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On Both Sides of the Glass

April 16th, 2018by SuperSoup

It’s weird how on this site I can say what’s on my mind and perhaps roll in self pity or whatever, but in real life I pretend to be some loopy and happy kid. I put on a show for my friends and act like an idiot just to see them smile or something cheesy. Lately though,  I’ve had one friend who talks to me about how much they hate themselves or how they’re garbage or how their a bad person. I keep telling them their not bad and I keep trying to ask why they see themselves this way and I keep getting the …

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Hey you bunch of sad sleepy hooligans, lookie here

April 16th, 2018by Lutefisk

Hey! I was just thinking… Since depression generally makes us into a bunch of tired fools (or at least i certainly am always exhausted), why not have some fun and become a god of your own world while you sleep all day? I found a huge post on Tumblr about lucid dreaming (courtesy of the blog Audrey and the Whale, linked to below) that, as far as my experience goes, is pretty accurate. This is pretty much copied and pasted, but i’ve made a few annotations to it for any clarity I can offer. There are plenty of sources online dedicated to this phenomenon, and

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I have a question.

April 16th, 2018by Enfield1955

Does anyone else get uncomfortable when people say that care about you? When they do nice things for you? I hate it. Makes me feel dirty.

I dont like gifts or compliments. Theyre just awful. If I dont like me then what reason do you have to? Im an expert on me and I know I am not worth it.

I actively discourage others from caring about me. I think theyre setting themselves up for failure. I genuinely dont get it. Its like theyre putting pressure on me.

“But youre a nice person!” Up until im not. Then i gotta hear about how they had me figured all …

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deleting later

April 16th, 2018by iamdarling

i’ll make a permanent post on this topic later.

my life is fucked. it’s ruined, and there’s no denying that. i’ve been struggling with multiple mental illnesses for years now, i have no friends, and an abusive family that have caused my own name to activate my flight or fight response. which is really fucking sad, actually. really fucking sad. i haven’t even achieved more than a primary school education, as i stopped attending classes due to my mental health when i was 11, so i have no idea how i’m ever supposed to get a job that i enjoy, a job that pays more than …

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April 16th, 2018by spookichick

lately i have been wondering if people don’t really care about others at all. personally, i don’t have the “care” gene. i don’t feel anything at all, actually. i think that when i die, people in my orbit will go through the motions of a funeral, shiva, and that will be it. they will move on. i will be forgotten eventually, and it will be like i was not even here. ever since my father died, my life ended in so many ways. i have gone to many funerals, and memorials since then, and i don’t feel anything. the moving on part after surviving a …

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April 16th, 2018by J Doe

I don’t think I have any. I can’t escape that feeling that there is no real point to anything. I’ve always held that belief. The thing is, there is no half assing it. I don’t have the guts to kill myself, and I don’t have the guts to keep going. I’m lazy. I know that much. I can’t really commit to anything. Well. Shit.

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April 16th, 2018by Hulk

I don’t want methods I just wanna get this thought out.
I would like to kill myself but I want a peaceful leaving.

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April 16th, 2018by usernamee24

i don’t care if anyone reads this i just need to say it. i’ve had many eating disorders and i have always had a deep deep hatred for myself. i’ve attempted suicide one other time and after i overdosed i realized i was afraid to die. my stomach was pumped and i was sent away to some mental institution. but now i am realizing that nothing has changed and i still hate myself. my family and friends don’t understand or care about how i feel. so i’ve been alone for a long time. i really want to end it, just go to sleep and never …

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I want to die

April 16th, 2018by leah_is_broken

but I’m to weak and a failure.

Im a coward!

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April 16th, 2018by laelaps

I’m at the highest point of my life- career, education, social, etc but I feel like a complete failure. I fail to do homework for the education I desperatly want. I fail to save money from the career that I’m quite happy at. I fail to want to be social because of the aniexty I have of individuals judging me. I’m a failure and I really do hope it gets better. I want to be/feel motivated again. I’m a human being and as a human being I feel like i’m entitled to a little bit of happiness. I love other people more then I love …

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April 16th, 2018by rich51bruhh

Rest in Peace

My happiness

August 27, 2017-March 11, 2018

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Ugly people

April 16th, 2018by wanttodie2

Do you know any ugly person who is happy? Who got married or have a boyfriend/girlfriend? I see all the girls in my office with their boyfriends or husbands. Who is not in a relationship have guys asking them out. I am that cool girl who everyone likes, but no one wants like a girlfriend. I am good at what I do, I think I will be promoted soon. But it doesnt matter, I know people feel bad for me. That cool girl will be always alone.

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April 15th, 2018by vieve

help, the world is drowning me.

at least once a week I’m heavily reminded of how the men around me view me, and I can’t take it anymore

when I was in a different country with a different culture I was so happy–no one made degrading sexualized comments in professional settings, no one used their friendship with me to get access to my body, the one time a stranger grabbed my ass at a bar he was immediately kicked out by the bouncers.

when I was growing up I was told I could be so much more and I wanted it and I believed it;

I thought I could be …

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so goddamn tired and can’t sleep it away

April 15th, 2018by Lutefisk

all i do now is bs my homework for grueling AP classes i barely care about or fall behind and get chewed out by my parents who i hate to disappoint, but i’m a disappointment anyway i guess lmao what else is new right

my family and friends might love me but i’m starting not to care anymore because i just hate myself so much and become so jealous of their flourishing lives that i’m pretty sure if i were to show how i really feel to other people i’d truly be the burden i believe myself to be deep down

i’m just surviving day by day …

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Since 2014

April 15th, 2018by sbkstep43

Hi Friends (old or new)

So, I have not posted on here in over four years (kinda) when I was leaving sixth form. A lot has happened and  a lot of changes. So get ready for a long update (SORRY LOVES).

  1. Started and stopped therapy
  2. Was on antipsychotics (and stopped them because of side effects)
  3. Was diagnosed with ASD with Social anxiety and Depression
  4. Took gap years from school and started writing a series (maybe one day, I come back and tell you guys I am a published writer (dreams))
  5. Got engaged again but it didnt last (sadly, I really loved her)
  6. Had a boyfriend and

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the only one who cares

April 15th, 2018by iamdarling

well, unfortunately, not a single soul truly cares about me. i need to understand that. that the only one who cares about me, is me.

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Drastic measures

April 15th, 2018by Rustycoal

It was a mistake that I failed my suicide attempt 2 years ago.

My thoughts have changed since then.

It has gone from, “I should die.”

To, “why should I die alone?”

I wish I was born in a country where it is easy to get guns.

I hate every single thing in this world so much.

I can’t tell what’s real or false anymore.

I don’t understand how I could be with someone, and it felt so real, but it was all a lie.

How can I possibly survive in this world when I’m so stupid?

But I don’t want to die just like that.

I want to achieve something.

Even if it’s the wrong …

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April 15th, 2018by theblackveal

Do you ever feel like no matter how many shots you get in life that you always end up fucking it up?

I don’t get many shots, in fact I’m usually the black cat, the unlucky one.

When I do get these rare chances, I always end up fucking it up.

What the point of living if I keep making the wrong choices?

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April 15th, 2018by shioko

i want to die

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What is your biggest flaw?

April 15th, 2018by eternaldarkness

Sometimes, we are our own worst doing. What do you do (or don’t do) that kinda screws your life up?

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