Chronic Pain


I have a lot of things that run through my mind. Things I can not explain. My dreams haunt me. My goals are just false hopes. My life is a mess. I hate my life even though, I know others have it worse. This makes me feel guilty. The guilt I have always lived with. […]


So many beautiful souls here

  July 15th, 2015 by Dorothy Gale

and it’s so painful to see you in such despair.

That this must be our cross to bear, what brings us together as perfect strangers. The black dog on our shoulder. Wish it could be anything else for all of us.

I spent all night last night reading through posts and comments. When I came in I was crying for myself, hoping not to feel the end of my rope once more. I went to bed crying for others, hoping they can somehow find their way back up their rope, and if not, that they can find in death the peace they so crave and deserve. I …


When One Was Desolate

  July 15th, 2015 by theunknownxx

I’m getting tired of seeing people writing down that they are going to commit suicides and look at the comments and seeing people say “good luck” “hope everything works” “never apologize, wish you luck”
Do you guys have any compassion or sympathy or even care about these guys??? Come on! It doesn’t matter if you know them or not. Stop them! Save a life for once, their life had meaning and you know it! Don’t just look away, they are hurting and are empty, be that person to encourage them to stop, don’t just read their suicide plan and leave as that, have a heart for …


What I wished I Never Had…

  July 15th, 2015 by theunknownxx

So I guess on this post ill tell you about something that has been wrong me for years. I was diagnosed with cancer at age 7, for about two years I was on radiation and it was hell. I puked alot, I stunted my growth, made me really skinny, and I’m small in body size and it stopped me from doing things I wanted to do. I got picked on for having cancer through my life up until now (18yrs)
Each time I think of it an how it affected me makes me cry so much because I wish I was normal. It’s even hard for …


I just

  July 14th, 2015 by Chandelier203

Wanna cut my arms. Probably not gonna do it though.


All alone

  July 13th, 2015 by disgusting

The guy I love has his life and a ton of friends. I can see how we’re not as close already. I have no one and he doesn’t understand. He honestly thinks he’s been rejected more than I have but I call bullshit because I’m rejected from every damn thing for my looks even for a place to stay! I’ve been told I don’t look human and shouldn’t be allowed outside. I literally am homeless because I’m too ugly for anyone to accept my money as payment for rent. I’m laying on the floor at work for fuck’s sake and it’s the first time I’ve …



  July 13th, 2015 by Polar Bear

Im so scared I dont know what to do……I’ve been in chronic pain now for 10yrs after a car accident made me have to have spine surgery. My life was great until that point……I was in college getting ready to graduate next quarter and I was working for a doctors office doing the work that I was in college for.

After the surgey I was unable to continue with class/work since it was excruciating to sit or stand for long periods of time and I would get horrible spasms and nerve damage caused a lightning type pain to run from my buttox down to my foot.

Well …


The “perks” of being Malcolm

  July 13th, 2015 by ThePerksOfBeingMe

So here I am, an eighteen year old boy on a website designed for sad teenage girls and I’m expected to talk about the “perks” of being me? Okay fine if it will keep her happy and I’ll be able to come out more often then FINE I’ll write! Hm some perks? Well, I had a milkshake last night so that’s cool or whatever. Man I don’t think I can sit here and pretend there are perks to being myself. I can’t even be myself! I’m 18 and a boy and I’m trapped in a woman’s body, let me tell you going to the bathroom …



  July 13th, 2015 by lovattproject

First time posting I’m really just looking for places I can get advice without being judged. Yes I am new so just bare with me as I try to explain my story.

It all all started when I was little, I was told I had really bad behaviour problems this was around the age of 5-12 years old. My parents have told me the only way they could make me behave was to slap me, or to punch me just any means they thought was appropriate, I had therapy when I was really young because I used to hit myself, I never mixed with other kids …



  July 13th, 2015 by KissOfDeath

I’ve always wanted to submerge myself into something that would help numb these feelings,
I’ve always wanted to experience that complete lostness you see in someone deep into their work,
I’ve always envied that.
I’ve tried to lose myself in alcohol,
but these feelings make is seem as if I’m drinking poison.
I’ve tried to lose myself in drugs,
but these feelings make the strongest “uppers” into downers.
I knew these weren’t positive things to lose myself in,
but I didn’t care,
I was so desperate.
I’ve always wanted to be a great writer,
I wanted to paint beautiful scenes with my words,
but creativity seems to be degraded when there’s never a happy ending. …


Given Up

  July 13th, 2015 by Shouldnttryanymore99

I’ve been hiding my pain for ong time. All these feelings of hatred towards myself, my infinite flaws, and my terrible life. Anyone who does know about it is also aware that I’m not worth their time or effort to help. And they’re right. All I do is hurt people, piss them off, annoy them, let them down, burden them, and plenty more. When I finally successfully kill myself, I will be doing them all a favor. Not one would care, and it would improve their lives immensely. The closest I came to happiness was meeting my best friend, who actually could put a smile …


Going Down, Society (in our current state, anyway)

  July 12th, 2015 by not_much_different

Talk to someone about something relevant, and most people will respond like they are not interested.

