My Suicide Note


How do I make it through?

  December 2nd, 2017 by Urm8451n

Hey, good week everyone.

Hope you guys do well.

This post I’m addressing to any reader with a question :

In the end of the day, you are still alive. How come? How did you make it through?  you are more than welcome sharing to me your secret.


I’m a little bit of suicidal now…

So freaking terrored by the idea of not making it through.

I see the following week and I’m disgusted of my life.

It’s going to be a tough time for me.

I never hoped to get this lonely, but here and there, life has brought me here.

Will I make it through, like you do?

Will I one day, stand …

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Iron Pills Suicide Attempt

  December 2nd, 2017 by Spit

So I took an entire box of Slow Fe iron pills. And nothing has happened in over 36 hours. Don’t know why.

Don’t know

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Maybe, I just need to jump… (to my death)

  November 28th, 2017 by Urm8451n

A lot of time has passed since I wrote here.

My last post was about “Tips and good bye”, but I came back.
I’m suffering from abdominal pains each day, and it has become more and more harsh.
I’m trying to study, but I can’t concentrate. Where ever I go, I feel isolated. It is not socialy isolation, it is different. I feel different.
I can’t explain how I’m doing, I can only say I’m cracked, I’m fully torn apart. I’m all alone in this war and I don’t FEEL like I can make it through, I need help, and I HAVE NOWHERE TO GET IT FROM.

I’m a fighter, …

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My story if anyone cares

  November 28th, 2017 by Max


Making it look accidental. Indecision

  November 21st, 2017 by whatshouldmynamebe

Part of me wants to make my death look like an accident, not like a suicide. To make it easier on my loved ones, friends, family and girlfriend. The only problem with that is not saying goodbye really bothers me, and generally these methods are more risky( but i’m not trying to discuss methods)

Another part of me wants to leave a suicide note, to try and explain my rational and hope they can understand and don’t think that they weren’t enough. Because truly, the only reason i’m killing myself is because of myself.

What are your thoughts?


giving up someone who loves me. Help with grief (advice wanted)

  November 21st, 2017 by whatshouldmynamebe

I can not function in this world, this has been a long time in the making.

The only reason I am having trouble killing myself is because I have an amazing girlfriend. she deserves the absolute best in this world. She showed me what its like to be human. She loves me beyond my own comprehension. The selfish part of me loves how much she loves me, but the loving part of me hates it because it will break her heart when i’m gone.

The only thing that causes me more pain than myself, is the thought of her reaction to my death. Im afraid it would …



  November 19th, 2017 by Gnarledpoet

I’ve been in deep depression for 4 years now and I’ve attempted suicide 3 times. The first time i jumped from a bridge overlooking a ridge of water and rocks, it was about 100 feet i think. I ended up with bruised ribs, a twisted ankle and back pain for several months. The second time i overdosed on ecstasy, but one of my few remaining friends found me and got me help before i could die. The last time i tried a couple months ago with a 357 magnum, turned out it was old and the firing pin on it had been broken a while …



  November 15th, 2017 by Rosaaa

It seems that that’s the number one question on my mind.

Why am I here ? Why do I feel so sad?

Why can’t I succeed?

Why am I treated the way I am?

I feel so alone I have no body to talk to I have no feeling I’ve became so numb.

How much longer?

I sit and write the final suicide note…


It’s bad for me, but it makes me happy..

  November 10th, 2017 by lonelylostsoul

Yeah.. I uh.. I have started drinking beer. 4% of alcohol, but it still counts. I know. I f*cked up really badly. So badly that my only true friend threatens me that she’ll abandon me, just like that, if I don’t stop. I somehow find a way to f*ck up everything I can.. I just wish I f*cking killed myself when I had the chance to.. I just don’t want this life anymore.. I am only alive right now, because if I killed myself, my only true friend would too. Only because of that. No other reason. If it wasn’t for her I’d be dead …


I finally gave up…

  November 8th, 2017 by lonelylostsoul

Yeah, as the title says, I gave up.. I am not a fighter, and I just can’t see myself winning this battle anymore. I don’t have much time left.. Well, I have 4 days, to be exact. I guess this is the last goodbye to the world.. Not like I’ll be missed by many, but hey..

Thank you, my friends, family, for making me want to kill myself. Now I will, because of you all.

And to my only true friend – I loved you so much. I’m really sorry.


“Aren’t they just symptoms of your own deficiencies?”

