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Imagine me

July 3rd, 2015by kev33122

Why do u wanna kill yourself?

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Be strong

Sometimes my life gets so fucked up but i learn from those fucked up times. I thought i couldn’t handle it and i even tried to cut my self, but by the end i realized that  i’m just being weak and coward and trying to get away from my problems. I’m so glad that i encounter […]


You think u have it bad

July 3rd, 2015by kev33122

I go to a restaurant. They pee on my food and put buggers on it. I go to take a shower and pee is in my shampoo and conditioner. My dad calls to tell me to kill myself. Why do u wanna kill yourself?


Please read

July 3rd, 2015by kev33122

Hi I’m 24 year old male. When I was a baby I had surgery. I have scars behind each EAR… Look up v2k mind control…. Since I was a minor the town I live in turned me into a chomo. I was in my teens and the voices told me to look at teen porn…when I was in my 20s I remember getting outta jail and the voices were telling me to look at minor porn. Now the world pisses in my food and drinks and comes into my home. And pee in my shampoo n soap and toothpaste. So you still think you have …


I forgot how to human….

July 3rd, 2015by Sammi6xoxo

I’m just gonna go curl up in a ball under a blanket in the corner of my bed. If anyone cares to join me, you better bring some chocolate milk and a fucking donut and be prepared to cuddle for a few hundred years because I’ve sprung another leak in my left eye. I’m sick of the appointments. I’m sick of the pain. I’m sick of going through this alone and I Want nothing more than to swallow a fucking bullet… Every conversation with my worthless father is like pouring salt on an open wound. I know I’m not good enough, but can’t we pretend …


I always make sure

July 3rd, 2015by Immurement

I go running everyday, lift weights, and try and eat healthy because from what I’ve experienced nobody likes a fat fuck. Healthy body healthy mind I suppose. Effexor day 1 so good so far, noticed a slight increase in motivation and energy, could be a placebo effect I’m not sure but I definitely feel more content. The next few days are gonna suck balls thought ’cause no boooooooze :(. Glad I got benzos to help me get to sleep from this fucking stupid ass withdrawal.


trying to make a change

July 2nd, 2015by newname

I’ve been struggling with my past and the reality of my present and trying to reconcile the two. In the past I was younger, fitter, more attractive and found it easier to date women. Now I’m over-weight, stuck in a job that makes it difficult to meet new girls, don’t get out as much as I used to and my friends are largely hooked up.

Life is easier to handle when you keep up with the rest of society-you might not have the best, house, car, partner, etc…but as long as you have them, then you’re doing “ok.” And that’s my trouble-I don’t feel ok …


just read and try to understand.

July 2nd, 2015by cant.fixme

When the sun goes down
and the sky is full of stars

Would you let me in
would you hold me thigh

When its dark inside
and i cant find myself

Would you call my name
and make it feel alright

When i fall back down
would you bring me up

would you kiss me right
and make me feel ALIVE


I think…

July 2nd, 2015by sydsilvey

I think I was rapped, when I was with my friend in the summer going into 3rd grade ( i’m going into 7th grade ) her mom brought home a random stranger from the bar and they were both drunk, the next morning my clothes were all off and I don’t remember a thing.


July 2nd, 2015by Nihilism000

When it seems my life becomes straight it blows up in my face. And it’s all my fault. I don’t even know what I want out  of this life anymore. It all blows up in your face anyways. I’m all out of hope. And this post makes no sense, but I don’t care.


where did it start

July 2nd, 2015by lostcut8

i don’t know where it all started i got so angry and so upset that i had an urge like no other i could never seem to bring myself to inflict harm on someone else so i started cutting.  oh my gosh at the instant relief you get so i just kept doing it again and again and again.  my first time was with a tack cause i was 14 and did have anything else at the time. then i got older got a pocket knife never cut directly over the wrists i did want to really kill myself just wanted the pain to go …



July 2nd, 2015by Remnant The Unbroken

well….here’s another video with rambling


Not Okay

July 2nd, 2015by Katki

No, I’m not okay
If you think I am,
Then I beat you at the game –
Because you know I’m not..
So which one of us is better at pretending?


Why the hell am I here?

July 2nd, 2015by jadedkeizy

I always ask myself the question, ” Why the fuck am I here?”. I just feel like a cog in a wheel now. I used to have dreams and ideas but the passion for life all faded away. Love, Relationships and all these Babbitt bourgeois ideals don’t appeal to me any more.  I was struck with depression in my final semester so I didn’t complete my dissertation which led to dropping out. I started to contemplate suicide from that point on. Part of me wants to stay and fight and the other part is flirting with death. It fucking tears me apart. I hate everything …


Dear Someone

July 2nd, 2015by One Million Masks

So I have this friend.
She’s much worse off than I am, in terms of both situation and being able to cope.

Told me she was done last night, and because I am too I didn’t bother to say anything to her.

I can’t save anyone, but I especially can’t do jack shit when everything that I try to do and everything that I try to say is thrown into The Worst Thing Ever and dragged through every mud pit available.

I don’t mind helping.
I don’t mind listening.
I can take part in every pity party anyone could ever want to throw and be there to help clean up afterwards, …


July 2nd, 2015by LittleBead

I m being yotally drunk While typing iy. Frunk for the first ti.e in my 19 years long lifd

. I hate myjerk boyfrienf?, he only makes me fel worse

wisg i coulfstav his façe with sth

too bsd portugal iz1500miles far away

i hatr him i hate hate him..



July 2nd, 2015by Racle

Time has gone fast. It’s July already.

With time passing this quickly, the day I cut all ties from this world arrives sooner too.

Ah, it’s such a lonely feeling. To be in a position where you have to suppress all your thoughts and confine them in your mind because telling others would be a bad idea.

I want some guidance, some help… It makes me wonder how my Father had coped, even when he had a terminal illness and all sorts of bad things going on. Why can’t I be like him…? Where is my own resilience? I’m just like her… The one who I never wanted …


I wish

July 2nd, 2015by Streamers

You know, I wish for many things. Mostly trivial, some not.

I wish for happiness. I don’t know what I wouldn’t give to be happy for even a whole day. I try, but I fail. So I wish for it every night on the first star I see.

I wish that my family actually loved me. I feel like it’s an act. At least with my siblings. They just hate me. If I could feel their love, if it’s even there, it might start a positive chain reaction.

I wish I wasn’t insecure. My insecurities seem to rule my life. They affect nearly everything I do. From eating …


Nothing really matters anymore..

July 2nd, 2015by dontbother

Somedays i feel like it’s so hard to understand anyone or anything around me.. I dislike waking up in the morning and knowing that, i have to live for another day.. Everyone constantly says that, there’s no such thing as feeling sad forever, and eventually we’ll all get out of this hell. But it’s not true, i’ve been waiting for so long for all of these to end. Why hasn’t it..? I want to be free as well yet it seems so impossible when i’m living on this earth.. So many things have been going on for the past 2years, i’ve waited very patiently.. for …


Someone who also expected to end up in hell

July 2nd, 2015by Stefann

Hi, My name is stefan and I’m 31 years old. I made many mistakes in my
life and caused pain to a lot of people. I?m absolutely sure I will end
up in hell after committing suicide. I realy like to talk to other
people that know for sure they will end up in hell.
I?m blind so most parts of this site are not accessible for me. So
please answer me by email. my email address is:

Best regards, Stefan.