My Suicide Note


My whole f*cking life..

  November 5th, 2017 by lonelylostsoul

So.. there goes my story I guess.

I am currently 14 years old. I am a girl. That girl that’s always there for everyone, the girl that’ll help no matter what. That girl who’s always ‘happy’. Or at least, I am the one the others want me to be. I’m always smiling, always laughing, always joking around. But no one understands how much I just want to kill myself. Why you ask? Well.. First of all, I’ve been dealing with depression for over 2 years now. And it’s not just depression anymore. I have a few more personality disorders. I also have anxiety. Yes, I have …

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  October 31st, 2017 by ariusversea

I want to commit suicide. I want to kill myself. I want to end my life because maybe then I won’t feel like I am never enough. Maybe then I will feel free of expectations from myself and others. Maybe then I will feel better. Maybe then I will feel happy. Maybe then I will stop thinking. Maybe then I will stop blowing up. Like a balloon. Like a crazy person. Like a melted snowflake watching the snow fall from the slush it ended up in. Maybe I won’t want to commit suicide anymore. Maybe I’ll be special.

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I genuinely don’t want to be here

  October 31st, 2017 by ImNotGoodEnough

I know my life isn’t nearly as bad as many other people’s lives and I’m lucky for a lot of what I have. I have a family that loves me (parents and siblings, I have no significant other or children or anything of that nature), I’m at a decent college, and I’ve been told I’m reasonably easy on the eyes. That said, I hate being alive. I won’t be edgy and says there’s nothing I enjoy doing, but it all feels superficial and meaningless, nothing makes me feel whole inside anymore. It’s gotten to a point where I don’t even have to be actively sad …

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Suicide Notes

  October 28th, 2017 by greyghoste

Sometimes, late at night when I can’t sleep, I read suicide notes. Maybe it’s a morbid interest in what people’s last words to the world were. Maybe it’s finally being able to sympathize with a group of people, even if they’re all dead. Maybe it’s my way of preparing for my own note. I don’t know what it is about them, but I love to read suicide notes. I’ve read so many in the waking hours of the morning that they seem to blend together. Like the one from the 16 year old boy begging his parents for forgiveness. Or the one from the old …

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Virtual Reality ( VR ) , Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) , Transhumanist / Transhumanism , space travel , mutations : to escape this boring reality , boring real world , boring real life !

  October 28th, 2017 by niki

Virtual Reality ( VR ) , Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) , Transhumanist / Transhumanism , space travel , mutations : to escape this boring reality , boring real world , boring real life !

Human’s imagination is better than reality !

Movie / Movies is better than boring reality , real life , real world !
Game / Games is better than boring reality , real life , real world !
Comic / Comics book is better than boring reality , real life , real world !
Novel / Novels is better than boring reality , real life , real world !
Science fiction ( sci-fi ) is better than …

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My Last Days (goodbye letter)

  October 25th, 2017 by cbandolero

Hello, I’m new here, my first post. As the title says, these are my last days. I have severe depression I cannot shake, I’ve lost everything due to depression. I wrote a note to my parents in August and I’d like to share it with you all:

If you get this letter, then it is already too late and I’m sorry.

It was no easy decision to take my own life. This all started when I got sick with a sinus infection in March 2017. The sinus infection went went away but the Fatigue and Depression that came with it never left. When I got sick, somehow …

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I’m just trash

  October 24th, 2017 by Lostsoul_20

All this stress from not wanting to be alive anymore, to fake friends , no real emotional support, my rape, my rape case going up into smoke and having to still continue living when my suicide attempt wasn’t successful has been weighing me down the whole year. Today for two minutes I find some kind of solace, or peace that felt was the closest thing to feeling celestial I could achieve (considering I don’t believe in God, heaven or hell). Then I find out then I’m about to flunk out of school and that numbing misery is re-injected into my soul to disinfect the small …

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  October 23rd, 2017 by thotless

Let’s be frank here, guys. I’m incredibly lonely. So goddamn lonely it hurts to breathe sometimes.

I understand that I’m running the risk of sounding dismal here, but the fact of the matter is that’s what I am. I have only one good friend, and sometimes, just having him doesn’t cut it. He can make comments sometimes. They drive deep into me and stick there, infecting my insides with tar. I know he doesn’t mean for them to hurt, but they do. I can’t tell him that they hurt.

Sometimes that tar inside me glues me shut. It closes me up and makes me so heavy with …

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no will

  October 20th, 2017 by venice

I have no will to live anymore, I basically see my life as an object. so easy to get rid of or to break. I cant tell my family because they see it as a weakness as a set back they always tell me just to be happy but how can I force happiness I cant just force a smile on my face, but lately that seems to be all I’m doing. I self harmed a month ago I cried that day because of it but does anyone know, nope well whoever reading this does now. I’m failing my classes because of anxiety, because all …

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  October 18th, 2017 by Poemsfornoone

Suffocating is how it feels. I am drowning in every breathe I take. It’s not getting better, maybe for some of us this is the best it gets. I am not a genuine person, I lie so people don’t see me. I lie so people like me. I lie so people don’t see what a colossal fuck up I am. To the people I am myself to, I feel like a burden. Like they’re only my friends out of pity. I am pitiful. This anxiety makes me weak and it steers me into making bad decisions. I don’t blame anyone or anything because I know …

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Looming Doubts of Presence

  October 17th, 2017 by singularbluerose

I’ve made several attempts in just two years. None of it worked.

