Home Chronic Pain i wish harry potter was real , i wish fantastic beasts were real , i wish magic was real , i wish magic really exist , i wish wizards were real really exist
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i wish harry potter was real , i wish fantastic beasts were real , i wish magic was real , i wish magic really exist , i wish wizards were real really exist

by niki

i wish harry potter was real really exist , i wish fantastic beasts were real really exist , i wish magic was real really exist , i wish magic really exist , i wish wizards were real really exist

because reality is boring , mundane , and limiting limited
because real world is boring , mundane , and limited limiting
because real life is boring , mundane , & limited limiting !

reality is all about MONEY !
real-life is all about Money !
real-world is all about Money !

Life is boring , mundane ,
movies is better than reality real life real world !
novels is better than reality real-life real-world !
comics is better than real world real life reality !
video games is better than real-world real-life reality !
MMORPG is better than real life real world reality !
manga is better than real-life real-world reality !
anime is better than reality reallife realworld !

Why human’s IMAGINATION is better than reality ??? …

here in our everyday ‘s reality , Life is all about MONEY !
and people are stupid , shallow , superficial , people are lacking imaginations , people are boring , dull , mundane !

(PS : i wish lucid dream is real lucid dreaming is real , astral projection is real astral travel is real , Virtual Reality like Sword Art Online is real , i wish dreams were real … because i hate reality , i hate real life , i hate real world ! it’s so boring , only for people who lack imagination & stupid )

does anyone agree ?
can anybody relate ?


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The Last Snorlax 11/23/2016 - 1:51 pm

I don’t know,
I thought the movies were bad,
I once read the Oghma Infinium
Didn’t have much money, didn’t need much money, if and when I did nothing beats a bucket on the head, or some pretty flowers, I hear Black Lotus recently went back in bloom
Then again what some consider weed others might consider more than mere paper decorations
But back to the Money, it’s funny how it’s always wanted, always needed, despite it’s never needed and I never wanted it. Even if I wanted it, it would probably be hard to find it, since these girls with big eyes, long whimsical intricate hairdos, and high pitched squeaky voices guard the door with their bowless arrows.
Who knows, maybe it’s safer that way, I considered jumping out the tower, of which the Wind Pass by so much, but I would probably just fall to my Death and they would have to rename it.
Still better than getting eaten by the dragon I suppose, no way I could get past that and get to the Money, without help from some friends, 7, or maybe 14 if a lot of them where short in one way or another.
But that’s what it all comes down to isn’t it, being short, one way or another, short on time, Money, friends, spirit.
Almost like you need to live a Second Life to see it all, get it all, try it all, have it all

Then again what do I know, there’s a Boggart under my bed, so I haven’t dared to leave it since I hatched from this egg

rivets 11/23/2016 - 1:58 pm

Just wait until genetic customization becomes a normal thing, then we can all be part antelope, or part hairless rat. It’ll be great. Life might still work the same way, but we’ll all have tails. 😀

The Last Snorlax 11/23/2016 - 2:06 pm

Ehhh, you mean to say you don’t already have a tail now?
Are you not human?, what type of weird tailless hybrid are you then???
I swear, how anyone could get by without their tail I would never know. What do you rest your head under?, how do you keep balance and not fall down, and more importantly, what do you use to swat in your siblings face with when they are annoying??

muspelhem 11/23/2016 - 2:47 pm

You just have to use your imagination. After all, that is what all those storytellers did.

Wolfenstein626 11/23/2016 - 2:54 pm

I like this post. Money rules this land, and all of it’s sick inhabitants. Well most of them, there are still people out there who know what matters, but they are hard to find. Speaking of imagination and astral projection I have done astral projection, deep meditation, and have tried to free my consciousness. If you can’t change the corruption, rise above it and set an example for others, show them what freedom and imagination are.

bradslam 11/24/2016 - 4:48 am

Money definitely is the thing most valued in this life. I hate it. I fucking hate it.

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