September 2nd, 2011 by niki

I hope 2012 come quickly, because this real world is too goddamn boring. I mean, what’s so interesting with all the “stock prices goes up, stock prices goes down, profits goes up, profits goes down”, and then on the other side you have party-poopers dumbwits kind of crowd.

I also hate like majority of humans as they’re usually dumb and ignorant, and prefer to have fun, party, have sex, seeking profits & money, rather than care about the continuation of civilization & humanity progress, basically, the things that REALLY MATTERS.

So hope HUGE catastrophe come! kill ’em all!
I for one never feel like I belong in this so-called ‘limited’ and dumbshit “real-world”.
fuck, just take me to another planet, or realm, or dimension, whatever..other than staying TOGETHER with all these dimwits majority of ignorant, dumb, selfish creatures called HUMANS!

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