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are mother’s allowed to feel like leaving will make everything better for everyone else…?

October 14th, 2017by flutterbye

im such a liar…such a coward…such a fool…i keep trying to pretend…and i sux at it so bad…people are relying on me…and i just keep failing…if they could see behind my facade…theyd just laugh…n give me that look…n turn away…n wish theyd never met me…i cant blame them…i feel the same way about me every other day…

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Suicide attempt by hanging

October 14th, 2017by defalt120

It was a dark night, April 14th 2017. I was having problems with stress, anxiety, and rejections. On that night I woke up 4 in the morning and decided I’m gonna die today. I went down to the basement, hanged a noose in one of the rafters. then I kicked the chair, gasping for air. It would’ve been 5 seconds till I passed out, completely painless. From there, I fell into a beautiful dream where I was in school with actual friends beside me(I have no friends in real life) we were talking and laughing all over. My crush started a conversation with me in …

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October 14th, 2017by Robigson

Imagine if people understood and cared for each other, this world would be like heaven. Until this happens…
Does suffering matter? Why or why not?

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12 years and still can’t do it

October 14th, 2017by DoubleZero

Been wanting to die for 12 years. Sometimes it’s just an “i don’t want to live anymore”, while other times it’s more “I NEED TO KILL MYSELF RIGHT NOW”

Still, I never did. I want to, badly. But I’m SO tired of everything, even killing myself is too much work. And I don’t have the money for the burial, and I always said I’d left that settled before I die.

I been doing fine for a few months, now I’m a “need to kill myself asap” stage, once again.

Will it be the last one? Will I finally do it?

We can only hope.

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Grocery shopping

October 14th, 2017by Cause of Death: Suicide

Decided after I got the food

I would cook it and eat it

Then once I let that go to good use

I would go kill myself

Did a test walk to the cliff I’m going to jump off the day before

Realized it was a shorter walk then I thought.

So it’s very easy to get to.

Says 7 hour walk but as long as I take it in the day time

Was going to go all the way but it was too dark.

“Mom” says I can’t get my license back so I realized I’ll have to walk all the way.

Haven’t walked to the cliff and jumped off yet only because I …

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Shit life

October 14th, 2017by nuclearbackpack

What is achievement? Who has the right to judge?  So what if I fail? The system is dependent on failure.

I’m truly sorry I am not attractive and clever enough for you, dear world.

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Organized my stuff today…

October 14th, 2017by peach

So I needed to organize/select my stuff, its actually time for that, I don’t want to live anymore, I guess I hate myself so much, that I can’t live with me. Whatever, when I was packing my stuff I got some memory back, when I was little girl. I hadn’t had any problem, I was so happy. I want to be that happy again, but I feel I just fooling myself with fake hope, that things will get better. When I was a child I loved everything about this World, this life…and now I hate everything and I just can’t stand it anymore. I give …

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I feel like my life is falling apart

October 14th, 2017by hiohneh

Why? What do I do? What did I do?

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a little insight

October 14th, 2017by hurrdurr

It seems like a few people have complained about my attitude and presence here, so here’s a little insight about me and my often light-hearted tone, I’m somewhere between 20 and 30 years old, I’ve been depressed ever since I was 17 and well despite I’m doing better sometimes just like lately, I think this condition really never leaves you. Yes, I often have suicidal thoughts but I never got close to attempt one nor I feel I would. My first impression when I checked this site, is that it was filled with too much negativity, the way I see it it can be the …

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Leaving for a While

October 14th, 2017by Mordred

Dunno how long it’ll be, but hopefully until some of the people here are gone. It could just be me, but I’m pretty amazed at the jungle SP has become recently. Since I’m leaving, I thought I might as well point out some of the things I’ve seen.

  1. Dependents living off other peoples’ charity and whining about how shitty their family/friends are because they don’t give enough. There are at least 3-4 major posters on here that are doing this. And it’s ridiculous. Yes, being depressed because you’re a dependent makes sense. Feeling hopeless makes sense. Feeling angry because you expect more just makes you

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Game #1

October 14th, 2017by hurrdurr

Express your opinion, or impression if you don’t know, about the person who commented above you.


