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June 22nd, 2017by Fractured Mind

If you were to die today, what would you miss and why?

Me….music….that’s about all….everything else is just a darker shade of gray.

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He Means Well

June 22nd, 2017by AnnieBear

One of my coworkers has really taken it upon himself to encourage me to live life more. Asking me how I am, about my love life, giving me advice and compliments. I appreciated it at first, I still do I guess, but its getting on my nerves…

Hes “triggering” me. Jesus. So much that i went to the bathroom on my break and cried last week. And ive relapsed to crying every day since. Why? Because of the awful reminder that im lonely.

I had lulled myself into a state of “okness” by smoking weed off work. Like, all the time. Originally I intended to …

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All over a Gal

June 22nd, 2017by ThatCrazygug

Like any story worth telling this is all about a gal. We were in every single class together for a while and I really learned to love her. We text virtually 24/7 but we never see each other real life. I miss her and I really need her. Now why would one girl make you post on a suicide forum, well because she really is all I have anymore. I was once that annoyingly  happy guy who had everything he wanted but I lost it all. All grandparents all died on me, my father has dementia and can’t even remember my name anymore, I moved …

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Already failed once

June 22nd, 2017by thiihfdtvjot

Six years ago I had tried to end my life. I swallowed shards of glass only to end up nearly dying and being hospitalized from going into septic shock. I was so angry my attempt failed and ended up just skating through all the treatment I had to complete, just like everything else in my life. I don’t see the point in being alive anymore. I feel it’s useless being here, and to be quite honest I feel I shouldn’t even be here since my attempt failed. By the days and months that go on I feel like this time here on earth is useless …

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June 22nd, 2017by Fractured Mind

On H2S ?

I already have my nice painless method in place but was reading up on it and curious on others thoughts and comments.

If done correctly within as little as three breaths can instant kill. Bam!!! All done.

I am adding this to the mix for people who would like to read further, not that one, cannot google shit and whatnot.

and for further reference:

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I was done lol

June 22nd, 2017by CARLOSPEJUAN

I think I’ve been done since 3rd grade for some reason at that point I lost interest in life. Well I was trying to write this note I got cut off and then I came to that realization.

One day in third grade I just went from happy, to possessed and suicidal. I made a song, I want to die (that’s literally all it said). Started cutting with scissors, which is why I find cutting to be innate in some and not just a trend. This was before emo had its big come out and people started cutting to be part of something.

Eventually my mother yelled …

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How do I deal with Loneliness?

June 22nd, 2017by cecilia108100

This morning I woke up, and woke my phone to check the notifications, there was not one. No one cares about me. I Feel So Lonely.

I came to this new school a couple months back, I was the new girl and some people did talk to me in the beginning but that soon faded out. No one ever asked to hang out. I distracted myself by hanging out with people from out of town, but these “freinds” just used me, now I have no one.

I am 16, my life shouldn’t be so dark, but it is and I feel like I’m suffocating.

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June 22nd, 2017by Diem S. Sky

I dreamt of the girl I love. I dreamt she had changed. In my dream, I was in the middle of a huge party which also doubled as a business meeting. I was trying to be a social butterfly, going around and talking to many people. There was a young man in my dream too, a couple years younger then me…perhaps 18 or 19…who I was kind of flirting with. We made out at one point. He was kind of like my older self, a boxer who thought he was above other martial arts, who believed in nothing but himself. A narcissist.

Everyone was waiting in …

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And the world goes to shit even further

June 22nd, 2017by Fractured Mind

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Peace in pain

June 22nd, 2017by Broken_Masterpiece

Today I find peace, in the pain in the loneliness. Yes I live my life normally and smile everyday. I still participate in the community and seem normal. But inside I am broken. And those close to me, who knows most of what I go through don’t notice. I withdraw, I become quiet. And they let me slip away so easily. It used to stress me. But I just don’t care anymore. It is ok. It is all ok. I have found peace in the most unlikely place. Slowly poisoning and the feeling of it gives peace

