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The Hikikomori phenomenon in Japan

by Taf Taf


Hikikomori – Investigations into the Phenomenon of Acute Social Withdrawal in Contemporary Japan


The Phenomenon of ”Hikikomori” (Social Withdrawal) and the Socio-cultural Situation in Japan Today


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Once 1/13/2019 - 3:23 pm

The thing that struck me about the second video (daily life) is the absence of the sounds of the outside world, and the maddening sense of “What am I going to do next?”as he moves from routine to routine. I’ve isolated before, and had only ticking clocks and televisions for company. It’s misery. Knowing next to nothing about Japanese culture, I’d have to say his issue isn’t a uniquely Japanese problem, although it may be much more prevalent there because of the “individual comes last” mentality that pervades the culture. The good of the country/business (or whatever) must take precedence over the wants and needs of the individual. Isolation exists everywhere. It’s horrible.

Taf Taf 1/13/2019 - 10:53 pm

I completely agree. It’s true that in Japan the idea of the community is much more stronger and prevalent, compared to other countries/places. And it’s also true that this is not just a Japanese phenomenon, ”hikikomori” can be found everywhere in the world. And I agree with everything you wrote about isolation. I’ve been isolated in the past (the longest period was for 1,5-2 years) and it’s not pleasant at all. In a situation like this, you just try to find ways to kill time, every movement is done mechanically; it’s like being a robot or something similar… You just wait for the time to pass by and you’re (basically) alienated from everybody…

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