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Reality is boring & LIMITED !!
Real life is boring & LIMITED !!
Real world is boring & LIMITED !!

I also hate this life, I hate people / humans (well.. MOST/90% of them), I hate reality, I hate this world.
its very BORING !! and especially nowadays become ONLY very materialistic, money / profits driven only, all about money, money, money, & image, image, image! ; it’s very superficial, shallow, and mundane boring!

Why movies, video games, comics, books, novels, anime/manga, creative Art, basically human’s IMAGINATION & fantasy is often/always a hundred times FAR much more interesting & better than this sad, mundane, boring, superficial, & very LIMITING life / world / reality ??…

Why movies , video games, novels, comics, anime / manga , basically human’s IMAGINATION is FAR MUCH BETTER & more interesting than this boring Reality / real world / real life ??…

easy examples:
‘fantasy’ or ‘sci-fi (sci fi / science fiction)’ movies (or video games, anime/manga, comics, novels, books, etc etc) like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, Avatar, The Matrix, Sword Art Online, MMORPG / online games, etc etc have much more interesting & UNLIMITED worlds/realms/dimension & superpowers / magic & real ‘COOL’ superheroes , than this f*cking boring reality / realworld / reallife ???

if God really exists & real, then He/She/It must have played such a cruel, sick JOKE
for creating such “other-worldly / out of this world” type of human’s IMAGINATIONS / fantasy ,
….only just to STILL trap / imprison us humans (especially the *real* smart & creative types of people) inside this f*cking damn mundane, dull, very LIMITED, & boring reality/real life/real world (and also to be placed among MAJORITY (like 90%) of f*cking stupid, shallow, superficial, dull, boring, mundane, ignorant “ordinary/normal” people/humans all around me/us ???….

fuck this… !!
please, just get me out of this reality , a cruel, sick, harsh, & boring reality … !!!

can anyone here honestly relate or think/feel the same/similar with me?

(PS: have any of you heard of Virtual Reality, Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection/Travel ? )


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DC001 9/16/2014 - 1:10 pm

I can relate, my reality is pretty bleak at the moment, and I’m trying to take it one day at a time. I also enjoy anime manga and games. Anything that can make me escape my reality. Though instead of escaping I should have been confronting my reality and trying to change it. I’ve let the fact I have a mental illness drag me down and take over. People are very cruel at times. That is why I enjoyed escaping into a different reality, I was unable to deal with that cruelty.

Uptown234 9/16/2014 - 2:07 pm

I can relate to you in some ways. I once was there in my thinking. I totoally agree that the world has become so much about money and image and that is sad. People even step on each other to reach sucess or just downright steal to get the fancy life they want. Its sad. There really is enough oey to go around for everybody but the people at the top the corporate asholes and mega money makers dont care to help out the less fortunite and that is sad.
as far as lif being boring. It doenst have to be. You can find new interests or make new friends or move to a new area that might bring some excitement into your life. Life is the kind of thing that you have to work at it. Learn to appreciaate people. Mot people are good. But yes there are some bad ones. Stay away from the bad ones and find some good people out there to spend time with > you will find that good people really are out there. Make goals or yourself and then head out to achieve them. What ever it might be and you will feel the reward of success when you reach your goals. think creativly. If you dont like life the way it is then work on gtrying to change it for the better.
Yes, art, music, video games, movies and other things people do are partly an ecape at times from reality. sometimes real life aint so great. But its worth trying to make it better and not give up. Start a revolution of people who are tired of life the way it is and want to make it better.

anonymous2014 9/17/2014 - 12:40 am

Hell YA i AGREE! Look up Ray Kurzweil, he is a director of research at Google. He believes that within 30 years, humans will be able to expand their reality through AI and live indefinitely. We really would be gods within our own universes. He has announced many predictions before, and most of them have come true. Look him up. People like him has inspired me to go back to school to study math. Apparently, I fucking suck, and it looks like i might flunk out grad school, but my point is, I am not much of a person of faith. I am moved by reason and proofs, and I think this guy offers hope for those who are around in 30 years.

Ryder 9/21/2014 - 10:11 am

Hey, I can relate. I hate my reality too. When I was a child I loved life, but now that I’m older it’s become unbearable. Games, movies, and books are my escape for now.

By the way, I’ve been trying to lucid dream for years. Seriously, I don’t think I can do it.

IllSendForMyThings 10/1/2014 - 12:32 am

Played around with astral travel way back in the seventies when I was in lockdown. Thought I almost did it one time, but it scsred me, so I went back, or at least it felt like I did. I know, sounds crazy.

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