I Will Survive

I did this, you can too.


A different philosophy wants death.

  October 31st, 2010 by Ijustwannaknow1

Hi, firstly this is no my first language, so I’ll may have mistakes, anyway; I’m feeling suicidal right now, but sadly I feel stupid trying to suicide, first thing: I have a very good life, and second thing: I don’t want to; so what I think that’s because I’m alone;but I have a lot of friends, so I’m sure you’re asking why I want to suicide, this is fun; I never tell everyone the truth, but I’m exploding; I’m a zoophile, and I feel quite bad because I got in-love with a animal that’s far away of me; far, far, really far; I only want …

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I hope…

  October 26th, 2010 by almostthere

So today is day 1, I think…  I told my boyfriend yesterday that I need help, because I want to die.  I don’t know, he was busy or something, and told me no you don’t, lets go to the cinema, the kids are waiting (his kids not mine by the way).  So after that, the day got worse.  I went to visit my parents, and was feeling better, until my partner came to pick me up, he told me he likes visiting my parents as my mom knows how to “deal with me”

By the time I got home last night I was ready, I wanted …

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Find a Way

  October 24th, 2010 by loreildarksky

I’ve been suicidal and depressed for years. But now I think I may have a way to start healing.

My mom just brought home a kitten, and we’re going to try and save it. It’s so tiny… I want to help it, to grow.

I think having this little kitten may be the thing I need, because it’s a purpose. I never had one before.

If you’re suicidal, maybe you should consider getting a pet and raising it. At least try it once.

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  October 21st, 2010 by thegirlwhostoppedtheworld

saturday is my 17th birthday. . . i honestly am surprised. . i am happy at last. . it is amazing to have finally found people who love me and who i love. . its out there for everyone, if anybody needs to talk im here. . im real. . i have made it.

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There’s Something I Need To Tell You…

  October 18th, 2010 by aic1397

My little brother has a history of behaviour ‘issues’ – he gets really really angry and violent and treats everyone with disrespect. Apparently it’s not normal for him to be throwing things at me, my mum and my dad, use foul language and say he wants to kill us.He was 7 when this stared. We started going to counselling when I was 9 and it really helped. I mean it didn’t just help him, it helped me too – it helped me to get on with things and deal with what was happening. My best friend was so supportive thoughout it all.

But this year things …

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You’re not alone.

  October 14th, 2010 by hoping4better

I’ve read through some of these posts at various times in my struggles. I’ve turned here when I was done and ready to plan a way out. I’ve turned here when I really needed to see raw emotion, to help me understand my own. I’ve turned here to see that I wasn’t alone in my thoughts. I wasn’t the only one going through something that I felt like there was no end to…

I know if you’re at this site and reading these, you’re either looking for tips on what method or you’re looking for someone to say “I’ve been there, it gets better.”

Let me be …

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Here’s my problem

  October 3rd, 2010 by nodefinition

Everyday is different for me, one day I’m okay, the next I can’t imagine living another day. I’ve thought about this for quite some time, years now actually and found that what I lack is hope. I crave some sort of love and intimacy in my life, at times I have it and sometimes, like recently, I get my heart stepped on.

I didn’t understand how worthless I must be to deserve it, or be subjected to this ‘situation’  by her I guess. I didn’t see a way to recover from the pain, or even a another prospective girl to take her place. Without hope, my …

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I’m praying, can you hear me?

  October 1st, 2010 by midnight_daydreamer

Life, my God is it difficult. People always bash down my religion, and though I try to stick with what I believe, it’s getting harder by the day. My Confirmation is in mid-March, I need to believe in the Catholic faith for me to feel like I really deserve Him in my life. I don’t believe that I will ever think or feel that. Not with the way that things are going.

Someone told me that I can blame God for everything bad that happens in my life. But why would I do that, how could I do that, knowing that the only one who causes …

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My Life in a Nutshell

  October 1st, 2010 by not here

I just want to tell my story, I don’t care if it never gets published, but I think it will, it’s the suicide press, no kids stuff here.
I guess it started about nine or ten months ago, I was on my first date, when he kissed me. Then I started to get all these horrible flashbacks. It was like being in a horror movie or a thriller. I ran out the cinema’s and I couldn’t go back in. Later, bit by bit, I started to get my memory back. Every time I did, it was like little glass shards poking into my brain. I remembered …

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life is great, i jst dnt think its for me

  September 28th, 2010 by Ren

i wish i could be somewhere els , i really want to be happy iv tryed for so long ,im only young but i’v been through so much and its stupid coss i dont want to be that depressed girl anymore i love haveing fun but at the end of the day , happyness fades and reality kick’s in .
i have no friends , only 2 members of my familey actually talk to me . iv been raped beaten by guys , heart broken bullied for what i look like . every day is the same . i dont want to die i just want …

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  September 27th, 2010 by LIVING-DEAD-AGAIN

I have tried the following methods:

1. Drinking bleach – It made me throw up shortly after ingesting it. My stomach burned for weeks. Unsuccessful.

2. Hanging – Did not know how to tie a correct noose, and my head slipped out after my throat was crushed. Could not swallow well for a few weeks. Painful.