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You ever get this

October 14th, 2017by Cause of Death: Suicide

Your soul leaves your body and hovers above you while a wave of emotion larger than Katrina crashes over your body while you are completely silent in a room full of screaming people. You hear screaming but all inside of you is silent. You plunge into the maelstrom. Your body does not fight. The maelstrom dies down and you’re floating swimming under the strongest tide for a minute, blowing bubbles. You don’t want to break surfacez Then the surface breaks and you take a deep breath. Melancholy envelops you. Your pulse is a deep baritone bassline. You remain silent and still while everything is moving around you.


Or how about this. You have waaayyyy too …

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I can’t do this anymore.

October 14th, 2017by Tallgirl

Tonight, I am going to kill myself. I have had enough of living this life. I have lost everything, and I don’t even have friends or family to leave a suicide note for. So, this post is all that will be left of me. I was a good, kind person. I always helped people out whenever I could. But in this world, I am a joke. It’s time to go. I hope someone reads this and thinks of me, even briefly. My life is hopelessness and misery, and it’s just not worth it anymore.

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Why did I just stuff my face??

October 14th, 2017by eternaldarkness

I wasn’t even hungry. I only ate 1 meal today and wasn’t hungry, but my brain said “you should eat more than 1 meal a day.” (I normally munch on food throughout the entire day).

So I decided I ought to eat dinner. But then I had the sushi AND a giant plate of faux chicken and vegetables, which is literally whole 2 meals. And I ate it all. And now I am so stuffed I feel like puking. Like literally feel sick. Why did I just do that to myself?? I couldn’t just wait to …

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Everyone is taller than me

October 14th, 2017by asperger rebel

I really hate myself. I can’t accept that I’m too fucking short. You know, only 5’6. That’s frustrating. Fuck my life! Fuck, fuck, FUCK! When I walk on the street, people around me are taller than me, even women. Everyone is taller than me. That’s how I realized why I have never got a girlfriend, why I’m still a virgin at 22. What can I do? Oh, Elliot Rodger, you know who was he, right? He was short too and girls rejected him because of this. Eventually he killed himself. I think it will be my fate. A life without girls and sex is worthless. …

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I am Tired and Lonely

October 13th, 2017by Bjns1205

I been in sanjose California for 3 years I had a friend but she moved to texas I am look for anyone who Would listen and to be my friend I do not know how long I can handle on before I let go

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Friday the 13th

October 13th, 2017by Katki

My new favourite fucking holiday…

Dumped by the guy that claimed to love me no matter what tonight – supposed to be a date … never made it there.  Now he’s happily playing video games with his buddies and I’m here typing on this forum trying to figure out why the fuck I would believe someone who told me that in the first place.

I remain – alone



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I want to die

October 13th, 2017by kupo95

It has been a very long time since I posted in here.

But I really want to cut or hang myself right now , or get a belt and wrap it around my neck until I pass out .

Since I last post I have a wonderful loving boyfriend whos birthday is tomorrow. He his the the only reason why I have not or will off myself.

I have been living with my uncle and aunt for three months. I only came back in town because my boyfriend wanted me back in Chicago. I been home for maybe three weeks.

My mother lies about illnesses for attention and both …

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Gave up

October 13th, 2017by Fuckedupworld

Well let’s see. I personally ended up reading a lot of suicidal experiences and I can tell that my issues are nothing considered to what others have gone through but I guess we all have a breaking point.

Now let’s see, I’m a 17 years old male, who by the way is really short thin and very weak, you could literally take me for a 10-12 years old guy.

Now other than that I had an accident, actually a couple of them, my front tooth is gone and I can’t get one implanted until the age of 20, I have a broken nose and I’m ugly in …

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note in a bottle…last words…

October 13th, 2017by Foundhappiness

I have written a suicide poem..note,,,to be left on my beach chair with a red rose on it…chair to be placed just out of reach of the waves that coming full moon night,,,when I will put the paper within a bottle and seal it,,,place it on the chair with the rose…then walk into the sea never to come out alive. The pic above is from my trial run last weekend.

Earlier that day,,my final day,,, I will have written the actual goodbyes to everyone,,laying everything out in detail… that will be left on my car seat in an …

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