God and it’ll be a heart attack. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Wish me luck guys.


On the fence

May 7th, 2017by RobbieL1069

Got into some trouble recently(minor) and volunatarily chose to do group therapy sessions. Sitting and talking and listening to everyone’s else’s story has made all the things that bother me surface. For starters, my mother is a druggie, my father has been in and out of my life, my brother is a schizophrenic, I have closed myself off to people including my two sisters because I preferred it that way. My wife is an angel and although I worked a mediocre job to get her through school and now the roles have reversed, I can’t help but feel worthless, I’m 25 and have nothing to …


Tonight’s the night

May 6th, 2017by SoVeryTired

… and where I live it’s already late afternoon, so that won’t be long. My partner spent the afternoon with me, and just left. I managed to hide from him how depressed I am, he didn’t realise anything was wrong. I gave him a long goodbye kiss and hug. He said he might come by tomorrow and i smiled and nodded, but my heart was breaking because tomorrow I will be gone. If I have the willpower.

I’m gonna do it very late at night, an hour or two after midnight. Just before I will send an email to my priest, asking him to send the …



May 1st, 2017by Addiictivetragedy

Ever since I was a little girl I always asked questions about my little sister.. The sister my mother gave up for adoption. Our mother was a drug addict who chose men over her kids and is STILL continues doing drugs. my life was very rough but I was always the type to wish for a happily ever after… So I made excuses after excuses for my mom. She got pregnant not to long after she gave my sister up for adoption but abused pills which led to a stillborn.. My other baby sister Seirra (May she Rest with the angels) … My mother then …

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Protected: Goodbye

April 25th, 2017by madison1231300

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What the fuck should I do

April 25th, 2017by tuningout12

Fisrt of all I’m not proud of this. I’ve never thought I would be publishing something in a page like this. I guess there’s a first time for everything.

Second, I’m spanish that’s why my grammar sucks, pretty much that.

I have no idea where should I start. I’ve been depressed for a lot of years, I tried to kill myself a couple of times but I didn’t suceed.


My parents are not together, they divorced when I was eight. My mother started returning really late from work, kids started bullying me at school, but I could handle it, until I was twelve. My father was getting married …


Constructor of my own destruction

If I’m alone, I’ve done it to myself. Nobody likes a loser