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November 15th, 2017by wanttodie2

I think the topics that receive the last comment should be on top of the page

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Things are getting shitty

November 15th, 2017by Jazzy

hi… after a long time.

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The general state of the world after ww2 makes me want to commit genocide on a massive scale i mean suicide.

November 15th, 2017by ME Thal

Things have been pretty shitty for a while and it’s only gonna get worse

Even ZOG propaganda is getting progressively more unwatchable

Oh my god, i was like totally born in the wrong generation

Only 90’s kids will remember this

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Funeral Costs

November 15th, 2017by hadenough636

Do we have to have a funeral when we die, especially when the costs of them are going up and only about 5 people would probably end up going to mine.

When I die, why can’t they just give my body to science and then my family can have tea and cake at home to remember me, if that’s what they want to do.

Do you worry about funeral costs and who’s going to pay – supposing they have to, of course.

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“It’s over”

November 15th, 2017by ladolcemorte

I think I am finally reaching the acceptance stage. I have been in a lot of anguish for the last few months. Wishing I didn’t have to die, trying so hard to make things work even though it was quite obvious to anyone looking in that the damage had been done.

Tonight I went to see a movie. Just to escape the torment that is my life. It was a funny movie. (Bad Moms’ Christmas…highly recommend it….not exactly a specimen of cinematic genius but it was funny and a good way to pass the evening.  Also, Christine Baranski is amazing)

I felt really calm afterward. I was …

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If a restaurant messes up

November 14th, 2017by eternaldarkness

a to go order, do you call them and complain? If so, how often, and do you call every time, or just when they screw up so bad you have to?

It’s like at least ONE item of EVERY order, (or every other order), seems to go wrong. And because it’s a to go order, you can’t return it. And you can’t go back and show them. It gets garbaged and wasted. And I lose money on it. This place I went to usually does a pretty good job of not messing up (but they do totally skimp on …

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Self Harm

November 14th, 2017by whiskered-fish

I wish self harm wasn’t forbidden in my religion.

Sometimes I feel like everything would be a lot better if I could just carve myself up once in a while, y’know?

I mean, I beat and scald myself sometimes, but that’s only because it doesn’t leave any marks, so I figure it’s not technically wrong (or at least not as bad). But that’s not enough for me anymore. I really wish I was allowed to bleed.

I’m already not allowed to kill myself. He’s forcing me to live. Why can’t He allow me this little concession that would make my forced life a lot easier? …

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How soon do you plan to end it?

November 14th, 2017by sadlife958

For me without a doubt I definitely definitely plan to end it soon could be a week could be tomorrow morning but definitely latest by the end of December I do not see 2018 or 19 or whatever what about you guys? when do you think will be the time when you guys do your next attempt in hopes of leaving?

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Stepping up my game

November 14th, 2017by Cause of Death: Suicide

So long gun.. So long overdose. So long those silly and fun methods. Hello black market Nem-monster: No more fucking around!! Hmm wonder how soon I can do this. 8 years ago would have been ideal. Too much stupidfuckery.

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everyone else is interesting

November 14th, 2017by spectralgiraffe

I see it on this site. I see it everywhere else. I’m the boring one, the odd one out. The one that fits nowhere

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they don’t really care

November 14th, 2017by superficiality

“when people ask you to express your feelings, they don’t mean your actual feelings. they mean the feelings that they want you to have. because people can’t deal with dark or scary or weird. they want you to smile and say ‘yeah i’m fine, everything’s great’ because then they can go on with their boring lives and never think about you again.”

i’m so tired of saying that i’m “fine”, “tired”, and “okay”. i don’t mean any of it.

what i mean is, “i just want a break. i don’t want to be here. i am so over everything. you can’t help me, i’m not worth your …

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November 14th, 2017by J Doe

Where am I going? I’m not completely sure? Should I go this way or that way? There are many directions, but paradoxically very few. You can do anything, but you feel like you are constrained to one thing. You can go anywhere, but somehow are stuck here. There are an infinite number of possibilities, but only one outcome. There is absolute freedom in this world, but at the same time a person has little to no control. It feels like you can go everywhere, but not really. There is no purpose, but if I go by …

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Sleep is like a free trial of death – a shitty poem

November 14th, 2017by mike32

I like sleep.

I always liked sleep.

You just go to bed.

No worries, no obligations. Anything that required attention is just left as is.

It’s the end of the day; it’s over. Anything that had to be done is put to rest.

There’s nothing to do, nothing to be anxious, nothing to feel pressured , nothing to feel guilty, nothing to rush, nothing to do wrong, nothing to fuck up.

You lie down and rest. You forget everything.

At least you try to.

You wish it isn’t one of those nights when you feel you need to analyse everything. What went right, what went wrong? What could I have differently?

Normally you do …

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why’s life so boring?

November 14th, 2017by traitorofrealms

i swear i would love to live but what I’ve been given as my “life” is so fucking boring. every time something happens that makes me happy for once and then it just slips from my hands and i am left with the same boring shit i always had. like i’m saying, good things happen but they don’t stay. i was moving to a different city which would’ve made me way less bored but couldn’t because i am struggling financially, i finally made up with an old friend of mine that i talked to for hours on one sitting but she refused to stay and …

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When I die…

November 14th, 2017by eternaldarkness

When I die…[fill in your thoughts]…

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How death feels

November 14th, 2017by lostallhope001

Ever had anesthesia (for surgery)? I think that’s how death feels..

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I dont want to be a VEGETABLE ..Hospital Bullshit & Our Rights

November 14th, 2017by sadlife958

If We’re 18+ conscious and on the verge of death we should be able to refuse treatment. Or if were discovered to have a deadly disease or cancer we should become to consent treatment.

Anyone know anything of this?

I just feel hospitals pressure patients for that $$ while we pay and suffer along with continuing this painful/lonesome life?

I just don’t want to be a vegetable if I fail

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Sorry about maintenance last night

November 14th, 2017by SP Administrator

We need to move the site to a new server and an attempt to do that yesterday did not work out well due to a technical issue… so we’re going to try again this weekend. Our apologize for the downtime last night.

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Cross my heart

November 13th, 2017by Cause of Death: Suicide

Hope to die

Shove a needle in my ass

And shoulder

And knee

And arm

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The Girl Who Ran Away

November 13th, 2017by My Name Is

So there was this chick (not me) in my grade who ran away with some boyfriend of hers to Lord knows where and stayed with him for around a month. She recently came back and is doing class normally. She wasn’t hurt or did drugs or drank or anything big like that. In a way, she was gone and then she was back. When she first left, people were posting on their SnapChat stories on how they missed her for less than five hours. Then they started talking about something else and everyone forgot.

Even I forgot until I saw her in the gym sitting with …

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