Suicidal Survivors

For those who have survived suicide.


3 years later

  February 3rd, 2017 by TheGlassChild

This week, Quebec marks the twenty-seventh National Suicide Prevention Week. The week runs from Jan. 29 to Feb. 4

I felt the need of coming back here, and read the stuff I was writing few years ago, when I was at my worst.

I’m trying to find some words to help those who are now in deep distress, cause I’ve been there, and I should know what to tell those people.

The truth is that I don’t know which word can be used to really help, ’cause I do remember how all those hope messages made me feel worst when I was at my rock bottom. Life IS [...]
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Human’s Imagination / Humans’ Imagination / Humans Imagination is better than Reality

  February 2nd, 2017 by niki

Human’s Imagination / Humans’ Imagination / Humans Imagination is better than Reality

Movie / movies is better than reality / real life / real world
Video game / games is better than reality / real world / real life
Novel /novels is better than reality / real-life / real-world /
Sci-fi / Science-fiction is better than reality / reallife / realworld
Fantasy is better than reality / real world / real life
Anime / manga is better than reality / realworld / reallife
Dream / dreams is better than reality / real-world / real-life

I hate reality !!!!
Reality it’s all about MONEY !!!!!!
Reality is BORING [...]
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why did you become suicidel?

  January 31st, 2017 by noname_x

I was wondering why you guys did become suicidel?

If anyone is interested this is my story ..

The first time I became suicidel was about a year ago. I was already a little bit depressed but nothing much. On a friday night I went to a sort of homeparty together with my best friend for over 10 years. We were just chilling, having a good time and then suddenly he was acting strange. But I didn’t gave it much attention at the time. an hour or two went by and he was acting even more stranger than before, so i asked him what was wrong and [...]
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Do You Really Want to Die or Do You Just Want Your Pain or Your Struggles to End?

Image result for suicide parabole

There is a difference. And a BIG one.
…problem is, how to tell?


This is all a Game….

  January 24th, 2017 by brxken._.lxcks

Life is a game. This is not real, everything is fake. Love is a game. There is no such thing as true love, its a joke. Everyone just messes around with other’s feelings. This is all fake, we are all living in somebody else’s imaginary world. This is all pretend, like just think about it… why exactly are we alive if we are going to die in the end? Everyone likes shortcuts, and suicide is a shortcut to life. There is no real point in living, you do something bad in society either you get noticed and then punished and never heard of again; or [...]
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  January 22nd, 2017 by Blue65

January 22, 2015. In the next few hours, it’ll be two years since my last suicide attempt. It took me two years to circle back completely and relapse here.

I’ve felt sad before this, but now, I’m back to the cold feeling of hopelessness and sorrow that I had been so used to. The suicidal thoughts are back, and the only thing stopping me is the fear of failure- what happened last time. I became that much more of a burden on everyone I knew, and those whom I thought actually cared for me.

Friends and family forgot about the whole thing. Some chose to ignore it, [...]
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My Story

  January 14th, 2017 by 90Grayson

Hello everyone, my name is Daniel, and I think I’m going to commit suicide very shortly, I want to anyways, not sure if I will though, since things in life change so much, but I hope that moment arrives in a week or two. I don’t know where to start, I’m done trying to figure out why I’m like this, why I have suicidal thoughts, why I cut myself, why I feel so much pain all the time. It sucks, it really sucks to be this way, I don’t believe in destiny, but I cannot avoid feeling like I am trapped, and have absolutely no [...]
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Even if i didnt want to, i stay here, incapable to tell them anything about me. Im sad, im depressed, im suicidal.
Speaking of suicide… It is the most beaultiful blessing we have in life, dont you think? If everything turns out impossible, we can be mercifull with ourselves and end it.
Imagine the world where you have no other option than living until the very end! Ohh thank you universe, i have this option, and it is just hard enough to people prefer living than killing themselves. So just people without hope would choose it.
The universe isnt beautifull, but it works very well.


stopping the stigma on mental illness or suicide prevention?

  January 7th, 2017 by beautifulsinner

every person on this planet has problems. issues of their own that they wish werent existent in their lives. some have bigger problems than others, but we shouldnt be allowed to dismiss other peoples problems just because they dont seem “big enough”. big or small, problems are problems, and my question is; why do we have to feel guilty about feeling emotion over issues that seem irrelevant.

we should be allowed to feel however we want to feel. a major problem to someone, might be considered a minor one to another. but we shouldnt be allowed to judge people based on that. emotions are something [...]
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Confession: 3 times the charm or curse

  January 3rd, 2017 by BrokenAngel8

This one I have been thinking about quite a bit lately… Though certain things that are good happened this year. 2016 was mostly shit as far as me being emotionally, mentally and physically healthy.

It makes me wonder on why god is letting me live like this and being extremely miserable and unhappy with my life. It made think about the 3 times that I tried to take my life in the past.

The first time I was 13.. I was being severally physically and mentally bullied in school for a variety reasons by some of my classmates. It was suppose to be a prescription drug overdose.. [...]
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Why is so difficult?