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John Donne

June 22nd, 2017by Clebbus

Death, be not proud, though some have called thee
Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so;
For those whom thou think’st thou dost overthrow
Die not, poor Death, nor yet canst thou kill me.
From rest and sleep, which but thy pictures be,
Much pleasure; then from thee much more must flow,
And soonest our best men with thee do go,
Rest of their bones, and soul’s delivery.
Thou art slave to fate, chance, kings, and desperate men,
And dost with poison, war, and sickness dwell,
And poppy or charms can make us sleep as well
And better than thy stroke; why swell’st thou then?
One short sleep past, we wake eternally
And death shall be no

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What gives me relief of my anxiety and stress

June 22nd, 2017by ClairDeLune

is the thought of tying a noose around my neck. I don’t mean actually going to the store, buying a rope, and doing it. There are reasons why I don’t want that, at least at the moment. When I am alone and get anxiety over a bad memory or something happening in my future, I just close my eyes, imagine the rope around my neck, and it puts me at ease with whatever I am thinking about. “What bad can happen if I have that option!”

Is that weird?

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at that point

June 22nd, 2017by Diziekeo

I duckin hate this place here
Idk why im even was broufht herw
All I xan sau ia fuck 1peerea
Idc if its even a fuckin fone dear
I dont bwlong here
I juat fuckin got so much pain yo the poont of my death
Every fuckin day feela like my last bewath got damn I fuckin hate yhis mwss
Fickin piexw of shit peaat just
Ike rest mqybe ota just test well thats if I gueaa.
Like wtf is my point I really fuckin brings me stress
No fixkin wonder I even feel that shit seep inside mu cheat
I swear I aint ever gonna ever get blessed
Even if I try to do my duckin …

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Shoot or get shot

June 22nd, 2017by EmoPanda

Where I’m from it’s either shoot or get shot. You’re either a thug or a cop. Where one day you’ll wake up and you find out your best friends been shot. Everyone wants to be cold yet caring. But doesn’t want to show emotion. RIP is in everyone’s vocabulary. When you come to where I’m from you never leave. The streets are to dangerous. You either sale drugs or become homeless. You never finish school. Two reasons why, one you’re dead, two you deal. You got mothers cryin at their sons caskets. You got girls tellin their boys to be safe. No ones ever safe. …

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Can’t catch a Break

June 22nd, 2017by labtech93

I’m a very caring and compassionate person, I give and give and give. But I can’t ever catch a break from anyone. I just get lectured about how I need to be more responsible and how I shouldn’t struggle. But damnit when everyone else needed a break I gave it to them. Heaven forbid I get the same courtesy when I hit a rough spot. Part of me wants to just lose it. It’s not like I’m needed by many people. Only thing that keeps me going half the time is the burdens I would leave on my family and friends. And because I’m a …

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A surprising quote by a saint

June 21st, 2017by smw24

“Darkness is such that I really do not see – neither with my mind nor with my reason. – The place of God in my soul is blank. – There is no God in me. – When the pain of longing is so great – I just long & long for God – and then it is that I feel – He does not want me – He is not there…” — Mother Theresa

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This video gives me hope

June 21st, 2017by smw24

This video gives me hope that I can still overcome suicidal thoughts even though they’ve been around for so looong.  Maybe it can help someone else too 🙂

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A waste of time

June 21st, 2017by mindlessgamer619

Seems like everything I do is a waste of time.
Every little thing.
I try things, and they always end up in disaster.
I don’t see much point in anything I do. I have to do things just because I’m living with my parents atm. I have to take classes because I was thrown into a shit college, and I will not be able to get any of my money back at this point (nor will I bother try). I’ll have to eventually find a job to pay off crippling student loans and eventually rent while I’m stuck here. I feel like everything is a complete waste …

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Do you remember?

June 21st, 2017by Fractured Mind

Do you remember that time in your life, when you were young and had nothing more than stars in your eyes? When you use to dream of what it would be like when you were out on your own and being grown?

I think we all had dreams of what that would be like; it was nothing like what I thought.

How about you?

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June 21st, 2017by Robstein

I’m sad, are you sad too? Why?
I don’t understand this world, do you?

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