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I hate this boring, bored reality / real life / real world, I hate this life, this LIMITED world, and I hate people/humans ..!!

by niki

Movies, books, video games, novels, comics, anime/manga, etc etc, basically human’s IMAGINATIONS is a hundred times FAR much more interesting than this very LIMITING reality / real-world / real-life here in this world!

and what’s even worse is that most (about 90%) of humans / people I meet & know everyday are mostly stupid, shallow, superficial, mundane/boring, money and profits and image driven only, ignorant,.. mostly human beings especially today these days are much more bad & hopeless ..!!
(there are -thankfully/luckily?- only FEW humans/people that I like, eg: the very creative/imaginative & ‘other-worldly’ artists who created/made all those awesome fantasy, sci-fi stories, novels, books, movies, games, comics, anime/manga, etc etc..and some other types… but still, the latter could still be just another very boring, mundane, ‘worldly’ type of people/humans!).

Sometimes , no , often times I cursed myself for being highly imaginative, creative (many people also said that I’m very talented, and bright/smart/intelligent & wise ‘old-soul’ type too..) , because in this world & life that I hate, it seems that all those ‘innate talents/gifts’ of mine seems to be viewed as NOTHING IMPORTANT / SIGNIFICANT by large/mainstream society & most people today…!
We live today -ironically- in the very restricting, over-stressed, superficial/shallow, mundane, and hopeless & degrading era of humanity … and WHY shouldn’t I just kill myself now so to finally simply just f*cking shed-off this cursed limiting physical body of mine, and get out from this f*cking damn LIMITED, BORING life/world / reality ???…

(PS: I’m not an ’emo’ teenager or 20’s something, but I’m a ‘unique, weird, alien’ 32 years old Asian/chinese guy who merely always have very weird, eccentric, & imaginative mind/thinking,… and who still stays/dependent -unfortunately/sadly- in a “normal” family/parents’ house, and their so-called “job/business”, obviously for me, a f*cking damn boring, mundane everyday’s “job/business” that honestly I don’t give a f*ck / damn about it all …!!)


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jj 4/17/2014 - 4:02 pm

You sound awesome, that’s why you shouldn’t kill yourself.

Olipheus 4/17/2014 - 5:00 pm

You and I almost think the same, but unlike you I love being human I just hate reality. I don’t admire artists as I have my own world to believe in (like an imaginary world where when I die I will be reborn on that world) it’s one of the reasons why I don’t have a religion to believe in. I will never submit to any God because I wasn’t born to serve someone or somebody for eternity (I have my own character and personality and the right to decide what to do with my own existence) I am my own soul and I will never bow down to anybody. In my case I’m so bored with life nothing excites me anymore, I couldn’t fit in nor find someone who thinks exactly the same as me. Since I was born, I’ve realized that the world revolves around Money, Sex, Religion, Politics (Fame and Money based that’s why there is corruption). The main issue here is “All I did in my life is to try to survive the harshness of reality” (not to mention reality GETS WORSE THEN EVER.

I’m just tired of it and I will kill myself after a few hours from now. You might be lucky to even read this message from a person whose about to die. Enjoy your moment while you still can.

Cant91 4/17/2014 - 8:22 pm

reading your post just made me happy, one way or the other. i think its the way you write.

‘this LIMITED world’

altough im a bit younger than you, i can almost agree on anything. this world we live in IS very damn limiting. you cant go there or do this or that, because you dont have that paper/this qualification or THAT charisma.
there are so many damn rules. this society we created fucking sucks. just thinking about the hundreds of other ways we coulve done it. why did society become the way it is today?

sometimes i think the only way we are free, is in our own minds…

ArtNHeaven 4/18/2014 - 4:51 pm

It feels good to know there are ppl out there like me. I always tell ppl this Earth is not my home and I’m terribly bored with being a human. It’s way too confining. My death can’t come soon enough. Life can be beautiful but I feel like mine’s is a ***** to me no matter how hard I work.

p8z77 4/18/2014 - 8:52 pm

So your an elitist?

niki 10/13/2014 - 7:26 pm

also, how many of you here also have heard about: Virtual Reality (VR) , Lucid Dreaming , Astral Projection ?
I really wish/hope those things are true … so I can enter into the world/universe of IMAGINATION, .. & bye bye boring, mundane, harsh, & limited Reality ! )

HopeSeeker 9/6/2016 - 7:31 pm

I feel so much alike..
All I see right now as a possibility of ‘happiness’ for us all is the potential inside Virtual Reality. If this is pushed far enough, soon enough, we could build new worlds, with new, more human friendly, proactive rules. Actually we would have access to anything we can imagine. I truly believe this would benefit the whole humanity, and this is the only reasonnable way I can imagine myself being happy in this life.

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