  January 2nd, 2017 by FNYGG

I have been struggling with depression for the last 5 years. I think I always had depression tendencies but I started a treatment 5 years ago. I remember since I was a kid I have been thinking of how to suicide. I tried to do so in 2016 and it’s still on my mind and at the moment the only thing that “motivates” me is to know that I have a bunch of pills ready to be taken with alcohol. I have studied how to do it, how pills work and react to have success. Is that crazy?

It’s funny how when people know that you [...]
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Near Suicide Experience

  December 23rd, 2016 by VicariousEyes

Well, I almost did it. I was crossing the line before the part of me that hates me stopped me. I deleted my previous posts about my intent for suicide because I felt that they were stupid, childish, poorly written and whatever else negative the other me wanted to come up with.

Anyway, I’ve been depressed for going on 5 years now. Long story not-so-short: my parents have had a volatile, explosive, violent marriage full of mistrust, lies, paranoia. My dad is a HUGE guy. Not in the fat sense, in the could crush a train between his fingers sense. So when things got physical between [...]
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No one can help me !

  December 22nd, 2016 by lonely_and_damaged

I have struggled with several different mental health issues for over 4 years now and no one can help I have hallucinations on a daily basis no one knows why Iam on a very high dose of anti anxiety and antidepressants which don’t seem to be doing a lot I have try to end my life previously obvious without success I can’t take my mind of it the only way for me to be happy is to die I don’t have any reason to live I just want to stop feeling like this.

any suggestions ?

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A Truthful Look at Suicidal Impulses (Reality, Documentary)


It is difficult for people to understand the mind and behavior of those affected by true
Bipolar Depression Disorder. Identifying, accepting and treating it in a child, that must
be extremely challenging.

If life isn’t worth living, it definitely isn’t worth dying for either.
With all due respect, if you believe there is no point in living, make it your goal to finding
that purpose. That may be what you need to pull you through long enough to prove you
wrong… or prove you right. But at least you will have tried harder than most.



A Mistake

  December 19th, 2016 by psykodiak

My story isn’t as crazy as many others, but it’s a story nonetheless. When I was 17, school was very difficult for me. I really had the hardest time paying attention in school and legitimately had zero interest in doing any school work. Needless to say, my grades were horrible.

At that time, I had invested a lot into a hobby, I guess. It was something that my friends and myself really found joy in. It was something I loved to learn about, theory craft, war game, all that jazz. It was always on my mind. The possibilities were absolutely endless from my own point of [...]
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I don’t feel right.

  December 9th, 2016 by antecedent

I don’t feel “right”, and I haven’t felt “right” in a very long time.
I feel an uncomfortable emptiness, and as if life is continuing on in an unpleasant repetition, and I’m growing tired of it.

I am sixteen years old, and I have obtained my GED. I am going to begin college early next year, and I feel like I’m not ready, at least, with tolerating my anxiety. I have terrible anxiety, and I have panic attacks if I’m within a supermarket or similar public setting for too long. I’ve been in the college before, being I had to apply for it, and I began sweating [...]
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Secrets I’ve always wanted to tell. (1st timer here…)

  December 8th, 2016 by Asystole

I had no idea a website like this existed, but I’m grateful to have found it.  I lurked and read many things here before deciding to sign up to post. I wonder if anyone out there can relate to my story?  I wonder if anyone out there is my age, or older?  I wonder if anyone shares my burdens? I wonder, I wonder…. I guess we all wonder those things… Anyway, here I am at 38 years old (I feel like the oldest on here) writing to no one or everyone about my desire to die via suicide.  It’s not something new.  There are moments [...]
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I’m back.. And feel worse than ever..

  December 8th, 2016 by GerbzBaby

I haven’t posted here in what seems like a long time. My life was starting to improve little by little, but, as of recently it’s gone down hill. I’ve been having so much trouble with keeping myself happy. My physical as well as my mental health is rapidly deteriorating. I’m not eating correctly, I only eat at least one to two meals a day with very little consumption of water. When I do eat it’s junk food. My digestive system is all kinds of fucked up (going to the doctors soon to get it checked) and I really do fear for the worst.

My mental health [...]
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  December 6th, 2016 by adecoy95

idk if anyone remembers me or not but i just wanted to post an update since my last posting.

i made an attempt about a month ago, since then i have been getting help and more therapy, as well as new medicine.

for a few weeks it was helping really well, i started showering regularly, losing weight, going to the gym, trying to get out there. i tried a fake it till you make it approach. but its not working.

i would think that after nearly a month and a half now i would start seeing improvements, but putting my past distractions behind has ended up with me [...]
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Last Hope Vanished – I was Born, Shaped, and MOLDED by the DARK!!!

  December 1st, 2016 by silverComplex

I was doing Carbon Monoxide in a sealed tent underground… I was just passing out and I crawled out and realized looking at the sunset… I want to live as much as I want to die… In other words, when life gets fucking hard I want to die as much I want to fucking live!! I fucking screamed and broke down. Every muscle in me was aching was saying what’s the point? Every muscle in my fucking body was telling me to stop. Every in me was telling me to stop and give up. And I said I can fucking do it… I know there is [...]
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