3. Prescription drugs – Did not have enough to complete the job apparently. This method was pleasant and I am looking forward to trying it again with morphine,or the h2s method just waiting for the right time now ,not be long now been suffering now for 12years any tips on getting better …

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Wow, I’m back…

  September 25th, 2010 by midnight_daydreamer

I forgot about this website. I haven’t been on here since I was eleven, so a little over two years ago. And I’m still suicidal. Guess my attempts never measured up, eh? I never asked for help like I so wanted to do. Like I still want to do.

Living like this, I never thought I’d still be suicidal at the end of middle school. With that first cut back in ’08, I promised myself the by the end of the seventh grade, I would be healed. I swore I’d be completely healed. I’m in eighth grade now, and, I’ve only gotten worse.

I have stopped cutting, …

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Everything fits perfectly

  September 18th, 2010 by liteblu00

I fell asleep I don’t know why or maybe I just died but I don’t know when. How can I tell if something is fake? how can I know if something is real?

when does it begin or better yet when does it end?  am I crazy or am I still sane? I want to take everything to the limit but it seems there isn’t one.

yesterday I was sitting on the edge of what seemed to be my life but after I while I realized time never passed by and that boring sunset never seemed to end. I got up and went for a walk but it seems it took me years to get to …

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I’ts always a simple lie

  September 17th, 2010 by liteblu00

Today i woke up and forgot who I was. I went to the bathroom and saw something weird on my face, but then again I’m not even sure if thats my face. I asked a dog sitting in the backyard if he could tell me who I was and he said : “you are a very cheerful  person that loves playing with me and never lets me be alone”. With a smile I said :”thanks”. I went in the house and in the kitchen table I found a fish and so I asked him: “who am I?”  he said: ” you are a very quiet person and never have i …

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want some help?

  September 17th, 2010 by liteblu00

when I’m with you time doesn’t stop but the worlds mumble dies

and only you and I exist 

I’ve said too much but I feel as though it’s not enough

and the cuts on your wrists prove me right

the pain you always hide,

the world you create where nothing exists,

stop running away,

stop being afraid,

I know you always cry at night,

your pillow swollen with painful tears,

the tub filled with blood

your joyful eyes always hiding who you really are

fake smiles, trying not to bother anybody

pretending only to want fun but I know you’re looking for love

hurt myself helping you

I don’t mind,

just don’t want to see you cry

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Reasons to go on Living

  September 4th, 2010 by tinali

What are you reasons to go on living?



Have you attempted suicide?
Did you choose life?

If you answered “yes” to both questions, we hope you will help us with our research.

I am posting this on behalf of the team behind The Reasons to go on Living Project. We are collecting the stories of people who have attempted or seriously contemplated suicide but now want to go on living. The Project will study and share these anonymous stories for research, education and inspiration.

Please visit the website (http://thereasons.ca) for more

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Well then a story to unfold.

  August 9th, 2010 by Zeke2010

It appears long time ago that I have slipped through the cracks of life.  It seems though I am watching everything from a glass window with no interaction with others.  I am 29 years old and I honestly do know what to do anymore.  I have had long term friends just shove me aside like I am a pile of feces waiting to me turned to dust.  I told all my friends they mean the world to me and that wasn’t enough. My last friend said “We are married and no longer have any time for you.”  I no longer have any friends.   I sit …

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Both Ends

  July 28th, 2010 by 400metermike

Being on the both ends of suicide is something that I never thought I would ever experience by the time I was 22. On August 5 2002  was the starting of all the bad things that would happen in my life. I can still remember everything about that day, I remember exactly what I was doing and I can still hear ever word my uncle Darien said to me that day. During that summer he would always come over and hangout with me until I had to go to football practice. He was like my older brother I looked up to him in so many …

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  July 23rd, 2010 by whowouldmissit65

All my life I have been alone.  Never really feeling that I fit in.  I have always felt like someone looking in on others’ lives.  “This” has never been real for me.  Every time I think that my  life is ready to begin, it is ripped from me… always back to the same routine of loneliness.  Is this really all there is???  Is there ever really gonna be a pot of gold at the end of my rainbow.  I have come to the realization – no- there is no pot of gold.  This is life. This is all you get…   I have no plans …

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I wish I had the strength to actually do it.

  July 11th, 2010 by shadowspawn

What my father did and how I fear following him.

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