People that prioritize their fantasies at the expense of the reality of things are, sadly, the byproduct of a lack of education, cultural indoctrination, or more drastically, some genetic outcomes, being a victim of violence, extreme poverty, sickness, addictions, to name a few…

Now try to fix or to solve a universal, a global, a regional or a local problem, because that idea you got is closer to an


Dead Inside

  July 11th, 2015 by 000000


I’d just like to share my story.

I’ve been feeling suicidal for quite sometime now. For whatever reason, it began when I was 10 or so. I’ve never acted upon it, due to lack of resources and simply being afraid.

When I was younger, I was basically a model child. I listened to my parents, helped them out, got near-perfect grades, etc. And then we moved.

I honestly don’t think the move was what caused these thoughts, but it started about a year after. I can feel myself deteriorating. I don’t want to leave the house anymore. My grades are dropping from 90’s to low 80’s. At first …


Questions to make you Think

  July 10th, 2015 by KissOfDeath

Before you convince yourself that now is the time to leave this world and enter a whole new dimension of an unknown abyss, ask yourself these questions. (and feel free to answer them yourself in the comments):

What makes it so hard for you to stay?

What do you view suicide as?

How would you commit suicide?

On average, 6 people are intimately affected by the suicide of a friend, family member, etc.
Who do you think would miss you the most? (Can be more or less than 6 people.)

Why would those people miss you so much?

What is your favorite thing about your everyday life?

What are some …


Welcoming the Non-Welcomed.

  July 10th, 2015 by KissOfDeath

It seems like forever since I’ve been on this website, and I pity myself for needing to come back, for needing to vent about something that never leaves, the follows me as close as my own shadow.

This feeling, this dreaded feeling is back, and as I try, day by day, to push it to the back of my mind, all it does is grow, feeding off my happiness.

I’m upset, so upset that it seems that all is going well, yet this feeling won’t allow me to feel joy, to feel anything besides remorse. I want to be the one who is always smiling, …



  July 8th, 2015 by wormfood

Hi everyone,

I’m new to this site and just found it after searching for some ideas for suicide methods online.  Interesting that this site does not allow that but my search brought me to a post that talked about some interesting ideas.

Anyway, I don’t know where to start.  I’m in my mid 30’s and have been suicidal since I was about 15, depressed all my life.  It certainly makes life pretty fucking meaningless when everything you experience feels negative and full of suffering.  I don’t know why I am like this and I thought it would stop when I was done with my teen years but …


trying to get my rage out

  July 8th, 2015 by Em.123

I seriously mess up so much. I make all these mistakes. Everyone thinks I am annoying and makes fun of my body. I hate myself and I just feel so alone. and everyone tells me all this bull on how I should be happy and stop being “ungrateful”. cant you see im depressed? i always go to suicide as a way to get away from everything but i can never do it, but i want to so badly. no one understands me and i just want to die so badly. I want to feel wanted and wish my friends didnt just leave me or that …


Yellow Pic

  July 8th, 2015 by Parsley5267

I don’t honestly do not know why I am even writing this. Big brother can watch me have my nervous breakdown, I  guess. It was not at all in my intentions to be one of those people who threaten their selves with their lives when things get hard. That’s weak, right? Although, I’m struggling to understand that, it makes your mentality to have strenuous strength to cope with the inevitability. Here’s the kicker, I am 16. I haven’t even lived to have the urge to end it, right? Ahhhhhhh, or maybe it could be the raging hormones and the typical teenage babble like, he said …


Hurting. Tired of living.

  July 6th, 2015 by arm79

This is a long story, so please be patient as I try to explain everything.

I was in a long-term, long-distance relationship. Early June made four years, but at the end of June we decided to “take a break.”

He lives in Canada (let’s call him John) and I’m in the United States (I’ll call myself Jeff). About a year ago we had a discussion and decided that he would try to find a job and move to be with me in the U.S. This was at about the three-year mark of the relationship and I remember saying at the time, both to myself and to John, …


Back again…

  July 6th, 2015 by KH

I doubt I posted often enough previously for anyone to have taken notice that I haven’t posted anything for some time now… The simple explanation is that I did not feel the need to. Every negative feeling for some reason subsided for a while, I was happy-ish. My boyfriend and I were getting along well, I finally managed to fit in amongst decent people.. Then I got admitted to hospital.

For physical reasons only was I admitted for three weeks, which took its toll I suppose. I was discharged a few days ago and honestly I’ve never felt worse. My boyfriend has decided once again to …