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Please help me.. someone.. please

March 26th, 2017by Kur0-Nek0

I feel so empty, but yet it hurts so damn much.

It feels like all my emotions are breaking free, that they’re all at their limit and ready to go crazy

I don’t even know how to explain how I feel

All I can say is that I feel like an empty shell wandering on this earth. Searching for a way to disappear, and to finally be able to rest in peace.


Help me

I have been  suicidal and depressed for quite some time, but this feels so different. It feels so weird.

I just want to disappear.

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These are some of my beliefs

March 26th, 2017by Forevertorn

1. Iam have died (2010)
2. Its planned up. Everythings planned for my madness.
3. Im a witch.
4. Iam not depressed.
5. Iam an alien species.
6. They talk about me.
7. Iam cursed to always weep in life.
8. Power has been taken away from me.
9. People are telepathically connected with each other.
10. Iam something else.
11. All I believed will be shattered.
12. Iam 222 years old.
13. I have mind records/memories of a different place.
14. Iam being called.
15. I was fallen on Earth by mistake.
16. Iam sent to save the universe. Its me!
17. Iam not doing the job well.
18. My family is a violent computer simulation.
19. I belong to an ancient …

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Fading out

March 26th, 2017by braiNsane

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Fantastic comments

March 26th, 2017by mysteriousvisitor

I think this will be okay because it is not promoting another forum, it is a link to a specific user’s overview and it is archived (no one can comment or vote on any of these threads). In fact, according to this person’s last post, they were to end their life on May 25, 2016. If anyone feels this may be an issue, please say so, as I just want to share this person’s incredible comments and not promote any other forum.

A while back I mentioned an amazing comment by a user named red-ataraxia about what working full time is truly like. After I went to …

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Shout out to some folks here

March 26th, 2017by Waldschläfer

(This is NOT a goodbye post. Nothing is imminent.)

I’ve been following the weather forecast religiously. The sunny days of spring are coming, the rain is receding, and the wilderness beckons. My outing may possibly take place even sooner than I had earlier planned. We’ll just have to wait and see.

I came to this site years ago, not for help (I never needed any), not to vent, not to seek company … but to pass the time, to be entertained, and this site sometimes delivered. I’m on my 4th incarnation here. lilodian4ever -> solitarySoul -> Einsamkeit -> Waldschläfer.

I thought it appropriate to shout out to a …

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How to make post-suicide life comfortable?

March 26th, 2017by madhurgupta

I want to know what happens after committing suicide. Do we become ghosts? Is our life not easy going in any sense after suicide?
I am going to commit suicide because of chronic pain. If there is some way to make my post-suicide life as easy going as possible then please tell me.

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March 26th, 2017by braiNsane

“A flower that blossoms only for a single night does not seem to us on that account any less lovely”

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Why live?

March 26th, 2017by eternaldarkness

Life is empty and meaningless, and wrought with anger, pain and struggles for some. I don’t see what’s so “great” about life.

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I’m here

March 26th, 2017by Blackrose23

And surviving but for how much longer? Years of this has taken its toll and I’m right back where I started. Dreams/nightmares? and the second guessing    myself and life. None of us wanted this but here we are dealing with it.

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Crossed the line

March 26th, 2017by TheRoadSoFar

I once heard or read that we have a “limit”, and we shouldn’t keep everything to ourselves because it bottles up and in the end we won’t be able to hold to it any longer, and we break. We surpass that limit.

Well, theory confirmed: I broke my limit yesterday. All the sadness, anger and frustration, I couldn’t take it anymore, and I started crying. Things get worse if you take into account that I started crying in a party. And I really hate when people see me cry and then come to me.

Now I don’t know how will I be able to look those people …

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Where is the best place?

March 26th, 2017by Hippo85

Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on where they would rather be to die. At home in their bed, in a chair downstairs or outside somewhere.

I’d rather be in my bed but then I worry that my partner wouldn’t sleep in it again.  I think out in the open somewhere would be peaceful but then you would waste the time of police etc searching for you.


Any thoughts?

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Do you ever wonder…

March 26th, 2017by Hippo85

What if you get given a difficult life so that you end it….just to prevent something horrible from happening.

For example, I kill myself because life is horrendous, but my life is meant to push me over the edge because in a years time I cause a crash that kills 5 people.

Random I know, but if everything happens for a reason then I often wonder what the reason is.


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The in-between

March 26th, 2017by braiNsane

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My last few days

March 26th, 2017by Hippo85

As i sit in the garden watching my son play happily, the guilt i feel is immense. I can’t believe that on Tuesday i will be gone. Ive planned for so long and prayed things will get better, but they dont. Im tired of fighting and I’m fed up of hurting.

The love I have for my children and family is overwhelmimg, but its because I love them that I have to go. I cannot keep being this miserable person anymore. They deserve better.

Of course i worry about how they will cope, but I have a strong family and they will all be there for the …

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Someone Get High With Me

March 26th, 2017by rich51bruhh

“My heart is sad and lonely…”

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March 26th, 2017by whiskered-fish

“Escapism isn’t healthy!”

Yeah, well, neither is being constantly bombarded with an unbearable reality. I’d rather die deluded and happy than “awake” and a miserable, broken wreck, thank you.

When all else fails, retreat into delusion. That’s what I’m best at, right?

None of this has to be real if I don’t want it to be. I don’t even have to be Kat if I don’t want to be. I can make it all go away, and I won’t ever have to resurface. Everything is going to be okay.

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In Need of Rad Emo friend – fringe and MCR concert tickets stapled to forehead not mandatory

March 26th, 2017by khajiit

In need of someone who understands the suffocating relentless darkness, has touched themselves while reading the catcher and the rye and would actively LARP as part of the black veil brides with me. send inquiries 2 greyshadedarea @ hotmail (seriously, talk to me lol)

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Has Anyone Survived an Acetaminophen Cocktail Overdose?

March 26th, 2017by Bree9

Has anyone tried going out using over-the-counter drugs, specifically in the acetaminophen category?  (I won’t give specific brand medication examples to prevent my post being taken down). Did it hurt or did you just go unconscious? How did you feel? Did you have organ damage? Were you hospitalized? I want to know what happened but most of all, I want to know if it HURT?

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I am broken… I won’t pretend like things are okay..

March 26th, 2017by doomhead

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In a bad place mentally

March 26th, 2017by claritee

I haven’t been here since August. Things have been OK for me mentally, except my birthday was a couple of days ago and since then I’ve been in this mental spiral. So I am here once again. Wanting to die. I don’t REALLY want to die, I just can’t think of a better solution to end the pain I feel. I don’t ever remember really enjoying my birthday… and I’m wondering if I’ll ever be happy enough to enjoy it. =(

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