November 29th, 2017by firefly11291998

I have  social anxiety as well severe depression and bipolar disorder. I was raised in a very christian family where any mental problem is made up. My dad does not accept it as a problem, but as a way for me to be trying to get attention. I have told him many times that if i was trying to get attention, he would not have spent days and nights in the ICU and the ER with me. Just waiting and hoping for me to wake up after another overdose. idk what to do bc he will never understand no matter how much i try to …

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My story if anyone cares

November 28th, 2017by Max


I’m new here.

November 26th, 2017by imlost93

Im so glad I found a place where I could release all of my thoughts , and not be forced to just let keep things inside. I’m 24 years old, I have 1 kid. I lived alone once upon a time, work a ft job while my son attends Daycare. The father isn’t in the picture . Now, my mother has moved in and I also have a boyfriend that lives with me. Before they moved in I felt sad, alone and depressed, which is why I agreed to have them here. Now I feel even more alone, down, lost and depressed. I feel like …



November 26th, 2017by deerdezz

ups and downs, ups and downs
so much has happened in a year..both good and bad that i sometimes still find myself waking up if any of it was real.
and now i feel that feeling again. not necessarily wanting to be gone but not against my time being up. wondering how someone like me could be allowed to stay here when i feel so foreign to the world.
Like im not even human at all but desperately want to.
When the fog settled in and anxiety already hit its peak i left without saying a word.
I started out walking. I thought getting fresh air …


Violently Stressed

November 25th, 2017by GerbzBaby

As I’m typing this I feel like having a meltdown at work. Every call, every person that I talk to gets me angry. I feel like taking my fist to a wall. I’ve become very moody and violent as of late because of family and friends. They don’t listen and my friends either replace me with someone else or obsess the fuck over my sister. I feel unwanted and I want to run from it. Hanging out with my shit ass friend didn’t help me becaus he just kept trying to get my sisters attention as I tried to make a conversation with him. …



November 20th, 2017by iamdarling

my ocd is at an all time high, and i have no idea what to do about it — please help?


Nothing Works Anymore.

November 19th, 2017by Camul

Tonight i am watching WWE Survivor Series, on my Xbox, whilst talking to one of my close friends and i still began to feel down, then worthless, then Suicidal … but too weak to gon on and started trying to cut myself with a knife. I should be happy but i just feel Broken. I don’t want to go on but im too weak to go further and too broken to go back. What now.

Imnot looking for advice im just venting because at 2.21am when wrestling, friends and cutting doesnt work i just don’t know what to do anymore.


November 18th, 2017by oof46

So I’m the girl who is always happy, laughing. I’m the girl who helps others, nice to everyone and is in every school activity. I’m also the girl who gets ignored, left out, not given a damn opportunity even though I try my best. Maybe they do it unintentionally, but it hurts all the same. I don’t want to third wheel anymore, I want to be remembered; I’m tired of being left and then two hours later they finally remember me. It would be nice if just once I could be included. I’m bad at communication and it is partially my fault but I don’t know …


People Allergy

November 16th, 2017by Shittymatsu

“Since people are the worst, I’ll put myself first.” But lately I’ve found I’ve been having problems with that mentality.

After a few years I’ve realized I do need people. I can’t keep being on my own. My middle school bully is probably the one to be blamed. Yes, she was the one to kick start my depression and anxiety after all. My parents and teachers had only worsened it from then on but that’s besides the point.

For the hellish three years I’ve withdrew into myself because of my fear of people. This girl had turned the entire school against me. If she had a dick …



November 15th, 2017by Rosaaa

It seems that that’s the number one question on my mind.

Why am I here ? Why do I feel so sad?

Why can’t I succeed?

Why am I treated the way I am?

I feel so alone I have no body to talk to I have no feeling I’ve became so numb.

How much longer?