  November 7th, 2017 by AKidWithAName

Before we get this shit-show on the road, I want to make one thing clear:

You didn’t do this to me. You didn’t push me to this point. I’m far too self-righteous to believe anyone could do anything to me (after all, this whole “suicide” thing is always about “showing God who’s boss”, right?). Anyway, don’t feel guilty, this isn’t your fault, nothing you could do, I drove myself to it, etc. Same necessary disclaimers that shift all blame to me. I’d tell you where to send questions, comments, and concerns, but I’m dead (assuming all’s gone according to plan) and will not be able to …


My Suicide Note Was Addressed to You

  November 5th, 2017 by greyghoste

Even after every day you didn’t talk to me. Every day you told me you hated me. That I should leave and never come back. After every day I tried to say I was sorry for my shortcomings, and every day that you never forgave me. Every day you never apologized for your own shortcomings, for the bullying and the heartbreak, for every time I tried to share my life with you only for you to throw it back in my face. Every day you told me I looked like a whore when I put on make up when I didn’t feel confident; every day …


My whole f*cking life..

  November 5th, 2017 by lonelylostsoul

So.. there goes my story I guess.

I am currently 14 years old. I am a girl. That girl that’s always there for everyone, the girl that’ll help no matter what. That girl who’s always ‘happy’. Or at least, I am the one the others want me to be. I’m always smiling, always laughing, always joking around. But no one understands how much I just want to kill myself. Why you ask? Well.. First of all, I’ve been dealing with depression for over 2 years now. And it’s not just depression anymore. I have a few more personality disorders. I also have anxiety. Yes, I have …



  October 31st, 2017 by ariusversea

I want to commit suicide. I want to kill myself. I want to end my life because maybe then I won’t feel like I am never enough. Maybe then I will feel free of expectations from myself and others. Maybe then I will feel better. Maybe then I will feel happy. Maybe then I will stop thinking. Maybe then I will stop blowing up. Like a balloon. Like a crazy person. Like a melted snowflake watching the snow fall from the slush it ended up in. Maybe I won’t want to commit suicide anymore. Maybe I’ll be special.


I genuinely don’t want to be here

  October 31st, 2017 by ImNotGoodEnough

I know my life isn’t nearly as bad as many other people’s lives and I’m lucky for a lot of what I have. I have a family that loves me (parents and siblings, I have no significant other or children or anything of that nature), I’m at a decent college, and I’ve been told I’m reasonably easy on the eyes. That said, I hate being alive. I won’t be edgy and says there’s nothing I enjoy doing, but it all feels superficial and meaningless, nothing makes me feel whole inside anymore. It’s gotten to a point where I don’t even have to be actively sad …


Suicide Notes

  October 28th, 2017 by greyghoste

Sometimes, late at night when I can’t sleep, I read suicide notes. Maybe it’s a morbid interest in what people’s last words to the world were. Maybe it’s finally being able to sympathize with a group of people, even if they’re all dead. Maybe it’s my way of preparing for my own note. I don’t know what it is about them, but I love to read suicide notes. I’ve read so many in the waking hours of the morning that they seem to blend together. Like the one from the 16 year old boy begging his parents for forgiveness. Or the one from the old …


Virtual Reality ( VR ) , Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) , Transhumanist / Transhumanism , space travel , mutations : to escape this boring reality , boring real world , boring real life !

  October 28th, 2017 by niki

Virtual Reality ( VR ) , Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) , Transhumanist / Transhumanism , space travel , mutations : to escape this boring reality , boring real world , boring real life !

Human’s imagination is better than reality !

Movie / Movies is better than boring reality , real life , real world !
Game / Games is better than boring reality , real life , real world !
Comic / Comics book is better than boring reality , real life , real world !
Novel / Novels is better than boring reality , real life , real world !
Science fiction ( sci-fi ) is better than …


My Last Days (goodbye letter)

  October 25th, 2017 by cbandolero

Hello, I’m new here, my first post. As the title says, these are my last days. I have severe depression I cannot shake, I’ve lost everything due to depression. I wrote a note to my parents in August and I’d like to share it with you all:

If you get this letter, then it is already too late and I’m sorry.

It was no easy decision to take my own life. This all started when I got sick with a sinus infection in March 2017. The sinus infection went went away but the Fatigue and Depression that came with it never left. When I got sick, somehow …


I’m just trash

  October 24th, 2017 by Lostsoul_20

All this stress from not wanting to be alive anymore, to fake friends , no real emotional support, my rape, my rape case going up into smoke and having to still continue living when my suicide attempt wasn’t successful has been weighing me down the whole year. Today for two minutes I find some kind of solace, or peace that felt was the closest thing to feeling celestial I could achieve (considering I don’t believe in God, heaven or hell). Then I find out then I’m about to flunk out of school and that numbing misery is re-injected into my soul to disinfect the small …



  October 23rd, 2017 by thotless

Let’s be frank here, guys. I’m incredibly lonely. So goddamn lonely it hurts to breathe sometimes.

I understand that I’m running the risk of sounding dismal here, but the fact of the matter is that’s what I am. I have only one good friend, and sometimes, just having him doesn’t cut it. He can make comments sometimes. They drive deep into me and stick there, infecting my insides with tar. I know he doesn’t mean for them to hurt, but they do. I can’t tell him that they hurt.

Sometimes that tar inside me glues me shut. It closes me up and makes me so heavy with …