Everytime I would disappear or just fade away from my friends and they wouldn’t even notice. I’m not saying anything different here from what other people here have been through. I’ve always been the friend that took notice of others. I always go out of my way to notice everyone else, because no one would ever do the same to me. I always felt that it was a horrible place to be in my shoes.

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The End

  October 16th, 2017 by Blue65

First and foremost, I want to say I’m sorry, to anyone who happened to see me, and all those involved.
Friends and family, I never deserved your kindness.

The reason I ended up like this is simple, though obviously some will look much further into it.
I found I have an inferiority complex, and I have had it for quite some time. On top of that, I’m far too different. I’ve noticed, time and time again, even with the little things, I’ve always been the outsider.
I don’t belong anywhere, and the group I do belong with is too small to call myself “normal”. I routinely look down at …

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I can’t take it anymore.

  October 12th, 2017 by towardthelight

I don’t think I can continue this life anymore. I’ve been struggling with anxiety for about 6 years and major depression for 2 years.

I only have a couple friends. They are my only friends, but we don’t see each other much because one of them works a lot, and the other lives a state away.

It feels like I’m wasting my life away. I haven’t done anything spectacular or fun. I’ve never dated anyone. I’ve never been in a relationship. I’ve never had a large group of friends. I’ve always been the outcast, the invisible one, the freak.

No one really cares about me. I know they …

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The Easy way.

  October 5th, 2017 by YetAnother

Was it easy? Looking at me withdraw from life and walking away as if it was another tantrum?
Was it easy? Taunting me about being weak everytime I had a breakdown? And asking me to pull my shit together when you’re the one who broke me in the first place?
Was it easy? Pushing me away when I pulled you closer when my demons haunted me every night?
Was it easy? Rolling your eyes and walking out everytime I asked you about your mistakes?
Was it easy? When you gave yourself to so many people yet you told me you only belonged to me?
Was …

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Who am I? Where am I?

  October 5th, 2017 by noasinnobody

Can you sue your parents for not aborting you?

I’m pretty sure I was born against my will.

Because my problems started at birth.

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Ending it All

  October 5th, 2017 by hopelesslonelydepressed

I have been suffering from severe anxiety and depression and I just want it to end. I have felt this way since I was 13 years old(5 years ago) and I kept coming up with reasons not to kill myself. The only things I have left now that would slightly make me want to keep living are my 2 close friends and the most amazing girl I have ever met. Everything else in my life is going horribly. I hate my job and I can’t get a better one. I am constantly fighting with my family. I can’t handle the stress and anxiety attacks caused …

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A goodbye to myself

  October 4th, 2017 by TThomas

What is my purpose in living? I ask myself this just about every day now. I have no ability to do anything regardless of my efforts. I genuinely believe that I am cursed. Everything that I love to do always finds a way to rid itself from my life.
For as long as I could remember my strongest passion was for martial arts. I saw jackie chan and other martial art films and it just clicked with me so perfectly. I started taking tae kwon do classes when I was in 6th grade and I was happier than I can even imagine, everything about the grind …

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  September 27th, 2017 by loosejoystick

i’ve tried to make it seem like every other night. watch some tv, workout, brush my teeth, shower and sleep. only now there’s one extra step: attempt to end the pain i’ve endured for my whole life. my childhood was ripped from beneath me and now my teenage years have been too, granted that’s my fault. i don’t want to flood this forum with suicide notes every time i attempt so i plan to get it right this time. my parents don’t try to stop me, neither do my sisters. i don’t think my mum will mind losing her only son, i’m the problem child …

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Typical Lying *****

  September 26th, 2017 by AKidWithAName

I tried to tell someone yesterday. They wouldn’t have hated me. They already know I’m like this. They would’ve understood and they would’ve helped. This isn’t on them, though. This is on me. This is my problem. This is my fault. They have their own problems and they don’t need my needy bullshit shoved onto them. I hate the thought of making them miserable with my problems. I can’t do it anymore.

I feel like I’m just fucking ruining everything. They’d hate me if I told them now and I would hate me, too. Nobody likes a liar, not even an undesirable like myself. I’m such …

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So… Suicide.

  September 25th, 2017 by TheLastReaper

I don’t know when all of this started, I just know it keeps getting stronger by the day.

I was never the one to believe that you have to tell others your problems, never thought of mental health as something real, I just thought of it as something you make to yourself, because you are not strong enough, or smart, or pretty enough, a weakness if you will, and I still do.

I didn’t have the baddest of childhoods, nor the best. I was bullied since I was a kid till I finished high school, but I kept going, knowing that something better was waiting for me …

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