I sit and write the final suicide note…


I’m sorry

November 15th, 2017by kamidaka

I cant talk to anyone because if I tell them he died they’ll just laugh at me and brush it off as nothing. I can’t tell my “friends” because they’re not my friends. So I’ll just post it here, because I really can’t talk to anyone about this. I’ll put this under the “Rants” tag don’t worry. And this will be really long, I’m so sorry

People told me he would die, and my first reaction was “oh well, we’re all gonna die eventually someday, I bet it won’t be that bad”. Oh how foolish of me. This was around August I think. I kinda hated …


passing feelings

November 8th, 2017by slg7

last night, my girlfriend and I had a disagreement. you see, I am 32 years old and when I was 23 i made a mistake and stole $5,000 from the supermarket I worked for. it is a never-ending struggle to succeed in life because that felony charge stays with you. it happened to be in the state of arizona and they don’t expunge felonies they just “set them aside”. I cannot afford to do that so here I am back to where I started.

back to the disagreement from last night. we had gotten phones together via tmobile buy one get one free and so our …


Its shocking what people post online

November 8th, 2017by lonewolf23

I guess facebook and social media is where all the deep shit is. I just created my first facebook account and i saw all the shit my family members post and some of it surpises me. Its not even just family members but also old friends. I am shocked by their distrust in me. They have all these problems going on and yet they can’t talk to me about it in person. They wanna go tell their “homies” first before i even find out about it. Which naturally begs the question what the hell am i to them? I am their brother, son, friend. So …


Old people keep messing with me

November 7th, 2017by lonewolf23

These last couple of weeks have been super upsetting for me. I don’t know if this is a senior citizen thing but i have been interacting with some of the most disrespectful senior citizens I’ve ever met lately. They say the rudest shit ever. And they really try to get me upset. It seems like its on their daily agenda to piss me off just cuz I’m young. I’m 21yrs old and for some reason they target me as someone to bully. I say bully because i can say some horrible things back but i choose not to because i dont like doing that. I …


Can we talk about mental health care providers real quick?

November 5th, 2017by greyghoste

A.k.a. how fucking useless they all are? The only thing mental health care providers have ever done for me is make me feel like they’re exploiting my mental illness as an expendable source of income. 0% helpful. 100% scam. And yet everybody swears by them while I am absolutely convinced that the mental health services are pseudoscience. They don’t give a SHIT about me unless I’m paying. And then they have the audacity to take the $200 I managed to scrape together to try and get some real help, and tell me to fix it myself. Fuck all of you, I hope you all burn …


My Suicide Note Was Addressed to You

November 5th, 2017by greyghoste

Even after every day you didn’t talk to me. Every day you told me you hated me. That I should leave and never come back. After every day I tried to say I was sorry for my shortcomings, and every day that you never forgave me. Every day you never apologized for your own shortcomings, for the bullying and the heartbreak, for every time I tried to share my life with you only for you to throw it back in my face. Every day you told me I looked like a whore when I put on make up when I didn’t feel confident; every day …


Rock Bottom

November 5th, 2017by greyghoste

The worst part about finally achieving the happiness and contentment that you’ve always dreamed of is feeling it slip through your fingers. Feeling the hand that had found purchase in salvation lose its hold and force you back over the edge. Feeling the safety harness around your waist and in your chest snap. Feeling yourself slide down the steep slope you’ve fought your way up for years. Feeling your fingernails tear and bleed as you fight for purchase on a cliff so smooth you can see the scratches you’ve made reflected in your own face. Feeling your body hit the ground so hard you’re not …


Hi. Imma tell you guys why I said “They would never believe me.” So I’m a 13 year old girl who has been suffering for quite some time now. It all started when I was 8 years old, I was a little chubby girl at that time and I was bullied for it. I never […]


I made it to 30. Now what?

November 3rd, 2017by beautifulmonster

Turned 30 couple days ago… been dreading this ‘milestone’ for awhile now. You would think my family to help soften the blow would have done something for me a party… or a cake… or $2 worth of balloons!!!

Naaaaa of course not.
Spent the last 5 days sleeping because I couldn’t deal with reality. Only now I have this itching desire to scream and run rip my hair out slice my skin burn the house down.

I feel like I’m going to explode. I am going to explode. My chest is so tight. I have so much on I can’t and don’t want to deal with it.

How do …


Help please

November 2nd, 2017by oof46

So, um hi. I’m not sure how to start off a post like this one, but here I go.

I’ve been having a really tough time with… everything. I have really bad anxiety in general, especially social anxiety though, and it makes it really hard to function in day to day life. I’m only 14, so I don’t have much choice in my doctor visits, medication etc. However, I went to the doctor about a week ago for a regular check and they recommended me a counselor, but I feel extremely uncomfortable talking to a stranger about my problems. I don’t even talk to my friends …